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i have gotten absolutely nothing done today.

i mean, besides keeping three children alive and clothed and mostly fed (APPLESAUCE AND AMERICAN CHEESE SLICES ARE TOTALLY A REAL LUNCH, WHAT?) and making sure nobody's eyeballs got poked out.

i did scrub pee off a chair in the dining room and then brushed some vomit out of my hair. you can hardly see either now.

(not sure about the smells, though.) 

oh, and i folded some diapers. and put some clothes in the dryer.

i think. did i? i might have hallucinated that last part.

anyway. point is: it's pure totally-outnumbered survival mode over here, plus lots and lots of wonderpets.

and it's all this one's fault, pretty much.

Photo (42)

(s'okay though. am granting him a pass on account of noshable cheeks.)



Serious baby is serious. (It's time to conscript those other youngins into service. Mommy needs help, yo!)


In Latin America most moms make their older kids take care of their young ones. That's like totally okay, no?


At least Ezra and Noah have each other to play with! Even if it's mostly fighting.


Man, he's so cute. I don't think I would get much done either. Too busy just looking at that sweet face & smelling that sweet baby head.


Keeping 3 children alive is more work than I've done at my job all day. Keep up the good work. :)


Awwww! Turtle face :)

Parsing Nonsense

It gets easier! (Or so I'm told.) You can do it!




Wonderpets? This is serious.


You are doing all that you can reasonably be expected to be doing, and doing it quite well, I'm sure. It cracked me up that the whole post was in lowercase. Also, Ike's cheeks kill me, almost as much as his little tucked-in lip. Ezra 2.0!




That's probably more than I accomplished yesterday, but my baby is 11 year old... he also has noshable cheeks, but he's 11 so I must use restraint. =)


Hey, first you made life, now you are keeping said lives alive. YOU WIN. I'm exhausted just reading about it.


Usual lunch here: applesauce, string cheese and those dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets that you pop in the micro for a few secs (totally counts as cooking). And I refuse to look at the "nutrition" information because then I might feel too guilty about serving them.


Man I'm preg and now I need to consume American cheese right away or I will die.


The kids will live on whatever foodstuff you give them. Laundry will get done, or not. All of it can be ignored because there will come a time when they are all out of the house, and you will give ANYTHING to have these days back.


Gosh, he's so dang cute. Totally worth it. Tomorrow is another day.


He's so cute. I think it is adorable the way all three of your boys look just alike. :)


All hail the power of the Wonderpets. For realsies.

And yes, NOM NOM NOM.

C @ Kid Things

Aw, his fingers are still all wrinkly. I have 3 kids, too, and every day just keeping us alive is an accomplishment.


You are bringing back some great memories! Nothing like having a newborn.


Excellent! And you brushed your hair too? Good job!


Oh my! He is just soooo cute! And the cheeks are totally noshable.

mrs. q.

Nom nom is right. That photo made me ovulate.


Love the all lowercase style. It's called: my other hand is stuck under a sleeping baby and I can't hit the Shift key!! (except for the Caps Lock, then I'm good).

Loretta S.

And the way he keeps sucking in that bottom lip when he sleeps. Just cuteness!


I only have two, and there were times shortly after the arrival of the second when I counted my day's accomplishments as everybody was fed and nobody was covered in feces. You get extra credit for laundry!


I love how he always has his lower lip sort of sucked in under the upper lip. And those precious hands!

You're right. Cheese slices on their own are a meal, but add applesauce and it's gourmet cuisine at its best. You are a wonderfully organized Mama.


I'm pretty sure keeping three children alive and fed (and that is a perfectly respectable meal--it's way better than my lunch...) for a whole day is accomplishment enough. ;)


Totally edible cheeks! (Btw- Nature's miracle-a non toxic citrus based cleaner sold at pet stores (!!!) is really awesome for those pee-poop-vomit incidents. )


I love it how babies start out with the old man hands. I really do. And those perfect cheeks. And those eyebrow place-holders.


Good job, mama. Don't eat him all, though, save some for later.


Yeah...wonderpets...the reason 6 of the 7 members of this household walk around singing "Underpants, Underpants, they're in the way...I didn't pull 'em down when I peed today..." (It gets worse from there.)


That probably makes more sense when you understand that we're in potty training mode....


AND you posted. So, go you! Also,I have hallucinated about laundry many times.


get some disposable diapers. try and minimize your work where possible and spend the time with the kids. they will grow so fast and don't care about the mundane stuff.


Plus: American cheese is completely PATRIOTIC. So.

The Mommy Therapy

Ahhh...survival days. I'd say you did a lot!

Keep up the fantastic work!


"What's gonna work? Teamwork!"

And in my opinion, applesauce and American cheese is a totally passable lunch. You're outnumbered...it's just about making it through the day alive, and hopefully avoiding the ER!


If no one starved to death, lost a limb or got lost by the end of the day - you WIN! No excuses necessary for the stuff you didn't cross off your list. :)

Donna P

Are the animals still around? (You know, purse dog and cat)

The little man is so worth it. Enjoy!


The turtle face? Yeah, it kills me.

bethany actually

What are you TALKING about, got nothing done!? You're keeping one child alive solely with milk that your body is producing, and keeping the other two alive and relatively happy at the same time. You're doing a million things at once.


BUT oh my god THEY are SO worth it.


There were some days that I didnt even brush my teeth or hair. I totally understand. Good times, Good times!

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