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'Cause we're ready for some Christmas.


Noah helped decorate the tree -- one of about a bajillion different firsts for him this year. We finally figured out that he's okay with having a tree in the house, he just doesn't want to see or even hear about it riding home on top of our car. Because...trees don't belong on cars? Because it might fall off? Because it's a flagrant violation of proper seat-belt usage laws? I DON'T KNOW WHY. I DON'T MAKE HIS RULES. All I know is that this year we skipped the whole picking-out-a-tree-as-a-family bit and didn't tell Noah anything about it until the tree was off the car roof and in our living room. This, he was fine with. 

More than fine, actually. Excited, even, to get going with hanging up the orbbamints.


So our tree has a LOT of orbbamints on that one side, towards the bottom. I am more than fine with this too.


Ezra supervised the garland placement.


I waited until he was in bed to begin the untangling and cursing of said garland, and only barely managed to finish sometime before breakfast. The magic of Christmas!

Christmas-tree-20106 Christmas-tree-20107

I used to pretend our  holiday garland was a Golden Lasso, too. Though if Ezra ever asks Santa for a Wonder Woman costume, he'll damn well GET a Wonder Woman costume. 

No, I'm still not over it, Santa.


As for this year, though, early signs are looking very promising for the current plan of giving Ezra nothing but a bunch of Random Plastic Packaging Shit on Saturday. OMG IKEA ORBBAMINT BOX IS GREATEST THING EVER.

Photo (9)

Except for maybe snowman cookies.

Photo (8)

Well. They were at least kind of excited about it, I swear.

Photo (10)

I think the enthusiasm was dampened by my overselling of the accompanying hot chocolate as being something so delicious it was going to blow their little minds out their ears, but they both took sips of the tepid, barely-lukewarm liquid and shrieked and wailed from the HORRIBLE SCALDING HEAT WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO US, MOTHER, WE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED.


Moving on. 

Photo (11)

Another Big First: Noah licked the bowl after we made cookies. 

Photo (13)

Translation: Noah actively participated in the cookie-making process, complete with the BREAKING OF EGGS and the NOISE OF THE KITCHENAID, and then willingly TOUCHED THE STICKY, SLIMY BATTER with his OWN FINGERS and then ACTUALLY TASTED IT.

Photo (12)

And declared it DELICIOUS. 

So delicious, in fact, that I was forced (FORCED, I TELL YOU) to make a whole separate batch of cookies just so Ezra could get his first taste of cookie dough.


Now all that's left to do before Christmas is make one last batch of cookies after the kids go to bed so I can get some cookie dough. This spirit of "giving" and "sharing" garbage is for suckers. 



Awesome! Go Noah! Adorable Ezra! I want some snowmen cookies!

The first Ezra-Garland picture breaks my little heart into a pile of "awwwwwwwww!"


Love love LOVE Ez's massive bed/hat head. LOVE. So cute.


Merry Christmas indeed!!!


I love the bed/hat head to and the "cheeeseee" (my kid does the same thing with video cameras. I have a million 30 second clips of him just going squinty eyed and squeeling cheese at me)


Leaps and bounds, I tell ya. Awesomeness.


Nothing cuter than a toddler in footed jammies!


So, so cute. What great progress, Noah! Love that video - cheeeeese!


I am sooo there with you on the hot chocolate. I offered my toddler some of my hot cider (that was too cool to really enjoy by that point), and was thanked by shrieks of "TOO HOT MOMMY!" and spitting and heavy breathing and tongue-swatting. I, in turn, stared at her in disbelief and declared her a dramaqueen.


After the picture show and the video, I still cannot fathom why you want to have another one of those FREAKISHLY CUTE AND DELICIOUS kids that you and Jason make!

xoxoxoxo and thanks for brightened my dreary winter day.


Awesome progress, kiddo!
Here's a funny cookie dough story. Growing up, like everyone else, my fam liked to eat the raw choco chip cookie dough. So much, that my mom once secretly took it with her to work (we lived in Alaska, it was winter, it was basically refrigerated in the car while she worked her night job) to keep my dad, sister and me out of it (she'd bake it later when she had time). My dad led the search, and finally drove us down to her office, where we found the dough in her car. We left a note "ah-HA!" and two spoons in the dough. muahahaa!! Yeah, not a lot to do in Alaska...

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma

Watching Noah grow has given me hope for my 3 year old Moose. I can't wait til he "gets Christmas"...

Thanks for sharing. Been reading you for a few years...


I'm a middle school SLP and my favorite students are the ones on the spectrum, so I actually laughed out loud at you saying you don't make Noah's rules! If only they could provide us with their rulebooks!


This is the sweetest post ever. EVER, I say! I cannot wait until my little fetus is a) born and b) old enough to get to to all that fun Christmas stuff!

Suzy Q

OMG, Ezra holding up the garland and Noah with his hand in the cookie dough bowl just about killed me with the cuteness!

Jennie - Modern Mom Blogger

This is too funny... my kid is the SAME way about the tree! It just completely confuses the hell out of him... which, I have to say is really pretty understandable. I guess if I didn't know any better, the concept of throwing a TREE on top of our car then dragging it in the house would make me think my parents were looney-bin escapies too.


I love how in the background of one of your pictures I can see your car seats. Your Britax seat still has the user manual attached to it, just like ours. Everytime I turn around to look at my daughter I stare at the manual and wonder if that is the little boy who plays the part of Booth's son on Bones. I've never told anyone that out of shame and worry that I watch too much television.


I had WW underwear and a tank top that a I wore with a towel for a cape... It was so awesome! A couple years back I was in hot topic (no idea why) and they totally had the same thing for grown ups... I may or may not own it today.
Also, sounds like it's shaping up to be a great Christmas. You should shove these photos down the insurance company's throat!


This really filled me to the brim with holly jolly-ness. Your boys are too cute to be allowed and I want to make some babies just to bake cookies with them!

Leigh Ann

Impressive! Our tree is a little sad, with all special ornaments up top, and unbreakable ones down below. Taht keep getting taken off and strewn about the house. Which makes for a very unbalanced tree, and thank God I am not OCD.



Parsing Nonsense

Oh these pictures are awesome! I love Ezra's little pajamas, and Noah's serious face as he puts the ornaments up. They're adorbs!!!


Have you seen the Star Wars cookie cutters that Williams-Sonoma has? I saw them in the latest catalog and thought of Noah.


Merry Christmas! Is it wrong I feel cooler by association that we have the same chair, PBK stockings, and mixer. Yippee!

Lindsay Evans

There are TONS of Christmas card worthy shots here. I think maybe next year the tree goes up a little earlier for some great shots! :) BTW, your kids are so damn cute it makes my uterus hurt.


My favorite part? That Ezra's hair looks like my kid's hair does on a daily basis. Only, I take my kid to daycare with that hair. LOVE. IT.


Seeing Noah with his fingers in the cookie dough made my day.

Merry Christmas!


I didn't get *my* wonder woman outfit until I was almost 40. It was totally worth the wait.


I've been reading your blog for, hmmm, well certainly over a year. I have a 2 and a 4 year-old, both of which are being tested for various forms of SPD. It's grueling. There are so many people. And so much waiting. And so many appointments and referrals. The younger one qualifies for Early Intervention, but the older one is all "privately funded". (Aside: I hate our health insurance SO MUCH!!) I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you've shared about Noah and your own process in finding him the right treatment. Believe it or not, your blog is making my experience a little easier. Whether it's the basic knowledge I've gained or the thought that I'm not alone, and EVERYONE gets frustrated with this sh*t.... Well, thank you. And Merry Christmas!


Those pictures just totally made my day. You have beautiful boys and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Thanks!


Your boys and your post are adorable!

I have three kids, Ava, Noah, and Jonah. I thought I should be done having kids because if I had another, and it was a boy, I thought I was out of two-sylable boys names that end in an "ah" sound....but I really like the name Ezra, maybe I should have more kids!

I realize, this being my first comment ever on your blog makes me sound crazy. However, I'm blaming it on having three kids:)


Ha. The only "hot" chocolate my Boy will drink is chocolate milk. He hates "hot."
Merry Christmas!
(Also also, WHERE did you get Noah's Jedi Master hat, OMG!?)


Orbbamints....I had to say it out loud - Ornaments! duh!
Your kids are gorgeous, you are hilarious, and I hope you have a lovely Christmas.


Yes! The sharing of the dough! Where do the childrens get off wanting some? Preciousssss....
Also - a problem I have with Christmas trees on the roof is sometimes they make an awful chalkboardy sound when the branches scritch on it. Aiiie!


Awww... Merry Christmas Nonah and Ezra.

5 and 2 has been our best Christmas by far as well. Everyone just seems to be into it this year.

Although if I have to get up one more time in the middle of the night to move the friggin' Elf on the Shelf, the kids are going to find him in the oven.

Have a great holiday Amy. Thanks, as always, for the entertainment.

Tina P

Is bad that I too was disappointed that I had to share cookie dough with my little one? Not FAIR...IIIIIIII DON"T WANNNA SHARE!


Your children are so cute. I can only imagine the next will add to your family's adorableness.

Have a great Holiday.


We're starting the evaluation process for ASD in my 28-month old; and I have to tell you, the pictures of Noah give me hope.

Big, fat, heart-swelling hope is a good thing. So thank you. I needed this today.

Elizabeth @ Table for Five

Ezra is the cutest in that video! Love his feetie jammies too. Kid-decorated trees are the best.

And great job to Noah for so many firsts this year! He's really rockin and rollin. Merry Christmas to all of you!


the first picture of Ezra with the garland & the one of him with the Ikea "orbbamint" box are like the CUTEST PICTURES EVER. Seriously. I want some children that are as adorable as yours one day.

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