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Wait! Don't run! This post is not another bummeriffic downer of a weepfest or whatever. I'm totes back to embarrassing myself for fun!

Long- and semi-longtime readers now that I have been partnered with the American Cancer Society's More Birthdays campaign for quite awhile now. At this point, they pretty much say JUMP and I say HOW HIGH AND WOULD IT HELP IF I HIT MY HEAD ON SOMETHING ON THE WAY UP? 

This time they asked me to sing.

Oh my God. You guys.

Yes, Noah is covering his ears the whole time. Yes, Ezra only knows the "YOU TOO, YOU TOO, YOU TOO" part. Yes, poor Baby Ike is flopping around helplessly like a loaf of Wonderbread because I clearly have never held an infant before in my life. 

(This was Take One. Things devolved even further during Take Two, believe me.)

And yes, I am singing and five weeks postpartum and also the whole right side of my shirt is soaking wet because I got trapped outside in a torrential downpour about five minutes before filming this because I am no better at holding umbrellas than I am with babies.

Also: My hair. I know. I KNOW AND I AM SORRY.

But anyway, after you're done laughing at me (s'okay, I know I'm a total dorkball, I deserve it), I would like to encourage you to submit your own 30 Seconds Or So Of YouTubed Humiliation for the More Birthdays campaign and contest. And then you can be all, "HERE'S MY VIDEO" and I will laugh at you for a change. Or maybe I'll just kind of hate you and your beautiful singing voice and fabulous hair and Pillow-Pet-free bookshelves.  




It says the user removed the video...


This is fabulous and full of win.

Cindy B

I would totally make fun of you right now but it says the video was removed. Bummer.


What annemarie said!


I think your voice is very sweet and found that rather moving. Well done. And Ike? Is big!




Bummer. It says that the video has been removed by the user..


Dude. I am a looongtime reader and also an ACS employee. Makes me so proud to see some of my favorite bloggers as part of the More Birthdays campaign. LOVE this video!


ZOMG love love love floppy Baby Ike!!

Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey

Completely adorable! ALL of you! Floppy Ike and all. ;)



I would have loved to have made fun of you... but sadly it says the video has been removed. :-/


That's pretty good dorkball singing!! :) Ike...hold on for God Sake...LOL!


Awesomely done...very sweet...and I think I am going to totally embarrass myself with my horrific singing voice and do it too.


Ooooh, even better, I can do it with artwork. I don't have to embarrass myself.


Found it on YouTube! Beautifully done Amy!


Missed it, but I would totally embarrass myself on YouTube for the ACS.


No video :(

tonya cinnamonb

no video says removed by the user:(


Can't be so bad that you took it down, was it? Come on. I'm sure your hair isn't as bad as you think.


If only my hair looked so good on what YOU consider a bad hair day! I like Ez - kind of the doo-wah boy thing going on underneath.


That is very cute.


What are you all able to watch this?? It says the video was removed...??


What are you all able to watch this?? It says the video was removed...??


Found it on youtube, so cute. Your singing is good! Ike looked like he was trying to rock out.


Watch here -->

Seemed like Ike was trying to sing along =)


Go to You Tube and search on "Happy Birthday Song from Amalah". You won't be sorry!


That was GREAT! Tomorrow is my son's 2nd birthday, so I will have to play him the random lady & boys singing birthday dorkfest. He will love it, or at least I will be amused.

Becca Lynn

So. Cute!! Everything about that video is so precious. Seriously, Amy. :-)


Love! Your boys are just so damn cute.


Supercute! I love Ezra's singing.


Found (a repost?) on YouTube!


That was sooo funny and cute! Poor Ike!


It was dumb. It was obvious. It was pointless. It was... short. I loved it!

(That's a quote from the Muppet Christmas Carol. I couldn't help myself!

I thought it was DARLING! And you look fabulous.


You know that part? The part where Ike takes a dive into Noah's ear? I loved that part! :) Also, you guys look adorable! Nicely done.


There’s a discount on the new Laurie Berkner DVD and some of her other CDs at My kids love her. Definitely recommend taking a peek! :)


I'm going to blame eight months of pregnancy for the fact that sweet little video made me cry.

Yeah. I'm a dork, too.


I can't believe how much I laughed at poor Ike nose diving into Noah. I think you should do a slow-mo video of just that portion - over and over. Is that cruel? That video was awesome. Pure, honest chaos in a house of three boys...


I had to go to the 'Tube itself to find it, but it was awesome! Love the Noah covered ears and the mouthing of words until words Ezra knew and the nose diving Ike (seriously, that kid is adorable!) and the perfect way you have three boys sitting on the same couch with no hitting... How much do we have to pay to see the second version, the one that DIDN'T make it??!

Flyover Belle

I love everything about this video. The nosediving Ike, the ear covering, the intense concentration on the part of Ezra. That you are laughing while you sing. Everything. :)

[Just fyi - it's not showing up on your site now. (It says it was "removed by the user".)]

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

Alas, I can't see the video. I get a "Video has been removed" message. But I'm sure it's teh awesome.


I usually lurk, but that video was awesome and I just had to tell you that. You look very happy with your children.

Jenny Joy

CUTE! Loved it. :)


Major LOLs! Yep, watch out Laurie Berkner! (/dorky toddler mom mode off)


It works if you go directly to YouTube. Nicely done, you are all so adorable.


Hooray for supporting the ACS! I HEART you. I had cancer (Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma) and now I am in remission--2 + years and counting!


Thanks for the link, Averil! I likey. Did Noah tell you what color you sang in?


(sorry guys! ACS renamed the video and/or reuploaded it without sending me a heads up or new embed code... Fixing now...)


I could not stop laughing. And then I read your description, and I died laughing again. Such a precious family. You look great.


Simply adorable...all of you!


Super cute and I had to giggle when Ike tried to dive and make a run for it :) Your boys are the definition of adorable!


Oh, sweet Jeezus, I can't stop giggling at Ike faceplanting into Noah.

ZOMG, I just watched it again & snorted. Thanks for the smiles - I needed them tonight.


That was so sincere and sweet. You all look just beautiful. But you won't realize it for another 20 years. Loved it!


Awww! It makes me happy to see you smiling and laughing and being a dork, because the last post made me choke back teh sobing again.

Love the turtle baby, he is so entertainingly... well, turtley. ^_^


That was utterly adorkable. Ike bouncing around with that perplexed expression was just the icing on the cake. :)


I love it! :) Your participation in the more birthdays campaign is one of my favourite parts of your blog.

christine stephens

Rock on, amalah! You make my day :)


In the spirit of out-dorking cancer, this is what I wrote last night about...fighting cancer:
"ugh^100." My friend called me super dorky. I suppose he's right.


Dorks R Us but we're great! Ike's looking like what have I gotten mahself into? Also, that rain? Deserved its own post, it did:


That was awesome.


Beautiful and the floppy newborn only makes it even more spot-on perfect!


So human...just like the cause you are fighting. Love it.

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry

This is so cute. I don't know what it is about you and your family but I wish so much that we lived closer so I could do a photo session with you. It's not just that you're all cute, it's that there's so much love. That's what I love to capture!

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