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Life With Boys

1. While I cannot sufficiently EXPLAIN what is going on here, I am also not in the least bit surprised.


I mean, that's a toilet paper roll holder. What did you expect? Toilet paper? Bitch, please. 

2. Despite a rumored, God-given ability to AIM, I do not personally believe it. 

(photo of general toilet vicinity not included for the sake of human dignity and/or lunchtime, but SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS, it's not like they're expected to pee into a narrow little test tube here. IT'S A BIG OVALISH ROUND THING THAT I JUST CLEANED YESTERDAY GAAAAH.)

3. Some days, you are just going to feel like you are up to your eyeballs in boy bits. Some of these days may overlap with Laundry Day.


I'm sorry, but if you actually see an excavator on the first try, instead of, I DON'T KNOW, a pair of giant dangling yellow testicles, you are a better person than I am. 

Or maybe you have daughters. 



I'm with Elizabeth @ Table for Five - sharing a bathroom with a 37-year-old "boy" often requires flipflops.


My 8-year-old daughter told me the that she had been wearing the same pair of underware for a WEEK! (I was doing laundry and notice lots of shirts and pants, but one 1 pair of wares.)

Also, she can NOT FLUSH! So very gross.

I only have the one. I pray for anyone who has more than one on a nightly basis.


4 boys under age 11 in the house and we see that kind of stuff every day. The "What did you expect? Toilet paper? Bitch, please." quote totally made my day. Thanks!

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