Today's No Baby Yet Update
38 Weeks

Praise You Like I Should Even Though It's Like, Soooo Embarrassing

(SPOILER ALERT: No baby yet.)

You know, I've been making fun of my husband a lot around here. And honestly, he probably only, let's say about a third of it. (THE SWING. THE SWINNNNNNGGGGGG.)

The rest is a combination of good-natured ribbing and the natural reaction to seeing your partner up and relatively spry and able to function like a normal human being while you loll around on the couch, grunting like a beached whale, wishing you had the ability to whip other people into a nesting-like frenzy using only the power of your MIND, like, seriously? Would it kill you to install the car seat already? I know you SAY it can wait until the baby is born and you'll do it on the way to pick us up at the hospital but I WOULD FEEL BETTER IF I COULD SEE IT DONE AHEAD OF TIME SO THAT I MAY FUSS AT AND CRITICIZE YOUR ABILITIES IN THE PRIVACY OF OUR OWN DRIVEWAY.

But really, Jason has been so, so great. Flowers for no reason. A constantly replenished stash of my favorite bath thingies from Lush. Back rubs and belly kisses and moving heaven and earth to make sure he never misses a karate class or swimming lesson with the boys because the man just freaking adores his kids and being a dad. He has brought me every possible food item I have craved, from boxed chocolates to ice cream to Indian food to burritos to matzo ball soup to deli pickles to this one fancy kind of imported Italian olive that's really hard to find but he tracked it down and bought two giant jars of them. He's made homemade chocolate pudding and tray after tray of brownies and one time I was like, "mmmm risotto" and BAM, he was up and making me some risotto. 

He's put on more weight than I have, since I always puked up a significant portion of all those delicious, high-fat cravings, and he had no such difficulty. 

And I don't even know where to begin with everything he did for me know. The stuff with my dad. That whole...thing. When my dad died

(Hellooooo mental compartmentalization! Welcome to Topics Amy Hasn't Really Been Dealing With For Awhile That Occasionally Are Like, OH YEAH, FUCK, STILL HURTS LIKE ALL HELL, MOVING ON.)

And! Here's the other thing: Back in January, Jason slipped while carrying Ezra down the stairs. He did that thing you do, when you have no choice but to protect the child in your arms at all costs, and took the full brunt of the fall, smack dab BAM, right in his lower back. 

It never healed, and after MONTHS of getting waved off by various doctors, he got an MRI. Which revealed a pretty significant injury to a couple discs in his back. His doctor advised surgery. Jason said no, he can't have the surgery yet, because I am pregnant and need him. And then I'm going to have a baby and I will need him. So no three-week-recovery period is going to work, just yet. He's been getting by with physical therapy and medications, until the time comes when he decides that I won't need him quite so much. 

(For the record, I told him to have the surgery if he felt he needed it, because clearly he's been in a terrible amount of pain and that sucks and I will ABSOLUTELY SURVIVE. But he prefers to wait and try the less-invasive measures first anyway. Which are working pretty well! As evidenced by his ability to get up in the attic and LOOK FOR MISSING SWING PARTS AT LEAST IN THE HYPOTHETICAL SENSE.)

In other words, my husband is deserving of all kinds of hyperbolic adjectives. But he'd rather me mostly post "funny" stuff about how he's deliberately annoying the crap out of me re: his refusal to get sucked into my wormhole of nesting insanity than get all goopy and embarrassing about him on the Internet.

(Though he DID install all those nice closet organizers. SAINT! HEAVEN-SENT! AMAZING! A GOD AMONG MEN!)

I ordered myself a pair of necklaces a few months ago (during a previously-mentioned Emotional Etsy Rampage). I wanted something with the kids' initials on it, and decided to go with this one from Soul Peaces, with three tiny stars and a crescent moon. And then...I splurged and bought a second version, with just one star, because there are four people I wanted represented. Who deserved to be represented, no matter what other manner of nonsense you may have read about them on the Internet. 


From top, left to right, the stars are stamped J for Jason, N for Noah, E for Ezra and HA HA YEAH RIGHT LIKE YOU'RE GETTING THAT OUT OF ME THAT EASY. 

PS. My very first post is up at Mamadojo, the new companion/trilogy blog-thing to Mamapop and Moxiebird



Maybe it's the nursing mama hormones, but I'm getting all teared up over here.

I'm happy to say my own husband has been amazing when I was pregnant and has done things like "learn how to cook" now that baby is with us so that while I take care of the baby (most of the time), he now takes care of ME. It's amazing and I didn't think I could love him more, but lo and behold, I do.

I'm quite glad you have a similarly wonderful husband. <3


You're both lucky to have each other. Thank you for always being a testimony that somewhere out there people actually recognize and appreciate that. We do need more people like you two just standing above all the bile and hate out there.


What a lovely post!


This is so, so sweet. I love gushy schmoopy posts to accompany the funny.



It is all too easy to take for granted one's Roommate for Life. More of us should write schmoopy posts like these. :-)


Aww. I've been forwarding your posts to my husband, and I'm definitely adding this one.


This reminds me of my relationship (tho I'm not pregnant) in that, they do so many sweet things, are your "rock," and are very considerate -

And yet, still occasionally (or, or is that just me...) you're like why can't you do the ONE THING that I've been obsessing about, and *I* would do it if you asked ME, and arghhhh etc etc.
Ah, marriage. :-)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I commented yesterday about how funny I thought Swing Part Watch 2011 was... But I never in any way thought Jason wasn't totally awesome. And this post just proves it.

You sound like you have such a wonderful family. :-)


I like to post the funny stuff my husband does or says as my fb statuses. Doesn't mean he isn't a great guy who has always been there for me through some really dark times and through all the good ones. But it's more fun to make fun, right?
(Plus we all know what a good egg Jason is. It shines through!)


I heart Jason. Which probably sounds creepy, but he is awesome and I love stories like these.


You COULD just drop the first initial. It's not like saying the name at all!

Also..I am glad that Jason has learned to FEED YOU unlike that one time, last pregnancy, where he just DIDN'T bring home the Chipotle and brought meatloaf mix instead. At least the sweetheart LEARNS!

I love the Necklace. Sentimentality rocks!


Very sweet post.....Jason sounds like a gem.


Unsolicited advice! Yay! (In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I do work for the company that makes the product I'm about to endorse. As a copy editor! Not sales. Try it! Or not!) My dad SWEARS by Baxyl. He used to be a cop and chasing a criminal through the snow one night, he slipped and tore some flammajamma in his knee and messed up a disc in his back. His doctor all but had him on the surgical table this winter, and I got him a bottle of Baxyl to try. Just something to think about! 1-888-521-8867 (I prefer this way so I can talk to you and make my sister infinitely jealous that you and I are tote BFF.) or Also: Not a troll! My name is Amber, and it's 2:07pm.

A Little P

So lovely to know that other wives are as in love with their husbands as I am with mine. What a lucky girl you are to have Jason.

I love the necklace and while I'm not a mama yet, I'd love one of these when I become one.


I think your husband is great if only because he'll let you post embarrassing things or how he's driving you crazy. My hubby is super-sensitive to that stuff and would prefer I never talk about him at all. Which is hard when he's driving me crazy!


Annoying spoiled cow


Awh! Love it. Yay for supportive husbands! And BOO! on the name teaser.


Oh man... willing other people into nesting frenzies with your mind would be the best superpower EVER!


I hope it's A for Abram!!!


G for George. :)

Parsing Nonsense

Good job, Jason!!

The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

I am annoyed that your neck stands up so nicely while mine is a cowl warm enough to survive hell freezing over. ENJOY YOUR YOUTH!


L for Liam! :)


Do you know, I don't even think I'm on a LABOR watch so much as I'm on a BABY NAME watch. I AM SO EXCITED TO KNOW IT.


Yay for you, to have such a sweet Jason in your life! While pregnancy (or motherhood or cravings or... well... life) can be hard, it's so much easier when you have the support of a good husband.


What a wonderful husband and father! Kudos to him!

Suzy Q

Jason's the bestest!


Ah, yay for the hubs! They do come in quite handy when you can't reach your feet, don't they?


Aw, this post almost got me all tested up. And I'm not pregnant or hormonal or any of those excuses. Just a plain ole softy.

I love when you write funny posts about the things Jason dies (or doesn't do) but the great thing about them is that while the text is all "hey, laugh at Jason ignoring my requests" the subtext is always "hey laugh at me and my crazy pregnant woman demands". And anyone who can laugh at themselves - and make it as goddamn amusing as you do - is ok in my book :) xxx


OMG iPhone predictive text!!

*teared up





Jesus Christ!

*gives up*


AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. So sweet!!!! My husband is pretty darn great too but I still think I am going to print this out and show it to him so he has a sense of the standards he should be holding himself to during my last two months of pregnancy.


Love your ability to sum up the whole he drives me nuts, yet here's why he's awesome vibe that goes on.
My burning question is what lengths are the 2 chains? My other favourite necklace is the one with the kids names stamped on discs. The idea of one that includes their Dad, but in a different way, is awesome


Please post an entry everyday because each time I log on in the morning and I don't see a new one, I think, "Amalah's in the hospital" and then I obsessively check your website to see if you've updated and are or are not in the hospital.



Super sweet, Amy.


G for George :)


You guys are so sweet together.

S for Seth! :)


Oh, yeah, go ahead, post the inital and watch all go nuts like a bunch of name-guessing piranhas.
Zebediah, I'm telling you, Zebediah.

Springsteen fan

So glad you are surrounded by so much love, your moon and stars. And yes, totes G for George or GH.


awwwwyeah. good thing to read first thing in the morning.


Doesn't this just make you so proud of yourself for being smart enough to love & marry him? :o) I love this post...thanks for being a bright spot in my day. It's heartwarming to hear about dads like Jason.


I've heard about those kind of husbands. So far, I've only test driven one husband and had to return him as he was defective. Next time, Imma get me a Jason!


J for Jason, N for Noah, E for Ezra and HA HA ...

... HA HA HAnk? HArry?? HArold???


I'm gonna go with Abe or Jude.


Awwww, yay for nice husbands. What a nice guy. Great post. :)


You are clearly married to a good man. Go Jason! (Go Amy, too!)


What's up with the baby pic on Jason's Twitter?? Hmmmmmm??


Morning 2 of no baby update? I'm wondering if congratulations are in order!


BABYYYYY where are you? I'm sure he's born by now, hope all went well!


Like several other commenters, I'm not pregnant or nursing or otherwise hormonal, but I'm all teared up over here anyway. Jason's a total ninja, and I wish him the best results with his back, surgical or non-surgical. And all soon-to-be (or possibly already since you haven't posted in a couple days?) five of you awesome new-family-member bonding time!!

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It's Such a So embarrassing. I have read all the Information regarding this and i am really very sad after reading this embarrassing Moment.

Elizabeth @ Table for Five

To quote Kat above, "Please post an entry everyday because each time I log on in the morning and I don't see a new one, I think, "Amalah's in the hospital" and then I obsessively check your website to see if you've updated and are or are not in the hospital." I am ridiculously excited to meet your new baby! Also? Jason is just plain awesome.


Aw, you two are cute.
Are the olives the very green, meaty ones? I love those too!
Can't wait to hear baby news!


That happened to Jim as well.. on the stairs he slipped and fell but held onto C so she wasn't hurt. But his lower back.. not so good. Thankfully I still had leftover pain killers from the C-section to give to him. You know it's bad when he's telling me that he isn't sure that the P pills are really helping the pain at all. He thankfully didn't need surgery but it took about a year to heal and still even now he'll feel it. Sorry though. That sucks. I hope his recovery isn't too long.


Yeah backs are crappy to heal. Hubby slipped on a patch of ice on our landing while holding Liam. Broke a rib, hurt his wrist and dislocated part of his tailbone. Liam was fine, but afraid of the stairs for a good week after that. And we're still dealing with getting time off for the rib to at least heal a little.

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A word of mom had 2 back surgeries when I was growing up, for ruptured discs...15-20 years later, she still has back problems & wishes she never had either surgery. Have you heard of prolotherapy? It's kind of a holistic approach, but I've heard it works wonders (boyfriend's mom is going through it, so I've heard about it 1st hand...)...only problem is, most insurance companies won't cover it. So, if you can swing the cost, it might be worth a shot, before diving into surgery! :)

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