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I Really Hate Coming Up With Titles Some Days. (There. Done!)



A blobby ghost baby! Congratulations, self. 

Oh. Right. One other little thing...


It's a boy. 

We're having ANOTHER BOY. 

I've been sitting here trying to think of something else to say. Except. ANOTHER BOY. 

Jason: If this were the 1500s, you'd be really popular.

Amy: Seriously. Henry VIII would be all over me. He'd probably have you killed. 

Doctor: Um, okaaaay...and that's a foot, right there. 

Another boy. Another giant-headed, adorable, perfect baby boy. 



Yea, congratulations!

moosh in indy.

When Cody heard "another girl!" he said "So I'm going to have to trick you into doing this again..."


Congratulations! I have 3 boys and love it!


Congratulations! I have 3 little toddler boys running around (and another one on the way) and it is the BEST THING EVER.




Congratulations! And, I love your doctor.

Mama Bub

Three boys! The Christmas cards with their matching shirts will be ADORABLE.




Ah! I got WAY too excited when I saw this post on Twitter. So excited that I accidentally clicked to open in a new WINDOW instead of a new tab. Not a big deal, really. Just was that excited.

Anyway, yay! Congrats! Can't wait to hear the name!


horray! Henry XIII would love you!!! :)

LoveFeast Table

Congrats!! I have 4 boys outta five...just gotta keep em running!


Welcome to three-boy land. It's all kinds of fun. I mean, it may kill you, but it's awesome.


kim at allconsuming

WOOT! Boys.totally.rock.

Jessica V

CONGRATULATIONS! Boys are awesome (as you know)...very excited for you all!


Yay congratulations! You make sure adorable little boys and I'm pretty sure this one won't disappoint!

Abra Leah

Congrats!! :)




You make the cutest boys ever. Clearly the universe knows what it's about, giving you one more! Now...um... about those names... :D

Goddess in Progress

Three cheers for a healthy boy! Moms of boys have a certain coolness factor, I've always thought. :-)


Oh the fun!! How exciting. You get to be the princess of the big-headed boy kingdom.


Congrats! My best friend found out she is having a boy this morning as well. Same due date as you too, I think...this is just odd. Oh well. Boys are taking over!

little miss mel

Woo hoo!!!! Congrats on your healthy baby!!!

We are expecting our THIRD BOY in April. Like you, I am still "OMG, THREE BOYS" but I'm more excited now than freaked, so that's a good thing.

Congrats again!!!


Baby boy! Baby boy! Congratulations!

Springsteen fan

So happy for the lucky parents and sibs. Boys rule!




Congratulations! Gosh, I love my own two little boys; a third introduces a whole new level of awesome.


Yay for little boys!!!!!!!


Congratulations, Amy!


Congratulations! As a mom of three boys all I can tell you is that you will forever be the center of attention. (Get ready for "My Three Sons" references.) Also, I'll tell you what my friend told me when we found out we'd have three sons: "You can never be loved by too many men."

Ain't that the truth.


Yay! Three boys! How wonderful. Congrats!


RAWRRR! Team Blue! (and all that shit.)

Boys rock, end of story. Congrats from across the pond, lady. :D


Congratulations! wow, three boys, that's so much fun!


I think you mean Henry VIII (8th). I'd normally try NOT to point stuff like that out, because no one likes a huge nerd, but... on the subject of Tudor England, I'm a huge nerd.

And congrats! And good luck! And other awesome things as well!


Congratulations! Boys LOVE their moms!


Congratulations! Now you get to have 3 adorable boys (plus a handsome husband) AND you get to remain the sole princess of the house! More chocolate and little boy cuddles for you!


yay! mazel tov!


Congrats!!!!!!And you already have a name!


You make such adorable ones so this is good news!

PS- you might want to remind Jason who is responsible for supplying those Y chromosones.:)


yay! Congrats! being a mom to a boy myself I think it's pretty rad and can only imagine said radness in triplicate! woo hoo!


Congratulations on a third sweet baby boy! I have two, and I have to say, I'd take 10 more just like them. (I'm also crazy, clearly.)


5 boys over here ( I also have 1 girl who has been tougher than all 5 boys to raise but is not quite lovely at 21 yrs old,) lots of boys is heavenly and as 2 of mine are actual grown up people now I can tell you that having grown up sons who adore you is the very best most splendid thing ever. Just today had 'mother, answer your phone, I need to tell you what an awesome mother you are!" on my FB page from my 25 yr old, oh so worth every fisticuff, dirty nailed, broken ornament childhood moment, Congratulations to you!
P.S Seth is a really cool name that sounds pretty great with Noah and Ezra, just sayin'


totally agree- boy moms are cool-i have 3 boys myself-congrats

Sprite's Keeper



yay for boys! That first pic looks like he might have Ezra's adorable little button nose. Squee!


From experience I can tell you that three boys do fill a house with a lot of noise - and plenty of fun in there as well.


Yay for baby boys!! They are the best. Congratulations.


You know, Adam Heath is a very regal name.

Liz @ Law Mama

Aw! I'm so happy for you! I've always felt like I was going to have three boys (one down, two to go), I'm looking forward to following your journey with them! Congrats!


Yay!! That is awesome. Boys are the best, I've got 2 and hopefully a 3rd coming in June, but won't find out the sex until Feb. 3. Yay Amy, congrats to all of you! Fun, fun times ahead.




Silly, really, but I was hoping for a girl this time.
One bonus though, instead of trying to yell out all three names, you can just yell "Boys!"
As a mom of three (one girl sandwiched between two boys) I can tell ya, trying to get all those names out can be a chore sometimes, lol


Whoo hoo!!!!! Congratulations!!


Yay congrats! I'm secretly hoping for a boy (due in April with a delivery room surprise) but don't tell anyone I said that. It will make me sound like an awful mom if we have a girl. I'd love a girl, too! Don't hate me internet!

I also love the Tudor reference (Although it was Henry VIII). The man did make boys, just from his mistresses. Oops.

Redneck Mommy

Boys are AWESOME. Girls are totally overrated. They steal your makeup, your shoes and they PMS in a way that will haunt you forever.



You'll have your three sons, at last! I'm so excited for you guys! Warmest congratulations and thanks so much for sharing.


Giant-headed perfect babies are my favorite. Congratulations on adding to the joy and chaos.

Mimi O

Congrats!!! Fantastic news!

Nothing But Bonfires

This is awesome -- three weddings that you WON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR! Three period talks that you WON'T HAVE TO HAVE! Three training bras that you WON'T HAVE TO BUY! Three french braids that you WON'T HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO EVERY MORNING IN TIME FOR THE SCHOOL BUS!

Yay, boys. So excited for you!

Dr. Maureen

Congratulations! Boys are awesome.


eeee! I see a great halloween costume for this year... Goldilocks and the Three Bears!!


Congratulations! I have all boys too (four of 'em!) and they are so much fun.

I love those 3D (4D?) ultrasounds! I only had that with my youngest and it was the coolest thing ever. Your big-headed little blob is adorable! :)

Kris H.

YAY!!! Congratulations!


A boy! Congratulations! I got so excited waiting for the page to load. A houseful of boys - so awesome. I'm gonna tell you what a mother of girls told me, talking about the future of raising teenagers - "You only have to worry about ONE penis (or, in your case, THREE). I have to worry about ALL THE PENISES." Yeah, it was my preacher's wife who said this, which made it even more funny.


So happy for you and your heard of boys!


Congratulations! You win at penises!


Congratulations! You make beautiful baby boys (with cool names!), so I'm sure this one will be just as awesome!

I currently have two boys (and one girl), and my fear if we go for a fourth that turns out to be a third boy is that he'll be nameless for at least the first month after birth. Those boy names are HARD.


THREE BOYS!!! That's amazing. What name goes with Noah and Ezra? I'm going to google biblical names..... Noah, Ezra, and Caleb? Eli? Gideon? Isaac? I am going to recommend against Jaazaniah.

So happy for you.


Congratulations!! Boys are wonderful. They will be such great friends. Happy, happy news!!


That's wonderful! Yay for boys!


Jaazaniah.... hahahahaha. I love you guys and your sense of humor. Congrats! I can't wait to see this little one.


Boy oh boy oh boy! (Sorry. Corny, I know. Couldn't resist.) Many congratulations!!!


So excited for you!!


Obviously it was to be, though I had one boy who passed I then had 5 girls, byt hte thrid i knew it would be a girl and with the twins we were not going to break with tradition and just kept on having girls!


Yay for boys! I have three and it's a blast.


Yay! Congrats! In that second pic, he looks like Ezra. Whichever older brother he ends up looking like, he'll be adorable.


CONGRATULATIONS! I have 3 boys and a 4th on the way. I have to share with you this site--post baby, when I get to my goal weight, I'm going to be spending money here: http://www.boymomdesigns.com/


I have three boys. It is adorable and hilarious and sweet and scary and messy and the absolute BEST. Congratulations!


Having been raised in a household containing 8 sisters, all I can say to this is: I AM JEALOUS OF YOUR HOUSE OF BOYS.

I can only hope to have the same luck some day :)



Welcome to the "My 3 Sons" club!


Hmmm, Redneck Mommy and Nothing but Bonfires have some good points (especially about the makeup and shoe stealing)!

Still love my daugther to pieces, but my son has never taken my favourite eye shadow or worn my shoes to a party!


I second the "coolness factor" of moms of boys.
Also: three pajamaed boys. At one time. Best thing ever.


Congratulations, Amy! Three boys! You could start your own, um, arena polo team!

You and Jason make devilishly cute little boys! Congratulations again!


Welcome to the club. The 3 boys club. :)


Hooray for penises! Go team boy! (But you're allowed be a little sad for the girl it's not. That's totally understandable.)


SIck here so sorry of someone else said it (could not read all the comments) but you will be the Queen of your house. Not bad. Not bad at all.


I'm jealous. I always saw myself with boys, but I got two girls (so far).


Ahhhh!!! Yippee! Such exciting news. :) And let the planning and buying and planning and planning begin!






Congrats from another mommy of three boys :)



Sara R.

Yay, congrats!


Yay! What a pile of fun you're going to have! So excited for you. And he already looks adorable.


Yay Boys!
Congratulations! :)


There is a special place in heaven for mothers of boys. Congratulations!


Penis?! Yay for healthy baby boys! Big, fat congratulations to all of you!!!

PopMommy Pam

Congrats!! There's nothing like that mom and son bond! And times 3!

Becca Lynn

Amy, I am so happy for you. Here's to more pee on the seats, more toy cars and guns, and here's to another momma's boy. My best friend has three boys, from 3 dad's! Hah... It sure is a hectic household, but it'sso much fun!

I grew up with my dad and 2 brothers, and I'm prolly gonna be destined for a house full of girls! (And all I want is a boy!!)

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm so happy for you, honey.


Congrats! Yay for happy, healthy babies!!! Although, now you're gonna have to come clean about where all those baby boy clothes went....


Congratulations on your perfect, healthy little boy!

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