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Some Quick Desperate Dispatches From Ye Olde Vomitorium

I had a great post half-written in my head for today. The big news this week is that I started feeling that "quickening" thing, where you first start sensing your very wee fetus moving around. It's a couple weeks early this time, but I'd know that prickly bubble-popping tickle anywhere.

But then when I went to type it out my hypothetical entry this morning -- after a loooooooong day of dealing with a fetchy, irritable and  slightly-ill toddler followed by an even looooooooooooooonger night of getting up every hour on the hour for Vomiting Preschooler Duty, trading off responsibilities of back-rubbing/comforting/fresh jammies/fresh sheets/etc. with Jason -- it kind of looked something like this: 

Verg! Blabbity. Farfenneurgen ALL CAPS bleurgen blee.

Right around this time I myself was suddenly hit with the urge to make a mad dash for the bathroom. And not for one last round of morning sickness, I am pretty sure of that. 

So you know what? I was saving this for a special occasion, but here.


It's pretty cute, right? I'm asking honestly, because I don't even know anymore. Freaking cheeseball infectious germbags, the both of 'em. 



Double Aw! Sweet, adorable photo of the boys AND feeling the baby move?! Am jealous! At almost 13 weeks, I mostly just feel my stomach digesting pickles (yes, I am a cliche)!


Santa made everyone sick


Very very very cute. Am I crazy, or is Noah really starting to look like Jason? They're adorable Petri dishes!!


This is a great pic. My son is 7mo and I've pretty much decided no Santa pic this year. He'd probably just yank/eat Santa's beard LOL!!


Yes. Definitely cute.

P.S. Sorry 'bout the barf-o-rama.


Yes, that's very cute. When did Noah get so handsome? Wasn't he adorably chubby like a week ago?

Honestly, I do prefer the so-called bad pictures, but that's just my twisted sense of humor. This is also really, really cute.


Adorable!! :)

And congrats on feeling the baby move! I'm 25 weeks and love feeling those kicks!

Hope your house feels better soon!

Sprite's Keeper

Definitely cute! Sprite missed her school Santa picture since she was getting shots for her 4 year well check. She asked the shot giving nurse, "I'm missing Santa for THIS?"


definitely cute!

Isn't the quickening the best feeling ever?! Not enough to make me want to have another kid though. ha.


Very cute - you got a good smile out of Noah! And I agree with Marianne - did Noah just wake up that day looking exactly like Jason? Good looking boys!!


Sorry you guys are sick. That's awful! I just thought I'd comment to say the titles of your posts have been particularly awesome as of late. Carry on!


very cute!


Santa looks a little creepy. I'm just saying.


Santa looks a little creepy. I'm just saying.


You win mother of the year award in my book if you manage to throw up AND attend to children. That's like Super Mom talk.


Oh, and feel better!!


Adorable photo! We're planning to visit Santa today. Fingers crossed that she'll be in a mood to sit on his lap.

And, we did the sick thing a week or so ago. I feel for ya.


I, too, was up most of the night with a puking toddler. The little peoples & their regurgitation! Gah!
Hope your boys & you feel better quickly. Mine is already bouncing off the walls again as I doze off over my coffee.


Very cute!


Freaking adorable picture.


Totally super cute. My children are passing the cold-with-a-cough-that-could-wake-the-dead virus around our house. We're on week 3 and round 2 & some bronchitis has developed, but I'd still rather have that than the throw-ups. That being said, I had them twice when pregnant with my last baby and it did keep the weight gain down, although I was so pregnant that last time that I peed profusely on myself every time I vomited. I'll shut up now.


That is a great Santa picture! They both look sincerely happy!

the bee

I love that Ezra is really trying hard to please and that Noah looks very happy and relaxed. How cool that next year 3 sweet kids will be having a pic taken ?



And, I love that your Santa has a couch! How comfy!


Absolutely adorable! If a bit germy.

Jen L.

They are precious muffins! Sorry you've got the barfs. :(


Is Cute!

FYI, they are still infectious germbags at 15. Dammit.


Awesome picture! I bet Santa was the germbag responsible for the throw ups.


Precious kids, Amy! :)


Absolutely adorable!


I'm due just a day or two after you (with my first). I'm hoping to feel something by Christmas, so even though you didn't end up writing your post about that I'm excited!


Wow! Okay, so others thought it and wrote it before I did, but Noah *looks like Jason* (gaspfaintcallthetabloids!). He was looking JUST like your baby pictures, like, yesterday, and one day, BAM! little-boy-Jason person. And Ez...no words for the extremely ovary-pounding squinchy smile. No words (::tosses birth control pills out the window::). And the belly fluttering?! Happiness for you during this holiday season.

(P.S. still offering up prayers for your Dad nightly.)


(P.P.S. did you see "20/20" this evening?)


Completely adorable! :) Hope you all feel better soon!


The picture is awesome. But not nearly as awesome as calling them freaking cheeseball infectious germbags. Priceless. (Also, may or may not be used to describe my own offspring at some future date yet to be determined)

Amy :)

SO cute! I love Ezra's scrunchy face. Also his sweater because my son has the same one. (Gymboree half off tops sale FTW!)

Backpacking Dad

The middle one looks gross. What have you been feeding him?

Also: Nocturnally barfy kid is barfy. My eldest has given me a verdict on mommy-daughter fancy tea parties with lots of cupcakes and tea and extravagance and that verdict is: barf on everything barf barf but only after everyone has been asleep for a few hours.

Elizabeth @ Table4Five

You are so lucky you got both kids to not only sit on Santa's lap but to smile too! It's an adorable picture.

Sorry about the barfiness. It seems to be going around. I blame germy preschools/kindergartens/every other grade with infectious little buggers in it.


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Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yep, those are the cutest germbags I've ever seen!

Hope you feel better.


The most awesome & adorable freaking cheeseball infectious germbags!


They both look adorable. I'm glad you felt the movement. It must have been precious and sorry about the morning sickness.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bDNMuA795U Hope you have a great christmas. I appreciate you sharing the experience.

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