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He's Right, You Know

Me: So. Noah.


Me: What? Oh. Listen.


Me: Awesome. Listen. For real. Mommy and Daddy have something important to tell you.

Noah: Okaywhat.

Me: Well...Mommy is going to have another baby. 

Noah: ...

Me: You're going to have another baby brother or sister! What do you think?

Noah: But we already HAVE a baby.

Me: Yeah, but...

Noah: Another baby would be TOO MUCH BABIES.

Me: I think we'll...

Noah: And our house will be TOO FULL. WITH BABIES.

Me: Maybe we'll get a bigger house someday, then.


Me: So are you okay? Another baby brother or sister is okay? 

Noah: It's too much babies.

Me: Yeah, probably. Do you want some pumpkin pie now?

Noah: Uh-huh. But not for the baby. Babies don't get any pie.


A few minutes later...

Noah: Mommy?

Me: Yes, buddy?

Noah: Can I watch the baby come out of you this time?

Me: Uh. No. 






InnerFatGirl (Taryn)

When I was his age and my mom announced she was having another baby, I immediately said I wanted to name it Dr. Smith after the villain from "Lost in Space."

They picked Annie instead and I'm still a little bitter.


my mom considered letting me watch the birth of my brother - but I was eight or so, and the birth center encouraged that sort of thing. It didn't pan out, though.

And no, babies don't get pumpkin pie.


i think you would be more scared them him if he watched the baby "come out."


He'll never be okay with another baby if you let him watch it "come out." Though pie may smooth that one over too.


AHahahha. I'll never forget when I was a nanny and I told my little kiddos that I was going to have a baby of my own. The oldest, a very savvy 7-yr-old, wanted to know "Is your baby gonna come out of your belly or your vachina? Cause I came out of my mommys vachina, but my little brother and sister came out her belly. So? Will your baby come out your vachina?"

And, of course, this entire conversation happened at the bus stop...

Suzy Q

No pie for babies!! Haaa!


Too funny! My five year old had almost the same reaction (except that he would NOT want to watch - when I told him where the baby came out, he insisted that I was wrong and that he and his brother came out of my belly button!)

I think my son's exact quote was, "You have enough babies" LOL. And now he insists that he will only be teaching and guiding his brother and that it is up to the little one to teach the new baby! He is NOT taking on another kid! LOL!


Oh, man, the high point of that whole conversation for me was "ARGH FIIIINE." Like, "I suppose I can tolerate it, IF YOU MUST."

I hope you ask Noah at some point what he thinks the baby should be named. Best blog post ever.


Thank baby Jesus for pumpkin pie.


I took my almost-4 year old to my pap smear. She was fascinated, and she didn't even get the good view. (I still can't decide if that was creepy or awesome.)


hahahah! my four year old asked me the SAME thing about a week ago!!! LOL. except i'm not pregnant, just thanksgiving bloated :-(


Random - I did ask him a few days later if he had any name ideas! He said "Panna."

His best friends from school are Peter and Anna, so I'm pretty sure that's where that one came from. Then he changed his mind and said "Bearius Care," then changed his mind again and said this baby doesn't GET a name, because we're all out.

Cheryl S.

Yeah. This falls under the catagory of "Don't ask a question you don't really want an answer to!" When my brother was born (a premie) he pretty much screamed 24/7. I told my mom she should take him back because he was obviously broken!


I can't laugh in the library, but that is TOO funny!




awesome. i love your writing style; makes me feel like i'm actually IN THE ROOM. i can totally envision that conversation.

baby #3 resulted in similar conversations with the oldest child at my house too.

the "FINE, whatever! Crazy fools" attitude displayed my daughter is something i remember well and still laugh about. she was pissed off, then just decided we must be idiots.

that became her permanent position on the subject and she refused to be inconvenienced further by this "foolish baby talk"

i think every "first" child thinks any additional babies are "too many."

too funny. loved your post.



Oh my god I just choked on my coffee. You would think I would learn not to try to drink while reading your blog by now. (In the future, I should probably just LAUGH when at my desk instead of trying not to so people don't think I'm avoiding work...or something. The snorting, choking noises attract more attention, I think). I'm a little disappointed that blogging wasn't around when I was a kid for my own mother to record the insane things that came out of my mouth.

On second thought, that may be a good thing....

kari weber

Too great!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Best conversation ever.


"Another baby would be TOO MUCH BABIES."

Hahahaha! That is pure awesomeness right there! :)

Jessica V

Giggling hysterically over here. He's awesome.


"But we already HAVE a baby".....too funny.


I haved three kids and I agree with Noah. Too much babies. And no pie. More pie for me.


Well Ez isn't *really* a baby anymore (don'thurtme heh) so it's totally ok ;-)


HAHAHAHAHA!!! Classic!

We were just visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving with our just-turned-three-year-old, our almost-two-year-old, and our five-month-old. Their little neighbor (8 or so?) stopped by one afternoon, looked around horrified, and asked "How many babies do you have?"


Hahahaha!!!! That is just TOO freaking funny Amy! Thanks for sharing that and the name discussion with us! I'm now smiling through my migraine!


I think he took that remarkably well!

Which do you think would traumatize the average 4-year-old more -- a vaginal or Ceasarian birth? Either way, I think "Uh. No." was the right answer there.


When I had my second, I was laying in bed with the new baby on my chest, and my husband brought my 2 yr old in. He was smiling and running and laughing, until he rounded the corner of the bed and saw the baby. He stopped in his tracks, said "NO BABY!!!" and walked out. Wouldn't come in the rest of the day.

Its been 3 years, he seems to have adjusted.


So awesome. Congrats on the pregnancy. :)


Baby announcements have always been responded to with excitement in our house. We have video taped hoping to catch a funny reaction, but no, just happy.
When have three girls(8, 7 and 1) and a boy(5). When we told the kids we were pregnant again, the boy was happy. I am sure he thought he would get a brother this time. He had asked for a boy baby very nicely after all.
We decided to find out the sex this time and when we told the kids my husband asked if we should video tape it. I said no, they'll just be excited as always. So we called them in to the room. When we told them it was a girl, big girls cheered, boys face dropped, he looked like he might cry and his head dropped toward the table. I asked him if he was okay. He sighed, shook his head, looked at me and said "I don't like girl babies."
I really wish we had gotten it on tape. He looked so sad and disappointed.


I had all my babies very close together - six in 7 1/2 years. When my 4th was born, it gave my 4 year old son three siblings under the age of 3. As he was walking out of the hospital with my mother-in-law, he sighed heavily and asked, "Nana, what are we going to do with all. these. babies?"


OMG - you're out of names. That is the most awesome thing I've ever read!


Fabulous! Kids are great this way. Here's our version:

Oldest Son "Mom, what if you had another baby?"
Me O.o
Oldest Daughter "We'd go insane, Ok?"

And that's why she's awesome (We have 6 already)


I love that he said you should name the new baby Bearius Care. My sister and I are big blog fans and we told that story over Thanksgiving dinner, cracking up the whole time while everyone else in our family looked at us like we were nuts. It's Bearius Care! What's not to love?

Amy in StL

My niece and I were discussing how my brother, her dad, was really nice to me at a family gathering and I was nonplussed by that. She told me that her dad - who is 12 years older than me - must have finally decided that I'm not going back to where I came from so he might as well get along with me.

Pretty sure my mom would NOT be okay with me "going back to where I came from" at the age of 40.

So hey, eventually it all works out, right?


No such thing as "too much babies."

Also, hahahahahahahaha! That Noah just slays me!


I'm 11 weeks with my 4th (too many beers on a cold Saturday night). My 3rd (a girl) is only 9 months old.

My oldest, who is 7, WEPT when we told her we were having another baby. And she told me that if it's not a boy, then she doesn't want it.

Yay me.


Hahaha... Noah is awesome. Cracking up over here. You should totally name the baby Panna.

When my brother was 3.5 and my dad told him my mom had gone into labor with our youngest sibling, my brother responded, "If it's a girl, don't even bring it home." When the doctor announced, "You have a baby girl!" I believe my dad's reaction was, "Uh oh." Fortunately, when they did bring her home, he changed his mind and spent the first six months holding onto her foot everywhere they went.


Is it just me or can anyone else totally see Amy letting Noah do the naming and calling her third child Tiberius?



My kids are the opposite. All three of them are delighted about the baby and are impatient for June to arrive (I'm due about three weeks after you). When we were told I was "measuring big for dates" they were so excited that it might be TWINS, Mom, wouldn't that be AWESOME? And I said, "Don't you love your parents?"

They don't even care if it's a boy or a girl. They go back and forth, saying another boy would be cool, but a little sister would be neat, and they are always offering name suggestions.


Hysterical! My little guy is the only child so he is excited about this one. I would imagine he would echo Noah with "too many babies" should we have a third.

So funny!


Oh, and his name of choice, right now anyway, is Peter Parker.

E @ Oh! Apostrophe

This cracks me up. Please let him name his new brother/sister?

the bee

Hilarious ! Pie fixes everything and I actually love the name Peter. maybe Noah is on to something.

the bee

Hilarious ! Pie fixes everything and I actually love the name Peter. maybe Noah is on to something.


While pregnant with my younger son, I was joking around with my then two and a half year old son about what to name the baby:
"should we name him pizza?"
"should we name him ice cream?"
"should we name him sausage?"
and baby sausage it was. He would tell my belly "I love you Baby Sausage!" He also told everyone we knew that was his baby's name. Until he was born- then it was just Jude.


Re: kids at delivery...

I think it depends on you and on your kids. My deliveries have all been "easy" (no meds, vaginal deliveries), attended by CMNs in a labor-delivery-recovery room.

My "kids" are now 25, 22, and 20. The oldest was 3 years old when the 2nd was born, and he came along with us to the hospital. I had a friend (who'd just moved here and had been a lay midwife in another state, had kids of her own, so very experienced and aware of the possiblities) meet us there as an informal doula, who could wisk our son away if things got scary for him. I can't remember if she needed to take him away or not, but I don't remember any trauma on his part.

2.5 years later, next delivery, same thing... we brought both boys (5 1/2 and 2 1/2) and had a friend meet us there to be "in charge" of the boys if necessary. She was late; baby girl came faster than expected. What the boys remember most was that she brought some yummy zucchini bread!

The kids had been through the hospital's big brother/big sister class, and while we hadn't talked to them a lot about the experience beforehand (that I can recall), it really wasn't a big deal. We were prepared with someone to look after the kids and take them away if the experience wasn't right for them. It was so special to have them with us after she was born, to have photos of them holding her when she was only minutes old. It wasn't THAT long ago that everyone was born at home and being around when your younger sibling was born was NORMAL.

As I write this, my daughter-in-law is laboring with my first grandchild (induced, because they think the baby might be too big to deliver if they let him go to term... she has back labor and pitocin and is not progressing). I'd like to be there, but feel unwanted and un-necessary, seeing that my DIL's mom, sister, and mom's boyfriend are already there. The two times I've been there in the past 24 hours I spent more time in the hall than with them. Dammit, it's MY grandchild, too [/vent]


A child I know already has a little sister, let's call be Betsy. When her mom and dad announced that they were going to have a new baby, she responded "Well what are you going to do with Betsy then?" Classic!


I totally back Noah up and think that this baby should be called Bearius Care. Because seriously, I think that name is AWESOME.

Or if you decide (for some reason, can't imagine why) not to use it, I may bagsy it for when my partner FINALLY buys me that puppy I been hintin' at.


I love the name choices too. please keep us posted on little nameless! When pregnant with my son, my daughter decided he should be named Prince Eric (A little Mermaid). Um no indeed!


Dude letting him watch something of that nature might work wonders. I showed my 5 and 3 yr old Look Who is Talking too and they saw the part of the mom screaming and panting as she had the baby ... my girls looksed at me and said I never want kids. Wow and I didnt even try!


Well, you did ask!


I give you my vote for best conversation in blogdom. Great replies too.

Right now, my oldest wants more babies. But thinks the one we have is too whiny. Guess who is actually the whiniest!


"Bearius" isn't the worst name I've ever heard as a middle name, worth at least considering.

I remember back to Rosie O'Donnell's blog when she told how she named her first daughter. She already had a name in mind, but her son Parker was a toddler, so he suggested the name Belle because he was enthralled with Disney's "Beauty & the Beast". Said daughter became Chelsea Belle.

So.... John Bearius Storch. Zachary Bearius Storch. Frickin Bobby Bearius Storch. You get the idea,m and while I think this is an unconventional choice, I don;t necessarily think it's a crazy one.

OOOOOO, have to tell a different story: my sister is a substitute teacher. So she walks in and takes attendance. There's this one is whose name is "Le-a".

Now, how would YOU pronounce that? My sister later got a call at home from the mother, explaining that her daughter wasn't named Lea or Leah....her name is LeDASHah, the dash isn't silent.

Bearius doesn't seem so far fetched NOW, does it?


brother or sister? i thought you said the baby is male.


Noah I <3 You!

By the way Elliot is always a great name. :)


This is null and void if you will be having another surgical birth but the best thing we did was to have our son (then 4) involved in the prenatal visits and birth of his sister.
Really! He was involved, invested even.
Totally depends on the family but for us it was wonderful.

Breanne T.

@Irma...this isn't in Missouri is it? The same thing happened in a class that I subbed for last year.


MargieK - I've had two c-sections, so having Noah present for this birth isn't at all an option. (Unless I like, accidentally have a super-fast home birth or something. Gah!) I'm certainly not against kids in the delivery room on principle or anything and didn't mean to imply that.

fartknocker - The 12-week ultrasound is too early to say for sure. It looked boyish to me, but most babies do at that stage. Definitely too early to promise siblings one thing or another. At 20 weeks, we'll hopefully know beyond any doubt.

Parsing Nonsense

Love his little tie, what a handsome fellow! Too much babies...He may have a point there, though I wonder how long he'll continue to consider Ezra a baby?


I think the novelty of new babies must wear off pretty quickly for the older siblings. My oldest was 4 1/2 when I got pregnant with my third. When I told him the news about another brother or sister, he wasn't thrilled either. "How am I supposed to take care of all these kids?"


Oh, I agree, a surgical birth isn't a place for children -- if you're sure that's what's in store for you. Heck, my DIL ended up getting a C-section yesterday and only my son (i.e., the dad) and her mom were allowed inside (the hospital's policy has a max of 2 "guests" -- which pretty much rules out siblings). But I took lots of good photos once he was born, and got to hold BabyK in the nursery! :) Way before DIL's mom -- neener-neener! :p

They told DIL that if her next baby is that big (BabyK was 8#, 12 oz), to plan on a C-section. But she could try a vaginal delivery if he/she is smaller, like 6 lbs.


I meant to add, if anyone wants a dose of newborn nummy-ness:


Oh, I just had to say this. Wouldja just LOOK at that little man in his insanely adorable little tie???
I'm SQUEEING in my pants!

Lumpy badger

That. Is. Just. Brilliant.

You should bottle him. Seriously.


I definitely read this aloud to my mother. and I'm still giggling three days later.

TOO MANY BABIES! (pssh Noah. No such thing!)


ok. hilarious.
and wow how grown up does that kid look??

oh. and handsome, too, of course!

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