All Blogs Are Hideous At Age Eight. It's Quite Normal.

Oh my God, you guys, this blog is eight years old today.

Eight years, I have been blabbering on about whatever it is I blabber on about. No wonder I'm running about of things to say. Can't I just tell the volcano story again? Or the oven fire or the bird or Newark and also luggage cart? Could I perhaps start a business selling ready-made birth stories for today's busy modern momblogger who is too busy writing sponsored product reviews to deal with the whole messy, overwrought emo side of the business? 

Eight years. I was in my 20s, in the city, in an office, in heels. I am currently in none of those things. Now it is: 30s, suburbs, work-from-home-bed-nest, bedroom slippers.

(Though I still own all the heels. I'm just more apt to whine about them when I wear them.)

There's also that whole THREE BOY CHILDREN plot twist that happened along the way. The me of eight years ago would NEVER have seen that coming, and probably would have been a tad horrified at the prospect, which makes me want to point and laugh at her, because man, that uppity bitch totally had this coming. 

At the risk of sounding ancient as all hell and get off my virtual lawn-ish, it's really gobsmackily crazy how different the Internet is now. It was so...small, and yet wildly exciting huge and untamed and new. I didn't even start a blog, I started an online journal. Because that meant you were more writerly, or at least longer-winded and less inclined to edit.

*puts on monocle and holds dainty teacup*

There were no ads or ad networks and the great Sell-Out debate centered around whether it was tacky to put an Amazon wishlist or PayPal button on your site. I had no idea how to handle drama or trolls or criticism or how to even be all that authentic. My early entries manage to be both embarassingly personal overshares and experiments in playing an online character. I was wildly excited to realize that people were reading and commenting and linking, and then I'd go home for the holidays and my dad would advise me to stop wasting my time entertaining my dumb friends online and get back to you know, real writing

Anyway, blah blah blah different time new world blogging-as-viable-career-path-cakes. Let me get back to what's really important, to what defines this blog-thing now, eight years and probably millions of run-on sentences later: GROSS STORIES ABOUT BABIES AND WHY BABIES ARE GROSS.

1) We took the boys to see The Muppets on Wednesday. Mini-review: Super-duper fun and awesome, especially for grown-ups, but perhaps about 15-20 minutes too long for little kids. That last quibble was perfectly evidenced by Ezra, who -- during the last of about three quietly emotional turning points in the movie where somebody learns something about the value of friendship -- decided to shriek I GOTTA GO POOP at the top of his lungs. 

2) Then we came home and I was playing with Ike on the couch, lifting him up in the air and making goofy faces at him, like mo-oooo-ooooom, you're so lame and embarassing, and he chose that exact moment to remind me that we are NOT fully past the days of the turbohork and yes, I am using my blog's eighth anniversary post to tell you about the time my baby barfed on my face and it got in my mouth. What of it? BEHOLD, MY LIFE'S WORK. IT IS RICH WITH MEANING AND PURPOSE BUT CLEARLY NEEDS MORE FART JOKES.



(Eight years and counting and I still haven't bothered to learn Photoshop.)



(And as God is my witness I probably most likely never will, because bleh.)



Congrats on completing 8 years!! wow!! The pics are just fabulous..and to think i have been reading your blog only for last 2 years!! wish I had found your blog earlier!!

Happy 8th anniversary!


Happy 8th anniversary! I guess you get...tin? Or something? Maybe a shiny foil star or hat. Seriously, you are a very talented writer and I love reading your blog/columns/whatever. Congrats on the 8 years!


Ike has THE best 'OMFG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' eyes I've ever seen.


Happy 8th anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! I've been reading for seven years and look forward to many more years of the awesomess that is amalah! Heck, I read Snarkywood. Gah, I am old!


But why on earth would you want to photoshop any of those? They're just perfect.

You need to stop making me think I need a third baby. Just stoppit, 'kay?


The "barf" incident made me LOL!

Happy 8th!!


Yay! Thanks for sharing for eight years and really hoping you keep it up for many more. Happy Blogiversary!

Heh- I don't know when the hamsters and duct tape got added to the bottom of the site, but I just noticed them and even your legal info makes me laugh.

nicolette @ momnivores dilemma

working from the bed nest sure beats the high-heeled hitting the glass ceiling thing, eh?

that's why teaching appealed to me. no, upward movement.

SAHMs of the world unite.

happy 8. I've barely touching 2, but love it...

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Happy blogiversary!!! I hope to be reading your blog for another eight years (and beyond!).


I love your blog and your photos. I find Photoshop to be a giant, worthless time suck...unless you plan to sell your photos to National Geographic, I guess.


Thanks for cracking me up with laughter after I come home exhausted for no apparent reason other than, well, being pregnant... Sorry that Ike had to barf in your face (and mouth OMG) to make my day.. but isn't it good to know that it had a purpose?


Happy anniversary, and thank you for all the oversharing, experiments, and gross stories over the years. I discovered you almost seven years ago, in the last couple weeks of work before the birth of my first son (now joined by another one). I knew I wasn't going back to my job afterward and had almost nothing to do--so there was a lot of surreptitious blog reading. Following a link to your blog, then catching up on your archives, was one of the high points of that time.


It seems that your blog and I share a birthday (though I am quite a bit older than 8 today, lol). Love your blog and your boy babies! Happy blogiversary!!


Gefiliciteerd! 8 years of putting words on the net. With a 3some at home, even writing this is difficult. DH talking to me, twin # 1 talking to me, twin# 2 raising the volume of the TV and the youngest shouting from the toilet that the toilet paper ran out :-) Your blog helps me to put everything in perspective.

sandra ( nl)


1) I love that you don't photo shop the crap out of your pics. It makes me feel better about my own amateur photos.

2) I would really like to know what Ike was thinking in those last pics.


Congrats on your anniversary!! And your kids are awesome. :)


Happy day. I just discovered you this summer and read almost eight years in a binge of epic proportions. But at least I didn't then vomit into anyone else's mouth.


Oh man, that means I've been reading your blog for 5 years? 6 years? Something like that. I can't remember if I stumbled on it pre-Noah or shortly after. Does this make me sound like a loser stalker?

Sarah @ w30

Cheers! Yours is the FIRST blog I ever read - my introduction to a new obsession and online community - and now I have my own (because I am so original and not at all late to the game, whatever). Please tell me we can look forward to eight more years!


Excellent!! Happy 8th blog b-day! And for the record... I love your blog and stories of your life and family... even without more fart jokes. lol

Jenn T.

Aww, Happy Anniversary! And it's my birthday, too. How special! So here's my challenge for you on your blogiversary/my birthday. Find the post where there's a picture of you standing next to a brand new silver car. That's all I remember about the first post of yours I read. That's when I started following you. I think it was pre-babies, but you may have been pregnant with Noah.


Happy Anniversary!! And, bleh, I hate vomit in my mouth enough when it's mine.


Happy anniversary, Amy. Eight years is no small feat, given the burnout rate when you write about your life for a living!


I have been blogging just a little over eight years, but I have moved blogs so many times, it's pathetic! I envy your "one spot" blog for so long!


At first I started to panic, thinking you were telling us you're quitting. I don't read a lot of blogs, really, mostly you and sometimes Pioneer Woman for the recipes (which I only read, I'm not about to recommence cooking now that I'm retired), and also Sundry Mourning and I love her but she's sort of into that fitness thing and I feel that you would agree with me that a day spent in jammies is a good day. Oh yeah, I just found Suri's Burn Book and of course I do Hyperbole and a Half, but she's been having some problems. I have been lurking around the edges of your life for so long...I discovered you through Snarkywood, for heaven's sake. Just don't stop doing what you're doing. Promise! Cross your heart!

Erika Mitchell

Congrats on your eighth blog anniversary! I'm glad you're still here, running your sentences to their nonsensical, often-funny conclusions.


Ike's mildly horrified expression in the last two photos is priceless. Happy Anniversary, I for one and so glad you are still going!


Happy 8th! Around here in human years that usually means a Beyblade or Lego Ninjago, but I'm not sure what blogs like.

Here's to another eight!

Granola Spice

As a fan from the very beginning, let me say congratulations!


happy blogiversary :-) i had a live journal way back in the ancient internet times too... it probably still exists, but at this point i can't bring myself to go look. maybe at the ten year mark?

Andrea/Confessions of a Daydream Believer

Congrats on the 8 years!!!


Happy Blogaversary!! I've read your blog for a few years and really apprciate your honesty and transparency (yay no photoshop!) - in addition to your writing and humor....oh and those incredibly adorable kids. I don't even /have/ any children and I read your cloth diapering saga avidly. All that to say, you're lovely and I am looking forward to many more years of blogging from you! Cheers!


Love, love, love your blog. Yours and Swistle's are my absolutely favorites. Never leave us!!


Wait, who said something about hamsters and duct tape?

Suzy Q

Happy 8th! Cheers to many more happy years!


Congrats and keep up the great work! I wish I could remember how I found you...but I'm just glad I did!


Rock on, Amy! been reading you since the Snarkywood days-- man I feel old....


I was there, 8 years ago. You actually inspired me to start my own blog (which I have since deleted because I can't handle the trolls and such). Thanks for hanging in there and keeping on keeping on. I've lived in three very different locations since I started reading your blog and every where I move, you are there waiting for me. A bit of familiarity. Hope to see you around in eight more years!!

Shannon Lell

Congratuations on your blogaversary? Or whatever combo-word people are saying these days. Of course I'm the last one to the blog party and started mine about a million years too late but I've decided that I'm now just going to call it an online journal so I can sound less me-too about it. Also, I'm so guilty of the non-edited overshare. Rethinking everything now.


Oh God they are CUTE. I want three little boys too. Maybe. And congrats on 8 years--it's been fun.


Happy Blogaversary! I'm only 5 1/2 years in, so you're like a cool 3rd grader to my kindergartener capabilities. But remember memes? And the never-ending, very annoying awards? And when my parents didn't read my blog? Sigh...

Valerie (formerly Boozie)

I hope you read this one, but I started reading your blog 8 years ago and we were so much alike and I wanted to secretly run into you when I was eating dinner but it never happened. And now I also am working from home (currently in sweats...ugh, fight the frump, gal!) with a baby girl and one more TBA baby on the way. And yeah, my 20-something self would probably barf on myself now, but I'm so glad things turned out the way they did for both of us!


Happy anniversary. For funsies I wandered around your early entries and I was surprised at how many of them I remember. I believe I started reading your blog around spring of 2004. Crazy.


I wasn't going to post anything just yet till I've read your entire archives! (currently reading 2007) but just had to come out and say Happy you've made it this long and giving us some entertaining blogging through out the years and look foward to more!

Maxine Dangerous

Happy belated blogaversary! Hope you had a frabulous day and lots of cake. :)


Thankyou Amalah for thepast eight years! I love how you write. Sometimes it's helped me in my own motherhood journey when I feel a complete failure or don't do things the way others might. You seem to do the same wacky things I do (in a nice way!). Congratulations.


Sorry, it appears I can't punctuate. How embarrassing.


Thank you Amalah for the past eight years. I enjoy your writing immensely and it's helped me feel my mothering skills are fairly much normal as opposed to screwy. Congratulations!


I've been reading you since 2004 and i LOVED Snarkywood. Rock on, Mamalah.


Happy Bloggiversary! I also loved Snarkywood, btw.

Christine @ Quasi Agitato

Keep rockin' it lady.

Jameellionaire<--Not my Real Name, duh.

Dude, your blog is awesome. You are so thorough! Loved the blog about all things baby product. That is going to be my official go to now!
^^Since you are a blog veteran please give me any feedback about mine. Thankss!!!

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