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Love to you.


Yes, I do know. I lost my daddy to cancer on 10/15/06. I feel for you on this first father's day without your daddy. It gets easier, though it's never easy.

kim at allconsuming

Fuck cancer indeed. So hard. So sad. Give those boys of yours an extra hard squeeze today. Hold them close. It doesn't make it any less hard or painful, but it will keep you going.


My house is quiet, all are asleep (even the darned dog!) Just happened to see this.

I am so sorry, Amy. So sorry. Hug all of your boys tight today.

And a hug to you from me.


Yep. I know. I'm sorry.


Boy, do I know.

First Father's Day without mine, too. I feel like a shit wallowing when I should be focusing on my hubby, who's an awesome dad.

Hope your boys help you through this hard day.


I'm so sorry Amy. Sending hugs via the internet.

Lindsay Evans

Hugs to you. Love on those boys today. ;)


This is the 12th fathers day without my dad.. I hear ya sistah. *HUGS*


this is a very sad day for us too Amy. This is our first father's day without my husband's grandfather. I knew it would be hard but that damn sure doesn't make it easier. My heart and prayers are with you.


Aw, damn. I can't really say anything that won't sound sad and trite. Go get your kids and snuggle together on the couch with Jason. And eat lots of chocolate. It won't take the pain away, but that and the smell of a new baby's head will probably really help keep the sadness at bay.


me too :-(


I do know. My father is gone too. Love to you today.


Thinking of you.


I'm so sorry Amy. Hugs to you.


Thinking of you today, Amy.


I know. This is my fifth Father's Day without my dad, and I still miss the phone call. Thinking of you.


Hey Amy I lost my dad @ 17 so yeah I know as well as all these others have said but that doesn't make it any easier for you knowing that... Hugs from someone who was honored to meet you all those years ago before you had your babes ;)


I'm so sorry. I'm thinking of you.


I absolutely do know .... Thinking of you today, Amy.

PopMommy Pam

Thinking about you and hoping you have some major snuggle time with all your awesome boys today.

Jennifer Moran

So sorry. Hugs to you all on this bittersweet day.


I was about to call my dad and the thought struck me to check in on you today. Sending you hugs.


So many warm thoughts. (Remember, between you and your boys, you have 1-1/4 of your dad. )

ccr in MA

Yes, me too. Be good to yourself today.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Thinking of you today.


Hang in there. As someone else said, it gets easier, but is never easy. For the phone call, I just start talking to him out loud as I drive down the street. So now I just look like the crazy lady who talks to herself.


I skipped calling my Mommom today (I do every Sunday), because I don't get to ask to talk to Poppop.


sigh~ I am sorry for you. Happy Happy Day to Jason, bittersweet as it is.


So sorry. It's been over 30 years since I lost my Daddy to cancer, and I still miss him so much.


Hugs and thoughts going out to you. I don't even know what you're going through, but I'm sorry.


Thinking of you.


I am also missing my Dad who past away over 5 years ago...thinking of you.


Hugs, hugs, hugs to you. This is my first Father's Day without my father, too, because of that fucking cancer.
It was so hard helping my kids pick out cards for their daddy this year. I stood in Walgreens and got all teary.
It sucks.


I'm so sorry.


Yes, I know. And even though we've never met, I am thinking of you today. I lost my dad in August of 2009 and I miss him terribly so I know you are missing yours probably even more so...if that is even possible.


::hug:: I wish I didn't know, but I do. Take care of yourself today.


I freaking hate cancer. Hugs. Big big giant ones.


I do know. I'm sorry. These Hallmark holidays suck for this very reason. It's a hard day for so many people.


We lost my father in law the same day you lost your dad, to cancer as well. It has been a rough day here. I hope that the boys are keeping you focused on the wonderful memories they will have with their dad, just like you memories of your father.


This is my first father's day without my dad. He died of cancer at the end of June last year. It is really tough. My thoughts are with you.

Kathy W

I do know. I lost my Dad last Sunday.


Everyone said firsts are the hardest. I lost my Mom in March and had my first Easter, Birthday and Mother's Day without her.

Now my first Father's Day.


Lisa Ann

Trust me, I know. I lost my dad in 11/00 and it still hurts. Which doesn't help you much, other than to know you are not alone.


I definitely know.



Thinking of you today.


I am so sorry...I do know. I lost my dad to fucking cancer in 1994. I hate this holiday bc it just reminds me of what I have been cheated out of, a man I love dearly. My poor husband doesn't get much of a holiday on this day. Squeeze all your boys. Hugs to you.


Lost my dad to cancer on Father's Day 2003. Lost my husband to cancer in 2006. Fuck cancer indeed. And I'm not too fond of Father's Day either. My kids have no dad and no granddads and it's just a sucky day for us.

drowsybutawake (Compa)

I know. This is my second Father's Day without my dad. My first was spent at his memorial, which had gotten postponed because I went into labour the night before the original memorial date. I'm right there with you. We're gonna make it through ok.... but what a mixed up day.

Lori McBride



I do know, and it sucks. This is my first fatherless Fathers day too. I am so thankful that my husband understands, but I still feel like a shit.


I am sorry:(


I'm so sorry


My father died May 8. Colorectal cancer. He was in no physical pain until the very last day, but the mental anguish was horrible. Two plus years of a life of doctors, tests, surgery, recovery, radiation, chemo...having to stay near a bathroom 24/7. It was not life. It was slow death. Then the stroke in November. He couldn't walk. He cried at having to be in a cage (the hospital bed we put in the den). He just wanted to walk. That's all he wanted. Then the mental deterioration; in and out of awareness, not ever coming to grips with what was happening. Asking us one day, "what is happening to me? what is wrong with me." How do you answer that question?

I miss you, Joe. You were a good guy and a great dad.


I do know... I lost my daddy November 17 of last year... this is my first Father's Day without him. it followed his 76th birthday on June 1. I wonder if this ache will ever ease... I know it's absolutely ZERO consolation but please know that you're not alone...


It's almost 18 years since my dad died of mesothelioma at the relatively young age of 65. It still feels wrong not to have a Dad, but it isn't so painful now.


2nd Father's Day without my dad and my mom just diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Oy. I hate being a grownup sometimes. Love to you.

Plano Mom

I couldn't look yesterday. Because I'm part of the club too. The only club I would prefer remain exclusive. I've been a member since I was 19, 29 years ago.

It doesn't get better, it just gets easier. Hang in there, and know you have people thinking of you.


I am so sorry for everyone who was missing someone special this Father's day. After reading the other comments, I wish I could hug all of you. Instead, thank you for reminding me to cherish the time spent with my Dad while I can.


Some years are harder than others. This one was really hard for me too and it's been 6 years. So sorry for you. Do internet hugs count? Because I'm sending you one... or a thousand.


so sorry. :(


Holidays and special days like father or mother's days can be tough. It has been a few years since my mother died, and now I find myself getting cranky and not really realizing why until it hits me, that it is her birthday, or mother's day. It does get easier.


Me too Amy -- first Father's Day without my dad. Last night I kept wondering why I felt as if there was something I'd forgotten to do. Then I remembered.

It's supposed to get better, right?


Awww, sweetness, you were definitely, definitely on my mind yesterday.


Ditto! It was my first one too...xo

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