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Six Months

You Should Have Seen The Other Guy

We bought our Christmas tree this weekend, which was terribly! exciting! because 1) it was the first year Noah did NOT wig completely out over the idea that we needed to transport the tree on the roof of our car, so we got to all go as a family instead of Jason picking a tree out and sneaking it in while I kept Noah distracted and/or placated with lies about how yes, Daddy TOTALLY let the tree ride inside the car, properly buckled safely in the passenger seat, and 2) Ezra got into a drunken fist fight over a blue spruce and the basket of free miniature candy canes. 


The fist fight was with a slippery, tree-sap-covered patch of pavement.


The pavement totally got his, if you know what I'm saying. He'll think twice next time before messing with a three-year-old and his candy canes, for sure. 

I asked Ezra to tell me his side of the story, just so I could add another movie clip to the now epic-lengthed documentary I'm working on entitled "ZERO FEAR, LESS SENSE: THE COMPLEAT EZRA STORCH INJURY COMPENDIUM EXPERIENCE." (Look for a screening at a wedding reception in the distant future near you!) What resulted was three utterly charming minutes of Life With This Kid as he discussed his injury, holiday decorating and demonstrated feats of strength. 

I'm sorry, but I simply must inflict this on you, Internet. Happy Festivus!




RIDICULOUS SKILLS IN SUBTERFUGE! See how as soon as you brought up a nap, he backed away, started talking about his ailments, and claimed the room was locked? NICE.

Alison C

Can I have an Ezra for Christmas? He is so adorable.


I love his answer to the nap question. That was a decidedly quick NO! :)


I haven't wanted a new baby in ages, but I swear that made my ovaries hurt.

Also! For just a second there -- just a teeny glimpse -- he looked like Noah!

bethany actually

I'm sorry, I could barely concentrate on anything Ezra was saying. I was too distracted by his long, pretty eyelashes.

Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey

Ezra! :)
What a little con man... the door is locked, Mom. I couldn't possibly take a nap.



HE IS SO FREAKIN CUTE. I mean, he knows the word 'dangerous.' I love him.


Seriously...the door is locked. He'd really love to take that nap but ya know...locked.

He is adorable and he makes me want to travel back in time to when my boys were that age (they are now 10yrs and 12 yrs).


So cool to see the Mighty Zah in action!!! Could not be one iota cuter.


OMG how serious did he get when you asked him about a nap? SO CUTE! ZAHHHHHH!!!!


PS - time to resurrect the screaming melon vid of Ez. OH how time flies!!


Ditto what Leandra said. He is so cute and makes me miss those days when my boys were his age.


OMG, Teh Cute! His eyes are TO DIE for. I would never be able to get mad at that little face!

LOVE the way the door was "locked" and so he couldn't take a nap, but he's "okay!" Smart little guy.. good vocabulary too.

That being said, we have wood stairs too and wood stairs at our house, plus socks on feet, equals sure-fire disaster!


Is it creepy that I had to watch an immediate replay? Because OMG.

"I eat candy in my mouf. Das why my Breaf smells."


I can't even.. the cuteness

Rebecca M.

"I got a boo-boo" is three-year-oldese for "Maybe if I play the sympathy card she'll forget about the nap."

This kid is so cute it hurts.


Oh my, he's hilarious! You need a video camera on a fake pair of glasses so you can record everything he says.


He is shutupcute. I adore him.

Nicole P.

Lemme guess - "the door is locked" excuse is going to be used well into high school, but for curfew instead of nap.

And not to be creepy, but I would babysit for FREE for at least the next 10 years because the payment would be in mini-Storch entertainment. Too bad I'm 1/2 a country away :(


Dangerous!! Really??? Cracked me up - he is so freaking adorable.
I have now forgotten how rotten today was -- all smiles now!!
Thanks Ez


I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, for a year and it is so cold there that they don't let you take the tree home on the top of the car. They MAKE you put it inside. Which was extremely funny, considering my 14-month-old was all shoved to the a tree...inside our car. And also, it was way less fun that it sounds.


I may have to watch that about 19 more times. So cute!


Oh just too cute. Nope Mom, that door is locked and there is just no turning back. That's a fact Jack!


So adorable! I love how quick he said "No!" when you asked him about his nap. Like he had a nap shield - naps bounce right off! :)


OMG but he is cute. I love your son...and unlike Nicole, I am only 20 miles away.

Just Shireen

I think my favorite part is when, after you ask if he should be napping, he walks away like, "Sorry lady, that's not going to fly with me."


Oh Ezra. So cute AND made me laugh out loud multiple times :)


I pink sparkly heart Ezra. Just sayin.


I can't beLIEVE you would lock his door to prevent him from taking a nap. Such parents. I think he should come live with me so I can dip him in chocolate and eat him up. Nomnomnom.


That made my day! And I've had a really bad day with the outlook for the week being worse. That video will help me go to bed with a smile though. Even if I have no idea why purple flowers went to school today or why his bedroom door is mysteriously locked.


Ohhh, the smarts are strong with this one ....


No nap! And jumping is daaaangerous. And he looks so big w/that haircut. Thank you for inflicting this on me tonight. I am much happier than I was 3 minutes, 12 seconds ago.


Ha! I found that video highly entertaining.


He has to be the most adorable three-year-old boy on the planet.

The Mommy



"Are you supposed to be taking a nap right now?"

(the most serious look in the world)


and then I died.

THANK YOU. I am now totally smitten with your Ezra.

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ok, he has to be the most adorable 3-year-old parking lot beater-upper that I've ever seen! too cute!


I love how excited he is by the fact that his really big jumps are "like, DANGEROUS".

I dub thee Ezra Kneival.


You know what's unfair? That you can flick the pause switch on this video but you can't flick the pause on life. I asked my daughter yesterday if she could grant me my Christmas wish - that she never grows up remains her beautiful self and she told me "No, mummy, sorry - that's not how it works"... :-( Your little guy is just great BTW!!


The locked door is pure genius, especially with the demonstration that even if you rattle the door's handle, there's still just no napping to be had.

Sue W.

Love how he changes the subject to the boo-boo by his eye when you ask about his nap! And can we please talk about those luxurious eyelashes of his? Jealous!


""I can't take a nap. It's locked." Best. Excuse. Ever. I love the hand gesture. Like, "What am I suppose to do, Ma?" Wonderful. Wonderful. ~ L


Man. How do you get any life done with that much cuteness around?? Your children are so awesome!


Thanks for sharing that, it made my day and totally reminded my of my girls when they were that age (they're 13 and almost 10). I miss that stream of consciousness conversations. . .


I love the demonstration of the locked door, like there you go mom, you can't possibly argue with that. Have you seen this boo boo? Well why don't I just mosey on downstairs and you can stay up here where the naps are.



Lol! Absolutely awesome, when I have a kid and it's a boy. Want it to be like him haha

Inflicting this type of cutenesss is always welcome =)


WHICH STORCH IS MY FAVORITE??? All of them. All of your boys are so awesome I can't even believe it.

But Zah... I love The Zah.


on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being that super sad sarah maclaughlan commercial for the spca and 10 being baby seals, this is a 10. your kid is as cute as a baby seal, and i mean that as a compliment. just to be clear.


Thank you for sharing these videos Amy; your boys are so adorable.

Not to be all sad-sacky but I cannot have children myself and believe it or not, the simple sweetness of your boys makes me feel better.


"Are you supposed to be taking a nap right n-" "NO!"

You're going to have to hold cage matches among those of us with daughters of the appropriate age.


Ok, I have been reading for what, like 4 years? I did not think your voice sounded like that! Weird, I know. I guess I had a reverse radio DJ thing going where I saw your photos and imagined a different voice.
Anyway, TOO cute! And amazing how his speech is so advanced!
I watch M now for any signs of delays and the poor kid made the mistake of rocking back and forth after which mommy shrank into a puddle of tears. Ez reminds me that all will be ok. :)


Oh mighty Ez, you'd warm any heart. "Aren't you supposed to be taking a na..." NO!" I love it.


OH. MY. GOD. Why did I stop having babies???? Like somebody else said, can I have an Ezra for Christmas? Pretty please?? Oh man, I NEED another baby....honey, honey? Where are you??


hahahaha the nap question was directly followed by an "Are you insane, woman??" look hahaha


I was thinking the EXACT same thing as Karen. That isn't Amy. That isn't her voice. I have read everything you have written for years (sorry for the stalker-y-ness of that statement) and I had a different sounding voice in my head..... LOL. Love me some Za.


"Jesus Mom, you and your damn questions. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! NOW WHERE ARE MY CANDY CANES?"


Aren't you supposed to be taking a nap right now?

I am seeing visions of our future.

He is so cute, I can't even believe it.

Big Gay Sam

That was absolutely enchanting. It was every wonderful Christmas I've ever had (and I've had quite a few) wrapped in a bundle of frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails.

Thanks for sharing. I love Christmas ever so much :)


I just looked you up on Facebook and your info says you have 2 children.

No Drama Mama

Ok, I'm going to need him to marry my daughter now. They can be accident/injury-prone together!


He reminds me so much of my Twin B with the spinning and the fast talking and the constant movement. Soooo stinkin cute!

He is definitely a smart little whipper snapper!


Your kid and my kid would get on fabulously. This age is so much fun! I love how their minds work!!

The nap - door locked thing is awesome. Wow, so creative Ez!!! Mine just starts with the tears.

Games For Young Children

"But I hate how KNOWING your things doesn't necessarily help you OUTGROW your things." Yes! Why IS that? If I figure out what's bothering me, shouldn't that be the first step to fixing it? Yet so often it isn't.

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