I Wrote This Because I Don't Know What Else To Do With Myself
I Really Hate Coming Up With Titles Some Days. (There. Done!)



A blobby ghost baby! Congratulations, self. 

Oh. Right. One other little thing...


It's a boy. 

We're having ANOTHER BOY. 

I've been sitting here trying to think of something else to say. Except. ANOTHER BOY. 

Jason: If this were the 1500s, you'd be really popular.

Amy: Seriously. Henry VIII would be all over me. He'd probably have you killed. 

Doctor: Um, okaaaay...and that's a foot, right there. 

Another boy. Another giant-headed, adorable, perfect baby boy. 



Congrats on your 3rd boy!


Yay for boys!! You're on your way to making your very own hockey team ;) Congratulations and wishing you a happy rest of your pregnancy!

Backpacking Dad

And he's already cool! Check out the mohawk.


It's . . . adorable! And healthy! And yours.


Lacey (Laptops to Lullabies)

Yayyyy! I've been dying to find out what you're having. Congratulations! My little guy is seven months, and he's just the sweetest. Boys are awesome.

Jenica @ Pumpkin's Boutique

Congrats!! I'm pregnant with "another girl" (#3) so I toally understand :)


Congrats! I am having my third boy in May. I told my husband the same thing. If I was a Chinese wife or a wife of the royal court I would be wife no.1 for providing three sons, ha! We will be outnumbered, but I'm looking forward to another sweet boy :)


I knew it! How cool! Congratulations. I bet you're so excited. (: You are a wonderful momma to both Noah and Exra, you'll do just great. They'll all three be so close!

Mary Lou

Boy oh boy! I LOVE boys. You are already such a great mom to Noah and Ezra, this little pumpkin is so lucky to be born in to such a great family. Congratulations!


That is wonderful. Except for the one teensy, tiny fly in the ointment which is now you have to fess up to needing to get baby clothes. But with three boys, you are bound to have the ability to tackle that. Pretty baby boy ghost.


congrats! three boys is going to be totally awesome!


Congratulations. All limbs present and correct, perfection. I have a friend with all boys and she says by her third pregnancy she was praying for a boy as she wouldn't know what to do with a girl anymore - she had twin boys that time!!!! The shop was firmly shut after that ;-)


Congratulations. And knowing the gene pool, that child is going to be exceedingly adorable to the point that girls will be calling your house when he's in the third grade...


You're a regular Chris Jordan!


CONGRATS!!! I thought girl, but YAY! You're such a great Boy Mom!


Congratulations on your adorable, blobby, ghost baby!


Congratulations! Wishing you a continued healthy and hopefully joyful pregnancy.



Is he (he!!) looking for distant shores in the first picture? I mean, how far away can that be?

Lisa V

Jeremiah, Ira, Joshua, Josiah, Issah,

No matter what you name him, we will call him adorable. :)


First, congrats! So I've been trying to think up another Biblical name to add to your Old Testament duo (soon to be trio), but I think Henry would actually be really cute. Or Jedidiah? :)


Congratulations! :)


Three boys! How awesome! Growing up, there was a family that lived across the street from me and they had three boys and they all had so much fun together!


I have three boys :)

I always say I would have been an awesome Queen.

Just Shireen



YAY! I have a 5 year old little boy and I think I'm the only one of my friends that has no desire for girls. I'd love 3 boys!!


Congrats from yet another mama to 3 little boys! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys, and my third is so sweet we swear he's actually made of sugar. I ate a lot of Otter Pops during that pregnancy; the other two were pretty much made out of burritos, and you can tell.

Lana | RaisedbyPoker



I always wanted 3 boys... boys rock. CONGRATULATIONS


I have 3 boys and couldn't be happier! Congrats!


Congratulations! And I vote for the name "Henry", cuz, well, you know.

He would have been so pleased and all. And perhaps then THIS Henry will always be pleased with you, and it will be a secret little joke between you and Jason.

I'm just saying.


Congratulations from a mom of 3 boys! I hope you like sports! : )


Congratulations! Welcome to the three boy club. Just when you thought the smell couldn't get worse. It will. And they will laugh. And you will try not to laugh. But then you'll laugh too. It's AWESOME :-)


Yay!! Congratulations!! Baby boys are awesome and little boys are so sweet (most of the time). :)


Congratulations Amy!


Congratulations and good luck! I wanted two boys, but a girl the second time.


Congratulations, Miss Boy Mom!! I'll bet he'll be just as adorable as his brothers.


I think it's funny that you can already see he resembles his brothers, just from the ultrasound. Your boys have the cutest noses ever. Also, BTW, HALP ME NOSE is the cutest thing ever.


Mazel tov! I think you should name him a combination of Noah and Ezra. Ezraoah? Noezr (which sounds like one of the creatures in Ghostubsters, or else a complex plastic molecule)? I am FILLED with great ideas, I know.

Congratulations again. When all of them are older, you can force them to do, like, TONS of yardwork. NICE.


Congratulations on another son! Unfortunately, no clothes shopping for cute baby girl outfits for you but, hey! No need to learn another wiping technique!

So happy for your family.

Jess F.



is it just me or does the new one look just like Ez??


Congratulations! You're more than 1/2 way to having your own basketball team! LOL

No, really. Congrats Amy! Fingers crossed for healthy baby. Boy parts and all. :)


Yay for boys! And yay for ALL boys! I come from a family of three girls, which is opposite but sorta the same. My husband comes from two boys and a girl. I can say that at least for us, the house of three the same ran much better than my husbands sister sorta being the odd man out. Not you get to be all boys all the time, and that is awesome!






I thought we had all agreed on the name Bearius. Congratulations.

Write From Karen

My three sons - perfect!



Congratulations! Boys aren't ALL bad... we have three. Well, except that whole 'pee on the seats' thing someone mentioned, that part is not cool.

We'll see what I say in another month when we find out what #4 is, though.


Congratulations on another healthy, adorable little guy! He's going to have so much fun with his big brothers!


Very exciting-- thanks for sharing the pictures!
Remember when you had your first, and the pictures were sooo grainy? Those machines have come a long way, that's for sure.


Yaaaaay!!!! Oh, another adorable little boy!!!!


congrats! boys rock!!!!


I know I'm behind the times (must learn to leave comments in a timely fashion) but how exciting! I told my husband if we end up with all boys I'm totally fine with that- no one will steal my lipsticks or need a last minute prom-dress alteration. Congrats!


Blimey.... Healthy babies are what's important... That's good to remember. Boys and girls have their own
Challenges... Raising the adults of the future is a hard enough job without adding the judgement of 'boys are cool...girls are not' to the picture.
Congratulations on your healthy and as you said 'adorable' baby.


Congratulations! I vote for the name Nolan ;-). But I think you have one picked out already anyway so I might just keep that for mine.

Parsing Nonsense

Oh my goodness, if it were the 1500's you'd be in hot demand. Too bad the credit goes to Jason for that one...But alas, back then it was all the woman's fault, dang it! Darn women with their stupid girly uteruses!


Congratulations on baby boy number 3! For what it's worth, y'all do make some gorgeous little boys.


We do have one boy but are expecting our fourth girl. People keep saying "Your poor husband, another boy would have been nice for him." Are they kidding, he gets another little adoring princess, I get another beautiful daughter that I only hope we can have a easy mother/daughter teenage relationship. I would have liked one more adoring boy looking up at me...lol


Oh, YAY!!!

Boys RULE.


(Part of me groaned for you.) Congratulations. Perhaps his name will be Henry? ;)


As a mom to 3 amazing little boys (a mom that once thought her life would not be complete without a daughter someday), let me tell you IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING IN THIS WORLD. Your house will be one giant TestosterHome someday, but you will be the #1 woman in all of their lives. Congratulations!


I'm with Helen. I like Seth. Generally speaking, though, I love your name choosing, so I'm sure you're going to come up with something great that flows with the other two names.


Huzzah!! Congratulations to you all :)

Big Gay Sam

Same thing happened to my twin sister. She wanted a girl and ended up with three boys. It's a good thing she knows how to throw a right hook.

So far she has one grand-daughter to make up for it. She says it's all of the fun of having a girl but none of the responsibility. ;)




I'm having a boy too. me, the one due June 4 also. But it's a secret from my husband so I'm only telling total strangers. Like you. Postman. Check out guy at Trader's. The nice thing about boys is that you only have to worry about one penis. With girls you have to worry about everyone's penis.

And speaking of which, with names like Noah and Ezra, can I assume we'll both be wishing we had girls on June 12th? L'chaim.

ps. I think we should both go with Adam. Salt of the earth name. Literally. Earth.

mrs. q.

WHEEEEEE!!!! Oh boy, oh boy. You are blessed!


Congrats! Really - boys are awesome. I have three boys and one girl and I would not have it any other way - especially as the PMS kicks in with girls around Day THREE!


Yay! We're having a girl. Tell him to reserve a tux in 2027 for the Holy Cross prom!


One of my friends from church is presently the mother of FOUR boys.

She's pregnant again.

When asked if she was going to find out what it was, she said "Yes, because I'm going to need the remaining 20 weeks to get over it if it's not a girl." (OF course, she will cherish her baby regardless....but can you imagine...FIVE BOYS? And she homeschools them? Yeah.)


Boys are awesome. I have three boys.
Just...don't count on having any nice breakable things for a while. Still, totally worth it.
(ps sometimes, "couches" fall into the category of "nice breakable things." FYI. STILL WORTH IT.)


Just had to chime in and say congratulations. I just had my third boy in August. It's awesome. Loud. But awesome. ;) Wouldn't trade it for the world... except that I didn't get to use any of my girl names... but otherwise, wouldn't trade it for the world. ;)

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