In Which an Unintentional Two-Day Blog Hiatus Comes To a Thrilling Halt

The Mom in the Mirror

On a scale of one to 10, how corny would it be to kick off a blog entry with expressing gratitude to a supreme diety for the fact that it is currently Friday? Eleventy hundred? Ish? 

Fuck it. TGIF, man. Tee gee eye eff.

I have no idea why this week felt particularly rough, but it did. There isn't any one thing to point to and say THAT. RIGHT THERE. That's where my week went off the rails and into the realm of I hate everything and am going back to bed and I would like to see anyone try and stop me because I will fuck your shit up

I had a cold, but got over it pretty quickly. Ezra kicked a kid at preschool, but his teacher was all, "Yeah, they're all kicking each other right now. Kids! Whattaya gonna do?" We missed the bus one morning and I yelled at Noah for refusing to put his shoes on the first seven times I asked and at Ezra for taking his shoes OFF right as we were trying to leave, but then we caught up with the bus at the next stop a block away and I felt like a jerk, especially since I drive right past Noah's school on my way to Ezra's school and the only reason I was hellbent on Noah taking the bus was because I didn't want to have to get out of the car to escort him in. Because I was still wearing my pajamas. Stretched-out, saggy-butted ones.

On Wednesday I took Noah to karate, with Ezra and Ike in tow, and as I was directing Ezra to take a seat in the back, I caught a glimpse of myself in the giant mirror that lines the room. And I had that moment, like when you turn on your phone's camera to find it reversed and reflecting the underside of your chin(s), and you're shocked to see what you actually look like, and it's about 10 years older and 100 times more homely than you look in the mirror in your head. 

I was wearing makeup, but it clearly wasn't enough to mask the dark circles and pale cheeks and random red splotches. The workout pants and baggy shirt I thought looked casual but not sloppy at home...did not look like that at all, actually, but more like your standard uniform of the overwhelmed 30-something suburban mom who has completely given up. I haven't gotten a haircut since Ike was born or a color job since Blogher and the split ends and dishwater roots I've been telling myself aren't really that noticeable are, in fact, very noticeable. 

It all just...showed. How little sleep I get, how much I worry, how hard I work, how often I bump myself to the bottom of the priority list because at least I can operate kitchen appliances and put on my own underwear, and I'll put clothes on and do my hair once everybody else is dressed and fed and happy and my writing deadlines are done and I reply to just a couple more emails and oops there's the baby again and it's almost time to go meet the bus again so I know! I'll just put on some black workout pants and a baggy shirt! IT'S TOTES SLIMMING.

If "TGIF" is too trite, I suppose this entry won't be improved if I include some wistful expression of the necessity of a visit to a faraway tropical locale for relaxation purposes? Because Christ, I think I need a vacation.

The thing is, I'm not unhappy. Like, at all. I love this life, this crazy minivan-full-of-many-boy-children life that I never, ever expected to be living, but oh, I'm so glad I do. Honestly, I could kind of see myself having baby after baby, if I only had a place to put them besides Ikea dresser drawers. Or enough money to keep them all in karate/braces/camp/pizza/college.

Or enough patience to promise myself that I wouldn't yell at them for taking too long to put their shoes on, thus making me get out of the car and show the world that I didn't have time to get dressed that morning, even though that was my own damn fault for not getting out of bed 15 freaking minutes earlier, because...what? I thought today was going to be the magical day when everybody puts their shoes on the first time I ask instead of the seventh? Come on. 

I do wish I wasn't so tired, that I could take a nap occasionally without feeling guilty because there's so much STUFF that I should be doing, or that I didn't have to make the nightly choice between hanging out with Jason after we get the kids to bed or...sleep, maybe cramming an extra hour or two before Ike wakes up. I wish it didn't take me twice as long to look half as good as I used to. I wish Noah liked school better and I had more one-on-one time with Ezra and that Ike would stay a baby just a little longer than I know he will. I wish I had more patience, I wish those black workout pants really were as slimming as I imagine them to be, I wish I'd made a stupid hair appointment for this weekend.

I wish I wasn't such a cliche. But hey! TGIF. Amirite? Right. 

PS After rereading everything I just wrote I made an executive decision and booked a babysitter for tonight. Sorry, workout pants, Mama's gonna wear herself some JEANS tonight! Provided she can get them buttoned over her Spanx. 


mark @ yelling near you

I don't know how you manage to do it all. Here's to jeans, more patience and more time in general!


Thanks for writing this.

I would pay for an app that ensures I never accidentally turn on selfportrait mode again. Ugh.


Yup, everything you've said here. My third is still 11 weeks away but I run a dayhome, and yeah - I hate going out in public because I know I KNOW I look like a climbed out of the ragbag.

I finally asked my mom take the boys tonight and she is instead taking them for the weekend. Because she had four kids herself, and totally gets it. Three hours until dinner date with hubby and I have no idea what I'll be wearing... or if I can even FIND my makeup bag.

So - my sympathies. You're doing fine. And this to shall pass.


Maybe it's not you, but the pants. Lucy Perfect Core pants really DO look good!,default,pd.html?cgid=Bottoms_Pants


Treat yo self!


Oh yes. Yes! Yes! Those Mom in the mirror moments. Love 'em!
You get those even when your kids are teens. Though it's them who say, are you really gonna wear that mom? Or Psst! Mom might be time for a top off your white roots make you look like you have a bald spot. Motherhood is rewarding, no?


I see what you did there. :)


loved this. between the 12-week-old and the full-time-job and the how-the-hell-do-people-do-this-ness of my life, i can entirely relate to being pretty much totally happy, but somehow feeling like you are living in the margins of your life. in workout pants.


I did that same double take in my office mirror a minute ago. I have a 2.5 year old and a 7 month old. Talk about rude awakening. I can button my pre-pregnancy pants, but they do not look good; and my solution of covering up the fact that I haven't washed my hair since Monday by pulling back and pinning up does not mask that fact. At. All. What sucks though is that I've been up since 4 with the baby and didn't go to bed until 11 last night. I can't get up any earlier. At least I have 2 whole days to try and fit a shower in.


I think any mom could have written this on almost any day. God. Yes. The bad glimpse in the mirror. That photo your friend sent you, dear god is that what your butt looks like? Oh, the yelling. The guilt. We've all been here. You're in good company. You are good company. And WOOT for babysitter and jeans and dinner out!


Lol, I was just going to tell you "Hire a babysitter, go out with your husband, and book another babysitter for tomorrow and FORCE the salon to fit you in!" Glad you figured that out on your own, Super Mom :)


Amen to all of these things. Add to it that my company just instituted video conferencing for all of our weekly calls and now I am really self-conscious about the whole harried, working mom hair/clothes combo I have going on. Whew. TGIF for real, yo.


I totally get it! The fact that you manage all you do is amazing! Half the battle is realizing you need a time out, so your halfway to sane! Yay! You do a great job at managing your household, but just remember that your important too!


I do that same mirror thing every time I pass one. That's not me walking slowly and with all that gray hair and sagging skin, is it? In my mind I am still 19, tall and shapely, with dark dark hair and skin you could bounce a coin on and walking at a slow gallop. In the mirror I'm almost 70.

You will get to the point that you can have a nap, go for a leisurely mani-pedi, talk half an hour on the phone with a friend. Eventually you'll have time for yourself, one day you'll be free of the constant mommy demands. So enjoy it all while you have it, this circus going on around you, because it is over too too quickly. I know you realize this already, I'm just reinforcing. :)


We all have those mirror moments (that bitch be lyin'!). I like how you can take it, give it an eh, and keep it moving b/c you know you actually like your life (even if the mirror mocks you). I too have a lot of wishes, a lot of wants. But a helluva lot more GODDAMN I LIKE THE PEOPLE I LIVE WITH. So, after first saying no, I actually am going to my 20 yr high school reunion tonight. And dragging hubby along. Out. Minus kids. I'm gonna shower. And do my hair. And paint my nails. Oh, and I am so gonna like the tequila.


Holy hell woman, you're quite amazing! I have one singular individual little baby and she alone keeps me in pj's till lunchtime most days. How you do what you do with three kids astonished me! So absolutely, put something non-elasticated on and have a mojito or four!

Cath @ 7 Million Wonders

Yeah, this happens to me all the FREAKING time. I put on makeup, my NICE yoga pants, a cute shirt, even a scarf. I look fine in my traitorous mirror. Then I see my self in the mirror at playtime at the baby gym...and all I can see are loose ends and frizzes, zits and errant brow hairs.

It's especially difficult in the DC area, where a lot of moms have the time and money to treat themselves to all the buffers and waxes and highlights they care to have. Just...demoralizing.

The only thing I can do is try to focus on being the best mom I can be. Which, luckily, doesn't involve my looks.

You should be proud of being the best mom you can be. I am sure that people see your love for your kids before they notice your roots.


I remember my first one of those mirror moments. In my house we didn't own a house that showed below my neck, so in my head, throughout my pregnancy and postpartum, I looked AMAZING. Imagine my surprise when at 8 mos post we went to my MIL who, not only had a near full length mirror, it was just OUTSIDE THE SHOWER! So, it was a COMPLETELY NAKED mirror moment. I nearly collapsed in tears right there. Now I just close my eyes when I get out of the shower there.

And just think, we all picture you looking like you do in your picture on the site! You are always put together for us!


Oh thank you. I refused to take off my giant sunglasses when today when talking to a chipper well rested looking exercising highlighting toned butt Mom discussing her marathon training today because I know what I look like without them, it was raining. I also wore a too heavy but somewhat pulled together looking jacket over my husband college rugby t circa 1994. But like you, I am happy, tired, overwhelmed, but happy. I too wish my son like school more, sigh, but honestly I really did not like it either. Have a happy weekend.


I work full time an hour commute from home and have a 2 year old. My house looks like a bomb exploded in it everyday! I'm managing to keep my personal appearance up (out of necessity for my job) but my house has gone to hell! I don't think it will EVER be clean again. Have fun tonight! You deserve it.


I have a 5-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son who is a "special needs" child, very similar to Noah. So when I hear moms of "typical" kids complaining that they need a vacation, I generally think to myself, "Oh, shut up. You have no idea what it's like to really need a vacation." (Nice, huh?) But you, my dear--you totally deserve one! Have fun tonight!


me too. Amen. DH and I had a fight this week when he yelled at me because he said he comes home a lot when the dishes aren't done and is tired of doing them- um, I am raising your son basically alone, I can't keep the house perfect. I told him I already feel awful about myself all the time-I don't need his help on that. How I only wear glasses and not contacts anymore, how I have almost no clothes that fit & we have no $ to get any, how I have all these ugly parts now since the baby was born. It's hard when you are so so tired all the time too.


I'm a little older than you (39), but most days, I just don't care that I look like the typical chubby, exhausted, overstressed, under appreciated, too-fucking-close-to-middle-aged mom. It's not a cliche when it's your life and you're doing the honest-to-blog best you can.

So tonight, go out & forget about those little soul sucking life draining small & crazy monsters for a few hours (who you love dearly and would be lost without). Drink cocktails with wild abandon, eat something chocolate & decadent, and come home and do your best again tomorrow.


TGIF indeed. You and Jason deserve a lovely evening out. And I bet you look a whole lot better, even in the pajamas or yoga pants, than you think you do.


WOOOWWWW. I have the boy in Kindergarten and the toddler boy and the baby that turned 4 months old today and my head has been EXACTLY in that place the last few days. I'm wearing my husband's shirt and my black workout pants and my hair is in a sloppy ponytail and my roots are showing and the post-baby shedding has started so I'm borderline balding and my eyes are officially PURPLE, not just underneath, but my eyelids too. And my husband has been gone hunting since the 13th and isn't due home until Sunday night and THERE'S NO ESCAPE! But like you said-- perfectly happy with the kids, life decisions, etc., but what the fuuuckhelpme! And unfortunately, my bathroom mirror is way too nice to me. The real-world mirrors are bastards. Um... this is your blog, so I'm gonna shut up now. I was just surprised at how very much on the same page I felt when I read that!


Sometimes you write posts that are so 100% right on, that all I can do is say, "sing it sister". Hope you have a fun night out AND that you get to sleep in.


I love that you are able to recognize that you aren't unhappy. I have wondered that about myself, as I am in the same situation. I've let most stuff related to ME slide and focus on the kids. Its almost impossible not to do that as a stay at home mom. I force myself to put on real clothes when i drop my son off at kinder because i walk him in...and then no joke, i go home at shower while the 2 yr old naps at 1:00!!!! then i put the same clothes back on. i don't curl my hair or put on makeup unless i'm going "out"...or have time, which isn't frequent. Rock the jeans and spanx tonight!!!


While reading your description of your mirrored self I saw my refection in my laptop screen. It eerily brought your words to life here in CA. I wish I knew a babysitter. Maybe I should stop reading on the internet and go brush my hair or something.


Thank you for exactly describing my life the past couple months. Only I don't have a new baby.

Today, though, I kicked butt. I did dishes AND cleaned out the car AND picked up in the living room (even if it's not actually clean) AND took the kids outside (that is actually an accomplishment) AND made a smart choice about what to eat for lunch. Without any B12, even!

On the wall next to my monitor, I have a sign that says "This too shall pass". The productivity and good mood and patience will pass, and I will yell at my son for refusing to put on his [underwear] the first seven times I ask. But that, too, will pass, and I'll have another day like this. And thank goodness for that.


Oh *hugs* We've all been there, and it's never a fun place to be! Good for you for getting a babysitter and going out!

Goddess in Progress

I don't care if it's cliche or not, it's so freaking true. I was all but mumbling "yeah!" under my breath with every paragraph.

Sing it, sister.

Another 30-something mom in the burbs with three kids who needs some serious hair and clothing rescue.


I love an insightful/inspirational post with a theme song. And I just texted my stylist for an overdue appt, too!


Good for you, getting a babysitter! Put on those jeans, make your hair look pretty, and go eat and drink things that are bad for you!


Gah, stop reading my mind, woman! First the stinky diaper Advice Smackdown, then this. It's like we're living parallel lives (though I stopped at 2 boy children TG!). I charged DH with planning a surprise date night (because I plan EVERYTHING around here and I'm sick of it) two weeks ago, and... nothing. Turns out we were supposed to do it tomorrow night but my ILs had to go out of town, so no date night for me. We are, however, going to have dinner tonight with friends who also have small children, and we will drink scotch and bourbon and gin (not all at once) while the boys dogpile on each other. Good times!


Oh, thank you for this. So, I'm not the only one, then? *whew* Thank goodness. And the getting the jeans buttoned over the spanx thing is SO TRUE. MY GOD.

Melissa D

What I loved about this post is that you recognized the great things about your life. I am inspired by the end of the post where you make an effort to focus on yourself and your husband. I struggle with the same feelings and sometimes forget how just a night out with a little make up can help. Thanks for the great post!


Thanks for reminding us that we're not alone!


We actually had our first Mommy and Daddy vaca since our daughter was born nearly 4 years ago. It was our first night away together... We spent 3 blissful nights away, with nothing to do but relax and sit poolside and eat. My hubby commented on how "nice" I was being... (i.e., "wow, you're not a total bitch right now. that's a change."). I was like, "dude, this is the first time i have felt rested in 4 years. i'm a bitch because i'm exhausted."

Although I work outside the home, and have just one, I still feel ya. I wake up at 5am to get to work before the insane DC traffic hits, AND so that I can leave work at a decent hour and pick up our girl at a decent hour so she's not stuck in daycare for such a long day (my husband drops her off). I go straight from work, to traffic, to mommy. And I'm mommy until bedtime. And then I try to be a wife, but by then, I am exhausted. And it's all I can do to keep my eyes open through a DVR'd episode of Modern Family with the hubby before I'm headed to bed.

And, while I'm overwhelmed some of the time and exhausted most of the time, I'm not unhappy. I like my life. I just wished I had more time to enjoy it! My biggest fear is that it will all go by so fast! And that, THAT scares the shit out of me! Like one day, I'll just wake up, and we'll be just husband and wife again (rather than Daddy and Mommy), and our child(ren?) will be gone and we'll have no idea how it all went by so fast. It seriously terrifies me.

So yeah. I hijacked your comment section there with that. But, I hear ya. And my hair? Has probably not been cut since? Last winter? Yikes. (and we won't even talk about how long it's been since the OB).


I'm too damn tired to say much more than "man, I get you, and really, really like you". TGIF


That realization that I am no longer as slim and well rested I was at 24 is why I actively avoid mirrors. I can convince myself I still look great if I just keep the lie alive.

Exhausted and stretched as thin as I get (school, work, parenting a 3yo and 1 yo), I wouldn't change anything about the choices I've made.


My kids are 6,3, and 1. Yeah, I don't usually catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror until we are on the way to school. It's scary. The age, the wrinkles. The suburban soccer mom driving minivan look. At the same time, I'm totally with ya. Wouldn't trade this life that I never expected for ANYTHING. Love ya. Keep up the good work.


I feel ya, girl. I soooo do. "I wish it didn't take me twice as long to look half as good as I used to." A-freakin-men, sister!


It really does get better and you will have time for yourself again. You probably look a lot better than you think you do. However, you will miss these days. I had 3 children within 5 years and had many days where I was so tired I couldn't remember what I did or how I got places. All my clothes were pastel and cotton so I could wash them with the kids laundry. The kids are grown up and now and my husband & I miss the babies. However, we love our lives now as well. Bring on the grandkids!


I remember calling to my husband at one point last spring, because you'd posted a picture of your bump, and "Look, honey, she's pregnant and her thighs still have that line-- that muscle line down the side. I don't have one anymore."

He comforted me then, just like he comforts me now about my post-partum belly jiggle (which I recognize is just part of life when you're in the fourth trimester, but it still gets me down sometimes.)

My point is, you're lovely. Lovely enough that strangers on the internet feel inadequate looking at photos of you on the internet.

Enjoy your date night. Your husband's a lucky guy.


And also:

internet internet internet.



You read my mind, I had exactly the same sad reality check today. I was (ok, still am) wearing a stained nursing top that needs to be put away - in the trash - and I haven't showered or plucked my eyebrows in 2 days. To round it off, today I have dealt with cat puke, cat poop and the cat peeing on my kitchen floor - seriously?! - which I then mopped over the rest of the floor before I realized, thinking it was water from the sink cuz really, since when does the freaking cat pee on the floor?! Anyway, the moral of my sob story is that you're not alone and it could always be worse. You could have mopped your kitchen floor with cat piss.


I had the same nothing-terrible-but-eff-all-this and feel pretty much exactly how you do. I need sleep, I need a vacation, I need some spacetime with no one wanti anything from me. Thank you for writing this, and have a great time tonight!

die Frau

My God, I'm on my first child and was just feeling this way lately, thinking it was just me. Maybe it's the weather? Either way, thank you for putting into words a bit of what I'm feeling...although how you manage it all with three, I have no freaking idea. Plus I went to the salon today for a haircut--ALMOST sans baby, but my sitter fell through. He mercifully slept the whole time. And DH and I are going out tomorrow night because I have good hair and dammit, I'm going to show it off.

I got laid off from my teaching job and have had mixed feelings: Miss working but contemplating spending hours grading essays instead of playing with Little Man makes me cringe. So thanks for the perspective.


Trade out 3 sons for 3 daughters and we are living the same life! Thanks for me making me feel a bit better about my roots, worn out clothes, and sleep deprivation.


HEY! Are you following me?? No worries, mama. We're all doing the best we can. Glamour can wait!


I hear ya! I've put off haircuts (color, what's that) because its just not in the budget and with the price of EVERYTHING going up, the idea of saving a bit each time to get one was just not happening. Finally I told my husband "I need you to find money somewhere, I NEED to do this"...I'm missing when I was able to earn some money on my own for extras. I feel so much better just for doing that (still have all the other issues) we're going to need to just need to cut somewhere else to get that in.


WOW. I just. I could have written this word for word. I have a son the same age as Noah who just started kindergarten and is riding the bus for the first time. I have a 4 year old daughter who is in preschool 3 days a week plus dance class on the weekends. And I have a 19 month old son who is the most joyful child in exsistence who I fear doesn't get enough time to just run around and be a toddler because we're so busy dropping off and picking up his siblings. I don't have another job like you so no deadlines though I do occasionally make cakes for friends and family. I haven't had a haircut since June, my roots are definitely showing and I curse that we actually have to walk half a block to my son's bus stop because that means I have to put real clothes on even the days my daughter doesn't have school. But I probably would and could keep having more if it weren't for a lot of the same issues you mentioned. But then I talked to the mom of six, ages 5-15, whose house is directly in front of the bus stop. As I'm wiping away tears on the first day I asked her if it was hard to watch her youngest two kids, 5 year old twin boys, get on the bus and go to school. She responded with "Are you kidding? I've been waiting 15 years to have my house to myself. I'm going to take a nap." So yeah, I think stopping at three is good. And I'm going to schedule my haircut now, dammit.


Just remember: Three is the new two. Having three kids, close together like you (and me) is FREAKING FANTASTIC. And as my four year old daughter says "Girls Rule The Kingdom." Enough said.


thank god it's fucking friday!


I feel like we're kindred spirits. Yes, it takes me twice as long to look half as good as I used to...and most of the time I tell myself it's just not worth that time. But, I try to fit in clean hair and a painted-on face once or twice a week. And, like you, I'm not unhappy. I keep putting off hiring the sitter, though. We've grown so accustomed to putting the kids down early and just ordering take-out that I've forgotten how to go OUT on a date. Sigh. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and just do it. You go, girl! Rock it!

Kristin J

Oh. All this stuff you wrote. . . I'm right there with ya. I need one of those airbrush makeup machines thingiemabobs.


Girrrrrrrl we have all been there and back and bought the t-shirt, and actually you have 3 kids and I only have 1 so what the hell do I have to complain about? Don't be so hard on yourself. Ike is still a tiny baby. I couldn't remember my middle name until Cora was like 7 months old.


I have 2 and am about 10 years older than you..I ssoooo get you..Thanks for writing this...doesn't make me feel so bad knowing there are 'others" :0)


amen, sista. seriously.

my parents watched the kids last night so we could go out to dinner. my husband suggested we grab some quickie bar food and i almost punched him in the teeth.

thankfully (THANKFULLY!!!) we ended up having a lovely dinner at a restaurant that was completely void of televisions in the dining area.

sometimes it's the little things.


Yeah, just yeah. Only I am just 11 weeks out with my first. I tried on pants at old navy this week. Not sure why I did that to myself. Did you ever write a postpartum wardrobe piece?


A-freaking-men. And I only have two kids. Work it, girl.


Sing it, sister! Here's to hoping you had a fun night out, got those jeans over the spanx, and soon-to-be sexy hair.


love your honesty and your imperfectness. you make us all feel better. and yes - it is SCARY when that cell phone camera is turned the wrong direction. YIKES> :)


true story- i called my Mom to have her read this, like isn't this just like me mom. I don't even look 33 (34 next month) I look like a tired 42 at best. then it happened my Mom gently told me I am 34 already (um, I guess I forgot) and will actually be 35 next month. 4 kids in 6 years messes with your mind. at least now I am actually closer in age to how I look. yippee. hope your night was fun, and someone has to say it, we have seen your pic, honey you do look good, you just do.


Yes. I completely understand.

I kind of love you.


You took the words right out of my mouth. I haven't gotten highlights since June and guess what? Not only do I have really brown hair but also a lot of gray. Have fun tonight!

nicolette @ momnivores dilemma

and now I've got "man in the mirror" lyrics radiating in my skull...replacing them with all of the 30 something-mama-drama.

Sometimes alls it takes is a good dye job and jeans.

the yoga pants from Old Navy work wonders for those schleppy days too...


The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

Hey girl -- you just need to look in better mirrors. Some mirrors are very misleading and unflattering. Those are the wrong mirrors. They're the I'm-gonna-make-you-feel-like-an-Oprah-Before-makeover mirrors. Walk away. That's all I'm saying.

Ashley // Our Little Apartment

That's bullshit. You are still hot and you KNOW it.

I mean, sure I don't KNOW you. I just think you are still hot, judging from the fact that you still always managed to look absolutely adorable, even when you were mega pregnant.

Are you trying to tell us that Ike was the straw that broke the camel's back and now you aren't all cute and shit?

Cause imma need a picture to believe that.

just beth

thank you for writing this. i love my kids, i do. i love my life, my husband... i DO take a nap nearly every day and you know what? it doesn't help. not really. i think we all need to do just as you did, with the babysitter and stuff. and one of these days, i will. just not today.

xo, b.


I don't even have children, but I totally understand how you feel. I've been having a week just like this, and feeling generally crappy. It's always good to know that I'm not alone!

Karen my husband being laid off in a month AND no money for a sitter and anything to do with said sitter occupying our kiddos. *sigh*

I hung up the phone with hubby on Thursday stood up and walked over to a coworker then *snap* rolled my ankle over...all the way over. I cried an cried because damnnit! That is why.

TGI freaking F and how about a long weekend, huh?


You know how much I feel you on all this, so I'll just say: I know. I feel you, and I know. xoxo


For what it's worth, I've always thought that you look fantastic in the photos you put up of yourself.

I'm a new mom of a 6-month-old, and I have to say that I often battle feelings of guilt whenever I do something for myself rather than doing household chores while Claire is napping, or spending time with both her and my husband in the evening. Even in writing that, I cringe at the thought that I would choose to do anything other than be a mom. And I know that's silly, because we also need to take care of ourselves - no one else is going to do it, right?

Enjoy your jeans outings, and when you do decide to sport the comfy bagging pants, know that you are beautiful anyway.


Gah. Me too.

One word of encouragement from a 40 something - at some point age starts to mess with the complexion in potentially unhappy ways but one positive side effect of that is that you can wear more colors than before. That whole "What's your season" thing becomes defunct and you can wear just about any color you want.

But you're still tired. And you have to start worrying about your babies making more babies with someone else's babies.

Heather B.

I just have to say that I love that I've known you since practically the start of your parenting. That said, you are exactly the type of parent I hope to be someday. Obviously you feel stressed, etc. but to me and probably to several people you do not portray that at all. You make parenting look good. xo


Thank god this is the internet, because you would prob. slap me for this- I've been feeling the same way except I only have one baby, my 5 month old. Howeva-went out and bought a pair of black pumps this weekend, and wore them with jeans today, and I'm doing it all with baby in tow as well. It made me feel like a woman again today!


I really appreciated this post, Amy. It was honest and I like that.


Yup.. samething here ...wondered why my dead grandmother was wearing my clothes the other day... then I realized it was me...
When did the Lily Munster skunk stripe come in??? Why are there dead caterpillars living on my face? Why do I look like a corpse.. is this why my nails looked like I clawed my way out of a coffin??... Why does all my make up smell... racid??? When WAS the last time I wore makeup anyway??
Wow... from Tour Guide Barbie to Zombie Barbie in 6 years! Gotta be some sort of record.


Interesting. My comment got deleted?


No it didn't. I'm an idiot. Carry on!

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