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In Which an Unintentional Two-Day Blog Hiatus Comes To a Thrilling Halt

Well. Hi! It's been awhile. ENTIRE DAYS, since I last rapped at ya. Probably an unprecedented number of days. (Unless you count all the writing I've done here and here and here and even some writing that will hopefully actually appear printed on an actual piece of for-real paper and no, I'm not just talking about when my mom prints out blog entries that she likes.)

(No, not a book. I would very much like to write a book, but I seem to lack someone stepping in and saying "WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THIS SPECIFIC TOPIC AND HERE, HAVE SOME MONEY." That used to happen, didn't it? But not anymore, I don't think. Anyway, point is, time, publisher interest, attention span. I am zero for three.)

I had perfectly good reasons for not updating, but sadly none of them were particularly interesting. At least not in a AND THEN MY OVEN CAUGHT ON FIRE sort of interesting. I was...busy. Ish. Ezra had his three-year check-up and he's oviously fine and great and fine. Only thing of note is that he moved out of the 10th percentile for weight into the 25th, and it took all damn morning to learn that because the office was running behind. We both got our flu shots, and immediately came down with colds. 

Then yesterday started with a pre-dawn text message from the babysitter informing me that she had the runs. (What can I say? We're very close.) I learned that if you butcher the word "diarrhea" enough on your phone you can eventually get it to auto-correct to "daria hee" which I thought was funny. 

I also learned that I cannot get a lick of ANYTHING done anymore, when I'm on my own with this one:







I thought the appearance of the tooth nubs would mean an end to Baby Ike's suddenly unpredictable sleep schedule. (He went from sleeping from 9 to 7 every night to sleeping from ^&#(P to ~iU$W, which translates to WHO THE FUCK KNOWS.) But alas, not so. The teeth are there and pointy, but still in that weird in-between stage where his gums occasionally swell up and over them, so he's trapped in a semi-permenent loop of cutting and re-cutting the same stupid teeth. Which does not please him. Or me. Or my boobs.

The past two nights have presented a new problem though, and if you don't mind I'd like to pick any fellow cloth-maniacs' brains about it: Ike is a very heavy wetter. INSANELY HEAVY. Which hardly seems fair at all, what with our ongoing adventures in turbohork, like wouldn't it make sense that he's barfing up the excess right from the start so there should be less to pee out later? I mean, I know I'm no doctor of human digestivenatomy or whatever, but I feel like he should pick one overactive exit and stick to it. 

But anyway! I'd devised a nighttime diapering solution that worked (bamboo fitted with doubled-over-in-front heavy-duty soaker, extra hemp insert, wool cover) so we don't have any leakage problems...but we do have waking-up-from-an-uncomfortably-cold-and-wet-diaper problems. Like around 4 am, which is also displeasing, especially since Ike always wants to party after procuring fresh pants, rather than go back to sleep. (And yes, I've tried disposables. Leaks, rash, diaper filled past bursting point well before the night is over, no thanks.) Ideas? Add a layer of fleece for wicking? Some other kind of insert/doubler that might keep him from feeling how wet he is? Benadryl? An adult dose or so?





Ezra would like to thank y'all for the birthday wishes. Or he would, if I told him to. Ezra, say thank you! Tank yoo. Ezra, say thank you very much! Tank u vurry much. Ezra, say slap that ho like she owes you money! Sap dat ho where my money. HA! Honey, did you videotape that? Yes? Good.

Three year olds are fun. 


Unless you're the one informing them that your restaurant ran out of his favorite meatballs ON HIS BIRTHDAY.


(But all will be forgiven as long as there are still cupcakes.)



Daria heee Daria haaa Daria heee Daria haaa haaa!

mark @ yelling near you

Ike is goddamn adorable - that second photo is magical! Glad Ezra forgave the meatball snafu.


My entire extended family refers to the runs as the "ha ha's" (please excuse rogue apostrophe, I didn't want you to think I was saying has as in hoss) because once my husband's sister, who is now in her 50s, asked how to spell the cause of her anguish and then promptly told the mailman that she had the dairy ha has.

Ain't life grand?

Happy Birthday to Ezra!


I'm going to be making some new diapers very soon that have a pique lining. It's like bathingsuit material, but it should keep the skin dry. Don't the commercial brand like the Fuzzi Buns have some sort of lining?


Our heavy wetting problem was solved with a trifold hemp insert in a bumgenius pocket diaper. Good luck to you!


We get crazy leaks with our pocket diapers, both FB and BG. I thought it was elastic/sizing issues at first but now I think it's a repelling problem, because the inserts aren't ever as wet as they should be to explain the leaking.

I've stripped them twice and washed them so many times on hot (w/ no detergent) that my water bill is probably begging for us to switch back to Pampers, but no luck. Was actually planning to just sell them on Craigslist because clearly our water is angering them mightily. (Even the brand-new ones I bought just for Ike are leaking. ARGH.)

Amy B

I also have a heavy wetter. I use a BG pocket with one Flip Stay-Dry and two hemp inserts. That has been working when nothing else would. The Stay-Dry is supposed to wick moisture away, but another wicking liner might do the same. Also, I read somewhere (maybe on Advise Smackdown?) that you prefer wool covers to keep them cool. But maybe a PUL cover at night would keep the wet diaper from feeling too cold? Those are the only two suggestions I can think of for sticking with cloth.

The other alternative would be expensive unbleached chemical-treatment free disposables combined with butt paste (that combo might fend off rash, it has for me) with the addition of an adult pad - menstrual or incontinence, either one. I have never tried this, but a friend who also has a heavy wetter and doesn't do cloth does this, and it works for her. And you can get unbleached chemical free pads at Whole Foods too, so yeah. Good luck!!!


I used a 2 triple folded microfiber towels in a BG with a wool cover over it for my heavy wetter @ night. It worked! Maybe try putting a wool cover over the diaper?


Duuuude I wish I had a good suggestion about the nighttime diapers. J sleeps in a Bum Genius 4.0, with one premium Joey Bunz hemp insert sandwiched between two BG microfiber inserts. The hemp has helped a lot, but there are still some times when J SOAKS the bed (and half the time the inserts aren't even wet). Hald the time he hasn't even fallen asleep yet. Why?!

Re: the wetness, it does seem like having a barrier between the butt and the insert would help. That's the one thing I do really like about the pocket diapers, so maybe the fleece liner would work?

Jen K.

For our heavy wetter, we use a bamboo fitted, plus an AFFF hemp insert tri-folded up front, topped with a Knickernappies fleece liner, topped by wool -- the fleece is key for stay-dry feeling (and 12 hours of sleep).


You cannot have any more babies because the love I have for my three plus your three equals Overload!


ok I know, I KNOW you said No to disposables, BUT, My boys slept with Huggies overnights in a size larger than what they need, so if he would wear a 3, get a 4. The Huggies have more absorbancy up front, better for boys, whereas the Pampers did NOT, leaked all over. Just try it. They slept 12 hours and the disposable never gets cold. Aside from that the best non-leaking cloth and the ONLY one I could ever use overnight (I never CDed exclusively, just in cases of diaper rash) was the Bummis whisper wrap, ( Again I would go a size up, and double the insert, but all CD get cold, just the nature of the beast. Good luck!

We call the runs the "water-poops", named by my then three yr old.


Having the exact same wetting problem with my five month old. We tried hemp and found out you have to wash it at least 4-5 times to get the "oils" out before using. Damn hippies! Bamboo works well inside our Bum Genius 4.0, but it's still pretty bulky. The hemp one liners look like a big maxi pad, but at least they are thin. Trying a second layer of hemp and hoping that works. Anyone find a solution that doesn't double the size of baby's diaper? It's beginning to look ridiculous.


We used hemp inserts for nights, and yes to the fleece for to wick. I actually had some little pockets made of fleece and put some hemp inserts in them sometimes but other times I used just long fleece wipes betwixt he and the diaper. I used pocket diapers almost always though.

Kevin Hartnett

You definitely know cloth diapers better than I do, but my wife and I use them with our two young boys and we have had wetting trouble. One thing has helped: we stopped putting A&D on our 4-mo overnight. My wife deduced that the ointment was getting on the diapers and pee-proofing them. Didn't *solve* the problem but it's helped.
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Maybe put in a disposable doubler?


I have (had? can't tell if this is still even an issue with her) an epic night wetter and she's doing well in a bamboo fitted with 2 inserts and then - this is key - a flip insert on top. So, she has some nice, soft and wicking up against her skin so she doesn't get awful diaper rash. Then, the wool cover. THEN, now that it is winter, a fleecey sleep sack. That has eliminated the night waking with cold bottom. I cannot wait for potty training!!!


We CD, using prefolds with PUL covers. At night, we add a doubler and a stay-dry insert, some sort of micro fleece I believe. I think the PUL covers keep the diapers pretty warm against our little guy's skin, he only wakes up 'cause he's hungry. We use Flip and Rumparooz covers. Good luck!


We stuffed the heck out of a BumGenius and that kept him from feeling too cold and wet. It also stranded him on his back like a tortoise because the diaper made his butt too big to roll over (bonus). How about those heat packets they sell for putting in our mittens on super cold days? Stick one down his pants at night? Just kidding.


Also this is weird but what if you stuffed a pocket diaper with a disposable? Would that get you the absorbency without the rash?


Loved my BumGenius, but always had nighttime leaking/overfull issues, even with hemp inserts. My kid always wanted to eat when she woke up, so I would super-ninja-fast diaper change (even if it wasn't that full, to be proactive) and then immediately put her on the boob. The nursing soothed her back to sleep. Yeah, it sucked to wake up so fully in the middle of the night, but it was better than waking up once to nurse and later to change her. Good luck!


My Bumgenius and FB pockets had a really similar problem, but it was usually at night (and like you, the extra super duper hemp insert I had in there was no where near enough to leak though. After obsessing for a couple months, my best guess was an "angle" issue--leaks most often happened when I was feeding him, and he was snuggled on his side--I think something about that shape caused the pee to shoot up and around the insert, straight out the label seam, and all over me. I dunno--mine work well for daytime, though.

As far as night, if you're okay with going back to microfiber, I've had really good luck with Thirsties Fab Fitteds--they have a stay dry inner, and "tunnel" design so that you can stuff a hemp insert in there for backup. I use a standard Thirsties cover, but your cloth diaper manifesto has me eying a couple of wool covers on Etsy. So far I've just added them to my cart, and then clicked've planted the seed!

Also, know that you have greatly contributed to my current "new baby in March cloth diaper psychosis"--I thought I was happy with my current stash, and would just pick up a few more pockets to update a little. Now I'm spending obscene amounts of time on Etsy and green mountain diapers! [I think I'm doing disposables for the first two weeks, though. Them maybe yellow edge GMDs and a few fitteds? Oh god, I'm starting the spiral :) ]

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

Ezra and my daughter are almost the exact same age. She turned 3 on Monday, and so we enter Age Three at almost the same time. It's a little scary. BUT WE'LL BE OKAY!! Two is cake compared to three.

I know not in regards to the diapers. I used a size up disposables for night.


If that Ezra video actually exists, I would pay money to see it!


@Courtney--I remember reading somewhere that if you bulk up a pocket too much, it will create gapping that will lead to leaks out the legs and waist. I it definitely contributed to my problems.


^Ditto pete. Maybe that's what you need to do, make your kid videos be PPV.

Cath @ 7 Million Wonders

2 doubler inserts in a BG solved it for me. Fuzzibuns are just unsuitable for overnight stuff and should never be attempted.


Oh and darn it I meant to say, my kids got a horrible cold after getting this year's flu vaccine (mist). It wasn't full-blown flu, but they were both pretty miserable.

I don't remember it being that bad last year, and wondered if the vaccine is stupid this year or something.


HEAVY WETTERS!!! you NEED, either Sustainablebabyish OBF fitteds, or BubuBebe (B4's) Everyone I know swears by these 2. My guy is not a heavy wetter, but these are the goto for the heavy wetting. Sbish or BubuBebe YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! These fitteds paired with wool should be bulletproof.


We just put Snackbox in Huggies overnights (one size up as previously suggested) and I was amazed by the 5 lb diaper I took off him every morning... I've tried to CD more with his little brother, and I have had success with FuzziBunz overnight - the regular insert with a hemp doubler behind it. Jack is super skinny and I'm always worried that the OS FB will gap open in the front, but we haven't had a problem yet (cross fingers).

Last night I didn't have a clean FB so I put him in a Thirsties duowrap cover with two gCloth inserts plus a hemp insert between them and he woke up squalling at 1 am, cold and reeking of ammonia - GOOD TIMES.

I love Nature Babycare disposable diapers as eversoslightlybetter for the enviro sposies....

Oh, and thanks to your diaper posts I went and bought a bunch of prefolds and then MADE MY OWN WOOL COVER from a sweater I bought at Goodwill then felted in the wash. Of course I did it while (1 yo, 22 lb) Jack was sleeping so couldn't check the fit, and it would probably fit Ike nicely... I also bought a cashmere sweater and am going to cut the arms off to make him a pair of sweatpants/longies.



My heavy wetter magical fix was a BumGenius of all things, with the regular longer insert doubled with the newborn insert. It seemed too simple to work, but it does!


Try a gDiapers disposable insert over the cloth. They're really absorbent, keep the wetness away from a baby's skin better, and are flushable. I could not live without them.


We use disposables, but I had a night time leakage problem with my 2 year old and started using these diaper boosters inside his pampers:
No problems since. I think you can buy them in smaller quantities in the store.


What about using a really thick maxi pad inside his diaper at night? Off-brand kinds would be cheap and you could cut them down and get 2 or 3 nights worth out of one pad. Just a thought......

E's Mommy

We used these Cotton Babies insert socks on our youngest to keep his skin a little drier:

Good luck!


Fleece for wicking is what I have to use (plus my most abosorbant liners in the twins night times)

I leaked for the first time in a long time last night because....the were in disposables.


Amalah, regarding the turbohork: my wee one is just a month younger than Ike, and recently the urping (as we call it) had escalated from a bit during a burp, to "OMG is that a waterfall behind me?" Seriously, he spat up seven times in an HOUR yesterday, before we went to the doctor and I listed all his symptoms and demanded reflux meds.

I didn't expect the meds (Zantac) to stop the horking, per se, but I did hope that he'd be less acidy, since it can't be comfortable to have pure stomach acid coming up four hours after a bottle. But, lo and behold, the evening after his first dose, he rolled around, did tummy time and was pleasant and hork-free. I seriously would have another chat with your pediatrician about reflux. Ike may be a happy spitter, but if he's horking up that much, he's getting stomach acid up his throat, and in the long run that is bad juju.

Thus endeth the advice. I have no advice at all regarding cloth diapers, sorry.


Um, so, I never cloth diapered, so don't laugh at all at me, but! Could you maybe go half and half and put a pad in his disposables? Maybe one of those big overnight ones? With wings?


I had a heavy overnight wetter, and I'm sorry to say we just had to wait until he was old enough to stop nursing through the night. I was changing diapers midway through the night until at least 8-9 mo. :(


No answer for the cloth diaper issue but my first was a heavy wetter at this same age. I put him in Huggies overnight diapers and put plastic training pants over the diaper. That is the only thing that worked. Good Luck!


My son was also the King of Pee. The solution at first was Huggies Overnites, go one size up from your usual. They were amazing...until my kid sized out of them and we had to use Good Nites at like 50c a diaper. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy! (They were also amazing.) He wet through everything else, including a gigundo night-time cloth diaper with 5 million inserts & wool cover. He also wet through a disposable absorbency pad you're supposed to stick inside the diaper. Those were pretty useless, yep.
So yeah. Try the Overnites.


I am ALL ABOUT a BumGenius 4.0 with a prefold inside. We tried fitteds (upon your recommendation, actually) and little dude pees through those within the first hour. I have no idea how he does it. But he's always nice and dry the next morning with our new system.


You are an artist! Thank you so much for the laughs! Please keep it up.


You are an artist! Thank you so much for the laughs! Please keep it up.


So, to add to the crazy number of CD suggestions....

I live in the land of the hippies (Ann Arborites unite!) and am a Yuppie CD girl thanks to some "Lazy Mom's guide to cloth diapering" that convinced me to go that route (I wonder who wrote that....hmmm.....)

Anyways, we have an amazing CD baby store here (The Little Seedling) and the women that work there are crazy smart CD mommies. AMAZING. When my daughter hit Ike's age a few months ago my FB one sizes were suddenly leaking everywhere. I stripped, tightened the elastics, etc all to no avail. We were changing her every 3 hours all night long and she was soaking through and getting everything on her and around her wet.

I went in to the Little Seedling and the way they described the microfibers pads was "absorbant, but easily squeezed out" They said that they had frequently seen babies soaking the microfiber completely, and then the pee gets pushed out of it if they're lying a certain way and it has no where to go but out and everywhere. They recommended a hemp liner on the OUTSIDE of the microfiber, since they are absorbant but can't be squeezed out like microfiber. We use Joeybunz (and they took about 9-10 washings to fully prepare for use), but they are much thinner than the microfiber so didn't increase the bulk too much. So I guess I'm saying yeah for extra hemp?


Ike is so adorable! We are looking into CDs too and I found this post interesting.


Someone's already said this, but I'll echo it (because it's worked for at least two families that I know of): what about disposables for overnight? I know at least one family that switched to overnight disposables for exactly the reason you're describing: fewer night wakings. Do whatever works, right? Whatever gets everyone as much sleep as possible...


Go to a fabric store and buy a quarter yard of suedecloth -- the same material BGs are lined with -- and cut it into a few piece to wrap around your inserts. I know it sounds nuts, but we were having issues with BGs leaking when I stuffed them full enough to contain my daughter's insane nighttime peeing, but the BG lining was the only thing that kept her dry enough that she wouldn't lose her shit every time she came out of a sleep cycle. So I took one to my local JoAnn Fabric and asked what sort of fabric the lining is, bought some, and haven't had an issue since.


I read recently that you should use microfiber closest to the baby's skin overnight bc it's better than hemp/cotton/wool at wicking the moisture away from the skin. So you would still use all those layers but put the microfiber on top. If I can find the link I'll send it!


I second E's Mommy's suggestion. Bought a few of those for our heavy wetter, and we still use those exclusively, stuffed with a tri-folded prefold, under whatever kind of diaper cover fits, for nap time (he's 2 1/2). At night he's in 7th Generation disposables (the only brand that works for us), but I'd be willing to bet if we put one of those stuffed socks inside a regular prefold (or maybe an upsized fitted or AIO) that he's make it through the night. Even if the diaper inside is literally dripping wet, the sock is dry to the touch. Added bonus? They wash insanely well. (Erin's comment about buying suedecloth piqued my curiosity, too. I'll have to give the stuff from the fabric store a try to see how it compares!)


I'm pretty sure everyone else has the CD angle covered :-) Who knew so many of your readers were also CD fanatics? I think the easiest solution would be a fleece liner, like you suggested. But lots of the other suggestions I read seemed good too! We have a BuBuBeBe and love it, and it's rarely soaked in the mornings (LO isn't a SUPER heavy wetter yet, but is a few weeks younger than Ike). What about wearing fleece jammies over it all to keep the warmth in? I do want to say that microfiber should never go next to a baby's skin (I think that might have been a suggestion, but maybe I misread it). MicroFLEECE yes, but microfiber is too drying. Good luck!


I'm a mom of one and I will remain a mom of one. Every time you post pictures of Ike in,what's known at my house as, "The Big Horn Sheep" romper, it rips out my ovaries and stomps them flat (who's is difficult because they are shriveled little walnuts to begin with. I will be buried with that romper. I don't expect you to stop, just knows that it kills me. Every time.


i find that if i (half)wake my baby to change him in the night, it's easier for him to go back to sleep than when he wakes up himself. so maybe change him at midnight? or right before whenever you go to bed?


I like 7th Generation disposables... they don't irritate my little one and make it through the night. (I don't have time to 100% cloth diaper my toddler!)


I would say that Ike is quite the perfect excuse for not writing very often. Now. What is MY excuse? Note to self: Have another baby for logical excuses to not write on blog very often.


Mama of 4,2 heavy wetters :). My Charlie was heaviest of all-- and a 2.5 yo heavy wetter overnight is a tough one to keep dry. We used a pocket with a super duo insert overnight-- if he had a liquid heavy evening we would toss an extra apple bottom hemp in the mix. The only combo we would do with him :) Best part, the super duo inserts come prepped!

Soumya Gayatri


Well..just a suggestion.. Pampers Baby great for my rashes..nothign..and she is comfortable in it too.. Maybe you cld try these out..


FLEECE! You need something between the cold wet cotton and his little baby bits. I used FuzziBunz pretty much exclusively for nighttime. I didn't have a super-heavy wetter, but you can still stuff the bejeezus out of them with all that super-absorbant stuff.


Hi - another CDing mommy of two heavy wetters here. Like you, I tried all avenues, and finally gave up after the copious amounts of urine in overnight diapers started to crystalize in there. We still exclusively CD during the day, but use one disposable every night. I've found that Earth's Best diapers are WONDERFUL! Very absorbant, generously sized, lacks most harmful chemicals, and no fragrance or additives to irritate my super-sensitive baby's bottom. Awesomesauce, I tell ya!

LD's Mom

My just-turned-3 yr old is a good parrot too, but everytime he says Thank You it comes out "Yank You" and I crack up!

jive turkey

Lack of recent posts is forgiven due to your opening with a Jim Anchower line. Carry on.


Okay you already have a million suggestions but from my experience with a super heavy wetter I am going to give a shout-out to Pooters One-Size Hemp Fitted Diaper. It comes with a snap-in booster and a lay-in booster. I fold the snap-in in half in the front since he's a boy, and add a Joey-Bunz Premium Hemp insert along with the lay-in booster. The most important part is the fleece liner next to his skin feeling dry and then put him in a wool cover. Last night was the first night he went 12 hours in a CD without waking up from the wetness.


Maybe someone has already suggested this, but we had a similar problem when we switched from BG pockets to fitteds and wool for our third baby (why didn't I figure out what I liked sooner?). We line the fitted with a Flip stay-dry insert. I don't love microfiber, since it doesn't last very long before getting stinky and losing absorbency, but at least those Flip inserts are cheap, so if they only last a year or so, you're not throwing away money the way you are with pocket diapers.


I can't be bothered to read all the comments, but we use silk inserts for that. Silk has ah-mazing qualities, such as the ability to get pretty darn wet and still keep the skin dry. My kiddo never feels the wetness.
I love hemp doublers, Thirsties has some hemp doublers that I love, so do Hemp Hour/Babyidea.
But the silk though, absolutely genious. Has to be in contact with his skin, obviously, not inside a pocket.
(We have some from Disana, knitted rawsilk. They're incredibly soft too.)

Sandra Timmerman

Hi, I recently fell in to your blog. This because we bought a Hemnes drawer for our sleeping room. Searching the net for other peoples "encounters" and you end up on almost the other half of the world..
I enjoy reading your stories as so much what is going on could have happened here as well..
A husband not helping with the drawer because to busy with other stuff.. So I ended up fixing it with my daughter of 10.
As her surname is Timmerman (carpenter) that wasn't difficult. AND no return trips either to the Ikea. I guess they learned a lot in 5 years time. The other thing is that the twin brother of my daughter has PDD-NOS + ADHD and my youngest has also most definitly the classical ADHD.
He also bounces around when watching tele and can not ever sit still.. Yeah early in the morning when he want's to be cuddled :-)
Anyway sorry for the long story.
Kind regards,
Sandra Timmerman-van Vliet NL


Our 3 mo. old heavy wetter sleeps in a Happy Heinys fitted (fleece against baby, cotton prefold in pocket, hemp outside) with a cover. Bonus on this diaper is that both the prefold and the hemp are absorbant. The diaper rash is much better with this new regime- although we still do change him into a new dry prefold (just a regular one) at 4-5 AM snacktime since he's not sleeping all the way through the night yet.


was gonna suggest hemp, but it seems like you are all over that. what if you did the hemp insert and on top did the fleece wicking one? so, essentially what you suggested. yea, that sounds good.


Sushi roll...I think they're called. you take one of the g-diaper inserts and fold them in half (like a hot dog not hamburger) and then roll it up and place it between his legs so that it absorbs a bunch of the pee. i had a couple friends who swore by this when nothing else worked for their kiddos.

Leska McCall

another vote for the Huggies Overnights in a size and you'll prob. have to go to like 5 stores to find them...but tot. worth it. :D

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