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Heartbreak In A Cup


My hospital cup -- the new one, the one I spent close to nine months dreaming of and plotting over, the one I looked forward to stealing like nothing else in the room save for those sexy mesh granny panties -- mysteriously cracked overnight in a good three different places, then flooded the top drawer of my nightstand and NOW I DON'T HAVE A SECOND SPARE HOSPITAL CUP ANYMORE, AFTER ALL THAT I WENT THROUGH JUST TO SCORE A FREE SECOND SPARE HOSPITAL CUP IN THE FIRST PLACE. 


NOW what am I supposed to do? Have another whole baby just to get another cup? I mean, they are such great cups, you guys. 30-ounce capacity! With a lid and a straw and a handle! You'd get irrationally attached to this cup too, I bet. 

And now it's useless, because I guess I put too many ice cubes in it, or something. 


So the baby is officially my only hospital souvenir left, besides the aforementioned mesh panties, two dozen giant sanitary pads, some waterproof bed-pad thing, one plastic squirt bottle, a pack-and-a-half of newborn diapers, three things of wipes, a six-pack of formula, one nasal aspirator and a rectal thermometer. ALACK AND ALAS. 

P.S. I was *thisclose* to titling this entry "One Girl, Two Cups" but then I didn't, because that would be kind of gross. But then I told you about the gross almost-title anyway. But I figure easily squicked out people probably stopped reading sometime around the second mention of mesh granny panties and foot-long sanitary pads anyway. Childbirth! Magical and beautiful and thoroughly effing disgusting. 



There's gotta be a hospital supply website that sells these things. Of course, part of the beauty is probably from it being free, right?


Um, sweetie? You can get one just like it at Baja Fresh.


Thank you so much for forcing the Two Girls One Cup memory upon me (maddeningly bashing my forehead into keyboard now; make. it. get. out!)

But -- maybe the cup has an invisible timer that causes it to spontaneously crack after it's been away from the hospital for a certain period of time. Kind of like the grocery carts that lock when all you want is to get the damn food to the car, not steal the entire friggin' cart.


You know, I say 'Alack and alas' in my head a lot, but haven't seen it written out in YEARS! So thanks for that. (I may have just outed my dorkness to the Internet. Again.)
I hope you find another magical cup soon!


This entire post, just LOL!

P.S. I planned a home birth and thus did not plot to take home hospital goodies. However, when I transferred to a hospital I remembered the wise words of Amalah to "take anything that isn't nailed down". I didn't get an awesome cup, but we are still using the little sheet things on the changing pad, and I still have a couple of sponges with the soft bristles on one side that are nice for combing baby hair.


Uh I almost choked from laughing when I read this because I was drinking out of MY hospital cup from when I had my baby. They are awesome-just like cute lil Ike!


I didn't know Ike was a Lady Gaga fan.


I didn't get a magical cup at the hospital, and it was the one thing I was really hoping to score, besides you know, the take home baby.

I may have been known to pout about said lack of cup on more than one occasion.


Yeah, my daughter's almost 3 years old, and I still hold onto that thing like it's the Holy Effing Grail....Someone tries to steal that, and I'll cut a bitch! Needless to say, I'm deeply saddened by this.


Get thee to a Bed, Bath and Beyond and get a Tervis Tumbler with a lid and detachable handle stat. My tervis changed my life. Well, not really...but it's an awesome cup. It has insulation properties that would put the hospital cup to shame.


I LOVE my hospital cup. I don't want to ever be in a bloody coma again though, so I'm happy with just the one. My parents think it's TOTALLY MORBID that I kept it, but C'MON! 32 oz with a straw and a handle!

PS: that babalah is delicious.


With the first baby, I took very little, leaving behind the cup. I just didn't understand how wonderful it is.

Since bringing home the one I got with baby #2, I've been amused to see them when I visit other people's houses.


My sister and brother-in-law won't let anyone TOUCH their cups from the hospital. I picked one of them up once to retrieve a magazine from underneath it and my sister shrieked like I'd dropped the baby. The baby is two now, and he's learned you don't touch Momma and Daddy's cups.


I am SO glad that someone else shares my obsession with the magical-hospital-cup-that- you-only-get-when-you-birth-a-baby!!!! I think that's its real name anyway. My "baby", the one I earned the cup for birthing, is now almost 4. My cup is cracked and on its last leg for sure. Too bad I have to actually have another human child to get a new one. Heartbreaking. But tempting........


I hate when my favorite drinking vessels break. Its like losing that old holy sweater that looks awful but feels wonderful.

Completely unrelated:

Ike is a beautiful baby with the most piercing eyes I have ever seen.


My husband calls it the Baby Mama Mug and was all excited because we had 2 of them in my room this time! Unfortunately, the hospital changed supplies and the lid didn't stay on very well. He was seriously sad about that.


I need that cup now so I can stop sending my poor husband to the kitchen to refill my water glass... shouldn't some pharmaceutical or diaper company use them for advertising and hand them out at OB offices?

Walkingborder (Karen)

Um, not that I recommend this, but you get the same cup, basically, if you get committed to a mental ward. Or really, admitted to any hospital for a stay for any reason.


I love those cups and steal them every time I'm in the hospital. I had 5 until my husband decided that was too many.


I love those cups and steal them every time I'm in the hospital. I had 5 until my husband decided that was too many.

Parsing Nonsense

I'm sorry to hear about the cup's demise. The baby's still a pretty good souvenir, though.


You could buy a new one for about 3 of the best dollars you will ever spend: Seriously, so worth it.

And the baby? GORGEOUS.


I am still using my hospital cup from my stay with my almost 16 month old. I CAN NOT WAIT to get a second one when number two pops out in September. I love the first one dearly and hate to part with it even long enough for it to be washed. The loss of yours is a total tragedy.

Also? Ike is adorable.


I forgot my hospital cup in the room when we were rushing to leave! I was so disappointed - how was I expected to stay hydrated without it? I could've used one last fill-up of crushed ice too. Not to mention the fact that the nurses refused to get more of those pads because they had to go across the hall to ask the L&D people and I was running out towards the end are really the biggest injustices in my hospital stay.


Um, I LOVED the mesh undies and it was the best part of my second miscarriage, which sounds much more morbid than it is. But I was able, through the magic of Suffering, to ask for multiple extra pair and now, I have a secret drawer full of them for future pregnancies and/or future (fingers crossed!) actual births.

I didn't GET a good cup when I had Sam, but I gave birth in the most spare hospital anywhere, so ...


I don't remember any nice cups at my hospital. Guess I gotta get me to Bed,Bath & Beyond, because my factory is closed.

Very sweet baby!

Kat hospital sells them in the gift shop for $5...


Ha ha. I actually got attached to the plastic squirt bottle.

Mary Stewart

Delurking, to tell you that I have a collection of these cups. I would be happy to send you a replacement cup (but you should probably use your own straw). I still use mine everyday and I scored two when I had my daughter because she was the 100 baby born that month. Of course, we were hoping for a year supply of diapers,but all we got was an extra cup,SCORE! I have also collected them from all the hospital stays of family members. I will say they are not as well made as they used to be (cir.2006), the last few I have gotten just aren't the same so it's not surprising that it already cracked. Mine doesn't come with a cute baby (well it did) but you are more than welcome to one if you can't find another.


Oh, just imagine all the lovely search engine trolls that are going to come out of the wordworks for the keywords in the this post. Mwahahahahaha!


i would TOTALLY have another baby for a new cup. seriously, we live for those cups in my house.


Man, I loved my hospital cup. I didn't get it at delivery though. I got it one time when they said I was dehydrated and wouldn't let me leave until I downed a whole container of water.

I left it somewhere a few months after my son was born.

*sniff* I still miss that cup...


I would be tempted to send a cute husband over to the maternity ward to speak to the nurses there, saying that his wife was post-partum and was having a little freak-out about the destruction of her cup, and could he possibly buy a few of the cups to surprise her.

PopMommy Pam

Oh, I still have my hospital cups too! I love them so much. I feel your pain. Just look at your CUTEST BABY EVER.


I used my hospital cup for 2 years. Oh yes I did. Husband thought I was crazy, but oh well.

I believe I would send someone for another one (insert sad puppy eyes here). Or be really, really nice to a nurse friend and try to get another one or four of the cups.


They must not make those things like they used to. I still have my hospital cup from when I was in with maybefalsemaybenot, letmeputyouonsortabedrest labor with my now-seven-year-old and they actually GAVE me one to take home to make sure I stayed super hydrated to help with the whole not having the baby a month and a half early thing. And lo, it has seen much use, and been dropped many times, and survived many trips to the zoo, and yet it looks the same as the day it came home.

Suzy Q

Ike with the monster Gaga paw is too cute!

Sorry about your cup. I lost my fave eyebrow pencil this morning, and I AM INCONSOLABLE as, of course, it has been discontinued. Wah.


Wait, will somebody explain the lure of the cup? Clearly I'm missing something, but I'm not a fan of big or sporty-type cups generally.


Huh. I don't remember any such cup (did get the mesh panties, the bed pad, and all that), but I am about to go back for round two, so I'll keep my eyes peeled.


Oh my god Amy! I wanna put you on my baby registery list. Under the "must have" section.


Amy, if you're certain you don't want to have another baby for another cup (why not? you guys make CUTE babies!) you can always go to my source of huge mugs: 7-11. I'm currently working an EXTREME GULP mug for 52 fl oz of watery goodness. :)

PS: Did I miss the story of the first time the boys met the baby?

silly me

If DearH cannot get a 'sympathy for PP problems extra cup ... which idea I think is brilliant ... Then looking at your crew of three I definitely believe you should go for child number 4.


OMG, I am so looking forward to getting my hospital cup when i finally push this one out. It's the best delivery system for all that water you need after sweating out all the sexy pregnancy-hoarded fluids!


Don't be jealous, but I got two of them. All I had to do was have my son be transferred to a NICU in a different hospital. silver lining? of course, my husband seeing the glory that is the hospital cup claimed one of them because "hey - you already have one". oh well.


I have 8 children. I've had over a dozen of those cups over the years.

But they crack and become discolored. Or, someone takes it outside and fills it halfway with dirt to plant coffee beans to make a coffee tree (the fate of one). I wouldn't be shocked if I went to my husband's office and he had one. I guess he's entitled.


My hospital didn't give me a cup. I dreamed of that cup for ten months plus an extra damn week, and I only got a stupid flimsy pitcher with a lid that snapped off the morning we went home, and a stack of styrofoam cups. I'm still bitter.

Is one o those giant gas-station cups even remotely close?


God, I loved those cups.


I'm sitting at work using my giant hospital cup RIGHT NOW! Helpfully, it lists "101 Ways to Praise Your Child," which makes for good worktime entertainment. Remarkable job. Beautiful sharing. What a good listener.


Whew. For a good half of this entry, I thought that cup was for PEEING in (had one birth overseas and one at home so I do not know about these things!). I might go to the hospital next time just for the cup. Got a 7-11 nearby?


My heart hurts for you. Although this post does renew my bitterness that I didn't get a cool cup when I had my third. I'm still using the one from when I had my second. And he's 5. Menorah Hospital of Kansas City has the BEST cups.


I still cracked up at the alternate title!

Mama Bub

BOTH of my hospital issue cups have broken. In fact, one broke before I even left the hospital, but I was too shy to ask for a new one. I've been kicking myself for that one for a year. I've tried to find them online, but have come up short. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but the last time I looked on Amazon, they were like $30, which, just, no.


This is hilarious, because I just went through this myself! My cup JUST LIKE THAT died IN THE SAME PLACE recently, after 2 years. I LOVED THAT CUP, and because I had twins, got to snag TWO of them! They both died. I was traumatized. I'm still trying to find a good replacement.

My husband says we should write a long, tear-jerking letter about the loss we recently experienced, along with pictures of our newborns, and at the end, explain that it is the cup. He thinks they'll send us lots. I hope he's right, because I'm totally doing it.


Humpf... at least you GOT a cup! Some of us never even got ONE cup. Consider yourself lucky you're not one of the cupless people!I've had 2 babies and I've never seen a cup like that. All I got was a lousy Styrofoam cup... with no straw. And I LIKED IT! (no, I actually didn't like it).

In all seriousness... sorry about your cup. I totally get it. :(

Super Sarah

Wendolonia was just talking about her love for her big plastic cup over on her blog this morning! Perfect timing!


I don't understand this at ALL. My hospital did not have a cup. There was no magical cup. Only some styrofoam thing. All I got were the mesh panties.

It's decided: I am definitely not having any more kids. It's the only way to deal with the injustice.


My hospital doesn't give cups. It's a travesty. While you're there you have to use these pathetic 8 oz plastic disposable cups. I was quite disappointed.

Donna P

He looks magical.


Sob. I loved my cup as well, but it got a bit deformed the last time I put it through the dishwasher and my dear, darling husband BROKE the damn thing trying to (and I quote) "bend it back into shape."
ORLY? how does and ENGINEER look at that poor, flimsy cup--deformed by the heat of the dishwasher--and think that "bending" it back in shape was going to end in anything but tears?
Do what Swistle said and send Jason back to beg for another one.

bethany actually

I have at least one, possibly two, hospital cups I rarely-to-never use. Want one? Shoot me an email if you do, I'd gladly send it to you.


Ohhh Emmm Geeee! I almost swallowed my tongue on your behalf...I love those fucking cups! I just had a baby and I promise my family was like a bunch of crackhead thieves in the night trying to "procure" those things. We managed to get 4 of them (score!). I would send you one but I would get disowned...and I really want that 70's rabbit skin bolero jacket of my mom's.

Julie @ mamamash

I bet you could put out a call for hospital cups from around the continent, and the mailman would bring you a bounty of them.


This made me laugh! I felt the same way, I'd be devastated if one of mine broke!

Crazy Wienerdog Lady

Two words... Bubba Keg. Walmart baby - 34 ounces and one that's 52 ounces!


My baby will be 6 in August and I am still mourning the loss of my hospital cups. Sigh.


Mesh grannies, yall?!??


There must be something wrong with me because I just donated mine to Goodwill last weekend (I think I'm bitter because once again my body could not keep up with the nutritional needs of another giant baby and the boobs went on strike and I associate the cup with stayed hydrated for nursing). I would have gladly sent it to you, a much worthier recipient...

I did just break the zipper on my free-with-evil-formula-samples sling diaper bag and am HEARTBROKEN... now I might actually have to pay money for a diaper bag.


You are hilarious! I'm sorry about your cupbreak heartbreak. But your other souvenir is pretty great, so there's that. :)


Ahh love the cup. I couldn't believe the cup was actually mine, to KEEP. Has anyone else's kid figured out that the straw doubles as a crazy annoying whistle that makes you want to destroy the awesome cup? The cup giveth and taketh away.


my dad is a doc. we drink out of hospital mugs like most people use regular glasses. message me and i would be happy to send you a few...


I know how you feel about the cup. I still have mine from when I had my twins 5 years ago. I cherish it. I love that it has a side for a straw and a side to drink straight from the cup with little snap down things for whichever side isn't being used. See thru, yet insulated. It is the best cup ever. I didn't end up getting one when my last one was born 2 years ago....I just thought about that, bummer, I could have had an extra.


I never had a baby at an American hospital, yet I have two of this badass motherfuckers. I can tell you for sure that the hospital in Lawrence, Kansas, sells them to anyone, not just the sick or recently knocked up.


I once found an extra one at a local thrift store =)

I was also a planned homebirth turned hospital transfer. My midwife, on a postpartum visit, told me that the local midwives are designing a cup like the hospital cups to give to their clients. I will say, aside from the baby, the cup was the only good thing that came of the hospital transfer.

After doing some searching, it appears that those cups are made by Whirley Drink Works! - but through WDW, you must order a minimum of 600. I'm sure they're also available on ebay =)


So glad to see others as obsessed with those cups as I am. Found out about them last year when hospitilized for an asthma attack, somehow got 2 of them and professed myself to be in love with an object. My husband makes fun but, they really are 2 of my favorite things, for all of the reasons listed above. The only thing that I miss is the "popcorn" ice machine that the hospital had. One of those at home and would almost feel complete!

By the way, happy to share one of mine with you Amy - thoroughly washed and sterilized. Just let me know.

- Jen

die Frau

Going in for my induction today--I will DEFINITELY steal a cup for myself. I'll see if I can snag an extra one for you. I didn't even know about such wonders.

Not sure what excites me more, the cup or the granny panties/giant maxi pad combo (or the need for them).


Now I feel really bad that I threw out a dozen of them back in March. I could have sent them all to you!


i'm giving birth in a month or so. my first. i would love a post on what items exactly i should steal from the hospital and how to steal them. (do the nurses pretend not to notice? is it just... expected?)
judging from the comments the cup is the most cherished item. (i thought it was those swaddle blankets?)


So am I the only one who did not get a hospital cup?? Bummer. But anyhoos, I just bought a new cup at Walmart. It's not 30 oz, but 24 and it comes with a lid, straw and a sticker that said it was BPA free, plus it's polka dot. I know it's not the same thing but close right? ;) They are in the outdoor dining section with the melamine plates and such. And now I am going to try and convince my hubby we should have another baby, you know, for the cup!

Amy @ A Little Nosh

Those cups are the BEST. I was so disappointed with my husband's hospital stay b/c Reston Hospital didn't have the good cups that Fair Oaks did. Reston has SYROFOAM. What kind of crap is that??


Simon put our second cup in the bottom rack of the dishwasher and MELTED IT and WOE, AGONY, ALACK, but also now I get to say it's his fault we have to have another baby. Ha.


Love this post! I adored my pink hosptial cup. A D O R E D! And I think i took about 3 pairs of mesh panties; why? Because they were there. Along with some extra diapers, asperiator, rectal thermometer, pads and everything else in that rolling bassinet.


I had forgotten all about the cup!! I am now pregnant with #3 and planning a home birth, so I won't get one. I'd go buy one, but I really actually hate both giant cups and water. But I did love the cups I got with the other two- one hospital gave better ones than the other, btw, so check around if you plan to buy one. But my theory is the obsession with the cup is because of the rush of "bonding" hormones after the baby is born causes you to bond with everything that was in that room, including the cup and any shows you may have been watching on t.v. there. :-) In other words, yes you can buy another one, but it's just not the same.


I had my first son in January and when I got home and realized that I had left that AWESOME cup at the hospital I cried...seriously. So glad that I have a fellow cup lover out there who totally understands the beauty of this simple hydrating wonder. I'll be working on babe #2 with the motivation of scoring one of these (and the whole squishy, lovable baby thing)


GOT THE SAME CUP! Still good after 5 years. I put it in the dishwasher, too.
It is the miracle cup, especially when you need to take in all that fluid while nursing.
We now primarily use it to dump water over the kids' heads in the tub.


You can call the maternity ward and tell them you left your cup there and it was the best cup ever. They will give you one free no problem.


I love my hospital cups! I had 3-2 kids and 1 hospital stay with an infant with RSV. Earlier this week, I searced and searched for one of my cups. It wasn't until I got to the neighborhood pool the next day that I discovered where I had left the baby pool to be destroyed by toddlers who didn't understand the value of the wonderful hospital cup. Parts were missing and there was a new crack in salvaging it!


craaaaap! Im sorry for loss of THE cup! I have two and I love love love them. When I was breastfeeding it was the only thing that would hold the amount of water that I drinking. I really hope that you can score another one.

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