Four Weeks
Brotherly Warfare

Presented Without Comment

(Or at Least Without Any Particularly Wordy and/or Long-winded Comments)

So Thursdays are my sort-of-mostly day-off-from-the-Internet. Sorry, Internet! I love you, but sometimes I really just want to stab you in the necktubes with a pencil. A few hours apart is good for both of us. All four of us, actually, if you count my Paypal account and Etsy habit. 

Anyway. I am just hopping online real quick to post more photos. Because that's all I do now, it seems. Photos! Look at some photos! I am the blogging equivalent to that crazy lady on the bus with a stack of wallet-sized photos from her monthly visits to the Sears Portrait Studio with her cat. AND LOOK! IN THIS ONE I DRESSED MR. BOOFYKINS UP LIKE A MONKEY!


(See? I bet you thought I was just kidding with the Mr. Boofykins analogy. HOW WRONG YOU WERE.)



(Honestly. It's getting hard to resist the urge to stick crayons in between those toes. Or a spork. I...don't know exactly why I have those particular urges, but I totally kind of do.)



(Awesome playmat/angry despot loungepad from Peppermint Pinwheels, BTW.)



And...that about brings you up to speed. Woke up, skipped shower, dropped Noah off at summer camp, dressed baby in therapy-fodder monkeybuttpantlets, rolled around on floor, ate yogurt pops outside until totally sticky but THAT'S WHY I SKIPPED THE SHOWER IN THE FIRST PLACE. YES. I AM GETTING SO GOOD AT THIS SHIT, YOU GUYS. 


Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey

I adore the monkey butt!! And the toes. Definitely the toes. :)


Life of a Doctor's Wife

Cute cute cute! Love that little monkey butt.


Dude. MONKEY BUTT. So cute. And those toes totally look prehensile. I'd be trying to test drive them too.

Salome Ellen

Monkeybutt pants are also available full length. I might know a couple of babies who have them.....

Amy in StL

So tell us about your plants.... I see them lurking behind the babies.


Toe toes!+monkey butt = perfection! keep the pics coming

The Mommy Therapy

I would totally sit by you on the bus to look through these. So sweet.

And you're right, skipping the shower proves you have totally learned to kick motherhood'd ass. Well done!

Get off the Internet and take some more photos!


Really important question...what kind of yogurt pops are those?


No complaints here about the multitude of photos. Your kids are so ridiculously cute! Love the monkeybuttpants!


Cute cute cute!


I know you didn't post these photos just for me but thank you. Totally cheered me up on an otherwise crappy day. That's a cute monkey-butted critter you got there, Amy.


Well that playmat is a genius use of Ikea home decor fabric. I have that exact piece, I may have to make a gift or two!


Aw, monkey butt! So cute. And then I saw the picture of Ez standing by the flower pot and I'm not wearing my old lady glasses, so I totally thought he was licking a garden trowel for a minute. I re-heh-heh-heally need to get my eyes checked.


Please never feel like you're cheating us for posts that are mostly pictures...I love them!!! =) Pictures of cute little baby faces and squishable little baby toes remind me of when mine were so little and just make me smile. =)

Thanks Amy!

Greg S.

Maybe, but we LIKE this crazy lady and look forward to seeing her on our daily rides on this net-tubes bus.

In fact, we get kinda impatient to see her some days.

But that's not meant to be a guilt trip and you deserve some time away from our neediness too. More love for the babees!

Heather R

De-lurking to say.....This has nothing to do with what you wrote, but I would LOVE to see some pics of your garden there in the background. You are the one who inspired me to start my own garden this year and I am completely addicted!!!


I too have an Etsy addiction. Love the playmat.


Doood. Your kid's ears and feet are huge. I feel like I can say that because my kid (who is is, like, minutes older than yours) has humongous feet and ears too. They are rad, huh?


He's huge. I don't think I could put him down. I'd be smoochin' all over him, all day. Except when he sleeps. Then I'd be smocchin' all over those brothers of his. Way too cute, all of 'em.


Love it . Summer as it should be.


I love that you post baby photos, because it makes me go "AWWWWW HOW CUTE. I can't handle one of those right now."

I would fully support crayon toes. IF you put paper beneath him, he could contribute to the fridge art.


Am I the only one who thought that was Noah next to Ike? Holy cow...Ezra is such a big boy now...

The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

The fact that you can hold a camera, dress your children, make yogurt pops (what the fuck's wrong with fatted cream?) and walk past the shower wherein the shower resides makes me resent you deeply. However, I was to kiss those baby feet. With or without crayons.

herbal tea

Your boys are so sweet. Absolutely a gorgeous baby, Baby is looking very beautiful and Innocent.


In the fourth pic, he looks like he's doing The Sprinkler. Awesome!


You are a pro.


Ike could totally peel a banana with them toes, so the monkeybuttedness of the outfit is completely relevant and in no way therapy causing. That's my professional opinion. I'm not a doctor, but I play one on Facebook.

p.s. I want to NOMNOMNOM his monkeytoes.

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