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Today is my birthday. I'm 33, and I just had to do math to figure that out for sure.

My gift to myself is a shameless whore-out post with little or no point other than to rack up a lot of comments from people telling me happy birthday. 

It occurred to me last night that I've never actually been pregnant on my birthday. In fact, the occasion has usually marked the end of a long year of fruitless trying. I know I've made getting pregnant my official birthday wish at least three or four times, with two of those wishes coming true in just a matter of weeks. 

This time, I thought it would be nice to maybe start LOOKING pregnant by my birthday, if that wouldn't be too much trouble for the Fates or Birthday Candle Goblins or whoever is in charge of that sort of thing. Everything else is going so well, with the no-longer-feeling-like-a-walking-migraine-of-hork and feeling the honest-to-God kicking and OH, I DON'T KNOW, the whole fetus-remaining-alive thing and stuff. So I didn't want to press my luck. 

I swear I woke up this morning looking like I swallowed an entire tin of Christmas cookies. Which may or may not have actually happened:

Photo (15)

It's not nearly so impressive when I stand up. Thus, I believe this is another reason to not deviate from the Birthday Plan of staying in bed and exposing the baby to some enriching literature.

Photo (16) 

AKA, What to Expect When You're Expecting During the Zombie Apocalypse 

(SPOILER ALERT: Lots of canned goods, questionable medical services, speech bubbles full of HUMNGG!, GUB! and GRARR!, plus overall atmosphere of bleakness, doom.)


Miss Grace

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! May you have many more, preferably without Zombie Apocalipti


Um, Happy Birthday and stuff. :-)


Happy birthday! :)


Happy birthday! And I hope you enjoy the graphic novel--my husband gave me the first few volumes for Christmas and I can't wait to read them.

Sprite's Keeper

Happy birthday! Looks like you got your gift!


Oh my goodness, I feel like I just saw you and you were not nearly that pregnant.

Happy B-day!


Happy Happy Birthday!

And stay away from the Christmas cookies. LOL


Happy birthday!!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! I love your blog!


Happy birthday and congrats!!


Happy Birthday!

kari weber

Maybe it wasn't Christmas cookies... looks more like a fruitcake?


Happy Birthday! I'm pretty sure reading apocalypse literature to unborn babies is how great writers are made! Keep up the great work!!


You asked for it: have a wonderful birthday!


Happy birthday!!! You've got a cute little bump going over there ;)


Happy Happy Birthday! You beat me to 33 by 5 months. :) I hope it's a great day, and that this is the best year yet!!


Happy Birthday...Hoping it is full of granted wishes.

Caroline in Hawai`i

A very, very, very Merry Birthday to one of my favorites!!!


Happy Birthday! My elder daughter has her birthday today, too - she just turned 9 and has been BEYOND EXCITED all day! We had lunch in a seriously average Chinese restaurant, then she and her little sister went to the local aquarium with their dad and his mother (god, am I glad to have escaped that...) and they'll all come back to cake at my place. Hope your day is as fun (and that's a very cute bump - if I remember correctly, the baby's due in May, right? May I recommend the 18th as a particularly cool date. Why yes, now you mention it, that IS my birthday...).
Best wishes from the south of France!


Happy happy birthday!!


Woo Hoo! Happy Birthday and yay for the growing-I-no-longer-look-fat-but-actually-pregnant bump!


Ditto to what everyone else is saying but ALSO - here's wishing you a little girl in there!! All the best Amy!!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Plano Mom

Ok, I'll indulge. You deserve it. Happy birthday. You're in for a good one.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Suzy Q

Happy, happy birthday, baby! Oh, and to you, too.


Happy Birthday! Lucky you, only 33.

Verily, this world can be divided into zombie people and non-zombie people. I'm in the latter category and for that reason enjoyed Zombieland, which is surprisingly zombie-free for most of the movie.


Yay for birthdays! Especially yours :)


Happy Birthday! Huzzah!


happy birthday!!!


happy, HAPPY day, amalah! yours is the first blog i ever began reading, thanks to the washingtonian article from long ago. have a fantastic and joy-filled birthday.


Happiest of Birthdays to you! Remember: fetus needs EXTRA CAKE. It's a true fact.

Shannnon @nwaMotherlode

Well, of course we WANT to wish you a happy birthday!!! Thanks for not depriving us of the opportunity. Seriously hope it's great. Love the belly shot.

Molly Adams

Happiest Birthday to you! Having hit the 33 a few months ago, you will continue to do the math for some time. (or just say "screw it! I'm 32.) Congrats on the bump and keep eating those cookies.


Hurray for baby kicks! Happy birthday!

Lady in a Smalltown

Happy birthday!

Not only was I pregnant on my birthday, but I delivered on my birthday (so really I was only pregnant for about 12 hours on my birthday).


Happy Birthday, from a fellow birthday celebrator.

And, may I suggest the books "The Zombie Survival Guide" and "World War Z," by Max Brooks?


Happy Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday! You have a great excuse for enjoying as much cake and other goodies as you want.

You've made me realize that I've never been pregnant on my birthday either. I guess I was officially during this last one since my LMP was a week before my birthday, but conception was a week or so after.


Happy birthday! The other day, Paul and I spent SEVERAL MINUTES trying to figure out (1) how old we were and (2) whether we were in the half of the year where we're the same age, or the half of the year where he's a year older.




HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And here's to many more!


Ahhhh, the joy of sweatpants + bed. Many happy returns of the day!


Happy Birthday! Your gift is in the mail. :)

Christina R.

Happy birthday!


Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great day!


Happy Birthday! Yay for birthday baby bellies! What an awesome time to be pregnant--I loved that Christmas when I had no guilt about eating a lot and no reason to pretend I wasn't bloated or to wear constricting pants.


Happy Birthday! (and I'm sure the little fetus enjoyed the cookies :)


Happy baby bump -birthday!! I hope it's a great one :)

Maxine Dangerous

Yay, belly picture! :) Happy birthday. :) 33 -- *pfft. Whippersnapper. ;)


Bonne fête ma chère. Plein de belles choses pour toi en cette année.


Happy Birthday Amy! And thanks for making me feel better about having to add up the years to figure out if i'm 28 or 29! (it's the latter and yes, i'm always bad about remembering!) Also thanks for making me remember my sister's birthday is in a few days so I need to buy yet another present for her! I hope you have a great birthday!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Happy happy birthday! May the only zombies you see this year be fictional!


Happy birthday!

Lemon Gloria

Happy birthday and happy babyness!

Jen K.

Happy birthday! I just added to figure out my age, and now I feel really old because I realized I'm a whole year older than my favorite blogger.


Happy birthday, beautiful Amy. And once more congratulations on your bayyyyybee! :D


Happy Birthday!
Especially love seeing the blizzard come down thru the window in the background! It's been sooooo dry here in (flatland) Colorado that I am seriously jealous.


Happy birthday to you!


Happy happy birthday to you! Adorable baby bump can not wait to see this lovely as you and the mister make some beautiful babies!


I've been pregnant twice on my birthday and it kinda sucked because all of my "presents" were for the baby. My mom gave me a hamper, not cool.

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Today is my 32nd birthday I was pregnant on my 30th birthday with my twins. BUT I was only about 12 weeks so not showing.


Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday! Adorable birthday baby bump!


Happy birthday!!! Can't believe the size of that bump. Hope you had a great day xx


happy birthday :-)

i've spent a few birthdays pregnant, but not this year. my birthday pregnancy wish didn't come true, so now my christmas wish is for another baby.


Happy birthday #33! I always know exactly how old I am and it's a lot. You? You're just a pup, birthing a pup!


Happy Birthday! So many awesome people have birthdays today!

Dr. Maureen

Hey, happy birthday! My day gets brighter any time you update your blog.


Happy Birthday!!!
I hope it's been great.
PS: nice belly :)


I was only pregnant (and only about 3 months) with one of the three kids on my birthday. The other two chose to arrive two days before my birthday. Yes, both of them. They have the same birthday, 8 years apart. This is possibly an example of the worst family planning ever, since you can not possibly celebrate the same way for a 10 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. Not to mention that my birthday was never celebrated in any way at all from the time of the first one's birth two days before my 21st birthday until well after the other's birth two days before my 29th. WELL AFTER. I don't think I had a birthday celebration again until I went back to work full time and now I get a cake at the office. Grumble, gripe. Happy birthday - I already told you on Facebook this morning but it never hurts to say it twice, and hello to that cute belly you're growing.

Jen L.

Happy birthday!! 33's a good one.


Happy Birthday! Hope you get lots of zombie stuff....


Happy Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Somehow, although I have been reading your blog faithfully since I was on bedrest while preggo with my son (whose birthday is TODAY also) three years ago, I never knew today was your day! Such a cosmic coincidence. :) Hope this year is your best year ever, and that you continue to have time to maintain such a great blog when chasing around three (THREE!) children. :)


Dear Amy,

I've just realized that not only do you and I share a birthday, we share a birthDATE - I am also 33 today, so happy birthday to us! Clearly those of us born on this day are particularly gorgeous, funny, and smart. Clearly!


Haaaaaaappy happy birthday! And merry christmas, and happy new year! wheeee!


Happy Birthday, Amy!


Happy Birthday! At least you have the completely reasonable excuse of being pregnant and that's why you ate a full tin of cookies. I just did it because I'll always be a fat kid at heart. Maybe since you don't need to wish to get pregnant this birthday you can give a little shout out to your readers who are trying? :)


Happy birthday, Amy! (I've been a fan for years and years and years and never commented. So, um, hi!) Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog all year round. You definitely deserve more cookies. :)


*Birthday hugs!!*


Happy Birthday!


Hope your birthday was awesome-content-free!


Happy Birthday Amy - and hello little bump ;-)

Barefoot Liz

Happy belated Birthday! Your baby belly is sweet!

ccr in MA

Well, happy birthday, by all means! Hope you stood up very little.


Happy Birthday, Amy!


I refuse to give in and wish you a very happy 33rd birthday. Instead, I will congratulate you on your excellent taste in literature. Such a good read.


Happy Birthday! :)


Happy Birthday Amy!!! Love the bump. Hope you get to stay in bed all day.


Happy Birthday!

Zombies are everywhere. My daughter will be playing a part in her school's production of Zombie Prom this spring . . . I may be willing to send her to help you out with the small boys for a few weeks (she's excellent with little children that are not her siblings). You will just have to endure endless repetitions of the do-wop song "Johnny don't go to the Nuclear Plant."


Happy belated Birthday!


hey - you are exactly 7 days younger than me! Wheee!

Hope your birthday was good (sounds like it was having read your posts)


Happy Birthday!


We have the same birthday! Hope yours was great!

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