The Existential Dilemma of SHINY THINGS!

Looks Like Somebody Needs His Own Blog

Picture 110

There are four whole pages of this. All caps-lock, with not a single instance of punctuation to be found, save for some parentheses on page three.






LOVE.HIM.SO.MUCH. and don't fret: he will find his own punctuation tic to abuse!


Will definitely be adding that to my "favourites" list!!!

sonja lange

How could he not ROCK - he has a super great funny mom (no punctuation intended)


I'm proud of him too, and you for making sure he got this far. I've been a long time reader and decided today was delurking day and I'm so glad to have such a good post to comment on. Cheers!


OMG, "NOAH SAR TREK", that is so awesome!


Baby's first post! That's one for the scrapbook.*

*That you don't actually own.


Brilliant. Now change the font to Wingdings and see if there's a hidden message.


Too adorable. He has a blog name already.


Immediately after reading this post I saw this new product on ThinkGeek. Eerie!


YES!!! At the very least, his own Twitter!


Love this. LOVE.


He's inherited your love of parentheses! I'd say that's a job well done.


Parentheses! He is totally your child!


I would totally read that blog.

Used to be Sj

Haha, we get the same thing (probably because our boys are the same age). Except all ours say "Sam" and "Wii Play."

Think of all the advertising money we could make...


You're sure he didn't use a cloaking device to avoid the punctuation(s)?


I'm sayin' All Caps AND Parentheses? Following right in his mommy's footsteps. I lol'd. For serious.


The Star Trek part is priceless!

Suzy Q

Parentheses! CAPSLOCK! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Rebecca M.

Aw. Baby's first fanfiction.


Aww man! I totally hearted him on Gawker.


That is really cool!

My kid types his name and then stuff he remembers, then goes totally crazy on the keyboard then will type some stuff again repeating the process over and over. It is awesome!


Haha you should be proud! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree alright, he might find doing it quite a stress reliever and!!! (he wouldn't have to build a fan base because he's already got one) also does jason know? (stupid question but probably does so...nvm)


You could probably totally cash in on this somehow. Think of it as funding his college tuition some day. It's too fabulous.


He's made us all proud!


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LOL!!! He has learned from the best.

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