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Almost Bed Rest, But Not Quite

The fun continues. If by "fun" you mean "AMY IS SICK AGAIN AND TALKING ABOUT BEING SICK AGAIN." Which I am guessing is not at all what you meant.

So. 33-week OB appointment this morning. Highlights for discussion included:

1) The flu, the aches, the misery, the two-week-old cough that's getting worse instead of better, probably because I keep thinking I feel a little better and then immediately rush back out into the germy world to Get Shit Done and/or Not Neglect My Children and/or Completely Overdo It (see: the rest of this entry).

2) More weight loss thanks to coughing fits leading to vomiting fits several times a day, and a doctor who finally stared at my weight numbers and made a face, like, HMMMMM, but then went on to insist that it won't affect the baby...

3) BUT since it's obviously kicking the ever-loving hell out of me, I should go ahead and stay in bed for as much as possible this week.

4) Also, here are some precautionary antibiotics that I just know aren't going to do a thing because it's a FUCKING SUPER-VIRUS FROM HELL. (AKA YOUR LOCAL PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM.)

So far staying in bed for "as much as possible" has equaled about 30 minutes. Ish. Not counting trips to the bathroom. 


But! On Saturday we took the kids to see Rio. They liked it. Jason and I both fell asleep. Now I know that I was just doing the right thing for the baaaaayyyybeee. 

(Jason was just really bored.)


Yesterday, we all went out for Sunday breakfast before dragging the kids to Carmax so we could test drive a series of seriously unexciting Big Fat Oversized Family Car Options. Highlights included:

1) I never got the matzoh ball soup I ordered. 

2) They had scrapple on the menu, one of my dad's favorites. I thought, "Oh, right. That happened."

3) Then I went back to plotting running someone over with my car in retaliation for the soup mix-up. 


5) The poor car salesman did not understand how completely underwhelmed I am about our next-car-purchase options (quad-middle-seats-plus-third-row-blah Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, Toyota Sienna, Such-and-Such ZZZZZZZWHOCARES) and kept trying to point out All The Awesome Features And Things And Such, like, "this one has the DVD player!" and "look at this faux-woodgrain luxury trim package!" 

5a) My feedback mostly consisted of shoulder shrugging, saying stuff like "well, I don't HATE it," and coughing on him. 

5b) The immobile "We Would Never Sell This Car at Carmax" example car in the showroom? Pretty much the greatest playground my children have ever, ever visited. Hours, they played in that thing.




6) We did not buy a car. I think we've more or less settled on what we'll buy in the end, but I am pretending that we still have lots of gobs of time to buy a car. Which we do, right? 40 weeks minus 33 is like, two more trimesters, at least. I think. 

7) LA LA LA *cough, choke, wheeze, hack* LAAAAA


Life of a Doctor's Wife

It feels SO MEAN to laugh at this post, because being so sick sounds miserable...

But this: "5a) My feedback mostly consisted of shoulder shrugging, saying stuff like "well, I don't HATE it," and coughing on him. "

Much too funny to NOT laugh at.

Feel better soon!


if it makes you feel the tiniest bit better...

my mom's mother died when my mom was pregnant with my sister. she spent 72 hours puking non-stop, then proceeded to not eat and SMOKE (mmhhmmmm) the rest of the pregnancy. 5 months later, my sister was born small but healthy, and is now 1. very healthy 2. very tall and 3. very smart.

So you're doing better than her!


Plenty of time :) Wait til the end of the month anyway - when they're a little more likely to need to meet their sales quota.


gah. i'm so sorry you're still feeling like crap :-( i'm only 9 weeks and i've already had 2 colds... i keep telling myself that it just means i'm getting all the sick shit done in the beginning. but i'm not going to lie... you're worrying me a little.

i'm going to put my car vote in, for what it's worth. we got a toyota sienna 8 seater when i was about to explode with my third. (from carmax, of course). best purchase EVER. we love that car. seriously.


I have 3 kids. Just purchased a Honda Pilot and I LOVE IT! Get the sun roof so you feel "extra indulged" when transporting the kidlets!!


Well, the last 7 weeks certainly *feel* like they take two trimesters...

Here's hoping they get better!


If unsolicited input counts for anything, I am the last of the minivan lovers here. My kids are 14 & 18 and everyone says I should move into an SUV. But I love (a) the sliding - power if you can! - side doors. They allow a TON of room for getting things in-and-out. Like baby gear and car seats. And clicking the button from across the parking lot and showing up to an already-opened door? Is great. (b) the 2nd row seats slide back. B/C kids legs are LONGER than you think and they will kick the hell out of the back of your seat after awhile. (c) Once you start driving carpool etc, on top of your own 3, that extra seating in the back is very handy. My DH keeps pushing me to switch to an SUV but as soon as he has to drive more than 3 kids someplace, he has to take my car b/c his Explorer won't fit. Happy Hunting!


I hate having to buy a car I don't want!


If I caught the flu right now, I would reabsorb this fetus back up into my body and wash my hands of the whole thing. And I don't even have two other kids.


More unsolicited assvice- but we have a Mazda 5 - only one kid in it now. It's smaller than a minivan and gets better mileage (and is more fun to drive) than most, but seats 6. I'd hate to have to crawl into the back row every time to belt a kid in, but if Noah can belt himself, it's a great option.

Good luck getting healthy. I hope this means that Jason takes over domestic duties and feeds you in bed, with massage ... hah.


I am strangely curious to see what kind of boring car you pick..


be careful with your sickness, woman. I started with the flu at 25 weeks, I pushed myself to continue being a mom and clean the house and take care of our existing child and maybe get some work done like I get paid to do and... ended up with pneumonia. In the hospital for 3 days, barely able to breathe, with 103 degree fevers following cold chills and then OMG I'm boiling hot spells and just general miserableness and it cost us $750 which I'm not happy about. So, seriously, push those liquids, get some rest. Your body can't handle all that mess right now. (And it took me another 4 weeks to be able to breathe like a normal person, which is about the time when the baby SURPRISE! jumped up into my lungs and so... yeah.. not so much on the breathing thing, it's totally overrated anyway, right?)


:-( Sorry you are feeling so terrible, and buying a car based on practicality is no where near as much fun as buying one just because you like it.

Husband and I are settled on two kids only, and NOT needing a minivan is a definite perk to that decision. My current car is a basic 4 door sedan, and damnit, my next car is going to be fun!

Parsing Nonsense

Congrats on your progress. Life is kicking you in the shins but you're too tough to take it lying down. Feel better soon, and for goodness's sakes, someone please bring you some cupcakes already!


Gotta love the overenthusiastic car salesman. When my husband was trading in his two seater convertible sports car for a sedan 6 weeks after our son was born no special feature was about to excite him.


Eh, we have a minivan - Grand Caravan. If it is possible to love a minivan, than I do. Room for my two, plus the other three I care for during the day. Plus a 90-pound Labrador, can I get an amen. Handles great for something so ginormous, reasonably good fuel economy, and comfortable to drive even for my short legs.


We have both the mazda 5 and the honda odyssey with three--because the mazda with 3 kids and groceries, means someone is breaking into the cookies before we get home, and it isn't me. And as someone else said here, oh those magical sliding doors! Love them to pieces.


Ugh - what a whole lotta suck. I really hope the antibiotics manage to make you feel at least a little bit better - GO TO BED!


Somewhere right now the Carmax Social Media Team are trying to decide whether this post can be counted as 'positive buzz' or not... :-)


I really want the previous poltergeist haunting report to be a real thing. Truly! I hear there are still a lot of Katrina-flooded cars on the market. A good necromancer should be able to tell you.


Bummer about the sickness, dude. I hope you kick it soon.
And I, too, am very curious to know what NEW CAR! you guys decide on. Keep us posted. I'm pregnant with my first and have a Honda Fit right now that I love to death, and think it will be fine for only one kiddo, but I image once #2 makes its appearance, I'll be...upgrading, as well.


I am sorry that I am delurking to wag a finger at you, but please go to bed and stay there as much as possible. Don't go see Rio. Don't go car shopping, especially since you don't seem to have any enthusiasm for the process. Let someone help you.

I know how hard it is to be sick with small children around, but you need to go bury yourself in a mound of blankets for a while. There has to be a way.


We also avoided the minivan and went with the Honda Pilot. Did not want a big SUV but figured it was the lesser of two evils. Sort of.


I'll plug the Chevy Traverse, since we just bought one. It's essentially the exactly same car as the Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia but cheaper. We have the 8 seater version, since I know people with the 7 seat option that regretted not having the two bench seats. And the two middle seats aren't really that easy to get around either, so we decided to go with the two benches. I was the same way car shopping, like, just give me something I can fit two kids and a stroller in that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We're really happy with it so far.


Sorry, but I have to wag my finger too...

Grief compounds and surfaces in a variety of ways. So consider that you are grieving and your body can't keep up and therefore it manifests in being sick. Do get the rest your doctor recommended. Your body - and your grieving heart - are begging for it.


We drove 5 hours to get a Toyota Sienna. And it was totally completely worth it. 8 seats!!! But, then, I actually will use that many on a regular basis when #3 is born. And so far I've found 15 cup holders and 7 garbage bag holders, but I think there are more, of both, that I haven't found yet.

I've never felt so organized. And also not wet when I'm loading up cars/ fighting kids with seatbelts and it's raining, because I can do it all from INSIDE the vehicle! I thought I'd hate a van (I do hate the gas mileage) but I am in love with this one.


Damn, it sucks that you are still sick.

I know the last 10 weeks felt as long as the first 30. Soooooo, you have gobs and gobs of time.


Assvice?? I love my Toyota Sienna. They'll be prying the keys out of my cold dead fingers. (At least as long as I have two young boys who must be driven halfway across the country several times a year to see their grandparents.)


Assvice?? I love my Toyota Sienna. They'll be prying the keys out of my cold dead fingers. (At least as long as I have two young boys who must be driven halfway across the country several times a year to see their grandparents.)

Amy M.

I'm sorry you got the flu again! Blech. Maybe it will boost #3's immune system?

Now for the assvice: I love my Honda Odyssey! It's fantastic for my 2 kids, my mother & my 90-pound lab (and hubby, of course). Since my father died before my 1st son was born, having a car that fits my fam of 4, plus her was a must. Also, when my in-laws visit, it can fit all of us!


I was two days before my due date with my fourth child when we finally found a minivan to buy. I say you have oodles of time to car shop! I hope you feel better soon.


Alternative title for this post. Rest- UR doin' it wrong.

Here's hoping you feel better soon.


So sorry you still feel bad! Make that hubby stay home and take care of you!

Re: Cars- we have the Toyota Sienna and totally love it. Thought I was going to hate the mini-van but love the doors that open with push of a button... no SUV gives you that when kids 1 and 2 are running around like crazy and kid 3, the diaper bag, and the groceries are all in your hands! However- that said- my mom just bought the Buick SUV with the 3rd row so she could drive my kids around. It's pretty darn nice too.

Hugs and get well wishes!


Scrapple = left over animal parts held together by gelatinous fat = fond memories of my grandfather's farmer's breakfast.

Isn't the saying the tougher the pregnancy the easier the baby? Hopefully.


I would like to organize many high calorie suppers to deliver to your door. But 1) I live in NJ and you don't and 2) Maybe that would be creepy; me at the door with food?

So.....holding y'all in the light. Take care.


More delurking to finger wag. Please pretty lady... rest now. Those babies need you healthy... all of them.


Scrapple with maple syrup is good for the baybeeee!! Seriously now, go to bed!


Just 'cause it wasn't on your list and you need more to to do...CLEARLY, check out the Mazda CX-9. Am fiercely anti-minivan (irrationally), so I have driven every single thing with a third row that is NOT a minivan. This is low to get in and out of and very zippy. LOVED IT.


Love my Honda Odyssey. Thought I'd hate driving a minivan, but have had it for 6 years, and am now considering upgrading to a newer model because I am so fond of it.

The first time that you have to lug all the kids out to the car in the pouring rain and can open the doors w/ a click of a button, hop in to buckle them, and climb up to the front seat without getting back out into the rain, you'll realize why people love their minivans. And you'll get over the uncool factor, I promise.


LOVE my Enclave with 7 seats. With car seats, it is hard to move bench seats forward.

Highly recomment the 'Clave... or Acadia, or Traverse-- They are all the same. Enclave has more bling which wasn't my style but it had what we wanted in it, and I kinda like being pimped out 'round town.


U r adorable xoxo


So after reading your post I noticed the ad right underneath was a for pillows. Maybe your ad space is trying to tell you something....?

(As for the car-we have the GMC Acadia. Lots and lots and lots of room. Great for long trips; not so great for just zipping around town.)

Feel better soon!

The Mommy Therapy

Oh God I just want to come over to your house, make you soup, watch your kids and wait on you. (I promise I won't try that, I'm not any type of a stalker and don't even remember where you are located.)

I am so sorry things have just sucked and more sucked for you lately. I really hope you feel better soon!

By the way, my husband and I hauled ourselves all over town from dealership to dealership looking for the answer to our car needs when we had our third. All the options suck. Nothing seemed easy for getting everyone in and everyone buckled and dear Lord am I really going to have to have a tv just to drive to the grocery with all these kids? It was depressing. More depressing? We got a minivan. Most depressing? I love it.


Hope you are better soon, Amy. You're a peach for posting when you feel like crap. I appreciate it!


Another occasional de-lurker wagging a finger and saying rest up ggirl...seriously...

More car assvice...we have had a Honda Pilot for about 9 years. I've loved it! Huge amounts of room and as the kids got older, the third row seat was been great for taxiing kids and then kids + friends.

My kids were your kids age when we got it and now (not to completely freak you out) my oldest is studying for her permit and she's going to drive it next... It's been that great of a car...lasted through 9 years of kid hauling and I still trust it enough to let my daughter drive it...


Here's another finger-wagger. Do get some rest. I'm just now getting over one of those special coughing and snot viruses from Hell after 3 weeks myself. If it would help - I would loan you my boxed set of all 4 seasons of Fraggle Rock for Ezra to watch while Noah is at school and you are unconscious on the couch. My kids won't watch it anymore but yours might be just the right age?

Seriously. We all wish there was something we could actually DO for you. :)

And thanks everyone who posted car advice. We'll be needing a bigger car soon - not because of having more kids but because our 6 year old is outgrowing our Honda Fit. gah.


Good Luck with the car buying! I hate buying cars weather I like the car or not.

And.....stop running around while you are sick (said in the nicest way possible). I second commenter who said they ended up in the hospital with pneumonia from the flu. I had the flu last winter and thought I was going to die..and I was NOT pregnant. The coughing/throwing up I was told was a symptom of the pneumonia. My parents had to come take care of my kids because my poor husband had taken so many days off and I was still sick. Take care of yourself.


I can't wait to get a bigger car! As it is we're down to one, and with me being at home with two kids all day, um, I kind of need to get out more than I do. We'd all be happier! And less insane.


I, too, was an apathetic car buyer when I was pregnant. For some reason, the dopey sales guy took my indifference for an advanced negotiation tactic. We ended up getting all kinds of discounts/special features! Or maybe he just thought I was going to spew forth life on the showroom floor. Either way, free moon roof, baby!

Seriously, though, I hope you feel much better soon and can enjoy a little of these last few weeks as a family of 4.


Ugh, so sorry you are feeling so sick! I am about a week ahead of you (34) and currently have no crib, no car seat, and the baby's room is covered with boxes and gift bags. So I am with you on the last few weeks needing to be at least 2 trimesters. Good luck and get well!


My dad loved scrapple too. And matzo ball soup. Seeing either of these foods in a restaurant can make me either giggle or get all melancholy. So sorry about your dad. Your posts made me miss mine too.


Gah! Where did 33 weeks come from!
I feel the same way about scrapple, lost my dad to Alzheimer's.
Also? Sorry. More pretentious finger-wagging asshat input. What in hell are you looking at cars for?? Go to bed. And second the Letting Jason beat them up at the end of the month for a better deal. My husband had one dealership worn down so badly they agreed to sell us the car for below sticker price before they realized what they had done, and sold it to us at the 11th hour anyway. Literally.
You better be reading this half asleep in bed.


Oh, and I have the Nissan Armada. Ridiculously big Main Liner of a truck, but I love it. Lots of room for all the gear.


My favourite part of this post? I had to stare really hard to figure out that was a part of the dash IN THE CAR, not you resting your face in your hand IN THE REFLECTION. Thank you for allowing me to be truly productive at work.
Totally undrelated aside? Your copyright still says 2010.

Christy S.

I'll join the delurking chorus: REST!
Also, get a mini-van. I love mine almost as much as I love my kids.

Amy Mickelson-Beadle

I can highly recommend the GMC Acadia! We actually (gasp!) opted for it with only two kiddos and I love it more every day! Definitely get the quad plus the back row and you will not have to hassle putting seats up and down to get your own kids into their seats. Seriously, GMC isn't paying me a dime and I love it enough to marry. (Well, only if something happened to my hubby . . . I guess!)


I'm a mother of 4 kids and I've had both an SUV and a mini van. Hands down the van suits us the best. When I had all 4 kids in car seats it was sooooo easy to get in and out when buckling up everyone in the van. As stated earlier the sliding doors with infants makes life easier in many ways. Go mini van you will not regret it on bit. I have a Honda. Best car ever.


Ahh, one word of caution if you're thinking of going Acadia. My aunt has one (with just one kiddo), and loved it...until she tried to put a booster seat in the middle row - not one single booster seat fits (they literally tried on the market)! Bizarre, because it is definitely what I think of as a "family" car, and it may just be her particular model year, but if that's where you're leaning, try installing the boosters before you commit!


I didn't read the bagillion comments but I'm sure some of them included car input. I have three kids and although I love my GMC Yukon, I would DEFINITELY cross over to the dark side and buy a Honda Odyssey next time.

p.s. hope you feel better soon. Life seems a bit rough for you right now. There are a lot of total strangers out there thinking about you and hoping for a ray of sunshine to shine on you.


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