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Oh No Oh God Not More Cloth Diaper Talk Stop

I had a brief flash of menstrual-cycle panic this week, while Jason was away. I found myself sitting in the nursery, happily contemplating the various ways I could organize the contents of my brand-new changing table, while eating black olives out of the can. 

Good news! I am not pregnant in the slightest, but do seem to have retained a few of my weirder pregnancy habits and compulsions. 



I know what you're thinking: Who in their right mind buys a new changing table when her third baby is already six months old? 

Well, duh. Obviously I make no claims about being in my right mind, but whatever. In addition to the ruined-by-way-of-wipes-warmer surface on the old table, the crappy particle-board back had completely fallen off, a door hinge was busted and wouldn't close and finally one of the drawer guides snapped off and broke in two, and also I kind of own too many freaking diapers at this point OH RIGHT THAT.


Consider this my cautionary tale to anyone trying to justify spending a small fortune on nursery furniture because you know it will totes grow with your child and they'll use it their whole lives and take the changing table to college as a desk or whatever. If you or your children manage to not completely destroy the stupid thing by preschool, it's a damn miracle, albeit a miracle you may feel slightly annoyed by because ARGH I CHANGED MY MIND AND AM SO SICK OF THAT DAMN FURNITURE.

(For the record, no, I have zero idea how I'm getting the old changing table out of the nursery. Jason's back is acting up again and the table is pretty heavy and awkward even without the drawers. But fiddle-dee-dee, I'll just shove it in the corner and ignore it for now. Or for a few months. And now you understand why I end up living with tires in my foyer for close to a year.)

So I know there are people who like to tell pregnant women that they don't even need one changing table in the first place, that it's a dumb piece of furniture and you can just change diapers wherever -- just toss down a pad! Or a towel! RESIST THE CORPORATE CHANGING TABLE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, PEOPLE. 

I'm not going to say those people are wrong or crazy -- but just that they are not my particular brand of crazy. I love changing tables. I need changing tables. A well-organized changing table keeps me zen, peaceful and gives me a sense of control in a world full of chaos. Also, I'd probably get peed on a lot more. 



Mr. Hoot Owl, pictured here suddenly re-thinking his life choices.

Anyway, can I show you more changing table pictures? Please? Oh, whatever. Shut up. You know how I get after trips to Ikea by now, right?

So here's the cloth diaper stash at six months (and 15 pounds) in, which should probably not be used as an example to anyone as anything considered "normal," because it's been well established That I Have A Cloth Diaper Problem. 


Top Shelf Diapers, aka The Good Booze, are currently one dozen fitteds (including the same Rebel Baby Co. ones I continue to squeeze Ike into despite the occasional glimpse of baby plumber's crack, and a couple Green Mountain Diapers Workhorse Fitteds) and one dozen GMD prefolds, size medium.

As soon as this "Christmas" and "buying stuff for other people" nonsense is over, I plan to buy more of everything you see here. One-size versions of the fitteds and just plain more of the GMD stuff. Do I technically need more of the GMD stuff?



10 flannel fitteds and soaker pads. I bought these because Jason was getting a bit weary of diapers/covers with snaps and requested Something Easy With Velcro, But Cheap, Because I Know How You Get, Amy. 


The nighttime box, AKA heavy-wetter big-gun central. Wooly pants, fleece, mega soakers and other assorted doublers, inserts, boosters and whatnot.

This morning a friend emailed me some questions about doublers and liners, and after responding with a 17-paragraph explanation about how oh-so-simple they are, I had to stop and apologize for writing a novel about, essentially, poop catchers and pee sponges.

And then I took a picture of them. And put it on the Internet.



I "borrowed" this corner shelf from my parents' house back in 1997, and then proceeded to never have quite the right place to put it in any apartment or house I've lived in since. UNTIL NOW, when I dragged it up from the basement, mentally congratulating myself on being such a persistent packrat. I KNEW THIS DAY WOULD COME.

Top shelf: Wipes (actually cloth, but stored in a plastic container with a little water and wipes solution), diaper rash cream and a container of Snappis. Spray bottle of Bac-Out is hiding out on the windowsill.

Second shelf: PUL/waterproof diaper covers. I currently have six, but half of them are technically too small. Still stubbornly using them, though, for now.

Third shelf: Liners. bummi's Bio-Soft flushables and reusable fleece liners. I use the fleece at night and with cotton/flannel diapers if Ike has a rash or seems chapped. The flushable ones are leftover from Ezra's diaper days but Ike doesn't quite need them yet. (SOON, says the coming solid-food-diet poop. SOON.)

Bottom shelf: Lotions, snot suckers and other assorted infant torture devices.


Oh, and let us not forget about the Box of Shame, currently full of repelling/leaking pocket diapers and a few unfortunate Etsy disappointments that just weren't well made or quite what I hoped for. When I'm reaching for these diapers you know the laundry situation has turned critical. 


Is totes unimpressed with my organizational skills, plotting to delay potty training for as long as possible in order to pinpoint the moment when my love of cloth diapers turns to hate and my spirit is broken. 



I still use a changing table to change my almost-two-year-old. Three years from now he'll be begging me to PLEASE STOP MOM I DON'T EVEN WEAR DIAPERS ANYMORE. Why anyone would willingly BEND OVER to do anything is beyond me. If I could perform all baby maintenance at boob height that'd be great.


My little guy is about the same age and Ike and is wearing the same outfit right now. I convinced my husband to buy the "grow with me" furniture with all three kids and may be regretting my life choices.


I'm totally with you on the changing table. Call me old, fat, out of shape.. I don't simply "get on the floor" willingly. And my bed is upstairs, so I'm not going up there. And for the first 2 years of my kid's life we didn't have a couch. And the pack and play? that was too damn low. had changing tables in their rooms so I didn't have to go allllll the way somewhere else.. and I had a changing station set up on top of my washing machine which is right off the kitchen.


I want to know more about what has been really successful overnight. I refer to my lil man as "he who could fill up a small baby pool overnight". Heavy wetter doesn't even begin to describe it. HALP!


This is riveting stuff. I'm pregnant with my first and can't get enough reading about cloth diapers and Things for Babies, so thank you.

I'd love to know more about your system for using cloth wipes. You just acquire a plastic wipes container, fill it with tiny washcloths, and pour some homemade wipes solution in there? And it doesn't moulder or anything as long as you rinse it out every week or so?


but please do one more post to explain the liners! we have a bunch of the flushable ones. do you put them in/on/whatever with every diaper? or just when you have a hunch that poo is coming? how essential are the fleece liners? are you giving me a free pass to spend some more time on etsy?


This is silly but it makes me ridiculously happy to see a soaker I knit for a blogger I don't know personally in a box on their changing table. So thanks! (uh, that is it, right?)

I also have a cloth diaper problem and am contemplating another purchase.

Cause I want to, that's why.


I wanted a changing table w/each new human. I never got one. Boy is lucky to get his ass changed on teh floor nowadays (as potty training is upon us). And why why why is Ike looking like a "real boy" today as opposed to the startled teensy weensy wittle pretend babee as usual? Six months'll do that to ya huh? Slow down.


Yeah, I never really understood how "just do it on the bed/floor/your lap" is easier. That just means they have more room to squirm around and possibly smear poop on various surfaces. No, thanks.

Regarding the super nighttime crazy peeing craziness, GAH. Right now we have my son in a BG 4.0 (snaps) with two microfiber inserts and one double hemp insert, and still with the leaks. I can't really stuff anything else in there, so--what can I do? He keeps waking up wet. Different covers? More hemp, less microfiber? I have actually considered putting a disposable on OVER TOP of the BG cover, oh yes I have.


My mom thinks that changing tables are unnecessary and I don't "need" to have one, but good lord, do I love it and I used it all the time, even when he was no longer a baby. I love your white one, I may have to take a trip to Ikea soon to get one to match our white crib!

Kari Perry

So I'm picturing Ike plotting his plan of your eventual diaper mania break in the voice of General Tarkin from Star Wars. ***NERD ALERT****


Is it just me or does Ike look the spitting image of Jason in that last picture?


I, for one, would love to read 17 paragraphs about poop catchers and pee sponges. Because I'm pregnant with my first and have bought some cloth diapers, but still have no idea what I'm doing and need to know mooooooore...


I live for my change table. I can't imagine not having it.

Some people be crazy.


I understand. I paid so much for a beautiful wool soaker that I later turned it into a hat for my daughter.

Only fellow cloth diaper afficionados will realize I AM NOT JOKING.


I actually wrote an ode to my changing table, so I get it.... check it out -


How do your older children not dismantle, empty out, re-sort incorrectly and make an entire mess of this situation? Those containers are open, exposed and yelling "put your sticky hands in me, dump me out, relocate me to the living room and fill me with action figures."


I'm still on a quest to find a suitable overnight diaper. They soak through their Huggies Overnites about once every two weeks, and those are made of some kind of crazy space age planet killing nonsense. I would love to know if there is a cloth diaper that will do the job anywhere near as well.

But! The changing table! I think people who tell pregnant women they don't need a changing surface of SOME kind need to be punched in the face. Because you know what sucks more than bringing your precious bundle of joy home and trying to change that first diaper on the damn couch? VERY FEW THINGS.

Especially if you've had a C-section, and your baby is 109% for weight, most of which is in the butt region.


Those of you looking for more advice on cloth diapers, head over to Amy's Advice Smackdown (link on left side of page). She has tons more advice there.

Also, has some CD good info and also similarly hilarious writing. As her blog says, read her stuff. You'll like it.


put it on freecycle or craigslist. Whoever comes to get it, it is their problem to get it out! :)


I love it! Where are your flannel fitteds from? I need some in the Jason-friendly price range.


How is it that when anyone else says "totes" I go from fine to stabby in 0.01, but when you do it, it's cute?

Heather R

I am with you on the changing tables. I actually was one of those people who said you don't need one with my first child, but with my second, he just would NOT lie still and I had to STRAP HIM DOWN every time until he was like 18 months as well as hold him still with one hand/arm while wiping with the other. I actually had to buy a second changing table for the main floor just because I couldn't change him on a floor. period. And I wasn't about to go upstairs for every diaper change. I still use both changing tables and he is 2.5 (we just started potty training today). I couldn't LIVE without them!!


Um...that 17 paragraph manifesto? You can totally forward it to me. Expecting our first in June and planning to use cloth. Haven't bought a thing yet, but I cannot get enough of your obsession - I think it's going to be very helpful! I can spend hours browsing just on the cuteness factor alone!


1.) I listened to the you don't need a changing table nonsense with my first born. I didn't NEED it, but boy was it nice to have with #2 and #3. Also, I've yet to need to use a leg yo pin down my last two kiddos during a diaper change.

2.) Your diaper explanation entries a few months back totally talked me into trying out cloth on my 3rd kiddo. Thanks a heap! I love it.


At first glance, I thought you had decorated the wall around the changing table with huge QR codes!


Oh dear... now I feel embarrassed about how positively ENORMOUS my stash is (and yet I still want more, MORE! I seriously contemplated asking for diapers for Christmas, but my MIL thought I was joking. If only...). And although they are not in the super-cheap range, I can't help but sing the praises of Old School Cool diapers these days (Google them + Hyena Cart for the store). Totally unaffiliated, but utterly in love with them as a night time fitted. The babe can go 12+ hours in them which = more sleep for me!


ANd all of a sudden, Ike turned into a big baby, with the hair and the I IS BIG look on his beefy little face. WTH, dude?
And hell to the yes on the changing table. Mine cost like a hundred bucks, which amortizes into .0000000000001 cent per diaper change. My first was 3 and an effing 1/2 before she potty trained, and I threw her up there for every poopy Pullup. The little is showing signs of PTing at not-quite-two, and I'll still keep it, because that's where I change her clothes and put on her shoes and where else would I stack their laundry while they're sleeping? Best damn Benjamin I ever spent, is all I'm saying.


I thank god everyday that you exist, because my cloth diapering obsession is right up there....:)


Oh my goodness, woman. I was happily using disposable diapers on my third baby (3 months old)without a tinge of guilt until last week when I stumbled upon a stash of prefolds and PUL covers from my older kids and started to remember your cloth diaper saga. Somehow I found myself scouring the internet about diapering and ordering one pair of wool longies on etsy and commisioning another pair of wool covers from a local crafts person. Something tells me this is going to get worse before it gets better.


"I bought these because Jason was getting a bit weary of diapers/covers with snaps and requested Something Easy With Velcro, But Cheap, Because I Know How You Get, Amy."

I read that to my husband who laughed until he cried and said "Ah, a fellow spouse-of-a-diaper-addict. If we still lived in MoCo I'd take him for a drink."


Was reading your blog with my boy (Ike - same age as Ezra)and he pointed at the picture of you and said "that little girl is really pretty" and then demanded to know all about your family. Anyway - had to pass it on.

Also - if you want to offload some hand-me-downs I'm expecting my second.

Also - fleece liners. Buy a cheap Ikea blanket and cut it up!


I love that corner shelf. It would totally fit in the corner of my bedroom next to my dresser. Might have to contrive one for myself. Mentally adding it to my already mile-long list of projects.

Heather Ann
We never never never have a wet bed. Wool pants made from a really thick recycled sweater or a wool soaker have saved us. I use an 11 year old Mother-Ease one size (considerably less thirsty than when we got it in 1999) and a Chinese prefold folded in thirds. My as-yet non-toilet-trained daughter can pee until the cows come home while she sleeps. The wool is miraculous. There is no better solution for a heavy wetter.
I have used other wool pants and I like them too, but Woollybottoms are my fave. I was a real wool skeptic at the beginning. No more!


I have twin baby girls (currently in the hospital and hopefully coming home by the end of January) and have hopes of cloth diapering - but as much as I read everything you write about it, I'm still somehow confused! Can you post or email me a list of numbers you'd recommend? I don't know how much of a supply to start?? If you've posted this anywhere else, can you send me that link? THANK YOU!

Erica Hettwer

I hate changing tables! Mainly because I'm 5' 9" tall and those damn things hurt my back with all the bending. I bought us a tall dresser from the clearance section at Babies R Us in 2006, slapped on a changing pad (with a fuzzy light green cover!) and called it good. I put two shelves up over the "changing table" and I and my 6' 3" husband can change diapers without aching backs. And, the dresser can actually be a dresser...for the rest of their lives! And, I am totally serious about it. I've got two pieces of furniture in my bedroom...that my great-grandfather made and my son's dresser is one that my little brother had and was originally my mom's as a kid. We keep everything! If I actually used a traditional changing table, it would end up in or living room as some sort of hideous magazine stand. ;)


I definitely need to organize my changing station better for the next baby. Yours looks awesome. And no, I cannot just change the baby anywhere. If the table isn't high enough it kills my back. Even the pack n play changing attachment is too low. We have been using an old dresser that was already beat up.


You make me feel like a freak for only using Flips. I feel like I have to go find some other complicated diapers! Gah! So far, my 9 month old is not wetting out of his pants at night but I usually change him mid-evening so maybe that is why...not sure.


At some point, I'd really love it if you'd write about the actual mechanics of cloth diapering. As in, how do the various wraps work, how do you handle the cleaning/washing of diapers, etc. I'm not in need of this info right away - we're still in the "baby planning process" - but I think I might need time to let all of this stuff sink into my brain!

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