39 Weeks


The third trimester of this pregnancy has not been a particularly easy one, and up until...oh, the last 36 hours or so I was perfectly content to chalk most of the unpleasantness up to stress. Everything DID start going downhill right around the time my dad died, what with the false labor and mysterious aches and pains and the throwing up and the weight loss and then a delightful little interlude of "pre-bedrest" and "pre-pneumonia" and "pre-let's-not-panic-here-but-seriously-you-need-to-stop-getting-sick-and-put-some-weight-on."

Then, over the weekend, my hands and feet started itching. And suddenly -- well, "suddenly" after HOURS of unrelenting itching and twitching and scratching and an entire bottle of moisturizer and  -- a lot of things started to make sense. Stress? Yeah, sure, some of it. But also, gallbladder. 

I don't know how long things haven't been quite right in that department. I managed to develop a bunch of the other symptoms of cholestasis of pregnancy (the ones that could also be symptoms of like, 400 other things) before the most common, telltale one, bizarrely enough. But it's not like I'm doubled-over in Upper Right Quadrant Pain or jaundiced or anything. I'm just...pukey and itchy. And...sensitive-like in the Upper Right Quandrant Area. 

And all of these symptoms should correct themselves and go away soon after I deliver the baby. 

Which will happen tomorrow. Baby IKEA's eviction notice will be served right on schedule, first damn thing in the morning. 


Wish us luck. Catch ya on the flip side. 



Hope the feeling completely sucky ends very soon. Can't wait to "meet" baby Ikea!! Thinking of you and wishing you all the best xx


Ahh! Good Luck! I've been following your blog for weeks and I'm so excited to see pictures and hear about how it goes! Sending you positive vibes and energy!


ahhh! it's all of a sudden happening! sending you the best birthin' vibes ever. hope your body feels better asap and i can't wait to meet baby ikea!


I had never heard of that condition, but am so sorry you are going through it!

At that link it says that cholestasis is more common in SWEDISH ethnic groups, maybe this is just baby "IKEA" trying to be more Swede?? ;-) .

In all seriousness, best wishes tomorrow and all of us readers can't wait to hear the news of his name! (Though I was starting to like "IKEA"....).


In the craziness that has been my Tuesday, I completely spaced that tomorrow is June 1st aka Storch Baby Birthday. I will not be able to stop thinking of you tonight and tomorrow. I am on needles waiting to find out what this kid's name will be. (Because I happen to be a big fan of your baby-naming skillz.)(And the way your babies LOOK. Seriously, I am in love with Ezra's cheeks.)

Anywho, all this is to say GOOD LUCK!!!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on some HAPPY! Cuz you deserve some HAPPY right about now!


Good luck and be well. Can't wait to see the new baby boy!!!

Jen L.

Squee! A first-of-the-month baby--how fun! Wishing you smooth sailing and lots of snuggle time. Can't wait to see this little guy!


Praying for all of you! Can't wait to find out the name . . to see if it matches the one I wrote on my calendar. He's getting a great Mom- really admire how you have handled all the situations with big bro and little bro who is now going to be a MIDDLE!! (Warning warning - you will now have a middle!!! Re Jan Brady? LOL)


I'll be praying for you all!
Congratulations on getting to the finish line.


All riiiight! Good luck, sister. Go forth and, uh, be fruitful. That boy better appreciate his aesthetically pleasing nursery, I tell you what.

Kat C

Good luck, Amy! As we say up here in Canada, git 'er done!


Sorry to hear about the gallbladder and hope it all clears up after the birth. But also, woohoooo! Can't wait for the big baby post. You'll be all cuddled up with your tiny baby this time tomorrow. So awesome.

jennifer harris

sending good thoughts into the universe...


I had ICP with my pregnancies, it is misery. It is liver not gallbladder, though they frequently present together. After my first baby the symptoms did indeed clear up almost instantly but I had some random itching for awhile afterward, with the second (symptoms started at 23 wks, that was a joy) I didn't have that problem. Now anything that taxes the liver (tylenol, alcohol etc.) can trigger itching occasionally. So there can be residual symptoms.

Anyway, get that baby out quick and take actigall (studies seem to show that with early delivery and actigall/ ursodiol that the stillbirth risk approaches that of the general population)!
Good Luck and I can't wait to meet little Ikea!

Shannnon @nwaMotherlode

Can't wait to see his little face! Is the swing fixed yet?


Prayers things go gently and easily for all.


Good luck to all of you.

Michelle @ A Little P

Good luck and best wishes!!


Oh, and also, get a prescription for ambien. It is just about the only way to get any sleep with ICP. Use icepacks and only scratch with a plastic coated (soft) bristled brush so you don't break the skin.


hello! sending good vibes, and many prayers for a peaceful delivery for baby ikea.



Good Luck and Best Wishes!!!!!! Brand new baby snuggles and feeling better all at once, sounds great! Enjoy!


HOORAY to the new baby! And HOORAY to you feeling better! Congratulations Storch Family!


Good Luck!! If it makes you feel better at all. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 24 weeks along with my 3rd baby. I still puked up until the morning she was born, but I was not doubled over in pain anymore. Anyway....Can't wait to meet Ikea.


Good luck! Looking forward to "meeting' baby IKEA ;) Feel better soon!


June 1, what a beautiful birthday! We all can't wait to for baby Ikea to say hello. (I hope after this is all over you still have plenty of gall left for your blog!)


Can't wait! Can't wait!!! CAN'T WAIT!!! To see the newest beautiful face to your clan!! You don't need luck! This is old hat by now, but I'll wish it to you anyway! Good luck, sweetie!! I'm so excited and happy and zomg!! Yay for Baby IKEA!

Andrea P.

I have removed myself from "lurker" status to wish you much joy tomorrow as luck is unnecessary. :) I'm sure that you and IKEA will be fabulous. Enjoy smelling that fresh baby head - I sure would.


Good luck!!! Yay for baby IKEA (although I'll be a little sad when that name disappears and is replaced by a real one, it cracks me up every time! But of course very happy for the new addition.)

ccr in MA

Good luck! May all go well.

Mary O

You'll do great! Can't wait to see that baby. =)


Good luck! I had gallbladder issues during and after pregnancy too, they suck! Hope all goes great tomorrow.


Best wishes for a smooth day tomorrow and quick healing of your symptoms! Oh, and of course, for a healthy Baby :) :)


Best of luck tomorrow Amy & family. As a Mother of 3 you have so much to look forward to. The best is yet to come.
Can't wait to hear the good news tomorrow! Best Wishes!!!


YAY for Ikea Eviction Day! Can't wait to see pics of the newest adorable little man in your house. Good luck!


Good luck! The whole internet is very excited. (And yes, I do speak for the whole internet.)


But maybe it was worth it for the punny title? ... maybe not. Baby Ikea is being about as helpful as one a them foreign picture Swedish assembly pamphlets.

We'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts and other such things.


Here's to a healthy baby and fast recovery! Can't wait to see the new little guy, so exciting :) Good luck tomorrow!


Safe delivery, welcome baby Ikea


Good luck! We will be waiting!


Yay! Can't wait! I'll be thinking of you!


Oh and 6/1/11 is a super cool birthday. My 2nd was almost born on 4/1/11-- but came on 3/31/11. 2011 rocks!


Good luck! I can't wait to hear the name and see the picture of your three beautiful boys together.



Sorry for shouting. Kind of excited.


Thinking of you! Go rock that section!


Thinking of you. I can't wait to meet IKEA. :)


Good luck!! Yay for the Ikea baby!


Yay! Good luck! Can't wait to see the photos!


I had cholestasis of pregnancy the second time around, and it sucked. I have scars on my feet from scratching them raw. I would run my hands and feet under the hottest water I could stand to try to ease the itching. I poured straight vinegar over the open sores on my feet, and still they itched. It SUCKED a LOT.

And it can cause bad outcomes for the baby.

Luckily delivery reverses it completely, and within a few hours you'll be fine (if that's what it is).

Have a great baby!


I've loved every post and appreciate so much your sharing this with everyone. Can't wait to "meet" the little guy. Best of luck tomorrow.



Ahhh, best of luck, Amy! We'll all be out here waiting for the news!


Enjoy those blissful 20 or so minutes after the baby is born...that pure joy you feel when you have a child. After that, well....it gets hard. But you know that. Good luck! And really, enjoy!!!


So excited for you! Will be thinking of you and waiting with bated breath for the details! Best wishes.


Good luck to you, baby IKEA and the gall!


Good luck all! Much love!


Congratulations on your new baby!
Here's to a happy, healthy eviction. Good luck!


Excited for you to be on to the next phase - and for us to hear all about it. Thanks as always for sharing so generously and know that all of your "friends" are here for yooouuuuuu.


Oh Amy! You've have the toughest time. I will be praying for you tomorrow. My two boys are about the same age as Ezra and IKEA (Nathan just turned 3 and Daniel is 4 months), so, I dunno, I'm just super excited for you.

Barefoot Liz

Wishing you all the best! I look forward to reading your birth story and seeing pics!


OMG Amy - the eviction is tomorrow? I have been waiting all nonchalant, and now it's here! BOOM indeed! Have a great trip to the hospital! and an uneventful delivery. The itching will become a faint memory, even though right now it feels like it is 'burning' itself in your memory. Thoughts are with all of you (and Jason's back)...


Yay! New Baby! Now I can live vicariously through you and not have another one of my own right now :-) A toddler is quite enough thank you.


Jason, REMEMBER THE BAG in the car!!
Can't wait to meet Hamilton's birth story. And yes i did name your son in my head. thank you very much.


Happy early birthday IKEA!

June 1 is my birthday too - it's a good day to be born! Also pretty perfect as far as schooling goes - you are always the right age for your grade AND your birthday party is during the school year rather than during spring break/summer vacation/Christmas break. Plus - Geminis are awesome.

Good luck tomorrow Amy!


Ouch on the itching!

Contratsts an the coming of the little one. He would seem to have a flair for the dramatic. My mom would put it down to his status as a gemini.

Your babe and I will have a birthday in common. Happy early birthday to the little guy.


I hope tomorrow goes smoothly, best of luck to your entire family! :) We the internet will be waiting very impatiently to hear the new dude made it to the outside world ok!!


Good luck! I wonder how you will sleep - I remember lying awake the night before my induction and... breaking my waters. That solved the "how can I sleep??" problem


Can't wait to meet the Ikea babe.

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

Good luck! Can't wait to see the pics of the newest wee one.


Good luck tomorrow! Will be thinking of you!

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I hope your body feels better asap. You'll be all cuddled up with your tiny baby this time tomorrow. Prayers things go gently and easily for all.


Well, shoot, unbearable itching and eviction notices (I've been pulling for spontaneous labor, because it sounded like you were too.) But yea! Baby! Babybabybaby!


I just started reading your blog since the minivan purchase entry (linked by Rage Against the Minivan), but I have gone back and read through all the archives. Now I feel like I did when Mr StatMom and I first watched Mad Men on DVD and on demand before catching up to the new episodes that were airing. Then it was all "WHAT?!? We have to wait another WEEK to see how Zoey Bartlet is again going to be awesome??? Majorly unfair!?!"

Thanks for being willing to share (some of) your life. I have been thoroughly entertained and touched (not in the bad way -- hew!), and I wish you smooth sailing as you welcome your newest family member.

The Other Elle

Thinking of you!
Keep us posted...


Good luck!


Good luck and happy delivery.

Motorcycle Accessories

You'll be all cuddled up with your tiny baby this time tomorrow. In all seriousness, best wishes tomorrow. That boy better appreciate his aesthetically pleasing nursery.


Hooray today is the day! I have been selfishly hoping that you would VBAC so that you could go first and tell us (cough me) that it can be done. I'm due in two more months and hoping to avoid another section, but also had a moment yesterday where I was all "oh noes what if she names the baby my boy name and then everyone thinks I copied her??" Ah, pregnancy craziness.
Best of luck and can't wait to see pictures of the newest little mister in your life!

mrs. q.

Wishing you a fast, comfortable ride!


Well, that is one perfect looking baby (just saw on Twitter). Can't wait to hear the stats/deets!


Good luck, and sorry about the malfunctioning gallbladder!

Also last night I dreamed you had your baby and his name was Aaron. Looking forward to finding out your real choice!


He is SO beautiful (as are you!). CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Hooray! Welcome, Baby IKEA! (He looks so cute.)


Ugh. I had Cholestasis of Pregnancy, too. And like you it didn't show up until really late in the pregnancy. Luckily I hadn't had a c-section before, so an induction was okay, and we induced on my due date (I literally was 39.something weeks before I had symptoms). It SUCKED. I swear I have itching PTSD. Every time I get any amount of itchiness now I think AAAHHHH CHOLESTASIS!


My BFF suffered with choleostasis for two pregnancies. I am so thankful Baby Ike was done cooking so he could come out without Jason finding you scratching yourself with scissors and letter openers (like I found my friend).

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