Merry Geekmas


At some point, Baby Ike moved past that phase where he would attempt to latch on to anyone who happened to be holding him right when the milk cravings hit. Oh hi, General Chestal Region Of Random Human! I am hungry. Your shirt angers me so much. 

Now he seems pretty clued in to the fact that I, alone, am Milk Lady, and that my General Chestal Region is special and magic and all that.

And also this:



This is Ike's special Milk Lady greeting. If I'm holding him, chances are he will be attempting to suck on my cheek, lips or nose while squeezing whatever else he can get his fists around AS HARD AS HE CAN. I believe it is technically done out of love and affection, but if you're feeling a bit left out, you can easily recreate the sensation at home by attacking your own face with a vaccuum cleaner attachment.

(That also has teeth.)

(I think Dyson makes one.)

(Thanks to Tracey for taking the above picture on Friday, but not for laughing hysterically while my face-sucking amoeba baby yanked out handfuls of my hair and I struggled to prevent a festive holiday hickey.)



oh! my baby does this too! it's funny and hurts at the same time :)


Funny story!! I remember my son doing that, too. It's hard to explain a cheek hickey at work. Nobody believes you.

Lynda M O

Happy face-sucking Holidays. Just a quick note--you rain hysteria laced with hilarity from every post. Thanks for finding your way onto my subscription list and keeping me clicking.


My goodness, that photo is making me really anticipate nursing my second baby in a couple of months. After the torture of the first baby, that's saying a lot. Ike is so adorable.


Ohhhh lolol... My son did that too... Too cute and funny. Thank you for the much needed belly laugh!


This SO reminded me of my first at that age. Can't wait to experience that again with my second. LOVE!

Misguided Mommy

I had a hysterectomy because I was done having kids. But bullshit pictures like this make my non existent uterus start contracting and flipping and freaking out and really WANTING A BABY. Please have uglier children, or stop posting pictures of their totally cute little faces, and their little diapers and awesomely organized changing tables because OMFG I want a changing table to organize and YOU ARE NOT HELPING I WANT A BABY....do they make a synthetic uterus?


I feel so loved when my baby attacks me like that. I would prefer it without the hair-pulling, but other than that I'll be sad to see it go.


Hee. My daughter does that too. Sort of annoying, but I know I'll miss it one day.


You is my woman! Come 'ere!

Giggling at Mary above. The co-workers NEVER believe you.


Pictures like this make me want to have another baby. Please post less cute/pleasant pictures and more of ones that will remind me of the insanity of newborn times. Thanks.


Is that the next stage in baby-led weaning?

Amelia Sprout

Laughing. At work. So hard. Thanks. I tell people she's giving me kisses. She's really just trying to make the milk come out.


Teehee. My son is 7 months old and gives me 'loves' like that too (this week with extra added snot and dribble because as well as a cold, you just know he's teething).
His favourite trick is to latch on to my jaw bone and sort of gnaw it those wee toothipegs are bloody sharp!


My first one used to suck my chin....oh how I loved it!!! Miss it (and breast feeding)terribly now she is seven


Amy...my kid does the same thing to me.. thanks for putting it beautifuuly into words..!!


This morning, Ruby (4.5 months old) was so frantically hungry when she woke that she tried to latch onto THE CORNER OF MY PILLOWCASE. I guess if it even remotely resembles a boob, it's fair game?

Amy - Hamlet's Mistress

Ok. So I get that hair pulling is painful and all that jazz and the cheek sucking is just... weird. But holy adorableness.


OMG thank you for posting this, makes me feel better that this is me. My poor chin ends up with the brunt of it.

Bea, OT

So adorable! My son will occasionally suck onto my knee and bite...ouch! Did I say he has huge teeth?


My Mia does this to me too! I don't think it's related to the boobs though, we had to stop breastfeeding about 3 months ago. She often tries to do this to my mouth, too, which makes it like a baby french kiss... yikes.


My youngest does this occasionally still. Though his favorite is to try to put the dogs noses in his mouth. The expression they have is priceless. And I will miss it when he finally decides to stop breastfeeding.


Awww, Y U no holiday hickey?

Party Pooper!


It makes me miss my babies!!! They are 19, 15, & 11.


You look really calm there despite the vacuum cleaner with teeth description.


LOL my baby (who is slightly more than a month older than Ike) has just moved to the more kiss-like phase. He puts his mouth on my face but doesn't suck anymore. The hair pulling and face grabbing and glasses eating continues unabated, however.


Ahhh - my son does this too! I figured it was a sign of hunger, but he often refuses to nurse when I offer the boob afterward. So, I'm going with the assumption that they are kisses. Sweet, sweet, violent baby kisses.


I think our babies are lost at birth several months apart twins. Mine does that too. With his 9 teeth and his 11 month old self. EEKK i have an 11 month old..

Lisa M

Oh fucking hell. I can't even tell you the last time I had a baby-urge, but the face sucking baby pic actually made my ovaries twitch a little. I gonna go grab a cocktail at work, that should diffuse the situation.

Vacuum babies are awesome. Pics of said babies are even better. :-)


Awww I used to love the baby kisses like this! So cute!


Brendan does this - he's a week younger than Ike. I have giggled at the thought of embarassing the crap out of him when he's older with a story about how Mommy had a big bruise on her chin from his face chomps.

Plano Mom

Knuckles. The entire family had red, raw knuckles. And the poor dog and cats. I'm still amazed he didn't hurk a hairball.


LOL. I have a great picture of my son latched on to my husband's lower lip.


Haha!! Ike and my little one are about 5 days apart and he does the exact same thing!! My husband gets a little jealous!


I love the look of benign resignation on your face...


you are hilarious

Alecia @ Hoobing Family Adventures

My daughter Eloise does the exact same thing. I pick her up from daycare and she tries to eat my face. I never knew it was possible to pinch so much skin on my face. Motivation for me to keep those fingernails trimmed..

Happy Holiays! I love your blog.


My almost 6 month old daughter does this, too. And as gross and slobbery and slightly painful as it it (thanks to the hair pulling that always accompanies it), she reserves this just for me; and I love her for it.


Cutest little determined-looking baby ever. Mine never clued into this trick. Now I feel like I missed something!


Yeah...there is nothing like having your baby nurse your nose!

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