Montessori Mayhem, Part II
Adventures in Newborn Cloth Diapering, Part One

Hold Please

On Friday I thought, "Hey, you know what? People keep asking and asking for my opinions about cloth diapering a newborn, and I keep putting it off because I don't necessarily have 'OPINIONS' as I have many, many meandering pointless thoughts, but...whatever. I am writing those thoughts DOWN and getting it all out of the way and then many people will stop asking me for my important opinions that I do not actually have."

2,500 words later, I realized that maybe, JUST MAYBE, I had a little more to say about cloth diapers than I originally thought. Right now it's looking like a three-part series. I KNOW. I KNOW AND I AM SORRY. 


Back when I started this blog, I never in a million years would have dreamed that I would one day be the sort of person who wrote three-part series on cloth diapers. Perhaps, if I'd known, I would have re-thought the whole blogging thing in first place. 

But I didn't, so here we are. It's not my fault no one invented time travel, you know.

Anyway, so that's...coming. Feel free to head for the dang hills. I wasn't able to work on it today because I had to take Noah and Ezra to the dentist, because six months ago I only had two children and thought that scheduling back-to-back dental appointments sounded like a good idea. True, I was six months' pregnant at the time and SHOULD have known better, but I think I was laboring under the misconception that when you give birth to a third child, it comes with an extra set of arms.

Noah lost YET ANOTHER tooth last night -- his third tooth in just over a month. The rapid-fire shedding of teeth is mostly paving the way for The Coming Orthdontia, as he currently has two adult-sized teeth fighting for the preciously spare real estate left by the three baby teeth. "Well, maybe his mouth will..grow a little bit," the dentist said, cocking his head sideways and making a face like he was pretending to accept the possible existence of the Loch Ness Monster in order to placate a crazy person at a dinner party. 

I told him he didn't need to lie to me: I had my first spacer appliance in the first grade. I know this kid's genes. I was in the room when he was conceived, believe it or not.

I also learned that Noah has two of his six-year molars already. They look like they've erupted fairly recently, so the dentist helpfully informed me that IF Noah had seemed extra "cranky" or "off-kilter" or just "generally sort of begging to be sold at a yard sale" lately, the molars might be the cause. The hygenist -- at whom Noah had screamed "YOU'RE KILLING MEEEE" during his cleaning -- tried not to laugh as I feigned ignorance at any such out-of-the-ordinary behavior.

And then Ezra, sweet, cheerful little Ezra who has never minded the dentist at all, not one bit, hey look at dis magic moving outer space chair yay, proceeded to ALSO scream bloody murder throughout his whole cleaning. "I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE" was his howl of choice, over and over again until the exact second the hygenist offered him the prize box. That shut him up right quick. Oh. I was not aware there were free toys. I withdraw my previously stated objections.

(Ezra's teeth are just fine. He's got plenty of space, but needs to curb the night-time thumbsucking habit at some point before college.)

As for Baby Ike? Oh, he attracted his usual fan club with that big goofy gummy grin of his...and then promptly yakked all over my lap when no one was looking. So at least I feel like I can count on ONE of them to behave as expected.



Fist bump in solidarity to the "early orthodontic appliance" way of life.

(Space maintainer, lip bumper, HEY SECOND GRADE, LETS GET BRACES.)

(This was actually genius, I got my braces off in 8th grade right as all my friends got them on. WIN.)


I am hoping very strongly that my son has his daddy's teeth and not mine! My mouth cannot hold all my teeth and I had 14 teeth pulled at 12. At one time!!! Orthodontics is a cruel practice with awesome results.


Oh dear, I'm wondering if I've developed amnesia. Or maybe I have a long lost twin. That comment from Jessica above could have been ME.

I am also named Jessica, have a small mouth, and had 14 teeth pulled (4 of those were adult teeth pulled to make room). I never had more than four pulled at once, though, so I guess that's where my twin and I differ.


My teeth grew in parallel to each other in the front, but they actually straightened out on their own and I never had braces. So you know, it could happen.


My dentist said the 2 1/2ish to 3 1/2ish age range is generally when they start acting like demon spawn at the dentist. I thought she was humoring me as I was holding down several of Julia's octopus legs, but she swore her own kids did the same thing at that age.


My dentist said the 2 1/2ish to 3 1/2ish age range is generally when they start acting like demon spawn at the dentist. I thought she was humoring me as I was holding down several of Julia's octopus legs, but she swore her own kids did the same thing at that age.


My next store neighbor own a CD store and website. She knows everything about everything...having baby #5 soon and is the nicest person you would ever want to know, check out her site and store if you ever get down to VA.


If I say this now, before you're actually looking for orthodontist, it's not actually assvice, right? Anyway. . .

My oldest had traditional braces and had the usual horrible soreness after every brace-tightening appointment. Luckily for my other kids, we found an orthodontist who used self-tightening braces (The Damon system.) The wires are made of a metal that slowly tighten on their own, painlessly. My kids only went for check-ups every couple of months, and the process was at least $1000 less than standard orthodonture. And no, I don't work for Dr. Damon - I'm just grateful the my other kids didn't have to go through that monthly torture.

Lynda M O

The yakking with these gummy grins is so hard to dislike. The screaming during the hygiene-not so much.

Lynda M O

The yakking with these gummy grins is so hard to dislike. The screaming during the hygiene-not so much.


This was so amusing to me :) I'm also looking forward to the three part series. I may or may not have been waiting since before Ike was born for this. I'm a cloth diaper addict and didn't start until 2 months so I'm excited to hear about newborn cloth diapering. Also, I sucked my thumb through braces, until I was a teenager and came out fine. I really don't think it's as bad for the teeth as they day (or I was just lucky)!


My baby (who is 12 but will always be my baby) also had a dentist appointment this morning where I found out that after his next appointment in April, we will be talking braces as well. #Winning. Damn teeth.


Listen, I never comment on here because I am a horrible, lazy lurker. But, I continue to read this blog year after year, and some of the highlights are the cloth diapers. I actually cloth diaper my third baby because of you! I never would have even KNOWN if it weren't for you! Not only was I inspired to cloth diaper, but I broke out my old sewing machine and have damn near created a business making cloth diapers and other cute baby things because of you. You kinda need to talk about it more so that more moms will know it's the "in thing" to do these days. Better for the environment, babies butts, yada yada.


The part about Ezra just about killed me. And my husband. God, you are good!


1. Ike is so delicious I had to go back and look at that photo three times.
2. What is this about 6 year old molars? I must have been so focused on the whole starting kindergarten thing (along with the fact that he will start LOSING teeth soon) that I totally didn't know about this. Uh oh. Am going to check his mouth RIGHT NOW.

Jenn S

OMG delicious baby...NOM NOM NOM !

Amanda B.

My oldest child, now 9, was a gorger and horker. She would projectile spit up after every time she nursed. The best time is when it hits your cleavage. Thankfully, she no longer does that. ;)


I'm so excited about the cloth diapers post. We only use those AWESOME teeth-y things, indian prefold diapers, and Thirsties covers (I'm pregnant with my third, so for two kids for more than three years), and we LOVE them. I admire the beauty of the other diapers, but could never figure out how to use them. Perhaps you'll persuade me to open up ye olde pocketbook for some new ones (made out of old Gap sweaters, perhaps?!), but probably not, as, you know, the ones we have are FREE. I can't wait to read it though!!


My girls love the dentist. My boy (3) does not. At all. Ever. And since he's 3, and my last, I am wayyyyy past worrying about diapers, cloth or otherwise. So keep writing about your boys, and dentists and school and whatnot. I have no need of diaper info. Though I'm sure many do.
By the by, I first starting reading you 6 months ago. The post about the dentist! And your boys! I laughed. I cried. I chortled some more, and kept coming back....


I'm sorry, I can't hear anything you say over the cuteness in that picture.

Okay, got past it. Scroll, quick. I'm with the boys- I had my cleaning today and I DIDN"T EVEN GET MARIO CART. HALP! Take me with you, Ezra!


Cute Snappi! I will read the cloth diaper serie - after 8 years cloth diapering, when my twins will be potty trained, I won't want to anymore though.


Thtat's the thing - you're all, omg, 2500 words, and there are sll sorts of folks going, yippee, 2500 cd'ing words! From Amalah! Whoohoo!


Thtat's the thing - you're all, omg, 2500 words, and there are sll sorts of folks going, yippee, 2500 cd'ing words! From Amalah! Whoohoo!


Kids sure do make life interesting, even a visit to the dentist. I would like to read your words on cloth diapering. I used them with my children many many years ago.

The Mommy Therapy

I can not even fathom how you would talk about cloth diapering for that long, I am fascinated.

I don't even have an infant anymore, but I'll be tuning in for strictly informational and entertainment purposes.

Wait...did I just say I'm going to be reading about cloth diapers for entertainment? I am so lame these days.


yay! Can't wait for the cloth diaper series! I'm 32 weeks along with my first and we will be CDing, and I can use all the helpful info and tidbits I can glean!


I'm so excited for 2500 words on CDing newborns--I'm due with my first in Oct, and we are trying to figure out when and how to start cloth. We have a good stash for, say, 10-12 lbs and up, some XS ones--and no firm plans, yet. Yay!


This post cracked me up. Literally LOLing here at my desk. I am glad to hear that my son is not the only one with the nighttime thumb sucking habit. I keep threatening him with the possibility that he will get buck teeth from that... but he just thinks it is funny when I make the buck teeth face and pretty much ignores the rest of what I have said. ugh.

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