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Kindergarten, Day One

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For the record:

1) He did great.

2) Dude Teacher is a bona fide rockstar hit.

3) Lady Teacher has "Kill" in her name (Killian) and thus requires more time to determine if she is a Bad Guy or not.

    3a) This may a job for the Spy Kids. 

    3b) If you want to be a Spy Kid, you just need to wear a belt. Duh.

    3c) It sounds to me like the Spy Kids' recruitment requirements may have gone downhill over the course of four movies and the advent of Aroma-Scope, but I'm clearly not the expert here.

4) He is a little bummed that he isn't able to read fluently yet, since the fifth graders corrected his reading of the words BUS STOP this morning. "Actually, that says STORM DRAIN," they said. "But good try!"

5) I still get hugs.

    5a) And kisses.

    5b) Even in front of the fifth graders. 



How this picture will echo every year from here to eternity.


#4 just killed me with The Giggles.


#4 just killed me with The Giggles.

Heather B. Just no.

Why does the baby have to grow up?


Dude Kindergarten teachers are the best. Glad his day was a smashing success!


Congrats, Noah! Can't believe what a big kid he is.


So great! Congrats to your big boy and Mama herself on a great first day and a milestone :-)


He looks like a total Kinder Stud Muffin.

Reading (and chickens)

Your kid is SO AWESOME. My kid wouldn't even RIDE the school bus, much less, you know, GO to school without an electrified cattle prod. (That last part was a joke.) (Maybe.)

Jen L.

Fantastic! Glad you got hugs and kisses. I didn't even get a goodbye at preschool drop-off this morning. Apparently huge mounds of play-doh are much more interesting than your weepy mother.




Is NOAH signed up for Bookshare? ( if so, there is an app called Read2Go for the iPad that is awesome! The kids can read or it will read to them (computer voice that is surprisingly tolerable). You can adjust the font size and the color of the font & background for maximum contrast etc.
I downloaded it for my son and he loves it. I didn't know if kids on the spectrum benefit from additional reading support.

I have NO ties to this app just a happy customer.


Ok, this picture made me cry. So not fair that they grow up. So glad it was a good first day!


Noah is awesome. I love this update - so glad that he had a good day!


Noah is awesome. I love this update - so glad that he had a good day!


Dude, I think Noah just photo bombed some serious 5th grade romance happening in front of the bus door.

Erin in VA

Hooray for hugs and kisses. My oldest will be going to K next year. I hope he still gives me those!


Both my girls had a dude for a kindergarten teacher. He rocked. I am glad he had a good first day!


Wish my son had dude teachers, that would have rocked. And for the record, my fifth grader still gives me a kiss good bye in front of the high schoolers. Which. I. Love.


Oh man. That Noah. And grown-up-ish. And gawd I have been following you since he was a wee babe and WHYDOTHEYGROWUPSOFAST??? Wah.


LOVE the 5th graders being nice ("Good try anyway!"). Glad he had such a great first day and has a great teacher--and good for you! You survived! It gets easier. (SO much easier to send #2 off with big brother, I promise!)


Adorable!!! I sometimes wish our town was big enough so my boy could ride the school bus. Little kids + school buses = cuteness overload.

And #4 reminds of a story my MIL shared about my husband. Apparently he came home from his first day in tears because the teacher did not teach him how to tie his shoelaces and that's what you do in Kindergarten!

Sarah @ w30

Awwww, so sweet. Love #3. Solid logic to me!

Cheryl S.

Hooray for Noah! Glad he did well. Also glad you still get kisses. (I don't. SOB. My daughter is 6 and just started 1st grade. She is FAR too cool and independent to let me kiss her in front of people!)


Re: the boy on the left. Is it not enough that he has a bowl haircut, braces and glasses? Must he have zinc oxide on his nose too?????

Another (former) Miss Killian

Eek! My first two years as a first grade teacher were spent as Miss Killian. It never occurred to me my students would worry about my potential for Bad Guy alliances. So glad I got married before any kids could Spy Kid out the truth.


Mine is a little disappointed that he can't read yet either. I'm sure if he hadn't missed two days for the earthquake and one for the hurricane, he would be. Definitely.


He has cool shoes. Do you think those come in my size?


Sweet! So glad Noah has a cool teacher and a maybe-not-a-bad-guy teacher. Sounds like some first day success.


Fair to say Noah might not be hitting the Irish Red when he hits college-aged?


Fair to say Noah might not be hitting the Irish Red when he hits college-aged?


Dude primary school teachers are rockstars, even when they are dorks. My student teaching semester, we had two guys in our section. The one I worked next door to and hung out with was middle aged and a bit geeky, but the kids thought he was the height of awesome.


Love that picture so much! So "real." You will treasure that one day (says the mom of a 10th grader).

Big Gay Sam

It looks like your little man had a hard day at the office. :p


Yay for great first days and for capturing the classic school bus shot! p.s. Noah and I are rocking the same lunch box. :)


Oh, Amalah. I adore you. ADORE. Thanks for this fabulous travelogue.


Whoops, my last message was posted in the wrong place! I was referring to your day-in-the-life piece. Eek. Sorry!

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