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Alive & Slobber-Coated

Isn't it crazy annoying when bloggers start a post with an apology for not posting? Like they automatically assume you EVEN NOTICED in the first place, and CARED in the second place, because they are self-absorbed egomaniacs who imagine that dozens of people are sitting at their computers terribly worried because they couldn't be bothered to sit down and grace the world with a few sparsely punctuated sentences? I know, right? Anyway! I am very sorry for not posting there, for a few days. I went back up to Pennsylvania again, for about the millionth time, for a good old-fashioned terminal-illness-related family reunion with some of my siblings. Siblings I haven't seen in years. Like, before my children were born years. Family togetherness for the WIN. I kind of don't want to talk about it. I mean, it was fine. It was just strange and very...heavy with cancer. You know? I think I'll just post some pictures instead. This is my brother's dog Jack. Jack is the dog for whom the phrase WHO'S A GOOD BOY? was invented. Because he is the best boy, yes he is, shnuffle shmoopy etc. Noah especially enjoyed riding him like a pony. I am... Read more →


Overheard, in the back seat of the car this morning: Ezra: Oh no, rain! Noah: Not "oh no," Ezra! Rain is great! We need the rain! Without rain, there would be no flowers or trees or grass or pumpkins or bugs or dogs or cats or chickens or houses or buildings or bridges or roads or buses or cars or red lights or yellow lights or green lights or gas stations or restaurants or pizzas or candy or juice or soccer balls or airplanes or trains or cities or pyramids or spaceships or Star Wars or Leapsters or movies or bushes! Me: Wow. That's a lot of things. Noah: Without rain, you'd have NOTHING. You would not even have any. Hair. At. All. Ezra: Yay rain! Read more →

9 1/2 Weeks

(Yes, I do totally loathe myself for typing out that cliched and groan-worthy post title. But I'm leaving it because it's truuuuuue.) I'm somewhere in the middle on my ninth week of pregnancy. If I look back to my writings from the previous go-rounds, I see that I was 1) in maternity clothes already, 2) insanely sick all the time, and 3) insanely obsessed with being pregnant ALLTHETIME LIKERIGHTNOW ANDNOW. Huh. The bloating of the first couple weeks has passed so I'm back comfortably in my regular old jeans. I still wear belts and can tuck shirts in, if I feel like it. I guess technically going up a bra size would help, but they seem like they'd be sore no matter what cup size I mash them into so I haven't yet bothered. I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually thrown up, rather than just feeling vaguely unsettled or heave-y. The two very worst days, symptoms-wise, were directly related to the prenatal vitamin my doctor prescribed. I stopped taking them, switched to a gentler OTC version and immediately felt better. I'm still sensitive to smells but not to a run-to-the-bathroom extreme, and I've yet... Read more →

Nerds on Parade

Halloween, take three: Noah's struggles with Halloween and dressing up ebbed and flowed this year, with one costumed activity being a roaring success and the next causing a meltdown of epic proportions. It was like spinning the wheel in Sensory Roulette. So I had no idea how his classroom costume parade party would go on Friday. When I arrived with Ezra in tow (and in costume), Noah had steadfastly refused to put his costume on while his friends got dressed. But then another mother showed up with a tray of chocolate cupcakes. "See those?" I fibbed. "Those are for kids who wear their costumes." BAM. Obi-Wan Kenobi IN THE HOUSE. And on parade. With his faithful sidekick Yoda, seen here shortly before losing a shoe in the parking lot at some point. Other than some mid-parade WHERE ARE THE CUPCAKES ALREADY fatigue, he did great. Ezra did too, though he did tend to gravitate to some very non-canon props. And then: FEASTING. Halloween, take four: Trick-or-treating. The main event. Noah not only agreed to wear his costume with absolutely zero protest, he even allowed me to put on the cheap-ass synthetic-fabric tunic and rubber belt portion of his Jedi outfit... Read more →