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Happy Dog Germs Day

I have it on good authority that Noah picked out my Valentine's Day card entirely all by himself this year:


Not that I really needed much convincing otherwise. Honestly, the only card that could have possibly given this one a run for its money would have been one that like, hit you in the face with a pie when you opened it. I guess they were sold out of that design.

Anyway, happy Valentine's Day from Noah and Ezra! If you've ever wondered what it's REALLY like to live my highly glamorous, fancy-blogging-lady life, I suggest you simply hit "play" on that video about 1,758,920 times in a row. Then ask yourself for some more candy about 2,169,083 times.

That'll at least give you the abridged version. 



That's the greatest card ever. Happy Valentine's Day!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I hope you and Ezra and Noah (and Jason, too) get all the candy you could wish for!

Pinkie Bling

Is that Ez making the "baaaaa" sound at the end? Hee hee. Happy Valentine's Day to all y'all!


That card is sheer awesomeness. <3
Happy Valentine's day to you, Jason, Ezra and Noah!!


One of those cards is around here somewhere, too.....lol


That shit just never gets old. Happy Valentine's Day!


That shit just never gets old. Happy Valentine's Day!


That shit just never gets old. Happy Valentine's Day!


Umm totes unrelated but I've somehow missed the cookie dough video until just now and I seriously just watched it five times in a row, okay actually it was more like seven, that's one cute, polite little guy you got there!!


It's the second greatest card ever. Once I got a homemade one from my son that showed a stick figure rabbit climbing a hill waving a flag, and inside it said "It's cold with no pants on. Happy Mother's Day." I have kept it for more than 20 years.


The best part of that card is the fact that Noah signed it himself. Happy Valentines Day!


I love this! Thank you, and I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!


I was a lucky recipient of that card too (am super confused as to why there is more than one?) Happy Dog Lick Day!

Elizabeth @ Table for Five

I gave that same card to Ryan, my 14 year old! I gave Nathan, who is 12, a Hoops & YoYo card that screams unintelligibly when opened. They seemed appropriate for my way-taller-than-me and already shaving sons. *sob*

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