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34.5 Weeks

PREGNANCY PRO TIP: Once your belly reaches a size where it starts provoking unsolicited comments/predictions from strangers regarding your due date and/or the likelihood of you "making it" to said due date and/or shit like "another MONTH, plus some? whoo-boy, get ready for a 15-pounder there, mom," consider dressing in clothing that allows you to blend into the wall color. 



I find it incredibly slimming. 



Or consider going all hormonal, crazy pregnant woman on their ass. Jerks. You look great!


I can't decide what's prettier, the belly or the lace on the sides of your top :p


In all fairness to the strangers you do look like you are smuggling a basketball. Its just cause you are so tiny.

Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey

You look great!!
Just tell 'em to piss off!



You probably aren't feeling it but you look really cute :)


Honestly -- you look tiny to me? People need to see more prego ladies cuz YOU are NOT huge. Cute, but not HUGE! Good luck with delivery ... funny thing I has followed you with two of my own prego's, and our kids are pretty close in age.. so I get you on many levels, and just want to say keep being you! It is great.


You look AWESEOME!! Tell those jerks to (I dunno everything I want to type here doesn't seem appropriate, but you get the idea). =)


Gah! You are one of those teeny tiny women with the cutest little basketball belly that I SO wanted to be, when instead it looked like the baby was in my ass. I will henceforth live vicariously through you!


PS - my kids are 8,5 and 1 (boy, boy and girl!).. all three have some medical challenges and it sure as hell is not easy, but every day when I hold my daughter and rock her to sleep all those nagging pains in my butt fade away. Kids are great! Hard, but great.


You look perfect. I'm with you 3 weeks behind at 31.5 weeks and have mastered the "You say ANYTHING and I'll sit on you" look when people ask me my due date. Has worked a charm!

Michelle M.

You're adorable! Your belly looks perfect. It's exactly the size it should be at the time this photo was taken. Prepare yourself for a baby of the ideal size according to your preference after a smooth labor and delivery with no complications. (I've been pregnant twice so I know what NOT to say.)


Pft, I was way bigger than you at around 35 weeks! You don't even look big to me!

Jen L.

Honey. You are teeny. Seriously, you look great!


When strangers commented on my pregnancy/delivery/due date I always liked to pretend I wasn't pregnant so I could make them feel bad for commenting about my weight. (Because I'm mean!)


Its because everything else on you is so tiny! I think you look fabulous!!! I was 10x the size of you!


You look amazing! I don't think the belleh is all that big, really; it's just that you're all belly and itty bitty everywhere else.


All I can think about when I see that picture is ohmygod baybeez! Because I love the smell of a freshly washed baby head. One sniff of their downy hair makes me ovulate on the spot.

Also: Squee! You look adorable.


Wow, you went from barely there to BOOM! You look great!


What Krista said. I don't know why since there are plenty of real pregnant women walking around, but there are a lot of stupid people who think anything past a 6 month bump is HUGE. Get real folks.

You look great, by the way. I'm totally jealous of your basketball belly. Mine was never round. It was more like a square with rounded corners(I'm not kidding).


I can so relate to this. I'm 34 weeks now with my first, and huge, and I just want to hide from people. Just because I can't hide my belly anymore doesn't make my pregnancy a topic of conversation I want to have with the lady standing behind me in line at the store.


Umm, you don't look huge to me. I was ENORMOUS at 35 weeks. In fact, you look super skinny. I'm jealous!


You look so cute! You are ALL belly! :)


You look adorable! And tiny!!

I am dying to know where you got your shirt - it's really cute!


Belly? What belly?


Cute top!

And, wow, you do have the basketball belly! You look great!

I've started getting the unapologetic bug-eyed "wow, look how big you are!"s at almost 26 weeks. Just reminds me how much longer I have to go.


You look lovely!


You are still the cutest pregnant lady evah! Those people can all eff off. ;-)

Parsing Nonsense

Whatever to the haters, you look great. At least you weren't so fat pre-pregnancy (like, ahem, me) that no one even thought you looked pregnant and only one stranger ever asked you about your due date. That right there is when you know you need to put down the muffins.


You look fantastic. Hell, woman, you can still see your ankles! Tell the haters to hate on somewhere else.


(Y'ALL ARE SO NICE. I should post pictures every day. Or at least every time some cashier at the grocery store tells me my belly is "crazy huge.")


(My shirt is by Free People. Not maternity, just long and kind of maternity-ish and stretchy. I got it at Filene's Basement.)


When I was pregnant w/ my 3rd my belly was the same size as a friend that was due at about the same time with TWINS. It does get old. You look fab and have an adorable belly. I vote crazy hormonal response. Or just growl. My 8 yr old thinks that is a perfect answer to things she doesn't like. :)


Cute! That's all I have to say!


You look teeny AND fantastic!

Mad Merlot Mama

But you look s'darn cute! Even if you're giving the camera the stink eye.


Something about that expression makes you look just like Ezra :)


Whatever! You're totally cute. Love love love a big basketball belly on a skinny lady.

Besides, I just made the mistake of watching "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," and having your belly out to there is way preferable, in my opinion. Yikes.

Carry on!


Holy crap, look how slim and svelte your ankles and feet are!!!! Oh man, you should have seen mine at 30 weeks +.... by then I could barely wear 2 pairs of my shoes (open top ballet style shoes). Way to look like a hawt mama!


I was on the other end of the spectrum -- "You're not very big"; "Are you sure the baby is growing right?"; "You don't have much of a belly!" What are you supposed to SAY to stuff like that?? I agree that both the belly and the top are fabulous, and the belly looks just right from where I'm sitting.


You look FABULOUS. And I seriously wonder if these people have ever actually SEEN a 9-months-pregnant woman. Because that picture up there? That was me with my first child at 6.5 months. A few days before that one was born, a lady rolled up behind me at the grocery store and shrieked, "OH MY GOSH YOU MUST HAVE FIVE BABIES IN THERE." It's not the sort of thing that bothered me at all (I was rather proud of my ability to grow such a gargantuan child without gaining weight anywhere else... *sob* totally different story with my second child). But I kept thinking that if she goes around saying things like that to pregnant ladies, she's going to end up with a concussion on the floor of Pick 'n' Save someday.


"I find it incredibly slimming."

Ha! Cracking up - I know that was meant to be sarcastic, but really that bowling ball under your shirt actually does accentuate how slim you are.


You are adorable! I could just put you in my pocket and take you home and feed you chocolate and jelly beans until you're due!

And because I have nothing else to do what with being unemployed-- here is a link to Amalah in the last weeks with Noah.


Bet you wear your favourite jeans home from the hospital! Try that jealous cashier types.


Aw, you look awesome! You are going to be my pregnancy inspiration...granted, I'm only 13 weeks along, and probably started out at least 40 lbs heavier than you, but still! A girl can dream, right?


Ok, seriously, you are like, the cutest pregnant lady ever. I was freakin' huge all over, but you look great!


I hear ya! I had people predicting I was carrying twins (before the ultrasound, that is) which scared the bejeezus out of me because I have a cousin who had twins, and then everyone figured I wouldn't even make it to my last day of work. I ended up going past my due date by 5 days!


@Pictou -- thanks! and good heavens!

@jo - you made me lol during baby naps. If I wake the baby I'm going to hunt you down and sit... I mean.. uh... aaaaaahhhhhh! don't sit on me! don't sit on me!!

Finally, I agree that anyone harassing you about THAT belly has never actually seen a full-term pregnant woman, and that your ankles are SO TINY OMG the cankles, the horror, so glad you're skipping that one symptom at least.

It's such a cutie wootie widdle bowling ball belly! Hope you're feeling better.

Sara R.

You look how every pregnant woman out there wishes she looked! That's some nice gestating you're doing there, keep it up!


You must have already had the baby. I would never have even know you were pregnant. :)


In glancing through the comments I just have to ask: Do you actually like it when people tell you you're "tiny"? So many people said that to me as a "compliment" when I was pregnant and I found it really annoying. I didn't want to look "tiny." I wanted to look cute and glowing and pregnant (and not fat, of course) but I didn't want to be told I was tiny. Of course, my mother-in-law was fond of telling me REPEATEDLY that I looked like a string with a knot in it. Why she thought I would want to hear that, I have no idea. Nobody ever says, "Gee, when I'm pregnant, I really hope I look like a string with a knot in it!"

Instead, I'll tell you the best compliment I got when I was pregnant: You look exactly like a cute, pregnant woman should look!


What the hell are people talking about? You were smaller than me and I had a 6lb kid 2 years ago.

Before pregnancy 127
Day I went in to labor 166
After birth 137
Now 127 (thanks to stress + GERD + couple of ER visits/not eating. Hooray)


I say do the opposite and be as conspicuous as possible. Dress like Mrs. Roper in Three's Company, or wear a sequined dashiki.


OMG You are HOT pregnant! :) I hope I look half as good as you!


You look beautiful. I was so huge at 30 weeks that I frightened people on the train. Hell, I scared myself!! Hope the next few weeks aren't too difficult for you. Sending easy labor thoughts your way!


Girl please. I'm surprised people aren't telling you you should be bigger (that's what they always told me, with a hint of "omgyourbabywillbetoosmallyou'redoingitwrong"). You look GREAT. Your baby will be adorabulz, just like his mama.


C.P.P.E = cutest pregnant person EVER


You're TINY!!! And all belly! Not sure what "they" are talking about!


I don't know why people think it's okay to say whatever dumbass thing pops in their head when they see a pregnant woman.

You look wonderful! My God, I was bigger than you are now when I was only about halfway along. You are NOT big in any way, and for anybody to say dumb stuff to you is just thoughtless and...well, typical for most people, from my experience.


You look awesome. I was getting the "You won't make it till June" comments back when I was 22 weeks along. I'm now 31 weeks and already getting the "Are you sure there's just one in there" comments. I just make big babies, okay? My last one was 12 pounds.

True story: When I was laboring on the maternity ward with my last and walking up and down the hallways, I was on the elevator with another laboring mom, and she seriously asked me, "So how many babies are you having?" I told her, "One." She and her mom nearly gasped out loud and she said, "OOooohhhh....I thought maybe triplets." THANKS!


You are the cutest pregnant lady EVER.


I swear I've seen pics of Ezra making that exact same face.


People are ignorant, visually impaired, or possibly just assholes because you are the skinniest almost 9 months pregnant woman I've ever seen. Now go eat some fried chicken.


Jeeeeezus, you're carrying high! And you're still cute. And ohmygod, I want to shin kick you for still having ankles at this stage of your pregnancy. Bitch. (Said with love, of course.)

kari weber

I got the same comments... and the fact that my babies were 9 pounds, and then 9 pounds 11 ounces didn't help the hysteria that I was feeling that I WAS in fact GOING to give birth to a fully grown human! People are crazy rude!


That belly is adorable and makes me want to have another baby!


Try smiling


(Screw you, guest!)

Amy, you look absolutely fantastic. No foolin'!


Good Lord. The idiot questions were the things I hated most about both my pregnancies. I just wanted to print up a t-shirt.

Yes, I'm Pregnant.
Yes, I'm excited.
Yes, It's a boy.
No, he's not my first.
He's 8.
Yes, I'm happy to have two boys.

And on and on and on!


Having a hard time commenting due to classic old school jealousy. A) of how many comments you got on this post alone B) because you look beautiful. Your belly is big. Just as it should be. The rest of you will snap back to prepregnancy weight within weeks of delivery. What is it about very pregnant women that makes people SO uncomfortable they have to say something totally geeky? Is it because it doesn't square with the pregnant celebs they see in People mag? It's weird.


You look terrific!! I was huge at 34.5 weeks (and unexpectedly went into labor at 35 weeks). I carried low and wide - I just looked like I was getting fat for the longest time. I wish I had had the high basketball belly that you do!!


You look fabulous! I wish I wore pregnancy half as well!

Next time someone remarks that you're big, tell them "I should be! These quads were due two months ago!" I found that baffled the mouth breathers long enough for me to make my escape. ;)


That baby is adorable already! You look great - but you also look like you are at the point where daily lower back massages are a must. If the hubs doesn't believe it - you've probably got several hundred armchair pregnancy experts to back you up. ;)


You look super cute! Eff those losers!


I second the fried chicken comment! Where's your extra chin, woman? I had at least 2 at that point!! PS.. you look incredible.

Kim Moore

I would be pregnanat all the time if I looked that stinking cute! Oh, and if someone else wants to take them after I give birth! I think you are adorable!


38 weeks tomorrow here, please keep blogging daily, I NEED IT AT THIS POINT. Also because I love reading your blog. BTW, you look great, tell people with stupid due date predictions to F off!


Did you two watch the Royal Wedding?!

The Mommy Therapy

I received so many comments about how ginormous I looked near the end of my second and third pregnancies that I soon wanted to punch anyone in the face that talked to me about my belly. It's big, there's a person in there. I have zero good advice on stopping it, people are pretty ridiculous. You look great!

Tracey - JustAnotherMommyBlog

WHAT?!? You are freaking tiny. Your belly just looks big because the rest of your body is so small.


We are due date buddies! Anyways, I am CONVINCED that people just FORGET what a full sized tummy looks like...I am also getting the "you must already be due" "no, actually, I've still got a month to go!" every day.
(PS the OB nurses agree with me!)


I love how perfectly round your belly is! You look adorable. :)


I'm sorry, you just don't look that big to me. You look great!


I'm as big as you are and I'm only 27 weeks. I posted my pic on FB and got a bunch of "that kid's gonna weigh 20 lbs" comments. Yeah, bite me. Damn good thing you all are on the other side of a fiber optic cable! Now, where did I put those gummy bears?

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