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I Did It All For The Gadgets

This post is sponsored by Samsung. But written by me. Hooray for sponsors! Polite-yet-bored golf claps for me.

So I'm sure you've all heard about the "push present" thing, right? The completely-invented-by-jewelry-companies idea that you, as a childbearing female, deserve some kind of butt-expensive bling or present from your partner in the getting knocked-up process? And while I'm being all sarcastic and seemingly above-it-all here, you should be aware I am also totally the recipient of two previous sparkly gifts from my husband, and did not complain AT ALL about him caving to some silly fake tradition, because LOOK AT HOW PRETTY?

Anyway. Push Presents. That. Though I call them my "Major (Adominal Surgery) Awards." 

And I kinda felt that by baby number three, we were pretty much over the whole idea. Jason never mentioned it, and after writing the checks for Noah's summer camp and Ezra's preschool deposit I figured we'd already spent enough money on the invaluable gift of FREE TIME FOR MOMMY. 

(Plus I accidentally sort-of maybe temporarily or possibly permanently I don't want to talk about it lost the ring Jason got me after Ezra's birth. I know! I can't even. Am an idiot. This Is Why I Can't Have Nice Things, etc.)

Anyway! Back to the sponsored-type topic. Rewind to the night before Ike's birth. I was busy gathering up all still-unpacked items on my hospital bag list and asked Jason if I could put my laptop in his computer bag, which I assumed he was taking.

He started to hem and haw, first saying he didn't think my laptop would fit. I should put it in my suitcase.

I stared at him and blinked, because we ALWAYS fit both our laptops in his bag whenever we travel.

Uh. Wait. No. He meant he didn't think he was going to bring his laptop or bag at all. So I should put it in my suitcase. 

I stared at him some more, counting to 10 in my brain to stave off a late-stage-pregnancy fuh-reeeeeak out, and then asked if seriously, could he please bring his laptop bag and carry my computer for me, I am pretty sure my suitcase is full, plus I might want it before he got a chance to retrieve the suitcase from the car WHY ARE YOU ARGUING WITH ME GAAAHHHHHBZZZT.

It'll fit in your suitcase, he said. Why don't you go check?

(WHY ARE YOU BEING SO DENSE, we both probably thought, simultaneously. GOOD GOD.)

Later, he found me struggling to shove my laptop into my purse. He once again suggested I take a second look at the fullness level of my suitcase.


I dug under my bathrobe and discovered a box. What in the world did I pack in a box, I wondered. That's a hugely impractical waste of space and I've been perfecting this bag's contents for over a month now and...ohhhhhh.

Finally, after about four hours' worth of hints from my husband (who was now sitting on the bed behind me, smiling gleefully) did it all start making sense when I realized that instead of jewelry, I was now the proud owner of a shiny, sparkly new tablet computer. I could not have been more surprised. Or spastically excited.

The tablet was packed neatly in my purse. The laptop stayed home. 

When I could manage to keep Jason from stealing it from me at the hospital, I used it for email, for organizing and sending out the first photos of Ike, for blogging, Twitter, and Facebook. I read Bossypants in its entirety and watched a rental of The King's Speech. I installed apps for breastfeeding and medication reminders and took picture after picture of my new swaddled-up burrito baby with it. 


Oh, and Angry Birds. I played a HEAPTON of Angry Birds. 


Anthony from CharismaticKid

You have a good husband. I don't think I would ever be that sweet. ;-)


My husband calls those presents "baby bling."


tablets are the greatest thing in computers, ever! I just got one a few months ago, and I can't imagine what I did before. Lugging around a GIANT LAPTOP OF DOOM everywhere.. ugh.


Awww so sweet. It must have been killing him...ha ha ha. Men... they can be sweet at times.

Amanda aka Superpucky

Baby Burritos are the best in the world. I thought

Amanda aka Superpucky

Baby Burritos are the best in the world. I thought

Life of a Doctor's Wife

That baby burrito is SO CUTE!

And YAY for the new toy!


I just bought an iPad (I'm sure Samsung is now cringing, sorry Samsung) and my fiance steals it from me all the time. I love it though, I don't really know what I did without it, it's so much easier to travel with than a stupid laptop :)


I didn't even give the husband a chance to (a) learn about push presents and (b) buy me one, but rather bought myself a shiny tappity tablet at the beginning of summer. I'm due in December.


Of course, because what good is a tablet if not to play angry birds in giant form?

What an awesome gift! And I love that snuggly little picture of Ike.


Man, my husband can't even manage Christmas/anniverary/birthday presents for me. I think push presents are beyond his realm of consideration. :D

That said, I bought myself a boss Ipad2 for my birthday (because, dangit..I deserved SOMETHING) and I ADORE IT.


Aw, baby burrito! I love newborn baby burritos. For some reason, my two year-old is not too keen on the idea of mommy's need for a nicely contained bundle of sweet-smelling goodness and doesn't like to be swaddled any more. I'm all, what the hell offspring? It's SCIENCE. Burrito=security, don't you get it?

Oh, and congrats on the major abdominal surgery present. And previously mentioned baby burrito.


My directive as of last night: start looking into tablets.

So, more details, please, when you have time between the necessary nommmmming of those sweet baby cheeks?


Such an awesome husband. Also, yay for tablets and technological stuff!! I SO envy you right now. <3


I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab, too. It is smaller than standard size tablets, but perfect for me. Fits in my purse. Angry Birds rocks on it. My little ones love playing on it too.


I love gadgets. And burritos. And babies wrapped like burritos. Looks like you have all my favorite things. Lucky duck.


Deets? What kind of tablet computer did you get? What OS is it running?


That is a hot fudge sundae with awesome sauce.


Was that the iPad that Jason was using in one of your pictures at the hospital? Those look awesome. Every time I stop by the Apple store, I have to drool.

Parsing Nonsense

Poor Jason, that's the last time he tries to surprise you! At least you didn't bite his head off for his troubles though :)


How timely as I have been dreaming about/drooling over the idea of buying myself one of these things since I'm pretty sure the words "push" and "present" don't go together in my husband's head and I haven't been able to sit down at my desktop since the baby was born almost 7 months this is a good one? I need to go to BB and test drive some of these bad boys before I plop down that much dough. Also, thanks for including the obligatory picture of Baby Ike!


My husband got the iPad but I honestly was more of a fan of the Samsung tablet we played with at Best Buy. I have the Samsung Galaxy phone, so thought it would be super cute to have the tablet too. (If Samsung wants to use cuteness as a sales point in future advertising, they officially have my permission.)


Okay - so I turned my nose up at the tablets. Great for lounging on the sofa reading blogs (!) not so great for serious writing / website updating etc. But you do those things...? Is it really any good for proper like writing? Do you use a keyboards? Doesn't your neck get sore? How do you use it at a desk?
Or is this just a post-baby little one-handed photo-updates thing? I'm very curious...


how nice! love surprises the husband tries to pull off.


Dang. I have never gotten a push present. Or a Major Abdominal Surgery Award. My husband usually spends the weeks leading up to the birth working on projects around the house and replacing appliances, though. He's promised me a new fancy desk this week, so I'm counting that as my push present.

Still, tablet computer. Sweet.


So... which one did you get? I am thinking since this is a Samsung post, you're running Android? How's typing on it?

Tablets are one of those "want it, not need it" things. I think we decided to buy one as a Christmas present to each other (a second if fighting ensues).


I think I'd take the gadget over the jewlery, too! And I'm sure it's been said a million times, but geez that baby's adorable. :)


AHHH, amazing! Having just entered my 3rd trimester, I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to register for one. I don't need or want a bunch more stuff, but good lord, a tablet would be the BEST.


I don't know about you guys but, i think everyone should watch the premiere of iKid tomorrow night! My family and i are tomorrow night!


I'm a bit jealous! My husband doesn't do push presents. I'm fine with that, but at the same time...I wouldn't turn one down.

Arell @

My husband, bless his heart, is an idiot. And bought me a Kindle for my push present with my 1st.. um, helllooo what Mom has time to READ?! With my 2nd coming in August, I am hoping he gets me a once a week babysitter!!!!

London escorts

Baby burrito is looking very Beautiful and after read this, i must says that your Husband is such an very good and understandable person.


I cannot tell you how relieved I feel to know that i am not the only person who has (hopefully temporarily, but I am not too sure about that) misplaced a "major abdominal surgery" present. After *asking* for it. Oops. No wonder I didn't get one this last time.

signed, another 3X major abdominal surgery mom.


How come I never heard of such a thing? I AM OWED TWO! :)


Dude, I puke for 40 weeks straight. I DESERVE something nice. With #1 it was a replacement of a diamond stud that I'd lost, rending my shiny diamond studs useless unless I wanted that whole pirate look. With #2 (although I'm only halfway there), it was a new DSLR camera because I luuuuuurve me some baby photos.


Just because you wanted to have a baby doesn't mean you shouldn't get some recognition for the gigantic effort required to make and deliver a human being! How about calling it the "I'm So Grateful It Was You and Not Me Who Went Through That" present? Or just the medal of outstanding service to mankind? 'Cause holy cow it's HARD!

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