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Friday Coasting



So it turns out I pretty much blew my writing wad on yesterday's ridiculousness. Plus I only have like, five hours to get in shape and lose 10 pounds in time for my first kickboxing class



INORITE? You were probably already questioning my sanity after the whole "let's stage whodunnit dinner theater using tubes of deodorant" thing, and now I've just gone and sealed the deal. I let a 24-year-old black belt karate instructor talk me into kickboxing at like, six minutes postpartum! All my workout pants are in my pre-pregnancy size! I haven't even tried those bitches on yet! And I ate an entire container of macaroni and cheese for lunch, fuck yeah!

I am totally going to die tonight, aren't I?





Those pics are GOLD, I tell you! Isn't it awesome how babies look so much like old men? So adorable. And yes, you're nuts re: the kickboxing.


That last picture? Killer. I felt my ovaries quiver. Need new baby to go with older baby.


That last picture? Killer. I felt my ovaries quiver. Need new baby to go with older baby.


I think he is telling you not to go.


I think he is telling you not to go.


Bad Dobby!

Amy Lee

Baby Ike says don't do it!

I went to a cardio core class last night for the first time since... um ever, I say don't do it!


Re: Kickboxing: You'll do fine! Just do your best. I believe in you! How's that for encouragement? :D


oh that Ike. too freakin adorable.


That baby is so darn cute.

Also, as a pregnancy and postpartum fitness trainer, I feel obligated to tell you to take it easy on any high impact (jumping, running) until you are at least 10 weeks postpartum [end of assvice].


Who knew a little weeney baby could communicate so well without being verbal?


lol awesome. i started taking kettlebell classes last week (5 weeks post vagina blowout) and I had to go buy workout shorts because... well.. my ass doesn't fit into my other shorts yet. BUT i did have a lady stop me in the store yesterday to compliment me on how great i looked. it was a total stranger too... HA I fooled her, she hasn't seen me naked. gag barf gag.


I'm a mere three and a half years postpartum and haven't lost the ten pounds or fit into the pre-pregnancy pants yet so YOU KNOW, I think you can give yourself some (A LOT) of credit for just signing up. And also, give yourself more cheese. I'm pretty sure thinking about exercise burns calories, too.


Baby Ike says BLERG!

Amy in StL

You won't die, but you may wish you did when you wake up tomorrow morning. At least that's my experience with kickboxing.


Yeah, I had been planning on losing that last 10 (cough20cough) pounds *before* I started kickboxing, but an incredibly pushy 64 year old brown belt (my MOM) dragged me to class. Somehow, I ended up with a year's worth of kickboxing lessons from her dojo for my birthday, when all I really wanted was a pony. While I still haven't lost all that baby weight, I'm MUCH more in shape and could probably kick my pre-pregnancy ass all over town. Kickboxing is good for what ails ya (although I still have to wear 2 sports bras, and don't even TALK to me about the 5 minutes of jump rope warm ups, otherwise known as Imma Pee On This Mat, Goddamn It!)


None of my pants fit right now, either. But I don't have an adorable baby to show for it (I'm so jealous!). I just have the memory of chocolate cake and macaroni & cheese. You'd think I'd be sorrier.

Good luck with the kick boxing. You'll do fine! :)

Sarah @

Enjoy it!

The kickboxing, I mean. Not the getting your ass handed to you by kickboxing.


Omg Amy! He is so rediculously perfect!

ccr in MA

He looks so very concerned for you.

Jessica Schueler

Kickboxing is a great emotional workout too (yes, I'm a therapist)! Seriously great for anyone who has some pent up aggression/emotions to release. I don't have kids of my own, but I work for a foster care program so I can somewhat-ish identify with all of the stress (good and bad) of parenting. Go get punchy!


I feel like a dough girl and I'm 18 months post partum.

The Mommy Therapy

You can do it!

Or you might vomit...but you'll probably still be happy you did it!

I can't wait to hear how it went.


If you kickbox for long enough, will they let you split a board in two?

There's some motivation...

Barefoot Liz

Perfect shots to convey how you're feeling! Oh how I want to hold a little baby again.


Holy crap. Even with my second C-section, which I recovered from fast enough to amaze my doctor, I was still too sore to do anything like that for about two months. You must have magical healing properties.


I think Ike is worrying about you getting kicked in his food supply. Ouch!

pregnancy body

Yes, we are still thinking about having our third child. this photos are further encouragement.

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