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Six Months

I believe I mentioned that Baby Ike is six months old already, but I do not believe that I emphasized that fact enough already. 



To be fair, before I launch into the whine-fest that you know is coming, this has been the easiest first six months I've had with a baby. (Turbohork aside, but we no longer speak of such things.) His birth was criminally easy, my recovery time even more so. Breastfeeding, great. Weight gain, perfect. Developmentally, he continues to chug along like clockwork, doing everything he's supposed to be doing right in the sweet spot of "don't rush me, woman" and "surprise! look what I can do, all of a sudden." Personality-wise, he is incredibly happy, curious, cuddly and smiles with his entire head.

I truly, genuinely enjoy the stuffing out of this wonderful little baby, and am stuck between wanting to hit the pause button on his adorable self right now just like this forever, and being incredibly excited about seeing what he'll do next, because I just know it's going to be awesome. 

So of course, he's a crap sleeper. 

He didn't used to be -- he was fantastic up until four months old or so, when the sleep regression hit, followed by those first two teeth. Everything got kind of messy and blurry at that point, where Everything That Worked Before Stopped Working. But sometimes it still worked! But then it wouldn't again! Bedtime became a total crapshoot, and I go to bed myself never knowing if he'll manage to sleep for an hour or two...or seven, during which I will of COURSE be cruelly awoken by one of the other boys, or by my own stupid boobs. And the slow, horrible advancement of his two top teeth have made a bad situation even worse, if possible.

(And as for naps? Oh, fuck you. And your naps.)

I mentioned the Sleep Thing to our pediatrician on Monday, at Ike's well-baby visit (somewhere in the 10-25th percentiles for weight at 15lbs, 4oz, but in the freaking 90th for height), even though I know we don't exactly see eye-to-eye on sleep methods. (She's hardcore CIO, I'm a softcore pussy.) (Wait. What? That came out way pornier than I intended.)

The conversation went something like this:

ME: He still sleeps best with his arms swaddled, but will kick himself over onto his belly so I don't feel comfortable wrapping him anymore...

HER: Absolutely, he should not be swaddled at this age. He must learn to self-soothe! Have you tried letting him cry...

ME: Yes. (OMG DON'T TELL THE INTERNET.) It didn't work. 

HER: Well you probably didn't let him cry long enough. Did you...

ME: Oh, he'll fuss and cry himself to sleep all right. But then he'll wake up an hour later righteously pissed-off as all ever-loving hell and refuse to go back to sleep again because we are terrible people who must be punished.

HER: Hmm. Does he wake up from...noise? Have you tried...

ME: We have a white noise machine, yes. I'm starting to suspect it's not much more than an electronic placebo, honestly.

HER: Does he

ME: We have a musical lullaby toy he likes. Except for the nights that he doesn't.

HER: Well, if he's waking up to suck, maybe...

ME: He doesn't suck his thumb. He won't take a pacifier. Please DEAR GOD tell me you weren't just about to suggest I try a pacifier, like that's something that would never occur to me. 

HER: Some babies really need a specific, set routine at night so...

ME: Do you know how many advice columns I've written about sleep on the Internet? Four thousand three hundred and two. Ish. At least.

HER: Sometimes they get overtired at bedtime so you can try...

ME: Earlier bedtime. Check. Tried it. 

HER: (lowered voice) Will he sleep un-swaddled but on his belly?

ME: Tried it. He startles himself at some point and wakes up.

HER: And how can you get him back to sleep?

ME: By bringing him back to bed with me and letting him stay attached to the boob all night. Or by swaddling his arms and trusting the fool child to not flip his fool self over. 


ME: Did you hear that Ike? We've completely stumped the doctor! I wonder what we win.

HER: You know, sometimes you just have to do whatever you have to do to get some damn sleep. So I think you that.

So. That was helpful. 

Jason is in Chicago this week, so bedtime last night was a crazy, solo affair -- I got Ike mostly ready for bed and then plopped him in the crib while I turned my attention to the older boys. I gave his crib mobile a push and a spin, then braced myself for the sounds of WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, WOMAN? a few seconds later...but they never came. I peeked back in, and lo and fucking behold, the kid had put himself to sleep like a reasonable human being. 

I was amazed. I was thrilled. I was ready to send up congratulatory fireworks because YOU KNOW I'M TAKING CREDIT FOR THAT SHIT, AM OBVIOUSLY GENIUS. Clearly, our problem was that we were simply trying too many things and over-complicating the bedtime process. I went downstairs, poured myself a glass of wine and sent Jason a couple braggy texts about how I had SOLVED ALL THE THINGS.

Uh-huh. I know. I'm such an idiot, sometimes.



Jill (mrschaos)

He's not even my kid and I can't believe he's six months old. LOL.


Well you may be tired, but your hair looks great! ;)


Yesterday we had our 9 month well baby visit with my little Fussy McPants. The convo about sleep with the doc went something like this:

Doc: Is he sleeping through the night?
Me: *Snorts* He gets up three times or so and normally ends up occupying our big, warm, smushy wushy bed.
Doc: That must be hard on you. I think it's time to cry it out.
Doc: *Shakes head*


P.S. And I have to agree. Your hair looks great.


I agree - hair=awesome!

I have no advice. My kid was a crap sleeper until he was treated for sleep apnea at 2.5 years. And now at almots 5, he wakes up at least once a night from nightmares. Except last night, which was heavenly, and he slept until 8am. Good thing they're cute, huh?


My only advise is to watch what you eat. I realized when my son was at about 6 months old that if I ate a lot of dairy he had a horrible nights' sleep. (I used to have horrible insomnia, and eliminating dairy has completely erased that!) I hope you can figure it out :)


Dude. Just DUDE. My daughter also just turned 6 months (today!) and my brain just exploded this morning with the knowledge that she is now HALF A YEAR OLD and WTF, man, where did that time go?!?!

As for the sleep thing, I can only wish that she had once been a fantastic sleeper, as that would have meant there was one night in the past six months I'd gotten more than 4 hours of sleep in a row... But the truth is, she's a crap sleeper and always has been. The two teeth and recent illness have made things worse, but it wasn't like they were ever great to begin with :(

(And I anticipate a similar conversation with our doctor on Monday when we go for her check-up...)


My son had the exact same pattern, slept great till 4 months or so and then it all went downhill and then it kept going downhill. We ended up at a pediatric sleep specialist at 6 mos, which most people think makes me a hypochondriac mother, but it kept me out of a straightjacket, so I'll take it! You do what you have to do :)


My son was like this exactly - great until 4 mos, then all downhill until then. Except he put himself to sleep ONE and I mean ONE time during that entire period. I tried to nightwean him at 11 months b/c I was slowly losing my mind and it backfired and things got even worse. Finally able to nightwean some time between 15-18 mos (blurry). Sleep was still hell for longer than I'm going to admit. He's 7 now and other than some mild anxiety issues from time to time sleeps just fine.


My son slept swaddled until he was almost 9 months old... the seams on the miracle blanket were splitting by the time I finally put my foot down and said ''No more''. He still wanted to be swaddled, but it wasn't quite as difficult to persuade him against it as it was when he was 6 months (I'm still scarred from that experience.)

I guess some people would probably yell at me (I'm sure he was ridiculously dangerous according to the internets), but hey, it worked for us.


I have a nine-month-old crap sleeper. My older two (now 11 and 7) never slept through the night, but this one had me fooled into thinking that she might. Months 1-4, awesome. She slept 6-7 hours at a time, took naps, all that stuff. Those days are long gone. I've also done everything (EVERYTHING!) except a hardcore CIO. Why, why, won't this baby sleep?!


Holy crap, our babies are long lost twins born at completely different times of the year. *cough* My daughter is 13 months and WILL ONLY SLEEP BETWEEN MY HUSBAND AND I. And then most of the time ONLY WHEN MY BOOB IS IN HER MOUTH. I want it to end. I need my bed back. Plus she kicks.


Same thing happened to us at six months. In fact, I think I wrote you a mostly incoherent question to the Advice Smackdown about it. (WHAT DO WE DO WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING?!!??) We could not transition from the swaddling, but we also couldn't really swaddle anymore. It was nightmarish. But it does end.


I find it so vile that medical professionals are recommending CIO. Glad some moms have enough heart to ignore the bad advice.


I am really glad you post pictures of Ike, because otherwise I would think I was sleep blogging, or you'd snuck into my house and stolen my baby. Repeatedly. (What? Who makes sense on this kind of sleep schedule?) Turbohork, check. Smiling, check. Easy start up, check. Crap sleep, checkity check. Even the know it all CIO pediatrician.

Fortunately Ike is 6 weeks older than my ds, so when you figure out the answer to life, the universe and everything, do pass it on.


Ike is just trying to be a good boy while dad's away - throwing that effortless independent sleeper thing in there, all non-chalant. Whatta momma's boy! and is that your middle of the night hair? I refuse to believe that.


Re: CIO. No judgments, we do what we need to do when we need to do it and sometimes CIO is that.

OTOH, sometimes it isn't and let's not judge about that either.


My kid didn't start sleeping well until about 18 months. I grew so annoyed at all the sleeping advice, even when I chose to read it myself. The only mantra that got me through it was, "She is an awesome, happy kid during the day, and I'd rather have a happy kid all day and a bad sleeper, than the other way around." Sounds like Ike is the same. Enjoy the days.


My kid was a crap sleeper, too, so yes - he spent many a night attached to my boob in bed with us and we ALL SLEPT and it was glorious and yes, that was the only thing that worked. And honestly - not the worst thing that ever happened.


(a) Don't be ridiculous, he can't possibly be six months old already. You just had him a minute ago.
(b) Sorry about the sleep. I thought you magically birthed babies who were good at sleeping. I was horribly envious.
(c) My baby likes to sleep all night beside me, preferably attached to my boob. She's three. Argh.


You've possibly tried this already, but since you have a turbohorker, I'll recommend it - elevating the head of the mattress (with a crib wedge or some such). If he's got mild reflux (mild enough that it doesn't bother him, but enough that he turbohorks), it's possible that laying flat irritates it and when he wakes he can't get back to sleep because of that. A possibility, anyway.


Incredibly gorgeous long and skinny baby? Yes, I've got one of those models too. 20th percentile for weight, 87th for length. And 110th for STOP MOVING FOR TEN SECONDS WOULD YOU PLEASE.

Domesticated Gal

OH. THANK. GAWD. I thought I was the only one whose kid forgot how to sleep through the night at four months old. It took my first one four months to learn how to sleep through the night - so when this one did it from day 3, I thought she pooped angels. And then 4months hit. AND SHE DOESN'T SLEEP.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is so nice to know I am not the only one.


My baby is six months too. My FOURTH baby. So I'm no novice, right? Yeah. NO. She doesn't sleep. Ever. At all. She doesn't nap. She doesn't sleep anywhere, using anything, for any reason. NOTHING WORKS.

And at her visit, my peds was all "well, yeah. If YOU don't know how to get her to sleep, I guess she's not gonna sleep". And then my deprived mom brain exploded.

Babies are so lucky they're cute. Otherwise we'd totally send their asses back.


yeah... they pretty much do whatever they want when it comes to sleep. I had a non-sleeper.. we tried EVERTYHING. My doc asked me about it at his 12 month appointment -- and actually shook his finger at me about not having the kid night weaned yet. I told him "Look, at 3AM I'd do the flipping hokey-pokey to get him back to sleep". Then I found a new pediatrician! LOL! My second little guy - slept great. The difference, I think - was in them - my oldest is skinny and hyper- younger one fat and calm. It is just who they are!


Not giving any recommendations--just total and complete sympathy. I had a pretty good sleeper up to 4 months, when he would go down for a really long stretch (8 to 5ish, sometimes six!) and was showing every sign of sleeping through the night soon. I was sure it was because I had done everything "right"--into the crib drowsy but awake, lullaby AFTER bottle, etc. And then 4 months hit, and it all went to hell. Crying it out (which breaks my heart) resulted in nothing but a super panicky and pissed baby waking up about an hour after he went to sleep...with parents who must be punished :) It's getting better...but we're still not sleeping through the night consistently. Good thing babies are so cute.


Sleep is such a crapshoot. They do or they don't, and they will when they damn well please. And they will for awhile, until they won't. I'm all for the "do whatever the fuck it takes for everyone to survive and for me not to kill all of you" approach. Teeth are also of the devil, and did everything, every time, to eff up the sleeping. Hope it gets better, sending Ike sleepy thoughts.

Lauren E. E.

Thank you for this post. My daughter is a month younger than Ike and is doing everything you described. It feels better not to be alone in it! Let me know if you figure anything out (I'm so tired).


I have been blessed/cursed with two babies who love to sleep and refuse to gain weight. So I am the crazy parent who has to set an alarm every 2 1/2 freakin' hours all night long and WAKE UP the SLEEPING baby to eat. You know, the one thing everyone says never to do? So there I am, glaring at the alarm clock at 2am, taking my perfect sleeping angel out of the bassinet so he will eat something already so the Pedi doesn't shake his head at me and wonder why I have skim milk coming out of my boobs when my child still hasn't gained any weight. So even those of us with babies who sleep are still up all night.

At least I can throw the alarm clock across the room.

Candice S.

Where are the bags under your eyes, woman?!?!?! I have a four month old and an 8 year old.. and every pic of us features my cutesy infant boy, my such a pretty girl, and the giant i-look-like-i-smoke-crack bags under my eyes. What's your secret??!!


OK Ike ruins the whole softcore pornish pose of that pic. The lighting and everything, so 70s porn. You. Would. Win. And honestly, at 2, I'm still amazed when Z goes to sleep on his own is so much of a hassle at first. Though he still wakes (SHUT IT, INTERWEBS!) he has some of his water, goes back down. at 2 I suppose I shouldn't still be so...shocked, but I'm just is.

Also, Ike's weight/height percentile diffs are cracking me up. Z is 25th for everything -- except head circumference which has held steady in the 90s. I hope he gets some genius out of the melon at least.

Loretta S.

Awww babe - I know - it just sucks sometimes...sigh...

Signed - A Knowing Mother of Three


Amy, as a hardcore pussy who has gone through this with 3 kids too I want to strongly encourage you to follow FERBER to the LETTER. If that means he cries going to sleep for 3 frickin' hours and then wakes up an hour after that and cries for another 2 frickin' hours DO NOT CAVE. The next night might be as bad...and the next night a bit less bad...but honestly wihin a few days (like less than 5) I PROMISE he will have figured out that going to bed by himself and putting himself back to sleep in the night by himself is the new routine. I PROMISE none of my kids have known residual effects from this early child abuse!!!!! And they still like me because they don't remember a thing!!!!


It's always something with every kid. My oldest was a fantastic sleeper from day one, but he had the Turbohork in SPADES, man. I'm talking Exorcist-style pukage. My second ate great, didn't throw up, but had silent reflux that we didn't diagnose until five months. Once we fixed that he was fine, and strangely he's my best eater.

I keep hearing about swadddling and I must be the only person who gives birth to babies who Hate. The. Swaddle. They get swaddled by the nurses in the hospital and the nurses are all, "I don't know why he's screaming," and when I unwrap the little burrito, the baby falls asleep. I don't know. I have babies who like to be able to move, I guess.

Here's hoping the teeth will push through and Baby Ike will realize that sleep is delicious.


Agree that we musn't judge CIO users. It worked for us. It took a week (and it nearly killed me) but now we all sleep. All night. And I no longer feel so depressed, shaky and menacing.


@ Tamisita: how far do you take the whole it's-fine-because-they-don't-remember-it thing? There are a lot of things which could be inflicted on infants which they would not remember. That does not in any way make it fine.


Yeah, I got nothin'. But I still wanted to tell you that the pic of you & Ike is probably one of the nicest photos I've ever seen of you.


My 2 year old still doesn't sleep through the night and recently decided to give up naps too. Tried it ALL....only Benedry works.


Where did you get that adorable bib? Etsy? and what is that contraption he's sitting in? It's so clean and colorful!


Nothin' but love and sympathy.

Crabby Apple Seed

gah, THANK YOU LIZ. is that so complicated? sigh.

and my younger daughter is an Ike herself. She now sleeps very well overnight (...but of course, will not do so tonight, since I was stupid enough to say so to the internets), but her naps must take place on the couch, boob in mouth. It means I have a disgustingly messy house, but it also means I might as well take a nap too since I have to lie here ANYWAY and older daughter is also napping and also zzzzzzzzzz. So that's kinda cool.


DD1 woke twice a night for a year or so and it was oh so terrible, I have such a crap sleeper, oh woe is me.


DD2 woke every half hour for eighteen months. I was a walking, talking zombie. Some days I was scared to drive for fear I'd fall asleep.

Nothing NOT. A. THING. worked. I was seriously considering drugging her. Didn't, obviously.

Then, one day, she slept through. And apart from a hiccup or two, is all good now. Goes to bed without argument, has a good ten hours.

So I have no sage advice except to say that sometimes, they like to mess with our minds, nothing will work, and my most often used advice when discussing babies/toddlers ... this too shall pass.

And your hair is excellent.

Good luck.


Oh and further to the above, if you could now invent a way to get DD2, the perfect sleeper to do a poop in the damn toilet instead of her underpants, I'd be forever grateful!


Have you tried a weighted blanket? It's kind of a good in between step for kids who like to be swaddled.


I swaddled my daughter until she was eight months old, I think? I was using a twin sized sheet at that point, which I had cut in half in order to contain her. So, my vote is that you swaddle him and then safety pin him to the mattress. That will work, right?


Have you tried... HAHA JUST KIDDING.

My darling son is a crap sleeper. He was the same way - perfect sleep until 4 months then bam, game over. He's almost 2 now and still unpredictable, sometimes a good sleeper, mostly still terrible, sometimes naps, sometimes no, blah blah. We've had to change the routine/bedtime/yaddayadda many times, been through many regressions and improvements - the only consistent thing is inconsistency. I now believe they are just Born This Way.

Chi Sherman

Lies! You've secretly switched Ike with a sitcom baby who ages at the speed of light. Right? Because... he's... you... I mean. Aren't you... WHAT'S HAPPENING?!? *wails*


Sometime I'm secretly convinced that Alex and Ike are the same baby a month apart. Except we didn't even get 4 months of good sleep. We got 3.5 months of terrible not sleeping (newborns sleep all the time, 15 hours a day - lies! All lies! He slept maybe 8-9 hours a day, total, in small bits. Naps - more lies!). Then we got 10 days of good sleep. Then we got teeth at 4 months + sleep regression blah blah, not sleeping again. Then around 5.5 months he stopped falling asleep while nursing. I couldn't nurse him to sleep anymore. He stopped sleeping when we tried to co-sleep. We couldn't get him to sleep AT ALL. He would eventually pass out from sheer exhaustion. I feel like I have PTSD just trying to remember how awful that was. Then we moved him to the crib and did CIO and we got 2 weeks of sleeping at night, sleeping through the night. Naps were still crap and frequently involve a lot of crying (whether he is left alone to cry, or held and he's crying because he's so fucking tired). Then he started working on his top teeth and we haven't slept in a damn month.

Oh look I wrote you a blog entry of my very own. This is what lack of sleep and babies do to a person.


I love Ike. And your hair.

Hope he sleeps better soon.


Long time reader, first time commenter! My baby girl is 7 months old (awww..) and will only sleep swaddled and in a swing. I know, I am a terrible mother. But seriously. Third baby in, wherever the heck you want to sleep is fine with me. I buckle her into it, so she can't roll over in her sleep, and she loves it. There is a mobile that I put on and turn it on low, walk away and bammo, down for the night. I periodically try her back in the crib, and its a no-go. So maybe, try that? Or not? Good luck!


Oh! And! I made a movie with my first baby, on how to fashion a miracle swaddle-esque out of two blankets. I swear by the double swaddle. They can't seem to bust out of it as easily. I can send it to you if you like!

VT Meg

Eh, I'm with you and the damned nap thing. My second girl, at 3 months, will fuss herself to sleep (no matter what you do, so we just let it be) but unless she's in her swing, she's up less than 30 minutes later! Sometimes even in the swing.... But ALWAYS if she's in her crib. Motionless sleep be damned, I'm buying more batteries for the swing! Of course my first one was a model sleeper/napper so this is totally throwing me for a loop. And I also hear ya on the crapshoot at night. In fact, I better go to bed right now in case it's one of those magic wake-up-3-times nights (and the older one, who refused to nap altogether and then had a meltdown at dinner, will surely also wake up). Ah well, I guess one day it will all be over and they'll be huge and we'll be crying because of THAT.


Ike is so stinking cute. I don't know how you keep from eating him.


"smiles with his whole head" SSSOO cute! I get that! My almost 8 month old does as well. You nailed it with that expression


Sorry, I really don't mean to laugh right at you, like in your face, but I got to that picture at the end, and busted out a big old guffaw. The look on his face! Hello! I am Alerty McAlertapuss! Ha!

Plano Mom

I felt your pain, about 12 years ago. When he's 13, you'll argue constantly about sleep - about going-the-fuck-to-bed-now-it's-midnight-already AND then, very next morning, get-the-hell-up-you're-going-to-be-late-for-school-this-wouldn't-be-a-problem-if-you-would-just-go-to-bed-at-night-dammit conversations. Yeah, those. You'll have them.


So not the point of this article but... How do you self portrait at that angle and NOT get a double chin?

Shannon Lell

I am right there with you on this one. Right down to the part where he smiles with his whole head. Athough my son is only 4 months old. It is so bad and I am so sleep deprived, that we hired a specialist to help us because I am clearly not capable and have not written thousands of articles on sleep. Plus, she ran a Cyber Monday deal, I had to right? I only have one extra child, I don't know how you do it with two AND a non-sleeping baby. I seem to find that whenever I say, "It'll get better." It ends up getting worse. So I don't say that anymore. These kids have some kind of radar that can detect parental overconfidence from miles away.


You know what? When things go wrong the first thing mommy does is wonder what she's doing I say you just go ahead and take credit for FIXING ALL THE THINGS when it goes right!!! I do.
I hope you enjoyed your sleep! I know when my little guy stopped waking up every hour or two (!) I LOVED IT!!! That was about a week and a half ago. He is 9 mos. old. Guess he wanted to go to bed earlier and then everything kinda worked itself out without having to CIO.


ALSO. For the last pic. There is nothing more SOUL-CRUSHING than to be sleep-deprived, think you solved the problem for reals, and then baby has other ideas!
I love the look on his face!! He is soooooooo cute.


Our midwife practice as well as our pediatric practice greatly encouraged co-sleeping, it worked great for us so it is what we have always done. I didn't realize how much that offends others. It worked for us and I understand it totally does not work for others. So I say do whatever gets you the most sleep, and realize that no answer is likely to stay the answer for long. Each phase brings different answers. Co-sleep, cio whatever. No two kids are the same and no two kids' needs are exactly the same and what a kid needs at 6 mo. may be radically different from what they need at 1 yr. or 18 mo. etc. Good luck.

ps. you grow 'em cute! Ike is delicious.


Swaddling was SO hard to give up. I still swaddled until way after it was useful - like until over 12 months. My kids were huge swaddled monsters.


This kid's face, I love it! He always looks so INNNterested in everything.


You stole my baby, turned her into a boy and made her a month older. Exact same thing. Exact.


I had a crap sleeper too. And the only thing that fixed it was the Good Night Sleep Trainer. It's controlled crying-it-out, and it doesn't let you abandon them but still gives them the chance to learn to self-soothe. After 3 days, boom. Much better sleeper. We did it at 9-10 months but I wish I had had it at 6.

Carrie Jo

You have pretty much described my child who is now almost 23 months and still coming into our bed when he wakes up at night because there is no way in hell he will go back to his crib. Like you, I tried everything. Kept thinking there was something I was missing, especially since he is my first. So I must say, it's nice to hear this coming from an experienced mom. It confirms my suspicion that it's just the way he is and I really do need to do what it takes to get some damn sleep. So thank you!


Ah the glory of sleepless nights and somehow your hair still comes out awesome. Considering that you solve the problem, you deserve a bacon pole for your effort! :)

Keli Maye

Babies should come with a note: "PLEASE BE ADVISED: there is simply NO WAY anyone can FORCE a baby to sleep."

(And I should know: my son wouldn't sleep more than about 2 hours at a time until he was 2.5 years old. Yes, years. Yes, we tried everything. Yes, I lost my sanity. Yes, eventually I gave up mentioning it to other parents or his doc, because they all seemed to want to blame ME. But the truth is, sleeping through the night is just another facet of a child's neurological development, and some kids just reach it later than others.)


Happy 6 months IKE! I believe you jinxed yourself! Must NEVER speak of baby having good sleep moments. Must pretend they are not happening! :)


ATTENTION PARENTS OF BABIES WHO WANT TO BE SWADDLED BUT ARE TOO BIG: get a sleepsack. bunch up the armholes and seal them shut with an elastic hair tie. zip the kiddo up in the sack, arms inside. This way they can move around, roll over, and not get stuck but they can't keep hitting themselves in the face with their arms. We had an early roller who needed the snuggly feel of a swaddle. I did this one night in desperation and did it for the following six months until he got too big for sleep sacks.

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