Adventures in Playing Blog Hooky, Part Four Million and Three

Adventures in Newborn Cloth Diapering, Part Three

Not going to lie: Running out of steam here. I committed more words about cloth diapering last week than any sane human being ever should. (I even went off on a whole big woolie-pant tangent at AlphaMom. SOMEBODY STOP ME.) I kind of just want to go lie down and not listen to myself for awhile.

But okay. Ike is now three-and-a-half-months old. This is what my diapering stash/area/fortress of crazy looks like...


Two dozen newborn-sized prefolds

Nine one-size fitteds

Six one-size FuzziBunz

Two one-size Charlie Bananas (hand-me-downs from Ezra)

One GroBaby all-in-one (same deal)

One BabyKicks hemp fitted (one of Temerity Jane's cast-offs, similarly not adored here, but used)


Two Thirsties Duo Wraps, size one

Two PUL covers from Fluffy's Diapers, size small

Three upcycled wool covers from Ocean Babies, size small

Four fleece covers from Pumpkin Pants, size small


12 refurbished one-size bumGenius

15 FuzziBunz, size medium

Yes. This is (wait for it) a shitload of diapers. This is way, way more than I need. Way more than anybody needs, for just one measly baby.

This is, however, NOT some damning proof that everything sucks and is wrong and you will hate your life and make ALL THE WRONG CHOICES.

No. This is just damning proof that I need to stop buying so many damn diapers, is all. More of a testament to how much I ENJOY cloth diapering Ike.

There's something addicting about it. Something about the experimenting and the promise that this! THIS diaper! This cover! This laundry process! This will be the perfect one, solving every problem or minor quibble I've ever had with the others! Together, we shall build THE CUTEST MOSTEST PERFECTEST DIAPER IN THE WORRRRRLD!

When Noah was in disposables and I had complaints, it was like, "Well, he's having blow-outs in the Huggies, so...Pampers, I guess? Luvs or generics? Whichever ones have the least annoying cartoon character on them?" And then you switch and really, they're all kinda the same. Whatever.

This time, it's like, "ETSY SHOPPING TIME YAAAAYYYYY!"

But really, we're soooo obviously set. More than set. I do diaper laundry about twice a week, every three days or so. No big deal at all, with a family of five: I'm easily doing laundry almost every day anyway. The diapers just get an overnight soaking first. Other than that, they simply blend in with our regular onslaught of dirty clothes.  

(DIAPER PAIL ASIDE: Metal trash can with lid from Ikea. Pail liner from Planet Wise. Spritz wet and soiled diapers with Biokleen Bac-Out to kill odor. We have a secondary pail in the basement, next to the washer, where I sometimes put especially evil diapers, or just the ones we change in places other than Ike's room.)

So, what worked 100% the absolute BEST, when Ike was brand-new? Newborn-sized fitteds, hands down. They were our ultimate solution to the blow-out problem. Turns out Ike needed more elastic around his legs than just a cover alone. They also featured a snap-down for the umbilical cord. 

Leanne (Rebel Baby Co.) gave me three of her newborn-sized diapers as a gift, and if I were to cloth diaper a newborn again I would DEFINITELY invest in a few more of these, even though they do seem pricey for something you may not use very long. But we used them A LOT. More than any single onesie or cute little romper. So I'd skip some of the wardrobe purchases next time and buy more diapers.

(I love how I keep saying shit like "next time." No, self.

I was so sad when Ike outgrew the newborn fitteds after a couple months...I could still snap them up just fine, but he is just sooooo loooooong, and they kinda didn't cover up his butt crack all the way. Oops. So I upgraded to (and paid for, though Leanne gave me a discount because she's awesome) the one-size fitteds that we're still using now. Adjustable in the rise, around the waist, snap-in soaker...they are fantastic and worth every penny.

(I know Leanne is on hiatus and probably won't be able to accept a ton of orders right now, so if you absolutely must have something similar to our fitteds RIGHT FREAKING NOW, you can find them at other shops on HyenaCart and Etsy. Perhaps some commenters can some more specific URL guidance?)

Ike, six days old, in a newborn fitted, and just thrilled as anything about it.

We tend to save the fitteds for nighttime or going out, but I also occasionally treat them like a little outfit unto themselves and let Ike kick it in a cover-less fitted and a t-shirt. Maybe some legwarmers, now that he's plumping up a bit. SO CUTE.

During the day, at home, Ike wears prefolds with a cover. Jason likes just folding them in threes and using the PUL covers, swearing that's the "easiest" of any of the options we own, pocket diapers included. (He gets a bit weary of snaps, and misses the velcro on the bumGenius. The reason we own as many PUL covers as we do is because I ordered two velcro ones just for him. I'm so romantic, you guys!)

Me? I prefer the breathable covers: the fleece and the wool. Those pull on like little pants, so I have to use a Snappi to fasten the prefold. It took some practice, but I am now ready for the Diaper Folding World Championships, Speed & Accuracy Devision:

Angel-wing-fold-1 Angel-wing-fold-2

Angel-wing-fold-3 Angel-wing-fold-4

Angel-wing-fold-5 Angel-wing-fold-6

Angel-wing-fold-7 Angel-wing-fold-8


(I just timed myself. 11.4 seconds, motherfuckers.)

(Click here for a more detailed look at various ways to fold a prefold.)

Every day I am warming up to the FuzziBunz one-size diapers more and more. Ike has hit the point where his growth will come more in spurts, rather than just CONSTANT NEVER-ENDING EMBIGGENING. It occurred to me, after I wrote about how much I hated messing with all that infernal elastic that it has actually been awhile since I had to mess with it. Figures.

I'd give the Charlie Banana diapers a slight edge over the FuzziBunz in this regard -- they have adjustable elastic around the legs only, and you can tighten the waist enough using just the snaps, because the flaps can actually snap OVER and ONTO each other. (Our fitteds so this as well. It's...just stupidly brilliant and I don't know why the FuzziBunz haven't added this feature yet.) (Velcro diapers are also great in this regard, because you can fasten velcro on top of velcro. Our velcro on the bumGenius diapers was just BEYOND DEAD and had to go, but sadly, with snaps, they just don't fit a tiny skinny baby as well as they used to.)

So the CB diapers fit just great and work like any other pocket diaper system (all the inserts are compatible across all the brands -- you don't have to try to keep them straight or anything, just wash and stuff), but my only quibble with THEM is that they're made in China. The company seems like a very good one, but as I mentioned in Part One, I also like knowing my money is going to fellow moms. 

The next project is to really attack the mystery of the leaking one-size diapers: I THOUGHT the leaks were all fit-related, or because the leg elastic is shot in some of the hand-me-downs. But last night Ike wore a double-stuffed FuzziBunz (which is new) and woke up soaking wet. That suggests we've got a repelling problem and it's time to strip them. (This has always happened periodically with the pocket diapers, but not once with prefolds or fitteds. Is that...weird? Normal? Still just a matter of time? Dunno.)

It's ALSO possible that our microfiber inserts are simply toast and I should replace them with some new hemp ones...or maybe just start stuffing the pocket diapers with a prefold. Or it could be a combination of issues and I'll still have to decide whether to replace all that elastic in the hand-me-downs...or just buy the next size up in prefolds. 

But you know, for a stash of diapers that saw CONSTANT ROUND-THE-CLOCK USE for over TWO YEARS, they served us very well. I salute you, beat-up, broke-down diapers! I salute you. 


So it's obvious that you can basically just wind me up and I will ramble all over the place until I fall asleep or get distracted by something shiny. Like wine. Shiny, pretty wine. 

What? Oh, right. Okay. How about I try to write out a little timeline and leave it at that? Kind of structured and organized, though not 100% to-the-day accurate, because I was kind of too busy keeping small human beings alive to keep notes. But if you're trying to guesstimate what will fit when and for how long, this might help. Or confuse you even further when your baby turns out to be a completely different size or body type than mine: 

Day One: Meconium poops. Black, tarry disgustingness. Screw that. Go with disposables until it's over. 

Day Leaving The Hospital: STEAL ALL THE DIAPERS. 

Day Yay We're Home: OMG, he's so small. Barely seven pounds, no meat on his bones to speak of. Preemie fitteds and covers are the only things that don't gap around the legs or cover the stump. Not sure I'd bother buying those again, even though they weren't that expensive, because we had PLENTY of free disposables to tide us over. Then again: The earth, and stuff. 

Day Hazy Newborn Fog: Poops are expode-y bursts of mustard water. Leak out prefold legholes every time. Need new cover every time. Out of clean covers and it's only lunchtime. Hmm.

Day First Well-Baby Visit: Figure out that newborn fitteds are where it's AT in avoiding leg-hole leaks. They become go-to diaper for any time we leave the house, because prefolds simply cannot be trusted. Quote from pediatrician: "Oh my God, that is the cutest diaper I have ever seen in my life."

Photo (52)

Look at those scrawny legs, and you'll realize what we were dealing with.

Day Seven: Dear God, we need more fitteds. Prefolds no match for poop onslaught. One-sizes still comically gigantic, bad position for stump.

Day 14: Informed by pediatrician that Ike's umbilical stump is "extra substantial" and will take longer than usual to fall off. Indeed, it hangs on for almost a month, and even then needed "help" from Noah, who was promptly traumatized for life. Still limping around with combo of hospital diapers, prefolds and our three newborn fitteds, which have come to be known as MY PRESHUSSSSS around these parts. 

Week Three: Preemie size everything is retired. Poops decrease to once a day or once every other day. Still have to replace the cover when it happens in a prefold, but it's an improvement.

Week Four: Nine spanking-new one-size fitteds arrive. Angels sing, clouds part.

Photo (76)

Week Five: Ike is nine pounds, five ounces. I keep trying the FuzziBunz but am still not happy with the fit. 

Week Six or Seven, What Am I, A Wizard? Begin reasessing our choice of all PUL covers. It's hot out. Ike's getting rashes. Start staring very hard at wool and fleece covers online. Slowly have realization that the different style leg hole might solve more than a few problems. Breathe heavily through mouth, do nothing. 

Week Eight: Go to the beach, stay at relative's condo. We've taken cloth diapers there before and recieved much enthusiastic support and the free reign of their washer and dryer, but Ike is still going through such a high number of diapers every day that I cheat and bring a jumbo back of generic disposables. I resent them for their highly not-cute appearance and think they smell chemical-ish, but still. Way easier.  

Two Months: Ike is 10 pounds, 15 ounces. Order fleece and wool covers from Etsy. Jason looks at me like I have lost my damn mind, aren't they going to You want to put him in butt sweaters? I ignore him, but leave out the part about the wool covers needing to be handwashed, la la laaaaa.

Two Months & Five Minutes: A brand-new wool cover goes through the wash. OF COURSE IT DOES. I manage to stretch it back into shape, then realize that my worst fear has arrived: Re-lanolizing a wool cover, which sounds scary and complicated and...

Two Months & Six Minutes: Discover that "lanolizing" involves filling sink with warm water and squirting some goddamn leftover lanolin NIPPLE OINTMENT in there, then tossing the cover into the sink. Swish around, wring out, hang on towel bar. Uh. Okay. That was...easy. 

Two Months & Seven Minutes: Discover the joy of a fitted paired with a wool cover for overnight. Holy hell, that's some sweet-ass diapering.

Two Months & Eight Minutes: Prefolds make their grand reappearance, using a Snappi under the new covers. Old PUL covers suddenly fit well enough to go over a non-Shappied prefold, much to Jason's joy and delight. 

Three Months: Cruising right along with prefolds and fitteds. New FuzziBunz and old bumGenius finally seem to fit, but are more prone to leakage. (Pee, not poop.) However, they're easier to toss in the diaper bag and change while we're out. I'm surprised how much better I like the more "complicated" diapering options, though. Pockets were all I ever knew and I thought they were the Cadillac of diapers, given the price, but...there you have it. I am officially a cloth diapering weirdo.

Three Months & 19 Days: Today! I have no idea how much Ike weighs right now, but I know that he is very long, very lean and solidly in size 3-6 month clothing. Everything, save for the hand-me-downs, is working absolutely fine, at this size and stage.

He wears prefolds with whatever cover I grab out of the drawer during the day. He wears a fitted with a wool cover at night (and I have not needed to wash and/or lanolize a single wool cover again, so don't let the ZOMGHANDWASH AREYOUHIGH care instructions for wool freak you out). He wears a fitted or a FuzzBunz when we go out. After he wears them, I wash them. I dry them. I put them back in the drawer. No superpowers required, other than EPIC self-control when it comes to Etsy and all the handmade customized wooliepant covers with the designs on the butts and the fitted in the cute fabrics AH MAH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

And that concludes my manifesto on cloth diapering. As always, feel free to ask me specific questions over at the Advice Smackdown (and not just about cloth diapers, I'll yak about anything other there, really). 

For everybody else, thank you for putting up with this nonsense, and know that I will try my God's honest damnedness to talk about something -- ANYTHING -- besides cloth diapers for a good, long time.



I had visions of knitting a couple of wool soakers. Haven't been able to pick up the needles yet, but I'm glad to hear someone with actual experience likes them. The Snappis kind of scare me though.


1. Repelling and stink can almost always be blamed on microfiber. I mean, it happens because of wash and build up and whatever, but microfiber! So stinky! I like the bamboo inserts from Blueberry diapers and I like BabyKicks hemp inserts, even though I hated the BabyKicks diaper (haha, sucker). I got the small inserts and they're still enormous. I can't EVER imagine needing the large and even the mediums seem way off.

2. HyenaCart! Yes! Hooray! Excellent options for fitteds: BubuBebe - I didn't LOVE the one I had, but they've got great reviews and are relatively easy to snag. Tangerine Baby - she calls these "hybrid fitteds," because they've got extra padding, but, you know, they're fitteds. They're super soft and I loooove ours. Goodmama - not on HyenaCart and really expensive, but super squishy and absorbent and adorable. There IS Spots Corner on Hyena Cart, though, where used and brand new in package diapers are sold, and you can pick up some Goodmama's at a decent price there.

3. LASTLY. I love fitteds. A lot. But for people who are all, "WHY WOULD I WANT A NON-WATERPROOF DIAPER," can I suggest some WAHM made All in 2s? They have a snap in soaker, usually made of zorb or organic bamboo velour, just like fitteds, but a hidden layer of PUL inside. The soaker snaps in, so there's no POOPED SHUT POCKET FLAPS and also no microfiber. I love both Nala's Fluffy Bums and Fluff in the Trunk on HyenaCart for these.

... I'll just be directing my readers to this post and my comment now. Thanks.


I need the world to be aware that I AM AWARE of my misplaced apostrophe in "Goodmamas" and I will likely never forgive myself for it.


Your baby is too cute for words.

With baby #2, someone told us about smearing olive oil on his butt after changing his diaper. Worked like a charm - the meconium wiped right off. The one time I didn't use the olive oil I regretted it.


I've never commented before, but I've been reading for a while and am so goad you posted this. My 3rd boy is the same age as your 3rd boy and we cloth diaper also... I have been thinking about options OTHER than PUL because of this Florida heat and the rash, rash, rash! I thought wool would be the WORST possible option and be just sodamnhot. Maybe I'll suck it up and try a couple.

Oh, and I love Ike's big preshus eyeballs and the very concerned expressions he makes. He's just adorable.


And by GOAD I mean GLAD. Eh.

Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey

I appreciate your obsession... Erm, I mean, all of the effort you put into this series. ;)

Don't go taking these posts down now, or anything, okay? I could be uber-organized and like actually print them out, bookmark the sites, etc.... but that isn't going to happen. I've bookmarked these three posts - until I need them (hopefully 2012!).

And yes, cutest damn cloth diapers I ever did see. And Ike. He isn't so bad either. ;)


Amy B

Despite having worn yourself out on this topic, thanks for the detail! I have a little guy who just turned one that we cloth diaper, but I just went with disposables for the first 4 weeks. I am hoping to try cloth on newborn #2.

But I just wanted to say, to anyone who reads this and is totally overwhelmed at the amount of choices and brands and doesn't HAVE to be that complex if you don't want it to. We bought bunch of Flip diapers from - and we have loved them. We were given a few BumGenius and 2 Econobums (also Cotton Babies brands) but honestly I like the Flips the best. I have not had any need to even try other brands or types.

I am not saying this to push anyone towards Flips per se (although I am a big fan) but just to say that you don't need eleventy different brands. One or two that are well-recommended and will fit your purposes will do just fine.

(I hope that doesn't sound like a criticism to you, Amy - it's not! You said yourself you LOVE the buying and experimenting, and that is totally great!)

allison hirschmann

I am interested in other products that u use like soap,cleaning supplies, baby toiletries etc. I use a lot of natural products too and am interested in what other stuff is out there that is recommended.

allison hirschmann

I am interested in other products that u use like soap,cleaning supplies, baby toiletries etc. I use a lot of natural products too and am interested in what other stuff is out there that is recommended.


I have taken so many notes. This is fantastic. I feel that I am nearly ready to make the transition from hippie-adult-organic gardener chick to hippie-cloth diapering-earth (and real live baby) mother.

Thank you!


I bought pre-folds and covers on eBay, then after we were done, sold on eBay whatever wasn't disgustingly stained. If I remember right, I had three dozen newborn diapers and two dozen toddler-sized ones, and probably around six or seven covers -- they got washed a lot. It worked.


We've used bumGenius here, from about 4 mos old until (God knows when - she's 3 in a few weeks and happy to pee on the potty but no where close to telling us when she needs to) and love them, for a baby big enough to fit.

A side note - they've just announced some new products, including a one-size all-in-one, new colors (orange! purple! teal!), a trainer and two new prints that are the most adorable thing ever.

One is pinky-purply-swirly-girly, so probably not so much for Mr. Ike, but the other "Albert" is white-on-black looks like Einstein's chalk drawings / calculations / etc. Love. It.

I'm going to get them listed soon in my online store, but I'm not going to spam you with the link, just letting you know they're there.


So, about the diaper pail. We have a cheapo plastic trash can with a tight closing lid, and I found if the lid is closed moisture builds up in the can and creates a stinky, hot, humid swamp. Anyone else notice this?

Anyway, we just leave the lid open at all times and shake some Rockin' Green deodorizer in. The smell is sometimes noticeable, but usually not too overwhelming.


You kids these days got it so easy with all the options, blah blah blah.
Why, back in my day, I actually bought yards of MUSLIN and FLANNEL at JoAnn Fabrics and MADE.MY.OWN.CLOTH.DIAPERS.
P.S. My oldest child on whom these diapers were used will be 21 this December. I kid you not.


Tell me why I read (with interest!) three posts about cloth diapering when my tubes are tied and my kids are in elementary school? Still. Weird how interesting it is...once a mom always a mom I guess.


"butt sweater" hahahhahahahhaha


Thanks to you and your plethora of cloth diaper knowledge, we are cloth diapering our 9 week old. It took awhile to get my fiancé on board but now he is so into it that it's scary. Although we have a substantial stach of Charlie Bananas (sized), FuzziBunz (one size) and Bum Genius (one size) thanks to grandmas, next kid I will go the cover/flat route.

Nothing else to add just that if if were not for your discussion I may have never gotten the fiancé to go with me on this. Thanks for all the wordage.

Erika Mitchell

Wow. This is so...complicated. So very, very complicated. How in the world are you supposed to keep this stuff straight while in the new baby fog? Shoot, I could barely keep MYSELF properly clothed, let alone worrying about different diapers and covers and stuff.

My hat is off to you cloth diapering families. I have no idea how you do it, but I respect the heck out of you for it.

Jenn C

This is super helpful! I am a devoted pocket diaper fan but I think this time I'm going to take the fitted plunge (I don't think I can deal with prefolds, I can barely fold towels.)

Jenn C

This is super helpful! I am a devoted pocket diaper fan but I think this time I'm going to take the fitted plunge (I don't think I can deal with prefolds, I can barely fold towels.)


Though my girl is out of diapers now we were all fitteds all the way when she was a newborn. I adored them and through luck and kissaluvs never had one blowout (when using disposables on vacation we had one every day). After she outgrew the newborn size I sold them and that paid for part of the new stash.

Oh and Bum Genius will send you new Velcro tabs when yours wear out. They will not send you my MIL to sew them on for you but she says it is easy.

I think the hard part of cloth diapering is when they are older but perhaps that is just when my kid became a weird size.


I use for all my cloth diaper stuff and if you e-mail them with questions they are always super helpful. I've never had an issue getting things shipped anywhere either.


I read this and all I can think is holy cow but everyone likes something different. My girl - who started out in the 50th percentile, but has slipped on down to the "below 5th" notation - has worn nothing but sized Clotheez prefolds (usually called GMD, for Green Mountain Diaper that sells them) for the entire 14 1/2 months of her life. I did try a few other things that were given to us and hated them all. Prefold, snappi and a Bummis or Thirsties cover in the appropriate size. I think we've had four blow outs total. (The snappi, which makes the prefold fit snugly, is key to that.) I often put her in just the prefold at home. When she was bitty, we stuck something under her in case of messes. Now that she's eating solids, there's little risk. She does get wet, but that just lets me know to change her. We do always use a cover under clothes or when we're out.


I read this and all I can think is holy cow but everyone likes something different. My girl - who started out in the 50th percentile, but has slipped on down to the "below 5th" notation - has worn nothing but sized Clotheez prefolds (usually called GMD, for Green Mountain Diaper that sells them) for the entire 14 1/2 months of her life. I did try a few other things that were given to us and hated them all. Prefold, snappi and a Bummis or Thirsties cover in the appropriate size. I think we've had four blow outs total. (The snappi, which makes the prefold fit snugly, is key to that.) I often put her in just the prefold at home. When she was bitty, we stuck something under her in case of messes. Now that she's eating solids, there's little risk. She does get wet, but that just lets me know to change her. We do always use a cover under clothes or when we're out.


I don't know if I should blame myself or my pregnancy, but I can't figure out what email address to write to for the advice smackdown and would love some advice on cloth diapering newborn twins. HALP?


Amy? Do you still have Ceiba? And Max?

I don't mean to be snarky; I love your blog and have reading since Noah was a baby. But I'm not a mom. I just really love the way you write. So I figured, if I'm still reading, surely there must be other non-moms who are, too...and I know we all loved Ceiba! So maybe, once in a while, throw us a bone? (No pun intended!)


...and with that, I am so overwhelmed I will probably always stick with disposables! My melting "newborn" brain doesn't have the bandwidth for this... Kudos to you all...


...and with that, I am so overwhelmed I will probably always stick with disposables! My melting "newborn" brain doesn't have the bandwidth for this... Kudos to you all...


...and with that, I am so overwhelmed I will probably always stick with disposables! My melting "newborn" brain doesn't have the bandwidth for this... Kudos to you all...


See?! I can't even comment wo screwing it up. Blitzed, man...


The one thing I came out of this with? It ain't my fault that my microfiber stinks. Because I tried soooo much to get rid of the stink, and nothing worked, and I gave up. But maybe I'll give it another shot.


When I was cloth diapering, I did a monthly vinegar wash on my mf inserts. I basically put vinegar in the detergent section of my washer, set it for "sanitize" (if you have a fancy HE washer, if not, hottest setting), and I don't think I ever had a build up problem. Of course, they always said that plain blue dawn worked too, but I was always afraid to put that on something that was going to be near my kid's skin (even if it was under a layer of fleece), because when I was married to my ex, he was out of soap. Instead of looking under the vanity to see if his wife possibly had an extra 45 bottles of body wash stashed under there, he decided to use Palmolive. On his junk. Which, it softens hands, but do you know what it does to junk? Take hydrochloric acid, pour it on your JUNK. It's kind of like that. It basically gave him some sort of a chemical burn, and so, yeah. Vinegar was fine for me.


bless you for doing this, amy!



This was great and so informative! I've been using cloth for 2.5 years and am about to have a newborn to diaper in 4 more weeks. I forgot some of the issues with newborns and this was a good reminder.


I bleach my mf inserts every so often. I've also dried them in the sun a few times, and that took the stink right out.

We've been using BG one-sizes for a little over 18 months along with a few Smartipants and Flip/inserts. (Before that we used prefolds, snappis, and PUL covers.) I love my BGs. We're about to start potty-training, and I find myself almost sad since, as you've pointed out, OH THE CUTENESS. Elmo underpants don't even come close.

We ended up using hemp liners at night along with the regular mf insert and a mf booster. My little one was a very heavy wetter at night, but the hemp inserts did a great job.


I keep laughing when people call them "mf inserts." I've dried them in the sun, but it makes them all scratchy instead of plush and velvety. Which, I realize, they're diaper inserts, but my dryer-dried ones are particularly soft for runny noses, too. I've been afraid to try a vinegar rinse on the BG lest it void the waterproof warranty, but I seem to recall the washing instructions provide for the occasional bleach so it can't be that much worse, right?
I like the idea of the wool but am puzzled by how your baby is supposed to sit on anyone's lap without a waterproof barrier. Calling it a "soaker" is not particularly persuasive. (Then again, my baby was 'airing out' this morning and dropped a deuce by the front door while I was brushing my teeth, so pick your poison.)


I haven't had any repelling issues with my prefolds in the almost 7 months I've been using them. Maybe it's just a prefold thing.


Love. Thank you.

I did prefolds & those God-awful plastic covers for my son's first 6 months then switched to BumGenius. Except the plastic covers part, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


Prefolds & covers worked well for us during infancy, but now that I have a toddler I hate my stash and long for more pockets (CB are my fave). The newspaper fold was causing leaks, my husband can't do the Snappi, and I am OVER trying to Snappi fasten a thrashing toddler!


I thought about going with cloth so many times with #1, and again with #2. I read many informative blog posts from cloth diapering gurus such as yourself (yours are some of the best -- and funniest -- that I have read). Ultimately though I remembered the fog/torture of the newborn days and the hassle of figuring out a system just made it all so overwhelming to me.

I think the only way I'd cloth diaper is if it were the only option. I SUCK! But I still liked reading these posts. I AM ALSO CRAZY!


Loved, loved, loved your cloth diaper manifesto. I'm an addict myself, but I didn't really commit until my second child (who is 16 months and going cloth-diaper strong). We use FB one size for the most part (which I love), but didn't start using them until she was one month. We had started using prefolds (with a service) with our first and hated them. Knowing what I do now, I think I'll try them again with a next baby.

Wonderful posts!


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The snappi thing is cool for fastening prefolds, but I was always paranoid it was poking the baby because it hung past the 3-layer part to the one-layer side part, so I didn't dig it in hard enough, and it came loose, and I had to put it in again harder, and then I would push it too hard and the poking of the baby and scratching of self and... honestly I wish I'd bought baby safety pins; I might have been more inclined to stick with the cloth diaper thing.


You know, I had no idea I was so committed to this whole cloth diapering thing... until I started getting really CD missionary on the people in a baby prep class! We are expecting our first baby in November, and man, I could not shut UP about CD, and the reasons, and not to go crazy, and wool covers, and prefolds, and and. and.

We will be using a diaper service for the first months, and then see, and I was ALL over one lady who said "ew, I have to keep the poopy diapers in the house for a WEEK?" And I was all: Uh, how often is your garbage picked up? So, you could just as easily keep the soiled diapers next to your garbage, they are picked up just as often... blablaba
Or the whole "ew, putting it in the toilet?!" Um, you should actually not put poop in your garbage, either, sweetheart.

Ah, I felt so KNOW IT ALL. But I couldn't help myself. And it was in a very large part thanks to you, dear Amy, and the comments on this site.

I feel much better prepared, somehow I realized that I do know more than I thought.

Thank you!

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