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State of the Boobdom, Round Three


The first thing I managed to freak out about was the fact that Ike would not latch on in the recovery room. So, 20 freak-out-free minutes, I made it this time. A personal best!

Poor third baby, already doomed to live with non-stop comparing to his older brothers, BOTH of whom latched on and sucked during our first breastfeeding attempt. Ezra hit the ground (and the boob) snarfing like a champ, and while Noah and I would struggle mightily later on (UNDERSTATEMENT), everything seemed just fine during our first go at it in the recovery room. 

Not Ike, though. He was not too impressed with the boob. It mostly just got in the way of his indignant, rage-filled screaming over everything that had just happened to him. He'd been all cozy and floaty and warm, right when someone opened a side door and yanked him out. WHAT THE HELL, YOU GUYS.

The nurse assured me his disinterest was normal and that it might take a few tries, and sent him off for his bath and check-up while I tried to keep up the "third-time mother everything is cool nothing rattles me" schtick I'd had going all morning. 

I tried again in my room, once we were reunited. Still no luck. Okay, still normal, I told myself. AND YET HAMSTERBRAIN SAYS ALSO DOOOOOM.

On the third try, I unswaddled him and made my first HEY GENIUS EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT discovery: Ike would only nurse if his arms were free from the swaddling blanket. (The better to constantly flail them directly in his way so he ends up sucking on his own wrist four out of his five first attempts, apparently, but it is His Way, and I make it a point not to try reasoning with newborns. Waste. Of. Time. And that's my three-time voice of experience talking there.)

So there! I thought, mentally dusting my hands clean of panic and worry. That's our breastfeeding hiccup for this go-round. You always get one. 


IMG_2469 Ike's weight dropped from 7 pounds, 9 ounces to 7 pounds, 2 ounces the first night. Entirely to be expected, though that seemed a LITTLE much to me right off the bat, since I was guesstimating that we'd have to make it until Saturday or even Sunday on colostrum only until my milk came in. (Day five is about my average.) So we nursed and nursed and I choked down cups of Mother's Milk tea and added a fenugreek capsule chaser to my Percoset and Ibuprofen and in no time my nipples were scabbed and raw and felt like I was mashing them into an electric pencil sharpener every time Ike latched on. Just as nature intended.

Second night weigh-in: 6 pounds, 14 ounces. One ounce away from the 10% mark. We had one more night before discharge, I still had no milk, and Ike was showing signs of dehydration, with a dry mouth and increased listlessness. 


On Friday morning, my mom (who stayed over with me every night, since Jason's back was in no shape for sleeping on the World's Worst Pull-Out Couch Thing) changed Ike's diaper and gasped in horror. Blood! Blood in the diaper! I shrieked and called the nurse. Blood! BLOOD IN THE DIAPER OH EM GEE!

Not blood. Urine crystals in a nice reddish-orange color, thanks to dehydration. 

"Fuck THAT," I said. "Formula, please."

Now, I've actually supplemented with formula both times -- Noah would pretty much always need supplementing, thanks to his size and my crap supply, while Ezra got exactly one bottle to get him over that laaaaast little hump of time before my milk came in, and then we were immediately back to exclusive nursing again. But I'd never had to start formula in the hospital before. So I wasn't really prepared for the nurse bringing about a week's worth of Similac when I'd only asked for one measly little bottle...and a fucking waiver for me to sign.

A waiver that said, essentially, that I was aware that the hospital's position was that exclusive breastfeeding was the best option, and that I'd had that position adequately explained to me, but was choosing to go ahead and give my baby formula anyway, you negligent selfish monster you.

Well, great! If I wasn't already feeling bummed out enough already about my boobs' inability to adequately feed my child, I sure am now. I feel soooo much more informed and empowered about my own decisions now that I've been scolded via Xerox, thanks

I swear to God, that goddamn waiver unnerved me so goddamn much that I fucking CRIED when the nurse gave Ike his first swallows of formula -- the formula I'd been completely okay with less than five minutes before -- and I chewed on my nails in self-doubt and pity and worries that I had indeed, just completely and prematurely fucked up our breastfeeding relationship nipple confusion bottle preference crazy personcakes.

Our pediatrician visited a few hours later and agreed that the formula was the right call. I felt vaguely better, but continued to overcompensate by Talking Endlessly About The Subject And How My Milk Comes In Late And That's The Only Reason So Please Don't Doubt My Commitment To Sparklemotion, Okay?

Later, I tried to hide the bottles of formula before my mother-in-law arrived, but couldn't really find a good place for them, and thus predictably spent most of her visit trying to explain that NO, YOU DON'T GIVE BABIES BOTTLES OF WATER ANYMORE EVEN IF THEY ARE DEHYDRATED, YES, I KNOW YOU DID WITH YOUR BABIES BUT WE DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE PLEASE STOP ARGUING WITH ME I DON'T MAKE THE RULES.

I stripped Ike down to his diaper and dropped him down the front of my hospital gown for some hardcore hours of skin-to-skin time, hoping it would help remind my boobs that they really needed to HELP ME OUT HERE. He was...not good. The weight loss was obvious, and he was just...extra floppy and listless, even when he was awake. Which wasn't much. He'd managed to scream himself hoarse the day before so now his cries were a disturbingly weak-sounding bleat. He hadn't wet a diaper in over 12 hours, not since the angry crystal one early that morning.

As the 2 am weigh-in time approached, I alternated between nursing and formula like a madwoman, stuffing the poor baby like a foie gras goose. 

Around midnight, I had to admit, in a quiet whisper, to no one in particular, that I was scared for him. We were in a hospital and my baby was getting weak and sick, right in front of me, and I was doing everything I could but it didn't seem to be enough.

At 3 am, the nurse wheeled his bassinet back in and gave me the thumbs up sign. "Seven pounds even," she said. "You did good."

The hospital had also made me sign something promising not to fall asleep with the baby in bed with me, something I'd been occasionally getting around by dozing with the bed in the full upright position so I could immediately open my eyes and pretend that I'd been wide! awake! the whole time whenever the door opened. 

Turns out I hadn't been fooling the night nurse much at all. After the news of Ike's two-ounce weight gain I flopped back against my pillow, exhausted and relieved. She came over, lowered the bed and put Ike in my arms. 

"Good night," she said with a wink. "Get some sleep, you're going home today!"

When we woke up in the morning, my milk was in. 

EPILOGUE: Breastfeeding could not be going any better. And Ike's pretty great too. 



EPILOGUE TWO: Noah, while trying very hard to make sense of the nursing thing, pointed at my boob while Ike was eating and announced: HEY LOOK! YOUR MILK-HOUSE IS LOSING AIR! 



Baaaaaaaahahahahaha! Your milk-house is losing AIR?! AWESOME!


I also mean't to say, you sure as hell don't look like you just had a baby! GO YOU! :)

Mad Merlot Mama

Noah's comment made me laugh so hard. Yes, dear, they're losing air. Straight into your brother


Um, YOU, mommy of 3, look awesome. Seriously.
So glad everything is going well, and I am squealing over how delicious and cute Ike is. OMG nom nom nom baby.


My second was like that, lost a pound or something when we were in the hospital and had the brick dust in her diaper and while we tried to do the ... um, the thing that has the tube that you put formula in? It didn't really work that well, she was nursing away but just - my milk wasn't in yet! It seemed so dumb to be all MAD at me that my milk wasn't in yet, I knew it would be a while. My girl was 9 lbs., 6 oz. at birth and 8, 8 when we left and they barely let me go but I promised to do a weight check the next day and the day after that. Once my milk came in, she was fine, as everyone expected. THEN she didn't poop for like a week, so that was my new freakout. It never gets easier, just confusing in a different way, I find. And I'm having my fourth! Ha! I'm glad to hear it's going well now.


Lands, this actually made me cry. And then the milk-house losing air thing made me laugh.
I'm glad you got through that, uhm, dry spot. Heh.


That must have been really scary, but good news in the end. All is well and you both look great!


That is such a beautiful picture. Glad that all is well now.


Oh my god... milk house?? SO CUTE. Weirdly, I like hearing that there can be bumps even in the third go-round, that breastfeeding isn't just some obvious thing that I struggled with for no reason.


I'm glad everything worked out in the end. Man those first days are so hard! Congrats for surviving them once again.

When my oldest was trying to figure out what was going on with nursing the baby, I found her one day on the couch with my boppy, her shirt raised, and a baby in position. "Look, Mom," she said, "The baby's eating my nipples!"


Dear lord, a WAIVER? You asked for formula, not crack. And this is coming from a woman who nursed her kid for three years. I am a fan of the boob. But when your kid is dehydrated, you do what you have to do. I would have needed to punch someone in the face for that as well as the thing about not sleeping with your baby. Anyway, glad things are better now. Ike is adorable!


Love Noah's comment. So funny!

And, seriously? A waiver to give your child formula? If that doesn't send a post partum mama over the edge...


That should read "baby doll." She didn't have the real baby. Not that she didn't try, though...

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Oh wow that sounds so awful! So sorry you (and Ike!) had to endure all that. I'm so glad it all turned out okay.


He is beautiful! Don't beat yourself up. You do what you have to do. Period. Glad nursing is going better now. When I started breastfeeding #2, my then 3 year old announced that he'd like another shot at it.

And that would be a, NO.


They made you sign a waiver to formula feed your baby? That is absolutely insane.

Glad everything turned out well and that Ike is gaining weight now. And I love Noah's comment!


When I had my third, My 5 year old would try to press on my boob while I was nursing to make the milk come out faster, thereby shortening feeding duration so we could finally go do whatever is was that she wanted to do. Sorry honey, doesn't work that way, unfortunately.


ike is such a beauty! congratulations!! the bf stuff can be so stressful and emotional. your columns on low supply and supplementing were such a comfort when i was going through it. so sucky (ha!) about the stupid waiver, but yay you for getting your baby fed and healthy.


Bump photo becomes baby photo! I think my heart just exploded. Oh!

I will file away this post to remember if breast-feeding is difficult and takes awhile.


Milk House. Good name for a band.


Re: Ashley's comment... Now I'm thinking about playing "air guitar" to Milk House and giggling at work.

Amy - Ike is so freaking cute, my ovaries are screaming.


Oh, boo for waivers, and yay for boobs and milk coming in and huge PHEW that it's going well now because that must have been damn scary. My milk took five days to come in with my first, and the ped made me supplement, even though I didn't think I needed to (my baby was sleepy and a little jaundiced but not scary like Ike) and I was so relieved when it finally worked. (And then he was a devoted fan of the boob for four and a half years. He still is a fan, but from afar these days while his sister gets all the good stuff.)


Love the breast feeding shot - it's great that your boys already know what those milkhouse things are really for. ;)


Why in the holy hell do they weight at 2am?
And I get the point of the waiver, but really? Let's make every new mom who is having trouble breastfeeding feel like shit, why don't we? Because they don't have enough to cry about. Gawd. Hospitals are obviously necessary, but their policies can suck it.


Yay I'm so happy for you. Reading this entry made me let down lol so I'm probably going to go pump now but I think almost everyone has to cave at some point and sneak in some formula. I totally did it his first growth spurt because he was terrible until my milk caught up.


Great BF pic! I love those.


Congrats--he is precious! I'm a little over 6 months pregnant with my first, and your posts have been helping me gain some much-needed perspective about all the nitty-gritty. Thanks for putting it out there :)


Re: the waiver. I THINK the hospital intended it simply to be a consent form -- to make it clear that nurses were not allowed to formula-feed without the mother's written permission. Which, okay, that's a good policy. But hot damn, someone needs to go take another crack at writing the damn thing because it was worded SO strangely and judge-y, with all the extraneous stuff. Stop judging me, form letter! I am newly postpartum and fragile!

Jess F.

So glad it all worked out! My little guy needed a 40ml bottle of formula in the hospital too due to weight loss and jaundice. My milk came in right after and he is an AVID nurser, but I understand the pain, and tears,and self-doubt. But you did the right thing and waivers be damned! :) Go, Amy!

Jessica J.

Can I just say that this post right here is exactly why I read your blog. It is the essence of you.
Also, you look amazing and I LOVE your shirt, can you tell us internet lovers where it is from? Please share.
PS. Congrats on your newest little one.


I seriously envy you people with your tiny 7lb babies being able to stand and feed them with one hand while taking a photo with the other. Dang. My children have been 8+lbs and I.Could.Never. stand and feed them. One armed be damned.

Rachel McDermott

I can so relate. you made me cry and then laugh too! you have beautiful boys and you're doing great Mama!


ZOMG that last pic. With the nom face. U R MAKING ME WANT MOAR BABIEZ. That is the second-cutest little difficult, ornery, anxiety-inducing source of maternal mental anguish ever to bear the name Isaac. And I mean a very close second. Maybe even actually just as cute as my baby was. But don't ever tell my son I publicly wrote that on the internet.


Aw, go Ike! Great job on the weight gain, Amy. My milk didn't come in until Day 4 and we had to supplement too. Though if I had to sign that Judgemental Mommy waiver I might have been guilted into not giving him the formula. That's where Mom experience is so useful.

Amy Jo

Glad to hear everything turned out fine. Those first hours and days can be so crazy.

Noah's comment made me laugh! My five year old son says that I'm "milking Freddie" when I nurse his little brother. I don't have the capacity to explain to him that Freddie is actually milking me!

Dawn Bent

I'm still laughing at that last bit. You are too awesome. Good job mama and good job Ike!

Parsing Nonsense

Your description of how your boobs feel brings back such (wretched) memories! Man, those first few days are rough! Way to push through and do what's right for your little guy. I'm so glad things are going well!


So glad everything turned out ok. My second wasn't a big fan of nursing (turned out she was tongue tied) and so we had to supplement with formula at the hospital. The little stinker was NOT a fan, and promptly threw up the entire bottle. They were threatening to keep her an extra day in the NICU unless she started gaining weight, and I was freaking the hell out.

Thankfully, the hospital grade pump finally bailed my ass out and I was able to giver her pumped breast milk. She gained weight, and we got to leave the hospital on time.

The next week we got her tongue tie clipped, and there was never a problem again.

If some nurse or freaking piece of paper would have guilt tripped me about the formula on that 2nd day, I think I might have thrown something at the offending party. Seriously.


I'm sorry. Did you say something? Because those yummy pictures ... um...yeah...all I see...

Oh, and *snort* at your milkhouse.


You're so awesome!
Grats on the new addition.

Kim S.

Noah needs a blog.


@Jessica J, re: shirt. The Almighty Target. Mossimo section, I think.


I never doubted your commitment to Sparkle Motion : )

Donnie Darko reference-high five through the internetz!

The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

You, sweet girl, are one great fucking storyteller. Here you are, a few days post-partum with your freakin' nipples under attack both physically and morally and you crank out a page turner that makes we other struggling-to-lactate moms feel normal. Listen, I know you have no time to read, but I am going to attach a link to my Achy Breaky Boobs post. It's about the fuckin' Boob Nazis. So if in your vast downtime you feel like reading ...


The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

You, sweet girl, are one great fucking storyteller. Here you are, a few days post-partum with your freakin' nipples under attack both physically and morally and you crank out a page turner that makes we other struggling-to-lactate moms feel normal. Listen, I know you have no time to read, but I am going to attach a link to my Achy Breaky Boobs post. It's about the fuckin' Boob Nazis. So if in your vast downtime you feel like reading ...



Milk house! Awesome. Apparently you're just pumping Ike up like a bike tire.

Congrats on sorting out breastfeeding - I had a rough start too and managed to make it for 16 months. I think when it's rough at first it makes you that much more grateful when it *does* work, you know?


omg. u r hysterically funny. sooo happy for u and your 'milk house'. xoxo

Jen L.

Goodness! That's scary! Glad everything turned out ok. He's a cutie pie! Also, milk house? HAAAAA!


Looking mighty fine lady!!! And Ike is very cute as well. ;) I had that same issue with Em and gave myself the hardest time for giving her formula...but she turned out ok in the end. I think I did as well...xoxoxoxo


You are hilarious, wonderful, have a beautiful baby... but seriously let's get to the important things in life... WHAT DO THOSE BEAUTIFUL FABRICS THE BABY IS ON BELONG TO AND WHERE CAN I BUY THEM??

loving thanks from a baby-product-obsessed-first-time-mom-who-is-only-13-weeks-and-yet-has-already-bought-a-crib


Noah is too funny. I'm happy for you that it is all working out.


Congratulations again and glad to hear the b/f has worked out for you both.

I've supplemented in the beginning both times on our pediatrician's recommendation. He suggested it both times in a super nice way - like to "give yourself a break" - which made me feel good about it. (He also said that it can take a bit longer for milk to come in with c-sections which I had each time.) My milk came in on day 4 each time. I think I'll be supplementing again on our third go-round next month.


My first needed two days of supplementation before my milk came in. I didn't take it well. This time I'm taking as much formula as they'll let me have, because the only thing worse than having to use it when you don't want to is PAYING to use it.

Amy @ A Little Nosh

The nurse showed me the orangey diaper at the hospital and I totally thought she was lying about him being dehydrated, but I went with it and let her give him formula anyway b/c...what if she WASN'T lying?

3 1/2 years later and I JUST NOW found out that the orange crystals are not a scheme on behalf of the formula companies. Thank you thank you thank for that! I breastfed for 19 months after that, but there was still the lingering doubt about that orange diaper.


This is one of those posts that makes me insanely jealous I have not yet had a baby. I never would have thought I'd long for my nipples to be scabbed and raw.


Gad, I hated the Boob Nazis at the hospital where I had #1, who clocked in at 10 pounds and went down to nearly 9 pounds before my husband went to find some formula. And the nurse REFUSED to give it to him. Kept pointing to the 'breastfeeding' sign on the bassinet, and finally he said, "LOOK. I am going to FEED my CHILD. You can call security or you can give me the frakkin' formula to feed my BABY who has lost nearly a pound of his birth weight."

Geez Louise.


BEAUTIFUL picture!

And Noah's comment is hilarious!


So glad everything is going well now--Ike is adorable!!!


Breast feed, Formula feed, doesn't matter as long as the baby healthy.


I think it's kinda hilarious/ridiculous that you had to sign one waiver promising it was OK to give formula, and another one promising you wouldn't actually co-sleep. We're a crunchy hospital - oh, wait, no we're not!

You and Ike are looking fantastic - seems like it's all fallen into place nicely!


WOW! Did this bring back memories. Girl, Im glad it all turned out okay. But I absolutely HATE the Lact-A-tion Consultants (aka Nazi's) at our hospital. Such pressure in an already pressurized situation. Totally uncalled for. You did the RIGHT THING! And the forms you had to sign, THAT made me want to strangle someone. Unbelievable. Put me right back in the place I was when I had a room full of people, kid on the boob, and this woman was asking me questions about my pregnancy, I know it was for some govt S___t, and blurted out, "OH so you gained a whopping 45 pounds with this pregnancy?" YES I did and I'd LOVE to sit on your head right now!


I am fascinated/amazed/curious about which hospital you were at. I was at Sibley delivering my second jussst around the same time you were in anti-formulaville and it couldn't have been more different (for better or for worse!). They were practically shoving formula down our throat and definitely NO waivers. So glad everything worked out!


The day I left the hospital with my third they came in to weigh her again because they thought someone made a mistake. I asked how much she had lost and the lactation consultant said, "You don't want to know." So she got that formula pretty quickly...didn't even have to sign a waiver. Which would have completely,totally devastated me. You know, even more than the "you don't want to know" comment. Sadly, the weight loss continued with the breastfeeding...but glad it's working well for you now!


Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My due date for baby number one is in five weeks and I'm just freaking out about nursing. My way of freaking out isn't anything smart like googling everything boob-related (probably a good thing) or studying everything there is to know (it's called procrastination and denial). But I read blogs and that's all I really need, right? This post is just awesome and made me cry, but with happiness. Congrats to you and that beautiful baby!


Beautiful picture of him nursing! I love it.


Boob? Whyfor u wnat mee 2 eet boob? Haf dis totlee taystee rist dat's been wurkin fine fer months...

Suzy Q

Noah just completely charms me with the quirky way he sees things.

She's a MILK! HOUSE!

Just try to get that song out of your head now. Sorry. Only not really!


Hmm..sounds like that night nurse (and the momma) had the right idea - a bit of snuggle time with mom in bed and the milk came rolling in. It sounds like it was such a stressful few days. I'm glad for the happy outcome!

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

Phew. Babies are exhausting. Glad it all worked out.


I now have "She's a Milk House" playing in my head to the tune of "She's a Brick House", so that's cool =)
Congrats on your super bundle of squishy cuteness. I'm so glad everything is going well, that Ike is better and you look great!


I love how confident you are in the mirror shot. Like, yeah, I'm a breastfeeding goddess!

Ike is such a little cutie.

Amanda B.

Yay formula! Yay Boobies! Glad he is doing so much better - that had to be scary. My son cried so loudly when he was hungry the nurses, with my permission, would load him up with an ounce of formula and then bring him to nurse. He thought he would die if he didn't get fed right away, he's still the same way 6+ years later.


Your story sounds awfully familiar. My son lost 15 ounces his first five days (and starting at 6 lbs 7 oz, it dropped him down to preemie clothes) and we had the reddish dehydration crystals (the nurses called it brick dust) But my son wound NOT latch, I don't think he was even getting colostrum. Unfortunately nobody brought up the idea of formula and when your near-constant visitor is your LLL leader mother in law who managed to breastfeed twins (in the NICU even) without ever using formula, the word becomes evil. Even my pediatrician didn't bat an eye with his close to 15% weight loss and told me to keep nursing (still wouldn't latch!) until I wound up pumping around the clock and feeding him that, it was awful. Next time I'm taking a chill pill and giving the damn formula if we're having issues (got a serious case of jaundice on top of it all too since he wasn't nursing enough to flush out the liver enzymes)

Also my husband is going to block your blog because I showed him a picture of Ike and told him I wanted another baby. Not a problem except the one I have is 11 weeks old. He's not quite ready to think of another yet


Beautiful <3 Any way that feeds your baby is a-ok :D


How are you managing to look despicably fabulous after having a baby just 10 days ago?! My seven month postpartum body/ aura is jealous...


Sob. Oh, this paragraph: "Around midnight, I had to admit, in a quiet whisper, to no one in particular, that I was scared for him. We were in a hospital and my baby was getting weak and sick, right in front of me, and I was doing everything I could but it didn't seem to be enough."
That makes me cry. Thanks for being so honest!


I'm glad I'm not the only one that nursing hurtlikeabitch for at first.. We've moved on to one boob doesn't hurt to nurse and the other (of course the larger of the two.. big boobs.. also a bitch) one I pump so that I can get some much needed sleep sometimes at night.. (My c-sec was two days after yours.. although it appears from what you are writing on your blog that you are coping a lot better than I am.. Did you get the baby blues?? I swear all I've done today is cry.. stupid hormones)


Sigh. The air went out of my milk houses years ago. Glad yours are up & running!!


I want to tell you that your no-nonsense, get your baby fed approach to bf'ing helped me crystallize my own attitude toward it with my second. Formula =Failure the first time. With my second, although she latched on immediately, something was wonky and she got some in the first half-hour. It took 8 weeks, an LC, and an OT to get us nursing properly, and I supplemented with both formula and my friends' milk. You get the baby fed. He is the gorgeous BTW._


So glad your milk is in and you can move forward. That shit is terrifying, and I really think that c-sections before you are naturally "ready" (which for me would be NEVER) seems to make it take extra long for it to come in, but like you I found that I had such an easier time than with my first. So happy for you! (And how shocking that you had to sign a WAIVER! 11 years ago I was one of the only Moms breastfeeding in our hospital).


What? The crystals are BAD?! No one told me! They all said it was normal.


Glad things are going well. SO glad. :)


Beautiful picture!

I cannot remember if I had to sign a waiver...how unnerving! Don't they know that we fresh mamas are neurotic enough and pumped full of hormones? Glad Ike is eating now!


"Your milk-house is losing air" is probably one of the greatest things I've ever heard.


I never swear, but whoever wrote that hospital's policy on giving formula is a fucking idiot. If there are crystals in your baby's diapers, then WHAT THE HELL - you do whatever it takes to feed your child.


Even on my third go-round, I found this book extremely helpful in the breastfeeding dept: Mother Food, by Hilary Jacobson. Lots of great advice on boosting supply via "lactogenic" foods. That's a great word, right?

Korinthia Klein

He is just beautiful!


You are fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Really.


Wow, and I thought the hospitals up here in Nova Scotia were hard-core about breastfeeding! I tried breastfeeding, but it just didn't work out so I had to go to formula. It wasn't the decision I wanted to make, but it was the one I had to. I'm glad I didn't have to sign a waiver though since I was already feeling pretty upset about the whole thing!

I'm so happy that Ike is doing better! He really is a gorgeous baby!

kelly o'brien hugenot

Congrats! He's adorable, and so are his siblings! I can't imagine what would have happened had you been under "waiver" pressure as a first time mom. I know breast is best, but when it's not working, it's really not working! My kids were mainly formula fed and they're fine... not overweight morons like the media guilts moms into believing!


ARUGH!@#$%!! I am having flashbacks to my own hospital stay, where I was never once warned that my premature baby would be at greater risk for jaundice if my milk didn't come in right away and we didn't supplement. I kept trying to nurse, and we ended up back in the hospital a week later where I literally cried tears of a failed mother when I was (finally, too late) told that I needed to give him a bottle. We are now going on month 4 of successful breastfeeding, but we could have saved ourselves a lot of grief (and the insurance company a lot of cash) if everyone was a little more shades-of-gray regarding formula vs. breastfeeding.

In sum, well done, and you look awesomesauce.


I get the breastfeeding is great, but JEEZ! When did people decide that doing anything other than exclusively breastfeeding was akin to child abuse, even if it did (physical) harm to the baby or(mental) harm to you!

I tried it with my first (a preemie) who was just not interested. Hounded to death by lactation consultants (aka Boob Nazis). First visit to pediatrician they ask Breast or Bottle? I sheepishly reply Bottle thinking they're going to call in a social worker right then and there. He moved on to next question without batting an eye. What is with the guilt?! When I realized that my child's own doctor didn't care, I decided not to either.


A waiver? THE HELL??

You look amazing. Go Ike! :)



Um. Do we even understand _why_ Grandma is supposedly wrong here?

Yes, yes, one doesn't routinely give a baby a lot of water; don't replace the milk, etc etc

But it sounds like the kid needed the water component of formula or breast milk more than anything else, and to call a single bottle of water more risky than a single bottle of formula is absurd.

These things are worth discussing...

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