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So it appears that puke is totally the new poop when it comes to mommyblogging. Or mommytweeting. Which is kind of the same thing, only with less monetizing. YET

This morning I asked Teh Twitter if anyone had any experience with a "happy spitter" (which I swear is an actual name for an actual thing) and at what age could I possibly expect Ike to stop barfing all the freaking time.

The response was INSANE. I should've hashtagged that shit. Five hours later and we are still talking about it. So if you've been waiting for a reason to finally join Twitter, well. This is probably not it. This is probably the opposite of it. 

So. The "happy spitter." There are so many things wrong with that term I don't even know where to start. For one, Ike does not "spit up." That's what my other babies did -- the occasional burp with a side of cheese. "Oopsies! Spit-uppsies!" you might say in response, because having babies makes you say stupid shit like that. And then you grab a burp rag and gently dab at the side of their mouth and marvel at your ability to cope so well with someone else's bodily fluid. You must be some kind of saint, and thus deserving of cake.  

No. Ike does not "spit up." Ike vomits. Upchucks. Barfs. Yaks. Hurls. Horks. Releases the brechen.

We now use "cottage cheese" almost exclusively as a verb.



I guess I will cede the "happy" part, though usually it's more like "nonchalant reverse milk river" or "casual vector-spew." He's not in pain or even mildly uncomfortable. Just happy and sated and then eh, I'm a little over-full, lemme just put some of that back where I got it from, in your cleavage. You know, for later.



I have mentioned the barfing at every. single. appointment, and he has in fact, demonstrated it live and in person at the pediatrician's office,'s nothing. Just an immature, still-developing stomach and neck-tube. He's fine. Look at those chins! And the chubby arms! And the 3-6-month-sized body at barely 11 weeks old! And the cheerful blue diaper that actually contains a baffling number of hidden adjustment options that completely overwhelm me because I swear I have to let out the leg holes and the waist after every washing because he's just growing that fast. 

The doctor usually just points at the scale as assurance that Ike is fine, and then offers me some baby wipes for the fresh crud all over my shoes. 



It happens with breast milk and formula (Jason ran out of frozen milk approximately 10 minutes after I left for San Diego, even though I THOUGHT I'd done pretty well on the pumping front) and any variety of bottle. There's no indication that it's an allergy or sensitivity, as we're rash- and congestion-free and he is, indeed, a happy, non-fussy baby. It happens if I nurse him as upright as possible or lying down. One side at a time or both.  It happens after three good burps and keeping him awake for 30 minutes...or if I wuss out and let him fall asleep on the boob because IT DOESN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE ANYWAY, HE IS GOING TO PUKE DOWN MY SHIRT IN FIVE. FOUR. THREE. TWO. WHOMP THERE IT IS. 

So I'm trying to resign myself to life with a ticking sludge bomb of a baby, and to be grateful that it isn't really anything more than a semi-embarrassing inconvenience, as opposed to an honest-to-God feeding or health problem. He eats, he burps, he yaks an impressive amount of it back up. We have stacks of ugly cloth diaper burp rags in every room, I use them to wallpaper the torso of anyone who volunteers to hold him for more than a minute, and also to wipe down the floor, the couch, the backs of people's legs when he manages to projectile vomit a good three inches to the left of EVERY RAG IN THE WORLD.

I...sleep on them, you guys, because while I'll wash a dozen outfits a day (for him AND me) plus bibs and rags and milk-crusty swaddling blankets, I just have to draw the line at stripping and remaking the bed that often.



Twitter tells me that it will get better around four months or six or nine or 12. Or when we start solids or when he's sitting up or not until he's walking or weans completely but it will probably come back when he crawls and he might always be that kid who laughs too hard or runs around too much at a birthday party and pukes up rainbow-colored cake icing all over someone else's brand-new carpet. 



I realize it's entirely cliche and trite to end a post like this with a sentence like "it's a good thing he's so cute" but...he really is so cute. I mind a little but not even as much as this entry would indicate. And also I don't really have time for anything BUT cliche and trite because Ike and I need to take a bath. Again.




Ours did this for about a month. The first time, she projectile vomited into my mom's mouth. It was awesome.


One of my daughters was a happy spitter. It was annoying, but short lived. She was pretty much over it by 12 weeks. Her younger sister has full-fledged reflux and the two are very different. The only thing they have in common is the puking. Reflux baby is in pain, afraid of eating, and not growing. She refluxes all day (burp, hiccup). Sounds to me like your Ike is truly just a happy (and cute) spitter.


Okay, I hate the whole unsolicited advice thing. So ignore this, please, if you want. But my first vomited a TON until I totally went off dairy. Every time I'd be tempted by a bowl of ice cream or a piece of pizza she'd let me have it, puke-wise. Around 6 months she outgrew it. It's something about an intolerance to the cow's milk protein, which is bigger than the human milk protein. Took about a week for the dairylessness to kick in and show reduced-vomit results.

Okay, done. Twitter probably told you this already, but I'm a twitterless fool.

Debby Weizer

I had a happy spitter myself. I spent many months in a constant state of cleaning up the spit up. He finally graduated out of the happy spitting faze about 8 months. He's 3 1/2 and we are all glad to have lived through it and it made us stronger.

Amy in StL

Ah, that might explain something about the visit to my boyfriend-at-the-time's friends' house. The mom and son went through about five or six outfit changes a day and I swear that kid seemed to puke up about half of what he drank. He seemed to be a very happy baby, just very barfy. Definitely confirmed my no-holding policy when it comes to kids.


From a Mother of one Happy Spitter and one Normal Spitting Up Baby, lemme tell you - at least we got a happy spitter and not a colicky baby. These are the little platitudes we must tell ourselves whilst doing fifty seven loads of laundry every day. (Actually, my Happy Spitter is now 3, and doesn't puke ever anymore. I forget when it all ended, though.)

*Story time* My female in laws (SIL and MIL) are much, shall we say, cleaner people than me (I shall not say "prissy" about my beloved in laws.) One of them once THREW my two month old child onto a couch in order to avoid getting vomit on her shirt, because she'd already changed once that day. I was not amused by the tossing of the wee baby. I had to train them to either wear a tarp or just grit their teeth and suffer the river of not-even-really-digested milk, because I could not handle them dropping him on the floor in order to protect their coiffed hair or perfect outfit. Harumph.


Finally! Someone else who has a happy spitter! Both my girls were spitters -- terrible, awful, messy spitters who were completely happy and giggly while ruining clothing, upholstery and flooring. My 3-year-old finally grew out of it at 9 months. NINE MONTHS. And when I was pregnant with my second, I secretly prayed that not only would she be happy and healthy, but that she WOULD NOT SPIT UP LIKE A FOUNTAIN. Alas, this one is four months old and spits up even worse than her sister. Sigh.


Um, what you're describing sounds just like my son. And what your doctor said is just what our pediatrician said for 12 months, because the kid was happy and growing. Never mind that we had to enact a crazy strict regimen of feed, that strap him at a perfect angle in a stroller for a whole hour to keep him from barfing. And when he started solids and it didn't stop, I felt trapped in my house, because he would release the huge rainbow vomit everywhere. I got adept at cleaning vomit off the crevices of the car seat and high chair. I carried an entire diaper bag stuffed with burp cloths and bibs for even a 5 minute outing, and we'd come back and I'd have to throw them all in the wash. At 12 months, I went into the doctor sobbing, with a puke log I'd kept for 3 weeks (we're talking about 2-5 pukes a day), and they finally said, "Oh, he has acid reflux. Guess we should have diagnosed it earlier. And come to think of it, he has a shadow on his tooth where the acid has been eating the enamel, and his throat is probably burned too so we really need to start medicating." Prevacid 15mg a day, and the puke vanished overnight. Just listen to your gut, those docs are not always right.


OMG, my first totally did this. My mother-in-law insisted that there was something wrong with him and oh sweet baby jebus get him to the hospital right now he is going to DIE! But, no, really he was fine. He just spewed up -- all the time. But he was still fat and happy and giggly, just like your Ike. I can't remember when exactly he grew out of it, but it was probably somewhere around 6 months. Have fun with that.


Hmmm. I'm not sure I like to learn new things about babies when I'm expecting my second one... but I'm glad he's a happy one as opposed to an in-pain reflux one. Oh, and those pictures of Ike are so darn cute!


I was one of the people replying on Twitter this morning because I never knew a baby could throw up so much and so often and still be so happy and chubby. Going through all his spare daycare outfits before lunch is not unheard of. I was hoping it would end, or at lessen, when he started solids, but not yet (he is five months).


LOL, oh I love this, because my little guy pukes all over the place ALL THE TIME! (He was 3.5 weeks early and just about 6 months and starting solids right now. He's still yakking everywhere). He's gotten more stealth about it as he's gotten older, though - the puke used to come after feedings and you'd know to expect it. Now he keeps it all down for a few hours (so you think you're safe, see?) and then out of nowhere you realize, "My arm feels kind of sticky, wait, what??? How did you puke over your BACK, so that it went down my arm/torso/leg/foot and is now in a puddle on the floor without my noticing it??" Now that we've started solids, it's the same deal, except orange and carrot scented ;)


I had one unhappy spitter (colic/reflux), and one non-spitter. That information is completely un-useful, but in case you're taking a poll, that's where I am.

The non-spitter, however, does get hiccups whenever he laughs too hard, and when he was really little he would burp it up. So that makes it kind of relevant, right? And he still get hiccups from laughing even now that he's 3 1/2, and I don't know if he'll ever outgrow it. Which is nice because I think it's kind of adorable.


You had me laughing out load with the cleaveage for later comment.

I had 3 happy spitters. Well, probably just 2. My oldest was the worst - thank goodness. She did it until past 12 months. I kept pestering the doctor about when it would stop. We got an indoor-outdoor rug for our wood-floor family room, a bajillion burp rags, and would try to hold her inwards when visiting others. As a gracious hostess put it when my 13 month old yakked milk all over her carpet "You breastfeed right? No worries - that stuff doesn't stain. It's organic and whatnot..."


If you want to feel less concerned about how much he is spitting up, try this experiment: take a couple tablespoons of milk or watery yogurt or cottage cheese or whatever his vomit most resembles and pour it on the floor. Look at it. Compare it to what Ike does. He probably isn't spitting up quite the volume that it feels like he is. I once had one of my happy spitters ACTUALLY vomit the entire contents of his stomach on me, and let me tell you, it is different. And grosser. And made me want to buy a new mattress.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

This. This post is one of my Big Fears About Having Babies. Which I know is stupid, because there are much worse things I should reserve my worrying for.

But 1) I have an endless supply of Worry and 2) ICK. I just... can't deal with barf.

IS THE CUTE ENOUGH? Really? Obviously, Ike is adorable MAX. But I am wholly suspicious that even someone as cute as he is makes the baby barf thing okay.


My son did that too. He's 18 (years) now and no longer does it. (actually he quit when he was about 1-ish -- I really don't remember, but do remember all the puke)


Ohhhhhhh, man! I remember those days. I thought they would never end! Every time he ate he puked out what seemed like half of his bottle. I don't even remember at this point when it stopped completely... sometime before he turned a year old. :)


Happy Spitter is an awesome term. Didn't hear of it when my almost 3 year old was teensy. Thankfully, he was only an occasional happy spitter... the verb we used was 'fountain-ing'. First time he did it, I near lost my shit, but he was so ... peaceful... afterwards! We had prefolds scattered around every single room in case of fountain-ing, but he did it so randomly that invariably, we'd think we were safe and blammo, milk all over the place.

I don't miss the fountains, but I do miss that teensy baby :P


Charter member of the Happy Spitter Club here. FWIW, my endless days/nights of burp rags ended abruptly as soon as we started him on solid REAL food (ie., Cheerios). The spit up had become so much a part of my life that I swear I didn't even realize it for like 2 weeks! (My couches though? Completely ruined.)


Yup, happy spitter, I had one of those.

We took changes of cloths for him AND us everywhere. He would easily go through 5-6 outfits a day, and we around 2-3. Also tons and tons and tons of burp cloths, and we actually got pretty good at estimating where it would go and catching it when it did.

A few things that improved my sons spitting up (just a smidge): When burping - we would rub his head and not pat his back. That actually got us a few barf free burbs a day which was the best thing EVER! Then, at about 6 months we removed dairy based formala. I don't remember at what age he outgrew it, I think it was a gradual thing...

Good luck and happy laundry :)


I thought Noah and Drew were our only common bond but apparently not. M is a happy spitter though, he does occassionally make the acid face so we think it is acid reflux. He takes baby zantac and it helps. It doesn't sound like Ike has that.

I have also heard that things will get better at 6 months or 9 months but I also hard solids help. They do not. Although, as others have said, the rainbow colors from solid foods do make the vomit more attractive. lol. Hang in there laundry friends! Between Cding, Bfing, and making homemade baby food....the laundry from spit up is just too much to bear!


I had one of those! And he's 6 now and hardly ever vomits anymore so at least there's that. Also, I second the "giving up dairy seemed to help" comment (and also orange juice. Who knew?) if it's driving you crazy.


Cutest pictures yet.


My 2nd baby was a happy spitter. She finally stopped when she started on regular milk in a sippy cup. BUT she is the one that will throw up if she gags on anything, she's 3 now. She doesn't do it often but enough to say she's our thrower upper. And yeah she threw up strawberries on my friends white rug. She had a few too many and ran around with her friends right after. Oh well, it mostly came up!
We had a slew of burp cloths and towels for her. I would have at least three on me or around me while nursing. She was a fast nurser and messy. And then she would spew. So three wasn't always enough. And yeah I changed a lot of clothes for myself and her.


Those SMILES oh my WORD. I am dead of the cute. I am typing this from beyond the grave.

Erin S

YUP. Bibs and burp cloths and getting used to having a slight grease stain riiight between the shoulder and boob of every shirt I own.
Sleeping on burp cloths? I just assumed that came with motherhood. Ditto for growing opposable toes that are even better than your hands at scrubbing baby cheese out of carpets.
My happy spitter is nearly 6 months old and we've noticed that from about 4 months on it's gotten progressively better. What started as the Niagara Falls of newborn pukes is now more like a backyard water feature.
But: BIBS. Get thee some bibs. And not the wimpy awwwlookhowcute baby shower bibs. Real bibs. Big bibs. Terry cloth bibs. I'd say they drastically reduce the number of outfits per day, but uh ... yeah ... if we weren't going out in public, we just let the kid live in his cheesy outfits.


My daughter was exactly the same way---not fussy, not obviously in pain, happy (most of the time) and gaining weight perfectly fine, but good lord the constant spitting up, usually all over me/the freshly washed Boppy pillow, preferably at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night. I can't remember when it settled down, but I don't remember it being an issue after we started solids and she started breastfeeding on a more regular, less frequent schedule. Although as a toddler, she was more prone to throwing up when she cried too hard, threw a tantrum, choked on something and coughed too hard (fun!), etc. I kind of didn't realize it was an issue until my son was born and he NEVER spit up (though he required constant knees-to-chest to get him to poop). Now we're waiting to see what excitement #3 will bring. :-)

Hope Ike gives you a break soon.


My oldest was a "happy projectile vomiter." I kid you not, if you fed this kid in the wrong position or gave him juuuust a tad too much, or lifted him up to your shoulder too soon after feeding, it was like The Exorcist.

My engineer husband figured out that if we fed him while he was lying on a wedge pillow (small one I used for propping my belly while sleeping during pregnancy), and waited approximately to the count of twenty, we could gently lift him up and 85% of the time avoid the pukage.

Baby gained weight and everything just fine. Doctor theorized that maybe his sphincter between his esophagus and tummy wasn't quite mature enough yet. He outgrew the puking by eight months, btw. If that helps.


My friend had one of these. She carried beach towels with her wherever she went.


My son was also diagnosed as a "happy spitter" after about 6 weeks of me hounding my ped office because "My baby won't keep his food down, no really, I swear he's puking more than he's eating" But still he managed to keep in the 90th% for the first 6 months. Seriously though, I HATE that label, it really is just mocking me. Nobody is happy when they're being hurled on 12x a day!


Oh, also, my GP told me that what looks like a lot when it gets yakked up probably isn't the entire feed. Try spilling an ounce of liquid on your counter, it looks like a lot when it's spreading out everywhere. So Ike is most likely not yakking up an entire feed, just maybe 1/2 ounce or 1.


I feel you, Amy. I do. My daghter did the same thing until around 7.5 months. Happy as can be...river of spit-up/vomit. Sitting up did not make it stop, solids made it WORSE. Until one day it just started getting better and better and stopped almost completely in a matter of days. But it caused me no end of distress. But it will end. No way to tell when, but know there are lots of us who feel your pain. Hope it ends soon for you!

Plano Mom

Yup. Been there, done that. Don't wear silk.


My oldest nephew would vomit like that every single time he ate as well. I swear he would get rid of half of what he had eaten...but he must have been getting exactly what he needed because the kid was 30 lbs. (!!!) by his first birthday. He's 14, 5'10" and 110 pounds soaking wet now...has just barely tripled his weight since he was one.


My happy spitter is 8.5 now. And she is the LEAST pukey of the three of my kids. I figure she got it all out when she was little, unlike her older sister who I swear to God and anyone else who cares that the child never ever ever so much as dribbled a bit of milk out of her mouth, let alone actually spit up.

Then again, that would explain why the older was 32lbs on her first birthday while here sister was a mere 16lbs.....

Good luck to ya. Those cloth diaper burp cloths make great car cleaning rags later on.


My bff's little guy used to just projectile puke out of nowhere for the first 6 months of his life like it was no big deal. Just, HELLO! BLECH! 'Tis when I invested in the floor play gym mat thingies!


It was always hard with a happy spitter, nobody believes you when after handing them a stack of towels, you say "she spits up a lot, you'll need these". Usually the towel gets set on the floor or tucked neatly beside them...never where the vomit eventually lands. My daughter was breastfed...nothing like apologizing to your husbands boss for your breastmilk that is now coating their neck and shoulder. I always felt like I sprayed them directly from my boob or something.


I had to laugh, because I have said numerous times to my twelve week old "thank god you are cute". First time was after the looong labor and it has been my favorite line since! Love following along because our boys are so close in age!


Both my kids did the same thing 15+ years ago. Worried my fool head off about it. I figured it was somebody's way of making me deal with my abject fear of puke. Yep, I got over that.


I used "cottage cheese" as a verb too! Both my boys were "happy spitters.". The pede said it was a laundry problem rather than a baby problem - my kids were both fat, cheerful babies who barfed voluminously anywhere from a minute to an hour after nursing. It drove me totally crazy and I had to bring extra clothes for my husband and me anytime we left the house - that cottage cheese reeks! It pretty much ended for both my boys once they could sit up, with no lingering effects now that they are 4.5 and 14 months. Hang in there!


Wow ... this has brought up memories of my eldest (now 6 1/2). He was a spitter. Our hardwood floors were ruined and we had to re-finish them when we sold our condo. I don't remember when it stopped but he is still definitely sensitive to choking and gagging. Once he scared me half to death when he proceeded to gag on a piece of cheese as I was driving on the fast lane of the beltway!! I almost crashed as I tried to pull over to administer the baby Heimlich. So NO EATING IN THE CAR!! Then more recently he choked on a school-lunch PB&J sandwich and threw up all over the cafeteria. So now he refuses to eat peanut butter (bad association) which if fine except that it severely limits the lunchbox options (especially if a certain mommy has not planned very well and there is NOTHING in the fridge but peanut butter and bread).


My happy spitter continued on for 6 months. I second the recommendation for bibs, bibs, and more bibs. They are easier to change and wash than a whole outfit. Also, my crazy MIL gives us cheap fleece blankets every year for Christmas. We had them draped over all of our furniture until he stopped.

Even though the spitting stopped at 6 months, at 5 he still vomits if he coughs too hard or swallows too much snot (And he wonders why I always shove tissues in his face). I've actually referred to him as a puker to his doctor.

One lesson I have learned - If you show up at the doctor's office covered from neck to toe with throw up, it really cuts down your wait time.


I have no helpful advice at all, just felt the need to point out that the third picture from the top is KILLER! Love it! Heehee!

Missy Carvin

I'm glad there's a name for it! My daughter was a happy spitter, apparently. I remember washing the burp rags (oh, the burp rags!)and the bibs (good God, the biiiiibs!!!) and the 80 bajillion outfits a day.

The good news is that she is now 4 and a quarter years old and has probably thrown up exactly twice since she was a baby. Apparently she got it all out that first year or so.


Oh, dear. I think I have one of these - nonchalant reverse milk river is a perfect description. My husband was sure it was because I don't burp the baby enough until the day he got coated after 2 burps, while maintaining the perfect upright posture. Fortunately, the baby makes a peculiar gurgle right before, so if there's a prefold right there, I can usually stem the tide long enough for help to arrive.


My Happy Spitter (who was born on the same day as Ezra!) did the exact same thing. It lasted right around a year. Nothing like the feeling of that milk river trickling down between the Girls, amiright?

Kim Q

We are at 9 1/2 months in now, and little Sunny still does this. I would say it is less than projectile vomiting and more than the occasional spit up. It generally happens at least once or twice a day, no warning, and enough that you have no choice but to change clothes if it lands on you. But it does not faze her in the slightest. So, whatever. We deal.


My ped uses the term and suggests her families buy a bulk package of towels. With my daughter, it wasn't happy spitting, it was reflux. As soon as we medicated, it no longer hurt, so she was a medicated happy spitter. I remember some days just leaving the tagged shirt on. Don't judge, she was just going to do it again in 5 minutes.


my first was a happy spitter. my second, now 7 mths, is still a happy spitter. I FEEL YOU.

it gets better. i don't recall when, but it does. now if you'll excuse me, i have urp to clean up... :)


My first baby did this for 9 months at least once after every feeding. There was no rhyme or reason. IRS just what she did. I was in total awe of women who would nurse and then sit the baby up to burp without many cloths and blankets to catch the giant puke because that was my life. We didn't call them 'burp cloths'. We called them 'barf rags'. You're not alone. And one day it just stops! I promise!


all three of my boys have been happy spitters. the earliest stopped around six months, the latest around ten months. it's gross, but it does pass :-)


I'm a grandma, so no pithy comments or strategies or advice. Just delurking to say you are the best and funniest writer of all the bloggers I read--and that's saying some, because I read way more than I care to admit. Thanks!


So I am going to tell you this, and you are going to say "I ALREADY SAID THAT WASN'T IT!" but I am going to tell you anyway. because it's my comment, and I will write what I want. (please don't block me)

My baby was a happy sitter. All the time. ALL. THE. TIME. And we were told the same stuff. Nothing to do about it. It is what it is, bla bla bla. Then, one day the pead said to maybe try cutting out dairy. Just to see. I mean, it didn't seem like an allergy AT ALL, but you never know, it might help. Because sometimes it isn't an actual allergy as much as their digestive system hasn't developed the ability to break down lactose.

So I did it, I cut dairy. AND IT CHANGED EVERYTHING. Like it made all the difference in the world. I also had to cut peanut butter. And cutting back wasn't an option. They had to be cut out. All the way, which was painful But my happy spitter turned into a normal non-spit up child.

I did question if it was just timing and ate a bunch of cheese one day. It was not just timing. The vomit was impressive.

I worked dairy back in around six months when he started solids. We never had issues after that.

Anyway, it might help. Who knows. or maybe you don't want to try it because you can't walk away from dairy. If that's the case, I will not judge. But I will say that the very best meal of my entire life was when I gorged myself on Dairy after 2 months off (and gave him bottles of pumped breast milk). BEST. MEAL. EVER. I still dream about it.

Heather R

Looks like you have gotten all of the advice you need from twitter, but I have more anyway! First I'll just say OMG my second was a happy spitter and it didn't officially stop until he was around 15 months old! He started solids and just started puking up orange and green chunks instead of white/yellow cheese. When he got older and mobile, I covered the carpet with blankets every day and had to wash them every night because he puked on them at least 30 times per day. He is now 2 years old and healthy and fine, but My God! That was HELL. He would only sleep upright in a car seat for naps until he was 7 months old and if I put him directly down for a nap after a feeding, there was less spitting up because he had some time to digest it. But he would still throw up 2 hours later, it would just be less overall. It got to be less frequent around the year mark and eventually it was only once or twice a month and then it stopped. TIP: put bibs on before putting him in the car seat as he gets older. The whole folding him in half thing makes it all come up and then it his coat will get will also need two coats (or one piece fleece snow-suit things if that's the route you go when he moves to the big car seat)


Yep, another parent of a happy spitter here. Never bothered my son one tiny bit. But there were days I thought I was going to if I had to clean up another pile of puke. Same doctor's advice, baby growing fine = nothing to worry about. Situation improved drastically around 10 months when he started walking. He's 13 months now and we still occasionally get small amounts of spit up, maybe once a week.

Melissa B

is there a way to officially "follow" your fantastic blog?...i've been reading it for many months and can't find that goodfornothing "FOLLOW" button that i know should be there....your kids are just precious and your insight to daily life with living breathing home-wreckers is down right comforting and charming. i have two of my own.


Another mom with a happy spitter. I remember realizing I hadn't needed to use a burp rag in a while some where around 4 months. And this is totally just anecdotal about my kid, but she has only actually puked twice (in one day) due to sinus drainage in the rest of her 2.5 yrs.


Yep, I know I'm just another comment in a sea of comments and tweets and whatever else, but we have *so* been there, done that!

My little girl was (is) a happy spitter. She was EBF until 8 weeks, and she spits just as much on formula, even the sensitive or gentle kind, so I'm 99% sure it's not any kind of sensitivity or allergy. It seems, though...knock on wood...that somewhere around 4 1/2 months (she turns 5 months this week), she made a drastic improvement in the spit department. In fact, my husband and I refused to mention it for fear of jinxing things. :-p


This too shall pass. Till then, well we just kept bibs on our kids for the first 12 months. Seriously. Our first was a happy spitter, but our twins had reflux. Same mess, but it hurt them. So they were on zantac which just turned them into happy spitters. Aw well. They all did outgrow it by 12 months though. soemthing about the valve to the stomach maturing and finally closing blahblah doctor-speak.

And it's totally a good thing babies are so cute!


Dude. The pictures are killing me. Seriously that is one adorable little puker.

Jen L.

Yep. I had a happy spitter. I have absolutely no useful advice because I have absolutely no idea what finally made him stop. I wasn't sleeping much then...
Ike IS totally cute!


Happened to me too with kid #1. have a pic from Hawaii at 2 months and just as we hit the shutter button she upchucked and so there is my daughter, with a beautiful Hawaiin background, vomit in mid-air. It completely ended around 5 months which is good because I was ready to start clobbering the people who just wanted to dab her cheek.


My first spit up, maybe once a month for the first three or four months? Then never again? My second, who will be ELEVEN FREAKING MONTHS OLD THIS WEEK still spits up pretty much daily. When she randomly goes a day without it, we're all "she's outgrown teh spits!!" and then the next day, well, wearing black is just a bad idea with a happy spitter, right? Good luck! Neither turning 4, 6 or 10 months old has helped, neither has walking or eating solids, formula, breastmilk, or cow's milk. It has reduced in frequency though, from after and during every damn feeding, down to once or twice a day. Enjoy!


I had no idea it had a name. My daughter is going to be 8 weeks tomorrow and pukes all. the. time. I never called it spit up because her big brother spit up, she ... spews forth astonishing amounts such that I'm amazed she isn't starving to death.

I'd be worried about her if she wasn't so darn happy and smiley and growing quite well thankyouverymuch. Apparently she's keeping plenty down in between showering me and the floor with gobs of milk.

Oh, and I sleep on burp cloths and baby blankets and waterproof pads too. Because there is no way I have the energy to change the sheets every time either. I don't even usually change my clothes during the day, just mop myself off as best I can. I don't have enough shirts that fit and work for nursing to change every time she gets me.


My first 2 were happy spitters. It was so annoying and yes, a very good thing they were so cute. I was pleased when #3 did not have this issue. He was, however, a crap sleeper. I would much rather have a happy sleeper than a crap sleeper!

And yes, as I read the post, all I could think was, "Ike is sooooooo freaking cuuuuuute!"


My first 2 were happy spitters. It was so annoying and yes, a very good thing they were so cute. I was pleased when #3 did not have this issue. He was, however, a crap sleeper. I would much rather have a happy sleeper than a crap sleeper!

And yes, as I read the post, all I could think was, "Ike is sooooooo freaking cuuuuuute!"


Ugh, I remember dealing with this with my first baby. I washed a full load of burp cloths every single day. I swear I went to the store every other day to buy more because there were NEVER ENOUGH.


Not even going to bother reading the 57 responses above. This is just a note to say that "Mount St. Benjamin" ralphed plenty until he started crawling and by the time he was walking at 11 months, it had subsided substantially. However, he still has issues (at 7-years-old) with too much activity after eating. Even when I pulled out the old toys for my youngest son, I was scraping away at the layers of barf that had not been thoroughly cleaned up when they were put away years earlier. Blech!


lol love it


I imagine you've heard it all by now but I had an unhappy spitter so...I'm just going to pitch in anyway. She was medicated and it didn't help, I didn't bother changing either of our clothes until she had puked 8-11 times. That meant about every hour. We didn't say we burped the baby, we "puked her". It improved 75% when she sat up and 98% when she walked. At two years it can still sneak up on us. None of this will help you but I feel lots better getting that off my chest!


I'm sorry I missed this on the twitter, because I would have thrown my hat into the advice-giving ring. Wait, no, I HAVE no advice, because my son spit up constantly until...about...9 months? 10 months? It just sort of slowed down and then one day I realized I hadn't washed a burp cloth in an entire 24 hour period and rejoiced.

We basically didn't leave the house for his first 6 months because he was guaranteed to throw up on someone/something and I couldn't carry enough clothes for all of us. And they get kind of mad at stores when your baby pukes on merchandise.

Best/worst part of my experience was when he started spitting up BLOOD and I died dead of concern and we took him to the special children's hospital at 1 am and waited for four hours...only to realize the blood was actually coming from my boob (some sort of burst capillary while I was nursing) and the baby was just as happy about the spitting as ever.


kim at allconsuming

See I'm the sort of parent who thinks a kid barfing at a party is teh awesome. No really! I find it hilarious. I feel like high-fiving that kid and saying, welcome to my world kid. No, not one of chronic bulimia (is there any other sort)but one of having no off switch. Of just enjoying food that much.


My third TOTALLY did that... he didn't just suddenly stop one day but got better and better until I put the rags away a little after 12 mo. He does have dairy intolerance- drinks soy milk now instead, but that probably is unrelated since he was on soy formula at the time. Good Luck with it!


It was like a waterfall over my shoulder for 12 months (I pulled the bottle after that.) The amount of laundry was insane. He is now 2....walking down the street the other day he stopped, yarfed up some milk and strawberries that he had for lunch, spit a few times and kept walking. Still. at 2. Good Lord.


You made me belly laugh through this post!! My oldest did that too for a few months, but that was 26 years ago and I don't remember how long it lasted. Mostly I remember having my hand on her belly, feeling it heave and me making a mad dash to get the burp rag in place in time. You are right, Ike is adorable.


Yeah, my first one did that too. We called him 'Mr. Spit' (his real name is Christopher) for his first six months, until that little valve-thingy in his esophagus closed up. My husband would come home from work and see all the clothes and burp rags and shit all over the house, and there was no need to ask how my day had been. I just called the dog to come lick it up.

Don't judge me! The dog loved it. That kid's birthday was yesterday, he's 25 now! Now when he throws up it's because he's drunk.


My daughter was a happy spitter too! She gradually tapered at about 6 months when she started solids. All babies on my mom's side of the family (including me, mom, gramma) were all "happy spitters" too, so we all knew how to roll with it. In-laws? Not so much. Every single time my daughter spit up, my MIL would SHRIEK and be so concerned with the sheer volume of the spit-up. It was annoying. And one time she nearly dropped her and also scared her by suddenly thrusting her aside to miss the spit-up waterfall. Ugh. Baby was fine, gaining weight, and happy. So quit freaking out, lady.


My oldest son used to spit up like that after every feeding. I used to have to change his clothes and, often, most of mine after he ate and then... spit up what looked like more than he swallowed.

I think he grew out of around 6 months... but it's hard to remember because he's now 9 years old. :)


Both of my girls were/are pukers. My first was a happy spitter - puked all of the time but it never bothered her. She stopped spitting up sometime around 9 months or so (by that time, she was sitting and crawling and well into solids). My second is an UNhappy spitter and is on Prevacid for her major reflux issues. Both girls spit up the same amount but it was obvious, right off the bat, that my second was in much more pain from the start. At six months, sitting up and eating solids, she still spits up though it's not nearly the volume it once was.


My Happy Spitter was a reflux kiddo. No acid face, grew exponentially, perfectly happy girl who required 6 months of changing outfits every hour or so until we were being eval'ed by the neurodevelopmental ped. At the end of the exam we left with instructions to call our regular ped for a Zantac scrip for the reflux I didn't believe existed. Until after a week of zantac when my kiddo was no longer hurling on everyone :). FWIW I have since been told (way too many times) that if the Happy Spitting usually occurs more than an hour after a feeding it is more likely to be reflux, less then just your garden variety spitting. As with all assvice YMMV!


Mine was a quiet happy pucker. He wouldn't make any noise or anything just smile and open his mouth and out came unused milk. We used to line his crib with layers so we wouldn't have to change it return 17 times a night. It was rubber sheet, two flat cloth diapers, rubber sheet, two cloth diapers. Repeat twice more. The kid wore disposables and I still washed a load of cloth diapers every day. He got so used to laying on cloth diapers that they were his blankies for years. He's eleven and starting 7th grade and there are still a few in the back of his drawer. He outgrew the pukes with solid food. We were just happy he didn't projectile vomit like his father and aunt, it's a family trait.


P.s. Ike is gorgeous. Actually makes me want another one he's so cute.


Oh, yes, I remember this. I have a 3 month old that is spitting up more than average, but nothing like her brother who drenched everything. I used washcloths for spit up rags with my firstborn, I went through 2 cloth diapers to catch my sons spit up. The 'splat' on the hardwood became a regular noise, that would make the dog would (eww, sorry) come running. He stopped cold turkey around 6 months...hope Ike does the same!

The Grouchy Mom

This too shall pass, MY ARSE! My 13 y.o. still does it....although not as much....

My son used to puke so much even through 2nd grade....I would just get a feeling, hold out my hands if the trash wasn't near, and catch it!

I was a puke-cleaning professional for awhile there...

the bright side - the kid knows his stomach so well he NEVER makes a mess anymore!


My children did this until 9 months. All you can do is wait it out. For what it's worth, neither of them have been pukers since then. There was the occasional anomaly in the months after that dramatic drop-off--a very few spit-ups until maybe 12, 14 months. But no puking.

I highly recommend throwing on an old, ugly t-shirt over your actual outfit whenever you're at home. I didn't think of this until my second child was several months old. It took far too long, but I was happy to finally find a use for all my husband's old t-shirts. It saved me a LOT of cute outfits.


Same here! In fact, I have dubbed my 6 month son Benjamin "Ben Hurl."
I was just wondering what smelled funny: it's my vomit-covered self.


Oh my God, those pictures cracked me up!

I had the opposite, twice. Silent reflux. Less laundry, more screaming. It'll be a miracle if my little guy has a liver left by the time he's 5, he has had medicine (Zantac) every single day of his little life. :(


My little brother used to throw up constantly because of a kink in his tubes. No idea how/when it got fixed though =/


Our little guy has reflux-he rarely actually spits up, just screams, draws his legs up, crys and crys. Zantac helped some but now we have omeprazole(prilosec) just started it today, we'll see. In 5th percentile for weight, with feeding every 1.5- 2 hours since birth except at night:( but he's tall, 50th percent. Guess I'm in the it could be worse-situation.


My oldest was exactly like that! Happily puke all over me when he was itty bitty and then fuss to eat again. And he turned into the kid with the hair-trigger gag reflex (or maybe it was that all along). Cough too much - puke. Get too hot from playing - puke. Put too much in his mouth/something he didn't want - puke. I've had to explain his gag reflex at too many parties while mother's cautiously backed their kids away likely thinking "yeah right - that kid is sick!" while I clean up the yuck. Hope Ike gives you a smoother time once he's older/mobile, but if not - make it a habit to pack extra clothes for him AND you in the baby bag for awhile.


I know someone else mentioned it, but there might be something in the dairy issue. My son was a happy spitter while he was still on breast milk (almost exclusively for 5.5 months, and then 1-2 bottles of formula per week until about 7 months, ramping up to almost exclusively formula by 9 months). When we switched him over to nothing but formula with only one bottle of breast milk per day, he pretty much stopped spitting up. When we started giving him almost exclusively breast milk again to clear it out of the freezer faster, he started spitting up again. And now that he's on whole milk (he's 14.5 months old) he still occasionally spits up if he drinks too much milk at once (usually only for his first cup of milk of the day - we weaned him off the bottle but he still wants a cup of milk as soon as he wakes up!). I'm planning on bringing it up at his 15 month appointment.


Yup. Totally have been there/done that.

As he aged, everytime he got sick, it would resurface or if he ran around too much, etc.

Come to find out, vomiting is an early sign of asthma. Huh.

It gets better, I promise.

But I remember that stage. The 'my whole house smells like slightly rotten milk' stage. The constant laundry. The finding puke stains everywhere and just being like, 'Oh yeah...that. Right.'

It gets better.


Drool drips. Oxytocin surges. Bile rises (must admit puke is hard for me).

Yet—he is still the sweetest, cutest, best-natured baby.

Is he adoptable ?~! thought not.


Jill was a gold medalist in cross-kitchen hurling until about 9 months old. I spent the first three months with beach towels draped over the couch, and her and I naked from the waist up for every feeding.


Hey - congrats!! Baby Ike is absolutely adorable!! I check out your site randomly - sometimes more and sometimes less. Anyway - I was wondering - where is Ceiba? I mean, not like you haven't been off to hospitalland having baby's and all - so I know you haven't been at all busy. LOL Anyway - I was just wondering. :)


No Assvice from me... my kids are way too old and my memory is menopausal... just de-lurking to say you give baby barf a whole new appeal...I have taken to calling you "Awesome Amalah"...
btw... any chance you might do a deoderant wars style post with all the flippin' varieties of toothpaste now on the shelves? Could be fun...

The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful

My sister-in-law became a yak, barf, spew containment professional. Her son Nick barfed till he was 4 (I'm sure that won't happen with Ike). but she began to recognize the signs, a reddening of the cheeks and then a glottal CLICK CLICK CLICK followed five, four, three, two, one by an eruption of the entire stomach and perhaps a bit of the large intestine. You'd be hanging out with her in the mall... click, click click, she'd casually stick Nick's head in the automatic trash can. You'd be swimming in the pool with her and, click click, she'd open the lid to the pool spillage and in would go Nick's head. That kid's head has seen the inside of storm drains, busboy tubs, fake indoor palm tree pots, someone's rain boot at a mall play gym and and the empty cavern that is Charlie Sheen's soul. But I'm sure Ike will stop tomorrow.


I had twins that did this for 6 months. TWINS. 6 MONTHS. You live with it....And all those ridiculous receiving blankets that I got and couldn't figure out what to do with, because they had much cuter actual blankets? Yak drapes. On us, on the kids, on the couch. Then one day I realized hey it is noon and the laundry basket is only 3/4 full! Hallelujah!


Both my boys blorked (our word), but my youngest was the worst. Though they both stopped somewhere in the 4-6 month range. My suggestion, and what I used constantly, is to get a bunch of towels you don't love and wear them. Seriously, I have finally be able to stop having a towel covering my entire front and back. Though that still doesn't make up for the fact that my youngest aimed for the dog once.

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