39 Weeks

Anytime Now, Fetus




There's a freaking custom-made butterfly mobile here, for crying out loud.


And wall decals. That I will apply more of, so help me God, out of sheer boredom. Your call.


And if you think perfectly-color-and-damask-pattern-coordinated hoot owl toys just HAPPEN, well, they don't. This is nesting OCD driven to the breaking point, baby. 


That's you, through the ages. We're very excited at the prospect of adding some less-blobby-looking portraits to the gallery.


I have every kind of cloth diaper and cloth diaper accessory imaginable


And about four dozen swaddling blankets for you to poop on and/or reject outright.


Slings? Wraps? Pouches? Mei teis? Ergo and Ergo accessories? YOU KNOW IT, HIPPIE.



So you can see, Fetus I Have Nicknamed IKEA, Even Though The Only Things In Your Room That Came From IKEA Are Some Storage Baskets, Hangers And One Throw Pillow, we are ready for you. We have everything your little body could possibly need, and I am literally itching with anticipation at the thought of getting my hands on your little body already to dress and diaper and swaddle and rock and wait a second what's that over in the corner...



(PS. Everything pictured/linked here was bought and paid for by me and my own self, save for three super-cute diapers from reader Leanne who made and sent them as a gift. Everything else is either stuff I personally use, love, highly recommend and/or recently purchased in a fit of I AM COPING WITH MY GRIEF THROUGH THE POWER OF CUSTOM ORDERS ON ETSY.) 



What a beautiful nursery. Im all peaceful just looking at it. :)


I love it - looks so calming! And cozy. I'd like to snuggle up with that owl.


Cue the bumpers in the crib are a death-trap trolls in 3,2,1....

But I LOVE this nursery, it makes my 43 year old shriveled ovaries hurt!


Gorgeous! Maybe when I get back from my long weekend there will be news! Thanks for sharing.


Oh and JASON - get thee to the attic STAT!


There is so much awesome where. What a fantastic nursery!


I am delurking to say that I (myself!) have a purse made out of the same fabric (the beige one? with the orange and the birds?) as that sling...thing...on top of the drawer.

I'm so unreasonably excited that I own something similar to a big name blogger. I'm going to go home and pet my purse.

Also, please have the cute baby soon. I'm living vicariously over here.


Love that nursery...so soothing! I am in love with the butterfly mobile.


Ok, someone help me take this damn Mirena out! I must have a baby now!!!!

Seriously though that nursery is gorgeous!!! And I can't wait to see the gorgeous baby in it!

Ok, going to watch Supernanny clips online and check my tiny, tiny bank balance to remind myself of why we're waiting...


So freakin' cute! I am due Monday, and I thought my nursery was done. But. Now I must. have. the butterfly mobile!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

What a beautiful nursery! Come out baby, we want to meet you!


So, I hate to be the one to say it, but it is totally Jason's fault that the baby hasn't come yet. The kid is waiting for the swing.


Seriously, lady, you gotta stop posting pics of all this ridiculously wonderful stuff that you are making me lust after! Necklaces, adorable owls, mobiles. Cut it out now!

Very, very cute nursery. My ovaries started jumping around just looking at it.

Emily D

Nooooo!!! Not the unstoppably adorable pictures of the perfectly organized and appointed nursery! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME AMY!? Don't you know I'm at work? At my desk? Where I have ZERO access to ALL THE SHOPPING I need to do to make my nursery look a fraction of as well put-together as yours? DON'T YOU KNOW THAT!?

I am a first-timer with 3 months left in the pregnancy game and I have just now (literally, like, last weekend) started assembling the aforementioned swaddling flannels and hippie sling-a-ma-jigs for my little man-on-the-way.

So far, 90% of my purchases have been eBay or Craigslist. I even accidentally bought a drop-side crib that has been recalled for safety reasons, cuz HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW, but I will be DAMNED if we don't throw some screws in that F-er and use 'er anyway.

Moral of the story: your perfect, serene and adorable nursery gives me a total boner/horrible anxiety, but I suppose most things do these days, so, par for the course?

I can't wait to e-meet your new little man. I will be checking in with marked frequency.

I really do actually appreciate the nursery shots (pregnancy porn) as I spend most of the day trolling the internet for them anyway.


I hope that you immediately sent Jason the link to this post (or showed it to him if he was nearby) so that he could see why he must get into the attic right this minute! Beautiful nursery!


What a lovely room for your baby dual aspect no less, along with the lovely butterfly mobile.
All I have to say is, "Baby, your Mammy has been waiting a long time for you, so get a wiggle on young man!"
Good luck.

cristina t

the nursery is awesome!!! I will be ordering one of the owl pillows! :-)


That is an awesome nursery. I love the owl. Good Luck.


Clearly the baby wants your husband to go and get that part before he makes his glorious appearance. I'd wait too, if I were him:).


Beautiful nursery. One question,though. I hope this doesn't come off wrong, but what makes you think the baby will come or should come sooner than 40 weeks? It's good for him to be in there!


Firstly, I want a mobile like that hanging over my bed. Or Chris Hemsworth. Whichever.

Secondly, I love how Emily put it "e-meet". Totally cute. I can't wait to e-meet this little guy either. I wish I could e-smell his head too....

Third. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. I have that same swing. I would be happy to mail Jason random swing parts with talk-bubble post-its all over it. Anonymously, of course. Ya know, SCARE him into the attic. Just a thought.


Butterfly Orb! I just hung one up in my daughter's nursery on Tuesday! And I also just ordered a fingerprint keychain from Janessa, thanks to your link, so...that's weird, is all I'm saying.

The nursery's gorgeous.



I love that! Come on baby, get your booty earth-side!


I feel kind of guilty now for not having a nursery...like, at all.

And I'm 3 days away from the 37 week mark. You're making me feel like such a failure for not having those fun "nesting" moments yet.

Oy vey.


Etsy! Why didn't I think of that? I am coping with my grief through Target and today, fireplace doors. Etsy would have been much more fun. I shall have to redirect.




It's actually a good thing that Jason doesn't get the swing ready because otherwise he'd be too perfect and so many readers would be too jealous. This way, it seems he really does have feet of clay like other husbands, such as mine.


@CZ Because a pre-40-weeks appearance (actually, pre-39.5-weeks) is the only way I have a chance at avoiding a third c-section.


Oh my gosh... it's absolutely lovely.


Beautiful nursery, you are sickeningly organized. Do you want me to send you the piece off of our swing. We have two of those swings and I have no plans for babies in the future. I could send it to you and it would arrive at your doorstep in a day or two because we are local. I am not kidding just let me know :)


Wow, what a beautiful nursery. I'm 5 months pregnant and have been dreading the work involved in converting our office to a nursery, but now I'm inspired.


Amy, we have that swing in a closet, rather than the attic, & I will send you the missing piece. Heh.
The nursery looks just gorgeous. Good for you.
Also, when I was overdue, my lawyer friend served The Boy an official eviction notice. I'm not sure if it was that that sent me into labor, but you might want to look into it ;)


Is it too late for me to have another baby just so's I can have that nursery?


Oh, Amy. The nursery is gorgeous! So calming! If let-down can't happen there, it can't happen anywhere!

Now, off to my own nursery to unpack two huge bags of goodies bought, um, a few weeks ago at least. MUST. ORGANIZE. LIKE. AMY.


Being a guy this might stand out a bit. I do love the room and all of your posts are wonderful to read but was curious about your photo collage holder thing. Could you tell me where you found that?

Big Gay Sam

tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

Big Gay Sam

As a gay man I have to say that your baby's room is FABULOUS. /campy


ummm yeah hi can i see a picture of your home office because you have mad design skills and I want to copy!!
I love the nursery. I will be archiving this so I can copy when I finally get pregnant


I am totally thrilled that your nursery is painted the same color as my kid's was. Now that he's a big boy, brother wants blue, but I miss that green. Also, is it wrong that I'd like that mobile for my bedroom? It looks like a cloud of butterflies.


Wow, that room is GORGEOUS. My fetus is extremely jealous of yours.


Beautiful nursery! I am in LOVE with that butterfly mobile. My youngest child just turned 13. But I am thinking of buying that mobile and hanging it over my own bed!!


I just want to go on record as saying my money is on "Hamilton"

Also, your nursery ROCKS, momma!


I just want to go on record as saying my money is on "Hamilton"

Also, your nursery ROCKS, momma!

LD's Mom

It would be pretty funny if you took up all your readers' offers to send you the swing part and you had a bunch of them arrive at the house.


Now I am kicking myself for not going with an owl theme for the new baby, even though said baby doesn't even have a nursery, just a nook in our bedroom...I love owls. DANGIT.

Lauren at CookiesKids.com

Gorgeous nursery!

I'm sure it'll be quite occupied some time soon. :-)


Whatever it takes. AND it's beautiful. AND I'm freaking out for that butterfly mobile. I love that thing.


O. M. G.!! That room is soo freaking cute! =) The mobile is the coolest, most imaginative thing ever! Love the decals and butterflies on the walls. That baby doesn't know what he's missing! LOL!


@Val - I know! I can't believe the bumpers haven't inspired more ire yet. Especially because I love making things EVEN WORSE by explaining that the bumpers hardly matter because...we co-sleep. HEADS GO BOOM NOOOO.

(For the record, I do take the bumpers out once they actually pose a danger to a moving-around-baby. They're just...so pretty, at first!)

@Emily D I should remind you and everybody else that I had a HUUUUGE head start this time, because this room was already a nursery. Ezra just moved out a few months ago. It was a pretty boring nursery because I didn't do much to it last time (hell, it was already painted that color when we moved in and JUST SO HAPPENED to match our existing bedding and stuff), but still. (I think I was still smarting from having to leave Noah's nursery behind when we moved, so I refused to get too worked up over it.) Anyway, between that and the fact that I already owned 99% of everything we needed this time, it was much easier to spend all my nesting/shopping time on the fun little non-essential extras. Nothing like trying to convert an office into a nursery or start from scratch with furniture or anything. THAT'S HARD.

Also: I really do get genuinely insane in the last couple months, beyond what I think is "normal" for pregnant women. The rest of my house is a disorganized, half-assedly decorated dump, I swear.

@Jeff - The photo frame thing was a random find from Pier 1.


Etsy should be treated as a controlled substance with pregnant women. Highly addictive, known to result in serious withdrawals.


Holy shit. You pulled all that off with 2 preschoolers around? I would crawl under my bed in shame if it weren't already full of junk under there.


The nursery is absolutely, totally adorable! Just beautiful!

Andrea Hogan (in Australia)

I was due first! let me birth first! so over it.

nursery looks amazing :)


It is lovely Amy - truly lovely. I can't wait to see this little guy! Sending you lots of good labor/birthing vibes.

yolanda vasquez

Wow! I was NOT that organized with baby #3. Go you!


Holy shit that is gorgeous. I want to sleep there. And he'll be so peaceful in the swingexceptuntilhefallsthefuckout! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ATTTTTTTTTICCCCCCCCC NOWWWWWWWWWWWW (you know that swing is gonna be magically put together when you bring him home, though, not a minute before, right?)


Man, Amy. Your nesting power is so strong that I'm fighting nesting urges for you. Here are some onesies I didn't buy you:
In response to OldNavyBruhaha:

Sparklecorn (would have bought this FOR SURE if there was any chance Jason'd let the baby wear it):

And - not an owl, but colors work with nursery:

NO interest in another kid of my own, but I think I'm pining for a niece or nephew!


gorgeous nursery. wow. i am so jealous. :) lol. we're done. but since we haven't taken permanent action on that plan and should we have an "oops! i guess we're not done after-all" baby....i totally want to have a decked out, gorgeous nursery too.

die Frau

It looks TERRIFIC. We have no hangers...do I need hangers?


Seriously, it's beautiful. We're lucky enough to have my husband's cousin offer as his gift to paint a mural on the wall, although we do not have gorgeous little decals.

Your title reminds me of Phoebe from Friends right before she knew she was pregnant:

"Are you in there, little fetus/
In nine months will you come greet us/
I will...buy you some Adidas...."

Totally rambling comment. I'm three weeks away myself. You understand.

maggie may

don't even TALK to me about ETSY. dont' EVEN. oh my god.

Backpacking Dad

Oh my god, you're pregnant?????



The nursery is really lovely. I harass my now 11 year old fairly often about his late arrival on earth.....

Good luck!


OMG, I am in love with that nursery. Seriously, you could run a business decorating nurseries.

And, that butterfly mobile, OMG I need one for myself.


Hey look, you are all ready, aside to Jason - FIX THE DAMN SWING!!!!! At least you have a fixed 'end' date. Back in the day when I was expecting my first, I was small like you and I had to wait to 43 weeks before the consultant agreed to induce! Comment when my poor half-starved baby with no waxy layer and a dried out piece of leather for a placenta was dragged out, totally exhausted, on the end of a pair of forceps, -'oh this one's a little overcooked!' My second son was induced at 41 weeks, there wasn't a third ;-)

It'll be all over soon and you'll be holding that precious little boy in your arms ;-)

London escorts

I love all this Pics. This is such a Very Lovely and Beautiful Pics. your pictures are beautiful as always.


Dude, that's so cool! My 3rd kid was lucky to get a drawer dedicated to just him!!!

Are you still secretly hoping for a girl?

Roulette games

Fantastic Photography. Such a beautiful mosaic of pictures and such a lovely idea as a reminder of photographs you have taken.


Lovely! Are you sure the nickname isn't ETSY?

Jaci @ Ravings of a Mad Housewife

Hahaha! We have that exact same swing! Yeah, just a few important pieces are missing!

It ate rechargeable batteries - or I used it waaaaay to much.

Good luck! Soon, baby! SOON


"Nothing like trying to convert an office into a nursery or start from scratch with furniture or anything. THAT'S HARD."

Bless you for this. EmilyD, I hear you. There's so much we need to throw out (papers) and buy (baby dresser) and reorganize (all of it) yet. At 30 weeks with first baby in a 2BR apt. The nursery will still have two desks and internet stuff at one end, for now.


What a gorgeous nursery. It almost makes me want to have another baby, except, you know, then I'd have to be 80 weeks pregnant again. Hope your darling makes it up to you by being an excellent sleeper.


Oh I love you. "Bites knuckles" made me chuckle. Does it seem strange to you that strangers love you and want to be friends?! :) Hang in there-- not much longer!


Awwwww! That nursery is so super cute! I love that Owl. I think I will have to get one for my 2 friends that are pregnant. Thanks for the idea!


Wow, lady! Have you ever considered interior design? Not that the whole writing thing isn't working out for you, but still.
Also, my guess is Caleb. For absolutely no reason. Just throwing that out there for posterity.


I'm due in 10 weeks and we haven't been able to start the nursery yet due to other home projects (ie to make ROOM for the baby) that still aren't done. Will be done in like 4 -6 weeks.

Anyhow I NEED this butterfly mobile (different color of course). Who is the ETSY vendor??? PLEASE SHARE


Yep, pretty sure this kid's name is Etsy. Noah, Ezra and Etsy. So cute. LY

The Mommy Therapy

One year ago exactly I was in your same situation. Ready to burst, literally and emotionally, waiting for my third to arrive. EVERYONE told me she would be early which only jacked with me psychologically and made me even more crazy when she was two days LATE on June 2nd.

I totally feel your pain and vividly remember feeling like I was going to go bananas just waiting for this HUGE event. I know they are easier in than out but enough already!

I was going to link to my posts from this time so you could read someone else going looney with anticipation. Wait...did I just call you looney? I don't think you're looney, just really organized, prepared and READY!

Good luck. I don't think anyone has ever stayed pregnant much longer than the 9 months so you know the end is near-ish.


You KNOW that baby is just waiting for that swing. He's not goin' ANYWHERES 'til that thing is ready for him.



Oh that nursery! I am jealous with want! All your fan club can't wait to virtually meet the little guy. Hang on thru the mind job of the last few days.

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PopMommy Pam

LOVE the nursery. It's so calming. Hopefully you can spend some alone time in there to relax before the baby comes. You are definitely set!


We just put that exact swing in the attic. If only I had seen your post first I would have mailed you the piece!


LOL! I was just looking at the etsy butterfly mobile shop and the prices all increased from $28 to $55+ right before my very eyes! A true advantage-taker!

mommy to 2 blessings

I know I've seen that bedding somewhere but I can't remember where. I've been wanting to change my son's bedding. Where did you get it?

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