Holiday Bonus
He's Right, You Know


Well, hello! Everybody back to the grind after the hallowed day of national gluttony? Nobody got run over or squished too badly on the crazy batshit day of national consumerism-ism? Anybody want some leftover pie? I've got...three, I think, still. 


But not this one. 

Our holiday was fantastic, thank you for maybe thinking of asking, just now, once I said that.

The turkey was our most delicious ever, thanks to Jason's brine (he won't tell me what's in it, the bastard) and my basting (which I will tell you because I am giver AND a showoff; it's butter + thyme + honey + apple cider). He also made challah bread stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce (the secret ingredient to THAT is, no lie, vodka). I made a cauliflower and broccoli gratin with so much cheddar cheese and cream that I successfully destroyed the nutritional benefits of every vegetable from here to the White House garden.

Including the ones Ezra made. 




He then covered them in parchment paper and braised them in a little shitload of butter. He ate them too! Dipped in the vodka-spiked cranberry sauce, at least. He went really, really nuts for the cranberry sauce.


Damnedest thing, right?


In addition to his cooking skills, Ezra also provided a festive centerpiece for the table.


Noah wore a tie for exactly how long it took me to snap this picture. But at least he ate something


Then all the vodka tryptophan kicked in right when it was time to do the dishes. 

Oh, and one more, because you've been so good. 


The first look at the beginnings of The Belly. And a possible hoarding problem.

I must say, I am INORDINATELY pleased with the timing of this pregnancy. There is seriously nothing better in the world than officially hitting the second trimester riiiiiiiiiight after Thanksgiving, so one is completely justified in going directly from eating stuffing and gravy for breakfast to the expansive, forgiving comfort of elastic-waist maternity pants. That stupid pregnancy newsletter thing says the baby is still only the size of a "medium shrimp" but whatever. There's placenta and accessories in there too. Plus pie. A lot of pie. 

PS Today's the last day to enter -- or boost your winning chances -- the Windows 7 phone giveaway. And the one at Mamapop as well. Comments will be closed tonight, winner selected and contacted first thing tomorrow while me and my busted-ass iPhone with the shattered screen sit in a corner and sulk. AT LEAST I STILL HAVE PIE.



I would like to look so cute if/when I am ever pregnant. From my typing fingers to God's suggestion box, I hope.

the bee

I am so glad you had fun. Did Noah manage pumpkin pie?
Also stuffing for breakfast ? Yes please !


Instead of the "forgiving comfort of elastic-waist maternity pants" my family just switches to sweatpants the second we finish eating.


fuuuuuuuuuuck, you make me laugh so hard. cute bump, cute kids (especially the one of ezra with the two carrot pieces in his hands!), and delicious looking food. glad you had a great turkey day.


Glad to hear it was a good holiday for the Storch family! You look lovely and the food sounds amazing. On to Christmas!!

bad penguin

Well, of course you don't have any chocolate chip pie left :)

I'm pleased to say that we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever this year, and it went perfectly, particularly the turkey. Not bad for someone who only gave up being a vegetarian in May.

I love that Ezra is already a chef.


I'm sorry, whaaaaat beginning of a belly are you speaking of, crazy lady?


Randomly commenting- I have 3 wonderful little boys (6,3,11mo)Still sometimes I wonder ya know? Spent the holiday with SIL and 2 little girls. Now content with buying them the cute stuff and saving myself the girl drama. Ha! Best wishes to your family!! You will never know love like the adoration of those sweet little boys.


The pics of Ezra making the veggie dish were beyond cute. I love that "concentration mouth" that he has going on. Adorable!


Seriously?! You look HOT, Momma!!!!! Hugs to all of you!


Love the faces Ezra is making!


Love the faces Ezra is making!


I never looked that good while pregnant. I went from relatively thin to weird balloon-like belly with that roll of fat still attached in a matter of DAYS.


A. You look freakin' adorable.
B. I am so ridiculously jealous of your second trimester mojo. I am still in first trimester vomiting on the side of the highway hell.
C. Would you like to share that Chocolate chip pie recipe? Please and Thank you :)


You look wonderful! And I LOVE toddlers in footie pjs :)


Your children are adorable. Ezra seems like he is an excellent helper. It is so much fun cooking with children. I know it takes twice as long, but I would not trade it with anything. And at least Noah let you take a picture with the tie on. I am sure that my 5 year old would protest the tie too. My husband doesn't wear one much, so we haven't even tried.


Your Thanksgiving sounds just like ours! Although, we just have, um, me, my husband, and a fig-sized fetus. But that didn't stop me from making the FULL batch of my grandmother's cornbread stuffing.

For whatever reason, I have totally gone off chocolate since I've been pregnant. Like, I have had an almost full bag of Dove chocolates in the pantry for WEEKS. But, the photo of that pie? WANT!

Also, WANT that cute ruffled top! Looking good, Amy!


the only pie we had left over was the apple-chili-cheddar pie-shaped monstrosity my dad insisted on making after he found the recipe in a magazine. We managed to eat the rest, despite having half a pie per person. Mind you, my mom lets us eat pie for breakfast, so it's not that hard.

Happy Post-Thanksgiving!


mmmmm... Tollhouse pie... I made two yesterday because I didn't get any for Turkey day! :(

Yay! for leftovers and maternity pants!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Your family is adorable. And you look awesome. Also, where can I get a pair of those boots? Super cute!!


You look adorable!


So, I got the call that my glucose test was high...the day BEFORE Thanksgiving! Totally ruined my pregnancy free-for-all. So, on to the 3 hour test and bah-humbug to the yummy Christmas cookies I planned to make. Booo!
I shall live vicariously through you. Sniff...sniff...

Courtney in FL

Adorable kids (as always) and you look amazing! I 2nd the cute top comment from above!


Oh wow, the little helper Ezra! That's what Thanksgiving is about right there - the family cooking and then eating together!
And yeah Noah for eating something!
Oh, and if I win, I can replace my 2.5 year old wimpy flip phone thing. *fingers crossed*


Being pregnant at the holidays certainly does have advantages. Maternity pants do indeed make for good eatin' pants. Also: at 25 weeks pregnant, no one dares stand between me and MOAR PIE.

My mother is making her famous Potatoes of The Lord (Gold & Sweet Potatoes with gruyere cheese and enough cream to give a bear a heart attack) for Christmas and I'm already looking forward to the roominess my elastic waistband lifestyle will allow me.


Mmmm...pie. I only got a half piece at my stingy in-laws' Thanksgiving celebration this year. seriously...2 pies, 26 guests. Who the hell is the math major who arranged our desserts?!?


That is one good looking pie.

The boys are getting so big!


Great post! You look GREAT! And I want all your recipes :)


I am seriously loving Ezra's little jammies, particularly because my own tornado child owns the same pair and wore them all day on Thanksgiving.

Yay for pie!

Becky (Princess Mikkimoto)

Will you promise to make another human as cute as your first two? Thanks much! The world needs more of that cute.


OMG, I MUST have those puppy dog pajamas! (for my little girl, not me.) Please tell what brand they are!


I learned how to make my grandmom's famous pie crust this thanksgiving, fucking finally.

I am happy to see you and the boys had a great Thanksgiving. Best wishes for the holiday season. Hey commenting on your happy themed posts feels better than when I comment out of my own feelings of sadness. I will keep it up. AND ITS NOT JUST CUZ THE PHONE.


You're so cute! And I kinda don't see a tummy yet, but that's okay. I tried - I turned my head so you weren't diagonal and everything.


My son wore that same shirt/tie for our Thanksgiving - where we too ruined all vegetable nutritional value with lots of cream - delish! :-)

Loretta S. have the best writing style ever. Love it! And love that we can see how much you love your family through it. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face...

Mrs. Bachelor Girl

Pregnancy becomes you, Amy! You look fantastic! Killer outfit.

The family and the spread are pretty awesome, too.


Since my husband is not a pie eater (for serial) and there were only the two of us, I forewent pie in favor of mini cheesecake, and now I needs to know what the first pie is because YUM cranberries. Love, love, love.

Also, give my ovaries a break, it isn't bad enough that you made the two cutest kids ever, now you go for the trifecta? All while looking adorable? Unfair.


I remember your au gratin recipe. I made it last year for Christmas dinner and DAMMMMNNNN. It is awesome! I should make it again this year. Not that I'm hosting, I'll just make it for myself. Shhh, don't tell.


I was on just about the same pregnancy schedule - both times. I have no comparison, but I gotta say it was the BEST time to be preggers! Christmas cookies! yay!


Glad to hear the horrible stomach bug that seems to be ravaging the Northeast didn't hit your house for Thanksgiving.

Ooohh...maybe I shouldn't write that out loud.

Mina Lee

I want some! We had Thanksgiving dinner twice on Thanksgiving - for lunch AND dinner :-)


Just lovely, all of it!


You have the cutest kids ever :)


You have the cutest kids ever :)


You have the cutest kids ever :)


You have the cutest kids ever :)


You look amazing for your third child!!


Um...I need that pie recipe! I wish I had pregnancy as an excuse for the amount of pie I ate. :)

PopMommy Pam

You are such a cute and fashionable pregnant chick! Love the photos!


I was 18 weeks at Thanksgiving, so I kept telling everyone that I won at Thanksgiving because I came wearing elastic pants :)

And OMG how adorable and grown up does Noah look!!!!


I was 18 weeks at Thanksgiving, so I kept telling everyone that I won at Thanksgiving because I came wearing elastic pants :)

And OMG how adorable and grown up does Noah look!!!!


I wish my almost two year old would put veggies in a bowl like that. She is more likely to squish them in her mighty fists of doom and then scream violently about her victory than to help make dinner...sigh...maybe if I introduced more vodka into my parenting things would go better!


A baby boy cooking in footie pajamas might possibly be the CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. OMG.


Tollhouse Pie? Never heard of it but need some right now!


Tollhouse Pie? Never heard of it but need some right now!


Tollhouse Pie? Never heard of it but need some right now!


Wait, didn't you write a pregnancy newsletter of sorts?? You should have really thought about that while you were writing it :)

(PS I loved zero to forty...when you wrote it and when I was actually pregnant (all of 5 months ago)!)


Wait, didn't you write a pregnancy newsletter of sorts?? You should have really thought about that while you were writing it :)

(PS I loved zero to forty...when you wrote it and when I was actually pregnant (all of 5 months ago)!)


RECIPES! Especially cranberry vodka goodness.

Barefoot Liz

I want to know what kind of accessories are in there. Shoes? Diaper bag? Baby bling?
(By the way, that turkey sounds divine.)


I ate two lemon meringue pies. And I am considering making two more.

mrs. q.

Your children are so insanely adorable that I'm tickled you are producing another...


Oh, how I enjoy being safely ensconced within my own second trimester this holiday season! Perhaps the only excuse for sampling five varieties of pie last Thursday...and a few each day since...


Love the pics. The boys are so cute I just want to eat them up.

Amanda B

I thought the comments would be closed - but it's still the 29th here in AK. Oh - and you look beautiful. I wish I could have looked that good pregnant. :)


Your boys are adorable! And please, please tell me where you got your boots--I LOVE them! You look great!

Katie Kat

Oh my GOD your children are so adorable. I MUST nom Ezra and hug the crapola outta Noah. And you look smashingly preggers!

Now, on to Christmas!


Your kids are so freakin' adorable. How you had room for pie after nibbling on them is a mystery to me. But yeah, there is always room for more pie. Damn, now I want pie.


I also love the boots! Where oh where did you get them?


you look amazing, love the boots. and love noah's shirt and tie.


Juliette - The boots are Naughty Monkey. I got them last year at...Zappos? I think? Or maybe Bluefly. I love them so much I bought them in black, too.


Amy? You? Are darling. Completely.
Loved this post!


Thank you! I'll go check out Zappos now.

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