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The Great Confession

A long time ago, back when I only had one singular solitary child, my car had to go to the shop for a few days. I rented a car in the meantime, but when I arrived the rental place had given away the last mid-size class car I'd reserved. 

So they offered me a minivan. I think they thought I'd consider this a fabulous upgrade, since I was clearly SUCH A MOM and all, but I made a face, like, really? Ugh. My mom car is a Subaru WRX! It's a turbo. And a stick shift. It's fucking fast as shit. We used to take it to the racetrack for rally-car driving lessons. Until we got tired of replacing the tires so often. And, you know, we had to put a car seat in the back and a stroller in the trunk. And stuff. 

But I took the minivan. And to this day, I remember that moment out in the Enterprise parking lot when I opened those remote-controlled side doors and saw how easy it was to get Noah in and out, and all the interior room, and how smooth and quiet it drove and was like, damn, I could get used to this.


So my Great Solution to the minivan question was to simply never, ever drive one again. Because I knew.


Last night, after test-driving every giant-ass all-wheel-drive SUV option in existence, Jason finally convinced me to sack up and go to a Toyota dealership to look at a Sienna. We needed to look at ALL the options, you know, before we could really make up our minds. 

We approached the sad-looking row of fat-bottomed symbols of I've Officially Given Up Everything I Used To Be on the lot and I immediately started bitching. It's ugly. It's too big. Why is the trunk like that, what the hell is that thing for, the DVD screen blocks my visibilllllllity, blah blah blah. 

"Where are the keys?" I asked the saleswoman.

"Push-button start," she explained, "Right there."

"THAT'S DUMB," I muttered.

I pushed the button. Whee! Heh. I like buttons.


The saleswoman smiled from one of the middle-row bucket seats. She reclined it a little and flipped out a fancy, La-Z-Boy style footrest.

"No SHIT, WHAT?" I sputtered. "That's ridiculous. This whole car is ridiculous."

Jason looked up from the brochure. "So you can hook up an XBox in here too?"



I drove it about 10 minutes down the road, executed a ridiculously easy U-turn, and practiced parking. Jason asked how it compared to the last big lumbering crossover SUV we'd just finished test-driving, the one I said was "fine" and "not too much like driving a truck, only kinda."

"DAMMIT," was all I said. Which told him everything he needed to know. 

We switched seats and Jason drove it back to the lot. The saleswoman left us alone to play the 4,000 other various buttons and cubbyholes. 

"I knew this would happen," I sighed, after discovering the built-in sunshades on all the back windows. 

"I know," Jason said, while messing around with the iPod interface on the navigation screen.

We went inside. I sat down and sighed deeply.

"I want a white one. Do you have a white one?"


They did.


And now so do I. 




Life of a Doctor's Wife

Well, as far as minivans go, it doesn't LOOK so much like a minivan!

And a FOOTREST? That sounds awesome. Suddenly those commercials where the mom takes some personal time in the mini van don't seem quite so far-fetched.

Alison@Mama Wants This

Now, I wish I had one. Damnit.


OH... hahahahahaha.

I laugh only because I know that this moment will come for me.

It looks pretty awesome, though - and the kids in the commercials seem to like it alright, so there's that.

Party in your minivan!!


Oh you did it again, made me laugh until I cry. I don't have one, plan to never, ever get one (I live in the city! It won't fit!). But I always love the comfort and ease and space and DVD players and cupholders and invidual air vents of my friends' minivans. Yeah. I know. You are going to have some ROCKING road trips in that thing.


The commercials for this van crack me up. Congratulations. It really does make the most sense. Even if it does make your 20 year old self want to punch you in the face.

bethany actually

YES! Hahahahaha, Sienna drivers UNITE!

(I fought my husband on the minivan thing for a long time too. Then I test-drove one and saw the built-in sunshades and yeaaaaahhh...we've owned one for 5 years now.)

Keri Always

Siennas rock. I was you about 5 years ago. Then I drove a tweaked-out Chrysler van and said "climbing across seats to get to the back is for people who don't wear shoes or skirts or who are under 3' tall".

Welcome to the Pimped-Out Momobile Club. We are the coolest kids in class!


My Dad did a lot of traveling for work and loaded a lot of equipment to installation sites. This mandated a rental vehicle with capacity which is the boring story of HOW MY DAD FELL IN LOVE WITH MINIVANS.

But his kids were gone so he had no excuse to buy one. He was constantly on me to get one so when we had Wes and needed to upgrade I was EXCITED. His long love of minivans had soaked into me and I always looked forward to the excuse to buy one!

It's funny...he had this speech he would give as to Why Minivans Are Awesome but my favorite part of it? Was that he said the designers must have been Moms because there were always "hidden storage compartments so Moms can hide all of the stuff they have to drag everywhere with their kids."

Wow. Sorry that I left a novel in here about my Dad and his love of minivans. I'm sure you understand.


YEAH. Really -- it isn't so bad.


I feel your pain, I really do. My mother made me drive her minivan for the first year after I turned 16. I swore up and down that I would never get one. And now that I've got a kid, all that space is suddenly... attractive. So don't beat yourself up too much. You can pimp it out by adding a margarita machine in the back or something. And christen it by performing some very, ahem, ADULT acts in it the next time you take it out for a spin in the country sans kiddos.


Yeah, I know my sister is all anti-minivan but I'll have the last laugh if she holds strong when my kids pop in and out with ease and she's wrestling them into a massive, gas-guzzling SUV. At least, that's what I comfort myself with.


I hate minivans. And I'm also jealous because seriously, a foot rest? Playing xbox? Car makers are playing dirty. Oh, and congratulations!


Minivan passion = the love that dare not speak its name.


I drove a minivan in college. You can fit 5 kegs in the back and still have room to take a couple of burly friends to carry them.

Minivans are badass, yo.


Oh. Lord.

I moved from NYC to Knoxville, TN for a (fantastic) job and I keep saying that I can EITHER live in Knoxville OR drive a minivan, but definitely not both. But you just made it sound sooooo good.


Some of my best childhood memories of are hanging out in the minivan as we drove for hours and hours. Imagine how much more fantastic it will be with an xbox!!


Rock on. I have always wanted a minivan. And I have always been a dork. But they seem just like the best ideas ever to me. And when they started putting the DVD players and the extra storage under the seats? I am so getting a minivan for my next car, so let us know if this is a good one.


We are van twins...down to the color.

We bought ours in February and it has changed my life (and I only have one kid). No hunching and smacking my or her head on the roof when getting her in the carseat. No scrambling for my keys in the diaper bag? the purse? the lunch bag? my coat pocket? my pants pocket? For the LOVE OF GOD WHY CAN'T I PUT THEM IN THE SAME SPOT. The van just knows they are on you somewhere and unlocks magically. CHANGED MY LIFE. enjoy.


If it helps at all, a friend of mine had one and got into a really terrible wreck and all occupants received nary a scratch. She swears it's the safest vehicle out there. I realize that doesn't make it edgy or increase the coolness factor but it's a good thing. You know you're cool, who cares what other people think.... Happy driving!


Man, I suffered this fate after my 2nd child was born. I got a red one myself. You'll LOVE the Sienna, even if you don't want to.

Sue W.

But's got a moon roof!!

I drove a Ford Aerostar minivan for 10+ years and we have ZERO kids. When we'd take driving vacays, we'd got a double size blow-up air mattress and put the back seats down and dh would sleep while I drove and vice versa. I went thru a tranny that was replaced at no cost because it was still under warranty in that bitch. I traded it in with 98+K miles on it for a Mustang convertable. HATED every minute of that car. Had to get out of it to change my mind! Never felt safe in it having a rag-top. Knew someone could slice thru it and be inside the car in less than a heartbeat. Kept it less than 6 mos and got me a Dodge Durango SUV. LOVED my Durango. Now I've got a mini SUV. A Toyota RAV4. Toyota's will take all you can throw at them and keep coming back for more. You're gonna love yours!


Minivans fucking rule!!! I drove a Mitsubishi Expo in college and I was the envy of all my friends, no lie. I am sad that I will never again know the roominess of a minvan as we only have one child. Gah! I want a minivan!!!!!


Minivans fucking rule!!! I drove a Mitsubishi Expo in college and I was the envy of all my friends, no lie. I am sad that I will never again know the roominess of a minvan as we only have one child. Gah! I want a minivan!!!!!


I love your swagger wagon!!


I felt the same way about getting rid of my Jetta. Granted, since we only have the one kid (AND WE ARE DONE! ALL OF YOU PEOPLE WHO TELL ME WE WILL HAVE MORE, WE WILL NOT) so I was at least able to get a SUV and be done with it. I felt all suburban and non-cool and then I lifted Kennedy up into it for the first time... and damnit, it's amazing.

I think your new car is very pretty and if it makes you feel better I will never refer to it as a Minivan.


Aren't they fucking ridiculous! I mean honestly, do I need soft glow lights down the aisle?! LOVE minivans, and I never thought I would say that!


Yay, you got your car situation solved! I admit some of the new minivans out there don't look nearly as boxy and ugly as the older ones. I've never driven one, and probably shouldn't lest I be pulled over to the dark side. :)


Oh please! I love our Sienna (ours is white too). When we got ours, I had no intention of all the "extras" but they came with the van. Now, I can't imagine life without them.

Who needs heated bums? I do. who needs easy fold-down third row? I do. Who needs the moon-roof and the DVD players? ME!!!!

Embrace it. My husband calls it his Millenium Falcon. OWN IT! And congrats!!


NO. WE HAVE LOST YOU TO THE DARK SIDE. I'll quietly weep until you invite me over for an XBox party.


I had a Sienna for 2 years after my 2nd was born and LOVED it. Then I went back to work and had a 35 mile commute and just had no desire to pay for that much gas. But as soon as I kick this job to the curb when my youngest starts kindergarten in 2012 I will definitely be going back! Congrats on yours!


Now I'm cracking up imagining you in your robe, playing x-box, having alone time in your Sienna. No worries. Buttons are fun. Furthermore, I have a friend who has 3 kids & drives a Nissan sedan, and she HATES it. So...have fun. And be happy you can take some wine (post-baby OBV) & a movie out there & leave the boys with Jason sometimes.
Plus, at least it's much prettier than the ones folks had when we were kids:


as far as minivans go, that's a pretty sweet one, but I am still in the steadfast, no way, never, ever gonna drive one camp, and I'll stop procreating now (after 2 kids) so I don't have to face the existential battle that comes with becoming a Minivan Mom. kudos on braving that battle with such grace.


Oops. Link didn't work. You know the wood-side-panel 1984 Dodge Caravan I'm thinking of, yes?


I'm so jealous right now, it's not even funny. I've been lusting after a Sienna for ages. My husband refused, so I drive a big ass SUV. It was only after we hauled 3 boys around in said SUV for several months that he admitted he was wrong about the van v. SUV debate.


have a minivan. love the minivan. totally unashamed about the minivan.

Congratulations, welcome to the club. :)


NOOOOO! This is my worst nightmare, and why I go nowhere near the things. When juggling a baby carrier, diaperbag, and various other things while trying to open a door I do often think about those electronic doors though.

Congrats, I guess?


Hate my minivan. Love what the minivan does for my life, but still hate driving it. And mine is an older model with no buttons. Sniff. I think I hate mine more now.


The pop-up ad directly underneath your post is for the Honda Pilot. Ha! I have just one child; but am steadfastly holding to the notion that I will never drive a minivan. I lost all respect for my big bro when he admitted he loved their Odyssey. I just don't think I can do it. I mean, it's really, really letting go of all my values and everything I've ever stood for, right? :)


Great post & Toyota should pay for that van for you because of this post & all the vans you'll sell...
I drove a mini van when my kids were smaller, but now that they buckle themselves in, I am in love with my Honda Pilot. =) And I'm not a car lover, meh whatever, just get me from pt a to pt b thankyouverymuch.


17 years of motherhood and four children have taught me the wonders of the minivan. I just upgraded to my third one, and I can't believe how much I love the zone heating, the TWO DVD players and four wireless headsets. My car trips have never been more peaceful. Oh! And I have an automatic lift-gate now! The bagger at the grocery store thinks I am so fancy.


I have a Dodge Minivan, and OH! I love my van. Serious, walk to the thing and whisper sweet nothings to it because hey! the door hasn't swung (swinged?Crap, I dunno) Shut and bruised the back of my legs while I was getting in the darn thing, I haven't cried because someone parked too close and there was NO POSSIBLE WAY to get the BABY SEAT IN THE CAR, because DUDE! the doors jump up and get out of the way! And I can put my Christmas tree in the back, every year, no problem! I LOOOOOVVE the minivan, welcome to the dark side!

At least it is spacious over here!

Maxine Dangerous

God, I love you. :D I don't have kids, will probably never have kids, and yet I have wanted to own a minivan since I rode in a friend's about 10 years ago. It was so comfy! I have acknowledged my dorkitude ever since. :) *toyotaownersfistbump* :D


The extra room and cushy seats will seem even better when you and Jason break it in. :-)


I love my white Sienna, and hope you love yours too. And mine doesn't even have the footrest or the push-button start.


Congratulations! I won't tell you how happy you'll be, because you already know. We succumbed to an Odyssey last year (after kid-less friends bought one & swore it was the most functional car ever). It is. Now, I'm almost afraid for the day when the kids are grown and I lose my excuse for owning one.



You totally have a swagger wagon!


I tried to resist the Swagger wagon too, but it's power was too great. I've had it for about 6 months and I love it. My favorite part is that there is somewhere besides the passenger seat to put my purse!


I fear the day may come for me also. HOLD ME.



I just got a Sienna too. And while mine is not as new and fancy as yours, I still love it with my whole heart...don't tell my 23 year old self!


That is the coolest looking minivan I've ever seen. Dammit.


I thought you were going to tell us you were having twins.
No, seriously, I really did. So this is a much smaller shock. I drove a minivan (my mom's) in high school and it was super comfy to drive and stuff all my friends into. Yours sounds awesome!


It's so purty! And almost looks like a real car. Congrats!

little miss mel

We got a black one 4 weeks ago right before boy #3 showed up! LOVE IT. :)


This will be me in just a few short months. Hopefully before August when we need to squeeze in carseat #3.


it's not so bad and doesn't look so much like the minivans of a few years ago. it's almost trying to look SUV-ish. Poor thing just wants you to love it!


I am envious. We're expecting our fourth and my husband will not buy a minivan until one of our cars dies. So that means I will be driving all four kids in my four door sedan (oldest is big enough to be in the front seat now). And if the whole family goes somewhere, we'll be taking two cars. Blah. But it makes financial and fuel sense, so I'm not whining out loud to my husband about it. :)


I only have one kid and we've barely started thinking about kid #2 but I've been looking into minivans. I mean, the SPACE! I could haul around the kid(s) and other people and still fit all the groceries/Target haul. I feel like I've already given up by buying a house in the suburbs anyway, may as well keep it going. Enjoy the van!


I'm right there with you. My car died and we were a one car family for over a year (my husband's minivan). Then he decided we needed a second car..only I was taking too long choosing he got a friggin convertible. Which the entire family can't be in because with the car seats in the back he can't fit (my husband is 6'8"). Nice. So now I'm stuck with the minivan. And I hates it. I HATES IT. Except I love that there's so much kid room. That I don't have any side doors to swing out. That I can go on a shopping spree and never run out of room to toss bags and garden supplies. AAAAAAAAARGH!


After my second was born, I began having minivan fantasies. My husband gave in and fell similarly in love when he saw all the gadgets and tech options. Wait until your first road trip... It is bliss. I think, if you're going to drive a minivan, you just need to really OWN it, ya know. When your friends give you shit, you just be all like, Yeah, I drive a minivan, and I freakin love it!


I fought the minivan battle and lost, too. The automatic doors and extra room are very convenient and with three kids in carseats it makes life much easier. I tell myself there will be life after the minivan.


I so know the feeling. Due to unforeseen circumstances (namely, me totaling my beautiful SUV) we purchased an Odyssey mini van. I was not ready mentally but man oh man are the gadgets and gizmos awesome! My oldest (3.5 yo) who hated driving in the car now wants to go on every single outing so that he can ride in our Fire truck.


We got our second Sienna last summer. We have two minivans, and we love them. We can fit all three kids in the middle row and fold the back row down, or we can strategically separate kids. My husband was able to fold down the back seats, remove the second row and pick up a new couch and tv stand in one trip. Minivans rule!!


I freaking hate you. The Sienna is my dream. The white one is my erotic dream. I drove a Sienna for 6 years, got smashed into by a texting idiot and foolishly bought a different van. I have regretted it every day.


I feel your pain/joy. People ask us if, after 2 kids, we'll have a third. I smile serenely and say no, that our family feels complete. But the real reason is that I WILL NOT drive a minivan.


I rocked a (hand-me-down) minivan all through college, and I have to say, it was one of the best cars I ever owned. My now-husband and I lived in it for 6 months, driving around the country, and it was phenomenal. There was something very awesome and counter-counter culture to being pro-minivan in a culture that likes to hate on them. Plus, you can always do this:


There are many variations on "COOL" and having a loaded minivan is one of those when you have three small children (soon, I know). My daughter never did come to her senses, even with three kids exactly two years apart. She had ridiculous vehicles from the Navigator to a PT Cruiser because she too refused to drive a minivan...unlike her parents...hmm


I am a former passionately ant-mini van mommy. and omg now I am a preacher of the minivans! It's like a cult! But I LOVE MY MINIVAN SO MUCH.

Jenn H.

I was there, too, a short year ago... But it's funny how their AMAZING PRACTICALITIES win you over in a heartbeat. Welcome to the Swagger Wagon Driving Club.
Got the pride in my ride... ;)


Yay! I wish we could have looked at the Sienna's but we just "upgraded" my little Mercury sedan to a Mazda MPV minivan, and I LOVE it! So what if my kids are 14 and 16? It's the same size as our Ford Escape, but it seems so much roomier that even my husband tries to make excuses to drive the van. Haha!

Erica Douglas

My mom's had a Sienna for about six years and it's still a great car. We've driven it all over the country and it easily holds 3 adults and our new bay-beee. I'm glad you like yours so far.


Welcome my friend. here is a cup of delicious kool-aid.
I had a stick shift-fast-as-hell car too, that I still miss like crazy.When my husband saw the positive pregnancy test for our third the first thing he did was drive our asses to the car dealership to trade it in for our minivan. I can't say I love its looks but with a small, very much pissed off new big brother to wrangle along with a newborn the automatic doors were a lifesaver.
Congrats. You'll grow to love it.


I'm 34 weeks, also with our 3rd. Our 2011 AWD Sienna is 32 days old. (Traded in my super cool not a soccer mom 4Runner.) It's hard to be sad with all the buttons. So many buttons! Especially all the preset radio options. I totally addicted to the satellite radio now, which I swore they would not suck me in.


My husband and I are expecting are first in June. We're a one car family so my husband was adamantly anti-minivan. Even though I want MOAR BABIES PLZ he didn't even want to entertain the notion! So, we're getting a Subaru Outback. For now. MUHAHAHAHAHA!

I say work it, Amy. That's a sharp looking minivan! You and your babies will look adorable in it.


I have the same car as Amalah! Well, mine is green. But omg, I've had it just over a year (bought it as soon as the 2011s hit the lot last March) and have been drooling over it ever since. Which is fine, because have you noticed how easy it is to wipe up the leather seats?!? Enjoy your new ride, and let the haters hate on. This ain't your Mama's minivan.


The minivan was my biggest "I will NEVER" before having kids. They got me too. Blue Honda Odyssey. Had me at remote open doors.
Enjoy getting to know your new best friend.


That's hilarious! And I would do just about anything for that minivan right now! (of course I'm stuck at home all day with two children so I'd settle for something that drives and has four seats!)

Jessica V

Oh this made me laugh so hard! The lease on my beloved CR-V is ending and we've been debating about upgrading to a minivan. We only have 2 kids - but man! The crap we have to drag everywhere is out of control. I really don't want to get rid of my current car...but this fab review may help push me to at least test drive one. And we are going Sienna all the way if we do!


My husband is home with the baby today. I was totally annoyed by the fact that I actually had to touch the trunk of my car to open it. Yup. I'm a total convert to team minivan. Completely jealous of your features, though! When we bought our odyssey a couple years ago, footrests and the dvd player only came with the uber expensive touring edition, which we could not (and still cannot :) ) afford.


Oh dear...I'm facing the same decision as we go from 2-->3 kids, and was hoping you would direct me to the most awesome non-minivan, easy-to-load-kids-into crossover SUV. I see a Sienna in my future...


I've been lusting after one of those for three years. I didn't even know about the buttons and the footrests. I just want something that I can fit my whole family in, instead of dropping off the big kids at church, then going back to pick up the other adult and the two babies. Because a 6- person family (with two extra huge car seats) does not fit too well in a "5-seater" compact car.


hah! So now we need the Storch version of the swagger wagon video!!


Oh, you kids. Why all the minivan hate? I couldn't wait to get my first minivan back 20+ years ago because it was how I could tell the world, I'M A MOM, YOU GUYS! FOR REAL!

Yeah, I stopped being cool a long, long time ago.


I used to feel that way about minivans but now I have total sliding-door envy and am looking forward to having #3 someday so I can upgrade. I also changed the way I feel about them; they're only uncool because they're designed for moms and kids and our culture tends not to value moms and kids. Screw THAT. Fight the man, drive a van!


My first car was a minivan. When I was 16. Because I'm cool like that.

Welcome to the Dark Side :)


I feel your pain. My daily driver is a beetle "death before minivans, I stopped at two" car. I love it.

But the 2006 Odyssey we inherited (20k miles) miles is not so bad. I just wish it was one year newer, so that it'd have the same iPod interface my 2004 Beetle already has.

With three, you'll be quite happy with the extra row when they're unruly on a drive up to Pennsylvania! Heck, I sometimes use it with two.

Shannnon @nwaMotherlode

Now, when you need "me" time, you can go out and climb into your sweet ride.

Btw, not to sound stalker-ish, but I dreamed last night that I was at your house playing with the new baby. You were having a party for everyone to come over and see your new addition (the baby, not the minivan) and we were all just hanging out. I thought, "I like her so much in real life, too. That's good."


That is one bad ass ride.

I drove a mini-van for years when my kids were younger. I was resistant at first, but let me tell you, when a big group of your friends want to go somewhere, like a show or on a road are going to be the coolest person they know.


your swagger wagon is beautilicious...welcome to club Sienna, they ROCK!


Ha! It was while I was nearing the end of my 3rd pregnancy as well when I bought my Sienna! Now I've completely crossed over and I love my "swagger wagon". :)

Amy M.

I was one of those who also swore to never own a minivan. 2 kids & a large dog later, LOVE my Odyssey! Don't understand how I got the kids & carseats in my old car.


It must have something to do with the impending third child. I made a solemn vow that I would NEVER sacrifice my dignity by becoming a "minivan mom". Then I tried to put 3 car seats in the back of a sedan. (I'm pretty sure it's a conspiracy and there's an evil alliance between car seat manufacturers and the auto industry.) Anyhow, I loved the minivan. And I, too, was ashamed. But I got over it once I realized I could separate the oldest two and long trips were much more peaceful. And for what it's worth, I totally covet your minivan! So much fancier than mine!

cristina t

I got a Traverse a year and a half ago so I would never have to have one. I fully admit though, I will be sad in a few years when I don't have sliding doors. the van looks really nice, and a lot of fun! congrats!


Ooookay, not that I'm into starting minivan wars or anything, but: I'm starting a Minivan War.

A Toyota Sienna? That's nice and all, I'm sure, but did you even look at a Honda Odyssey? The Honda Odyssey wipes the Sienna's butt, man. It's awesome. (You know, if you HAVE to have a minivan., I'm with you on that.)

(Oh, and we have a Honda Odyssey. Just fyi and whatnot.)

Welcome to Soccer Mom-dom!


That is exactly how it went at the dealership for us! I got in the dumb van, drove approximately 15 feet and went, "f$@k, i love it."

The Sienna is the swagger wagon man! We got pride in our ride!! The Odyssey is, in a word, gross. Hooray for minivan mom-hood.


Now you have to face one of the greatest parenting challenges often will you allow the DVD? We didn't even tell the kids it was there until the first long road trip and tried to make the rule that it was ONLY for long trips. That lasted until the first morning that I hadn't had coffee and everyone was yelling and crying over various morning related woes. I strapped them in, flipped open the screen and...silence. Especially sweet in the morning..


Awesome. I'm in envy :)


I don't have kids, but after all of these comments, I want my very own "Swagger Wagon." I'm thinking if this job doesn't work out, I could live in it, right? I'm sure you forgot to mention the built in bathroom that flips down with the visors or something.....

Congratulations, it is a sweet looking set of wheels.


Ahahaha! I'm laughing because I am happy for you! And the car/minivan looks pretty good to me!

Jen Duffy

Girl, that's the swagger wagon! I work with a girl that has one, and we are always talking about just chilling in the back and watching a movie during our lunch break!


Same thing happened to me. (I sigh, as the Honda Odyssey in the garage smirks at me.)

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