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Less is Perfect

Noah plays soccer now. 


Long-time readers may remember that a couple years ago, Noah was "not ready" for his preschool's extracurricular soccer program. He was "disruptive" and "challenging." The other children were genuinely trying to learn "the basics of the game" but Noah was a "distraction." We were asked to "no longer send him." Our money would "credited" toward our next tuition payment, of course.

Basically, he was kicked out. He was three.


Every year since then, in the early fall and spring, Jason has optimistically mentioned soccer. Maybe we should try again? Maybe he's ready now? But then we'd look at the local schedules and team sizes and refund policies and inevitably get skittish and back off the idea. 

But Noah plays soccer now.


He plays with his classmates from the public special ed preschool program. He plays wherever we, the parents, can snag a gym slot or open field at a local playground. Jason is the coach, along with another dad. Parents and older siblings usually help out, keeping the kids focused, and nobody cares if somebody is having a bad day and doesn't want to play or is bothered by the grass or their soccer shorts or needs a regular gentle push back in the direction of the action.


The kids do jumping jacks and stretches and dribble and kick the ball into mini-pop-up goals or between cones. If everybody can at least kick the ball around a couple times and get a big round of applause for the attempt before everything descends into chaos, t's a good practice, and all any of us parents are really looking for. 


It's not slick or fancy or likely to get anyone scouted for the major leagues. It's better than that. It's perfect.



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Just leave a comment on this post about -- oh, I don't know -- a time when less turned out to be perfect for you too, and you could win.

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Yay for Noah playing soccer and enjoying it. And yay for window 7 phone!


I knew a guy named Les once, and he was anything BUT perfect, but that's not what I'm supposed to be talking about. How about if I mention instead that the final "Victory!" photo is my favorite thing ever.


Hooray for Noah and kids having FUN! We had our own challenge at a birthday party last week. We all survived and learned a little about limits.


Go Noah! I think it's a wonderful idea to take charge and have Jason coach the team.


I have 3.25 children. Less is ALWAYS better in our house.


Recipes with less are always better!

Noah looks like he is having a blast. So good!

My stupid phone contract is about to expire too.......


My idea of "perfect" changed after my first son was born. He was 13 weeks early. He was hooked up to all types of machines - for breathing, eating, medicine, check the oxygen level in his blood, blood pressure, just to name a few. I couldn't touch him for days because he was so tiny and so sensitive - I wasn't able to hold him for 6 weeks.
Even with all of that, he was perfect. He was my perfect little boy.


That's so great that he's playing soccer - and so cute!!

Hmmm... new phone ;) what was less... um... I once drove four hours away to go to a festival, a mile from the front gate my car broke down - I spent the next several hours getting a tow - setting up repairs - dealership etc blah, blah, blah.

Afterward wound up finding this adorable little historic town, having lunch, and some awesome shopping instead - in a kick ass (way cooler than my station wagon) loaner car!

Josette at Halushki

"The other children were genuinely trying to learn 'the basics of the game' "

I'm going to say this only one time and without a hint of irony or humor in my voice, but as a seasoned "sports mom" with one child who competes at the elite level in national competitions, and another kid who is on a travel soccer team -

The person who said this to you about your three-year-old in a program in which three-year-olds are welcome, needed to have a big punch in the nose and quite possibly should be banned from "coaching" children.

The goal of any pre-school sports "program" is to have fun, socialize, burn off the oodles of energy preschoolers have, and maybe learn a few rules. If this is a program open to three year olds - and I had 3yos in a soccer program - then you work with 3yos. You don't expect everyone to rise to the level of child prodigy and set the curve there.

Good gravy, that anyone every made you feel bad about your kid made him feel hesitant about soccer makes me want to spit fire. Absolutely ridiculous.

But I'm glad he's found a great coach and his having fun again. The rest of the world will tell you that this is what soccer is all about: athleticism + creativity. Only in the US do we beat the creativity and joy out of a game as soon as possible and make it seem like a "job".

I'm going to give you a hug now. Ready? Here: (((((hug)))))

Patti B.

Yeah Noah! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll!! :)


Yay for perfect. And big old YAY for Noah.


Love the segue. So smooth. ;)

Noah is getting big, man! I'm so glad it's going well for you guys.

And, um, less was perfect when I found out that I was surprise! pregnant and my husband was a student. We are quite broke, but so in love with our 2 month old that I could care less. Things are *perfect.*


Signed our borderline SPD 3yo up for tee-ball because his summer preschool was next to a baseball field and we were presented with the challenge of getting him past that and up to the school everyday while he cried "Mommy I want to go play baseball! I don't want to go to school!" Took him the first day with a new glove and a new Red Sox hat (it was the day after his 3rd birthday) and they were not playing with real baseballs. Not even real tee balls. There were no batting helmets, like he wanted. Meltdown ensued. He would. Not. Play. He lasted 10 minutes, most of which was spent shouting "I HATE TEE BALL!" and we never returned again. But! That was the last we heard about baseball for the summer and he loved school after that.


Our oldest son is involved in Cub Scouts, and my husband is the den leader. The pack leader wants us to have weekly meetings, but our den decided less is perfect. We are the slacker Cub Scouts who meet once a month and don't feel compelled to do every little thing. We feel time together as a family is more important than organized activities.


Boo the people that kicked Noah out, but YAY NOAH!! You've come a long way, baby.

Less could turn out to be more for me soon: I'm in a stressful career (Emergency 911 and police dispatch for 5 counties) and working random, terrible shifts. My son just turned a year old, and I've missed so much...

So I've been applying for jobs left and right, for less hours, (A LOT) less money, less everything. I'd take less anything to have more time with my son.

Cross your fingers for me? I really, really want to have less so I can have more.


I used to volunteer with a soccer program like that in college. It was awesome. I miss those kids.


i remember when noah got kicked out of soccer. who does that? flipping criminal.

and the phone? hell YES.


Last year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my in-laws. I had never made a turkey before. Have you seen the movie Christmas Vacation? Yeah. It was like that.Only worse.FAIL.


it's those little things that mean so much to us, isn't it? Congrats to your new Pele!


We have a new baby via surrogate that we have been wanting for years. After a sleepless night, she decided to get up at 4:00 am, so we all got up. I was exhausted, and soon everyone fell back asleep except for me, and I was eating cookies and watching a horror movie and looking over at this miracle sleeping baby, and I was full of joy.

Also: YAY for soccer!


So happy for Noah! His soccer team sounds like what all sports team should be at his age.

I got cut from my high school varsity softball team for some dubious reasons. It was nothing as ridiculous as Noah's and I was practically an adult so no big deal. But I played JV and rec league that year and it was more fun and I got to be the captain anyway. So suck it varsity teams. Amirite?

Courtney in FL

Yay for Noah! I think I'm going to start telling myself "less is more" whenever we have to leave an event early because of a meltdown.


My current job pays less than my old one but MAN it makes me a whole lot happier. I have time to see my family and friends, and my coworkers are awesome. Totally worth the extra ten thousand.


Less being more? When we gather in my tiny house and fill it to the brim with laughing people. We are light on space but heavy on love.

Awesome for Noah! Yeah soccer!


Less is perfect? Well I'm currently going through a bad patch with a friend who continually brings drama into our relationship. We are currently not speaking, and while I miss her terribly...less drama is perfect.


Oh, less than perfect? That's my whole life. But, in particular? I can't seem to be on time for anything. Sigh.

But a Windows 7 phone? that might help me!


I always thought it was a bad thing that I never fell in love. I'd beat myself up about it all the time. The funny thing is that without those romantic entanglements, I learned who I was on my own years before my friends did- I'm strong, independent, happy, successful and I have a ton of friends, a solid life. And now if he comes along, I'll be the very best version of myself. :)


Hmmm, well I have to say that doing graduate school with a young baby is, in many people's eyes, less than perfect, but I really want to get my master's and it is working out well so far! I will admit that it is less than perfect but it is where I am right now and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Laura in LA

I am constantly learning that less is ok. When I hit a low point and sulk because I dont have it all, it is usually revealed that less isnt the end of the world & my less is a lot to someone out there.


Woohoo to soccer!! Woohoo to the new phone!


Sometimes less is better - Leave 'em wanting more.
Other times it's a lesson to be happy with what you have instead of what you want.


I feel this way for pretty much any school project. I go to Open Houses where things seem made by the students' parents, not the students, and while my daughters' work may pale in comparison, they are so proud because it IS their work.

Sprite's Keeper

Thanks to our budget and learning to live on less, I'm happy that we are so much closer to being debt free. It's tough but rewarding! Yay for Noah!

Heidi T

I am just happy to make it through a day without tantrums or difficulty - that is my less is perfect LOL.

The Domestic Goddess

That's great that he loves soccer! We had a similar experience (he chased people growling like a tiger, hip checked them for "swiping the ball"). It feels great when they succeed.


We were so happy to find a gymnastics school with an instructor/owner who really gets kids with special issues. She's amazing! Unfortunately, our son has decided he just doesn't want to do gymnastics any more but for about a year and a half there, he had the perfect situation. We'll probably start our youngest there when he's old enough.


Less calories in yummy food is always better!

Erin O'Brien

I was kicked out of Brownies when I was five.

Me likey Noah.


Fewer commitments on the weekend = more fun family time for me!


Congrats on finding (or making) a team for Noah to play and have a great time! My son is 9 and last year he tried out for a traveling baseball team. He did great and gave his all and really probably should have made the team but because of "adult" stuff he did. He ended up playing on another team that his Dad coached. They ended up having more fun than we could have imagined. They made it to the playoff and even more importantly really grew closer.


Yay for Noah! :) Reminds me of this quote:
Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost


less is best, in my experience, less to carry, less to worry about, less to d r a g you down

go, Noah! have fun playing soccer!

can I mention the @*&$#&^ ref who threw my cochlear implant-wearing nephew out of HIS soccer game, saying he couldn't be on the field WITH the implant ("it was a danger to the other children playing" ??!?#?#?@?) and when nephew removed it (essentially playing deaf), he flagged the kid for not heeding a penalty whistle

some people should not be allowed anywhere near children's sports


Our Elle is two and a half and LOVES kicking balls around the house (toy ones, not mine). So glad Noah's into this!!!


Oh yay for Noah!!!!!! I love the last picture!! :)

My little boy was the surprise of our lives. I don't think I got over the shock of finding out I was pregnant until I wasn't pregnant anymore! And now we have less. Less money. Less house. Less time in the day. But our lives are full of so much more! Lee just turned one last month and I can't imagine our lives without him! He has turned our less into so much more than I ever could have dreamed of and it really is perfect! (except the money thing...a little more of that would be great!! LOL!!)


Ah the wonderful days of soccer. You don't realize it at the times, but these are the best of times. All to soon they're grown up and gone. Funny how that works.


Congrats to Noah, I bet he and his friends are having a blast!

I agree with the last poster (Liz). I was definitely surprised when I found out I was pregnant and definitely have less of everything (money, time AND sanity) but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Waking up to the words "Hi Mommy" is the absolute best part of my day!


It does sound perfect! Go Noah!


Yay, Noah!

The times when I can remember less being perfect are when I've decided to chill the crap out and just hang out with my children. We aren't doing anything "special"... just being.


Josette -- ditto. it makes my blood boil that anyone was trying to teach three year olds "the basics of the game." :head exploding: That kind of mentality turns so many kids off to sports (or any other kind of structured activities kids are forced into). Glad that wasn't the case for Noah and Hooray for him having FUN playing soccer!


I went into labor 4 weeks early with my daughter. While it wasn't perfect because I missed those 4 weeks of her rolling around in my belly I had her snuggling in my arms.


Last Christmas I was hugely pregnant (she arrived on New Year's Eve) and I DID NOT WANT to deal with the hassle of Christmas decorating and subsequent clean-up. So we went with the "Less is More" approach by getting a tree (the tree picking out process is my favorite part of Christmas, I think) and putting ONE ornament on it, a little pregnant bear and her hubby with my daughter's name on it. It was perfect.


The only thing coming to mind is this: I cleaned out my kid's toyboxes last night, and less is DEFINITELY more. Ha!

And, GO Noah!


Yay for Noah!

I'd say less works out well every time my two year old ignores her fancy toys and chooses to spend 20 minutes putting her father's socks on and off. aaahhhh....blessed quiet time.


This weekend I was sure I had 5 loads of laundry to do, but then I found out my husband had done several loads. So I was left with only two. That less was very much appreciated.

And go Noah! You rule.


Hey, a mutual friend of ours from Taylor University told me about your blog.
Pretty encouraging to see Noah playing soccer, how is he with most group activities? My 5 year old ASD really loves sports, but can't do group things.


Hmmm, less is more moment. Ok, When the hubs and I decided that we were done having kids...which was a REALLY tough decision for me. Now we focus all of our energy on parenting the kids we have...not making plans for "maybe one more", or "lets save this just in case" for the first time in 7 years has been liberating. Also...yay for phones!

Lauren G.

I don't usually comment because I'm not a mom--I just come here for the good writing! But, today I get it--for me less is more means expecting less than perfection from myself, my spouse, my coworkers and the general universe.


On our first "real" vacation together, my now-husband and I went to a friend's wedding in Luxembourg. After the festivities, we had a week planned of touring Belgium and France.

We had a great time. But, man, the exchange rate was brutal at the time. Even the most simple meal seemed expensive! Our last leg of the trip was in Brugges, Belgium. We just about had enough of mediocre but pricey meals.

So, on our last night there, we walked over to the Belgium equivalent of a 7-11. We bought a few cans of beer and some nuts. We walked to the town's center, parked ourselves on a bench, and sipped our cheap beers. It ranks as one of my most favorite evenings ever.

The weather was perfect and we watched horse-drawn carriages and families mill around the lace and chocolate shops. It was straight out of postcard.

We had only been dating about 5 months at the time, but I knew that this relationship was special. And I like to that during that evening I learned how happy I could be doing absolutely nothing so long as I have my sweetheart by my side.


Amy, good for you and your family! Happy for you!

I am finding that every day I want fewer things cluttering my life. But I still need a good phone ;)


How about less junk in food is perfect? We took food coloring out of our diet. We already eat clean that was one of the final hold outs. One day my husband took the 5 yr old to Target. She came home bouncing off the walls. Finally I asked what he fed her. He said she didn't eat anything, she just had a blue raspberry icee from Target. Whoa. Halloween night she had whatever she could get before I sorted and tossed. She had less than 10 pcs. It took her two days to get it out of her system. Less, is perfect. I am so happy Noah is playing soccer! My 5 yr old cannot wait for spring signup.

Jen B.

Free phone? And cute soccer pics? Totally worth a comment.


I remember when Noah got kicked out of soccer... RIDICULOUS. He was three. But, I'm so glad he's enjoying himself now.

As for less being perfect? My daughter just hit a random tantrum-y stage and less tantrums really would work out perfect for me. :)


When I traveled by myself in college to Ireland and Great Britain, less was definitely perfect. Didn't get to London, didn't see a lot of the traditional tourist spots - which I would someday like to see - but I took it at my own pace and it was perfect.

Kathryn Humphreys

less than perfect. nice. pretty much anytime we attempt to do something with our spd kid - would you like to try gymnastics, oh sorry they schedule 300 classes at once, so the noise and distraction will send you into a tailspin while they act like its your problem, how about a day at the museum, oh wait they've got this great weather exhibit with a freakin lighting maker that's louder than a rocket take off and no warning. yeah. woohoo. let's go somewhere. I need the phone so I can call for my escape cab and get the heck out of where ever we're going next.


All I will say is AWESOME!
(I will avoid making comments about the jack ass mean people.) Oops!

samantha Jo Campen

I attempted to make a new recipe and when it came out of the oven it looked awful. NOTHING like the picture, the consistancy was all wrong and I was so pissed because of the time I took to do it and we'd probably have to have popcorn for dinner.

Well, of course Theo loved it. Said "Thank you for cooking Mommy" and gave me the biggest happiest smile. He didn't know what it was SUPPOSED to look like. He ate it and appreciated what I made.

Yup. That.


I think "less" became apparent when our Short Man started showing interest in the cheaper toys and not the monstrosities that friends and family insisted he'd love. Right now his favorite toy is (in relation to Noah) his $5 mini soccer ball, his $20 push toy from IKEA, and crayons and colored paper. It makes me happy to see him loving all the things I enjoyed as a kid, and his realizing so early that the most fun doesn't necessarily correlate with "most money spent."


Less being more? I have a 17 month old son who still doesn't call me Mama or his father Dada. This on the heels of his 2 older sisters being early talkers. But you know what? He is pure joy and he has made my life complete.


Sometimes just hanging out at home with our 2 year old turns out to be a lot more fun and meaningful than trying to do all the fancy toddler stuff like the zoo and music class and all that.


I'm a big believer in less is perfect for the holidays. Less food, less gifts, less stress. It's all perfect!


@Martha — I'm doing graduate school with a kiddo, too! Five classes from graduation, and Short Man just turned one. It is HARD, but I think we're on the same page as to how worth it it'll be in the end. Plus the whole setting an example via "working through obstacles to get what you want" helps sometimes :)


When I knit I try to use what I have, I get more creative and have better results than when I go out and buy everything.

Cheryl S.

I love this post. I try to teach my husband this lesson all the time when it comes to our daughter.

She's 5. And if (on the weekends) she wants to dress herself and wear a yellow skirt, blue shirt, and sparkly princess shoes,that's FINE.

For the longest time, he would have a FIT if he thought she wasn't "perfect" (in everything, not just clothes). I am still working on him to change his definition. Perfect is WHO.SHE.IS. Not who YOU want her to be.



Boo for the contest not being open to us Canadians!

But a big hooray for Noah and for you and Jason and those other parents getting together and setting up the perfect soccer opportunity for your kids!


That type of soccer sounds perfect for us. After a season of t-ball where a successful game was defined as one where our five-year-old only cried once, we have fully shied away from soccer. It's so nice to breathe that sigh of relief when you're surrounded by people who understand. Better yet, people who don't even notice.

Stephanie Parnell

I just had to plan my first birthday party ever (little one turned 1!) and I made the fatal mistake of inviting wayyyy too many people. I justified it by saying that we were celebrating the birhtday of our daughter and even though she wasn't old enough to understand we are and wanted to celebrate with friends. Well when it was all said and done we had invited 100 people (!!!!!!!!!) and 80 had RSVP'd to come (!!!!!!). Thank God not everyone showed up and less was by far perfect in this case. I'll know for next year and we may theme her party "Less is Perfect" by Amalah. So you may want to work on a design for like plates and stuff. ;)

Jenn H

In a life that sometimes feels like it's filled to the brim, I exercised my "no" button this fall and didn't commit to so much. Less (on the schedule) is PERFECT. :)

kimberley p

My daughter is in HS now, and I've been baking treats for the kids to enjoy after each game for the sport she plays. One of the girls had a 16th bday the very last game of the season, and all the girls asked me to make her a surprise cake. The icing was not perfect, the letters were crooked, but the joy in all those young womens faces that I took the time for their friend - a store bought cake would just not have been right. My *lesser* cake was just perfect.


Perfect? First two days in ICU, numerous ER trips for asthma, SPD, ADHD, and profoundly gifted (and no, that doesn't make life easy). Yes, perfect.

Ah, thank you for that post. Some days, I get discouraged, and need the reminder to rejoice in what I have.


I would be struck speechless if I were randomly chosen.

I spent the greater part of 2009 unemployed. Newly married and with only my husband's postdoc salary we always had less. But our first year of marriage was perfect. We laughed and had fun together without the noise of excess. I will always cherish our less but perfect time.


I love the idea of starting your own league. Brilliant! And bravo Noah!

Josette at Halushki

Kate - Exactly. Are there kids ready to learn the fundamentals and go pro by 5 years old. Sure. However, the biggest benefits of sports are not in signing with Nike before middle school.

If an "elite" preschool team needs to be formed, then be upfront about it or form it yourself or look for other opportunities for your child by moving her up. Age restrictions can sometimes be bent for "gifted" athletes. However, most sensible parents I know who have athletic prodigies or "serious" 3yo athletes know that their kid is pretty darn far outside the norm and don't make entire other teams of "regular" kids and parents nutso by raising the bar so high that other kids are discouraged. It's called good sportsmanship, and that's as important for kids to learn as kicking goals or landing axels before potty-training. There's all the time in the world for kids to move up to elite teams and play head-to-head with other highly motivated, talented, and dedicated athletes. Okay. Done. I'm just passionate about this topic.


I agree -- Less is generally better. Last year we had a small Thanksgiving, just me, my daughter and my sister. I was sad that we didn't have the whole family together, but it turned out great. So much less stress and chaos.

Melissa G

I {heart} your blog. Truly.

I'm still learning that less can be okay. le sigh


We sold our house last year and then ended up moving back to our same town a year later (less than a mile away from our now-not-ours house). But our apartment is newer than our house was and has another bathroom and we never have to mow the lawn.


Less trying the second time around made for a much more perfect pregnancy. Mostly because I didn't figure it out until I was almost done with the first trimester, instead of knowing from 8 days onward!


I'm always glad when I don't eat that other half of the Chipotle burrito. Less is just about perfect when it comes to delicious Mexican food.


Why isn't this what ALL children's sports teams are about? As the parent of a ball obsessed kid, I fear meeting a version of that previous coach. It makes me warm and fuzzy that you guys found such an awesome alternative! Victory indeed!


Good for Noah and his fellow classmates!!


When my 3 y/o wasn't ready for preschool, a couple of moms and I started our own preschool in the library basement. A lot like Noah's soccer team-gentle and child driven. Everyone thought we were crazy not pushing our different drummer kids. Mine graduates college in May with a 3.85 and has been accepted to Columbia law school. Your instincts for your child are always right! Yay Noah!


I make just enough to live on at the moment, but it's enough to not have to worry about rent or groceries - which means I can focus on the important things like making dinner and curling up with my best girl and laughing about nothing. Perfect.


Yay soccer! Yay free phone! That is all.

Jesse B.

My husband works out of state and we see him about every 3-4 weeks. I had two boys in football, with one practice ending right when the other one was starting,25 miles apart. Football is over and basketball doesn't start for a couple of weeks so right now, the less feels so good.

Dawn K.

Yay Noah!

Hmmm...right now I'm attemtping to plan last minute to go visit my ailing grandfather over Thanksgiving. Less relaxation, more stress, but it's what needs to be done. He has yet to meet my 6 month old daughter, so time is of the essence these days.


My son who is 5 yrs old has SPD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We hesitantly signed him up for soccer last season because his older brother plays and Will begged us to let him play. The first practice I took Will expecting the worst, to have to take him home as soon as someone touched him or knocked him down. But much to my joy, we got the sweetest most understanding coach who's goal was for them to have some fun and maybe learn a little intro to the game. All the players were the nicest group of kids. The season went off without a hitch even though Will never really engaged in the game. He ran around the field shooting his imaginary webs and being Spiderman. Well this fall, we signed up again and we got on the same team with the same coach. Will was thrilled and this year at the second to the last game, he scored a goal!! Although I think the kids let him have it, there has never been a louder cheer from a crowd of parents who knew Will's situation and were genuinely so happy for him. That moment when he was SO PROUD of himself was a perfect moment for me as his mom and I will never forget it as I sat in my chair and sobbed while the other moms cried right along with me!

All Things BD

We did a softball league this fall that was all about learning the fundamentals, and not so much about WIN WIN WIN! My 10-year-old HATES competition, but wanted to try a team sport. Perfect match!


I was kicked out of Brownies in the first grade for having a bad attitude! Jeez but my Brownie troupe was soooo booooring.

Less was perfect when it was less sleep due to the kicking baby inside or the thousands of middle of night feedings. I somehow found the energy to make it through and with a great attitude!


Hooray for Noah!

Motherhood is anything but perfect. I'll never be the perfect mom, but everyday that my baby is clothed, fed, and happy is a good day... even if that involves a few outfit changes for both me and the baby!


Yeah for Noah! Once again, you found a way for Noah to succeed. It must be so nice for Jason and Noah to have this together.

If you really think about it, you can always find things in your own life that is "less than perfect." The best thing to do is to look for the positives instead of the negatives. So, I like to say that my life is perfect for me. The ups and downs balance out to an amazing ride!


Ooh! Less money on bills is always perfect!

And YAY Noah. As a special ed teacher, now full-time mom, I love when parents make it possible for their students to participate.

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