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More Real-World Style Tips From A Real-World Fan Of Occasionally Wearing Pants

Hey so remember the time I rubbed all y'all's faces in the fact that I got sent a heapload of free jewelry? And then was like, "okay I guess one of you can win some free jewelry too?" Yeah, so it turns out that a lot of you seemed to be very much in the pro-free jewelry camp (shocking!!1!), and also in the screw you, blogger, I can buy my own jewelry myself camp.

The post was a success, is my point, and I was then repeatedly asked to do another sponsored post/giveaway for JewelMint's sister site, StyleMint. Repeatedly! There is only so much resisting of free clothing with a side of bonus money a girl can do, you guys. 

So really, this is all your fault, if you think about it. DEAL WITH IT.

StyleMint operates the same way as JewelMint, only with clothes: Take a style quiz, get recommendations based on your answers, and every product comes with helpful Styling For Dummies suggestions to give you ideas on how to wear it and look like you have not given up on life. It's a membership site, so you can either treat yourself to something new each month or check in and opt to skip the purchase that month. (Maddeningly, despite very responsibly setting a reminder for myself on the first of each month in iCal, I have yet to take the "skip this month" option over on JewelMint yet because BUY ALL THE THINGS.) 

I was a bit hesitant about the StyleMint offerings because...well, they're designed by the Olsen twins. I am...not an Olsen twin.

In today's performance, the part of an Olsen twin will be played by Photoshop's shape tool, while the part of Amalah will be played by a hulking behemoth wearing too much jewelry and being vaguely threatened by a towering stack of cloth diapers.

So I was afraid that wearing something designed by an Olsen twin might result in something like this:


The giant sentient stack of vicious cloth diapers is probably unrelated to the shirt, BTW. 

I am happy to report that no one will be forced to see my midsection, as the shirts I ordered -- chosen carefully with the guiding style principle of Can I Breastfeed In It -- are downright roomy and forgiving around that particular, ahem, problem area. I can indeed breastfeed in them without destroying the necklines like I've done to dozens of less-stretchy v-necks. They also, as promised by the site's expert stylists, go with jeans. And also other jeans! Pants in general, actually. Which is nice. I think they might look kinda dumb with yoga pants, though not like that's ever stopped me before. 

(I wore one to New York this past weekend and while the top itself was super cute, I did learn the hard way that there is no cute top in the world that will EVER make having your picture taken next to a really handsome male model be a good idea. You feel badly about yourself and your neck then eat your feelings via the craft services table. But that's another sponsored post for another sponsored day. Alas!)

Anyway! TL;DR; just take me to the giveaway part, crazy lady: Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun. Get 20% off your first tee with code AMALAH20 between now and 2/29. AND YES, you can win any shirt of your choice by commenting on this post before Friday at noon, ET. Winner will be chosen at random and I will email you the good news and maybe even offer you some expert styling tips of my own for your selection. (HINT: IT PROBABLY LOOKS GOOD WITH JEANS. SHHHHH!)



Heh, anything would be an improvement over my current jeans-tshirt-flannel trend. (What? The 90s aren't over! It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!)

I must say that I am a big fan of the giant sentient stack of vicious cloth diapers. I'm thinking trademark.


I have had the same concern (the Olsen twin one, not the breastfeeding one)about StyleMint. I hope you are prepared for the wrath of my busted clothing budget when I start buying stuff!


I've looked at Stylemint as well and haven't taken the plunge because -- OMG Olsen twins -- I am not that skinny.

Thanks for having this contest to try it out!


I've been going back and forth on signing up for this site, so a free shirt would be a great trial run! Thanks!


Still in my jammies at 2:00 pm. It probably doesn't come in 3X anyway. When are you gonna have a jammie giveaway?


I love free clothes! Now if only I had somewhere to wear them to ...


So the Olsen twins make all this jewelry instead of eating lunch?

kacie mitchell

Considering the fact that I have a BAD habit of buying the same shirt IN EVERY COLOR, this is very appealing to me! I may have a shirt (or 2 or 3!) that does not have an evil twin lurking in my dresser drawer. :)


I have those same random spiky red hairs, so for a moment I though you'd put my picture next to an Olsen twin.

The style quiz to refine choices sounds right up my alley. Perhaps I may end up buying clothes from the Olsens...


As a soon to be breastfeeding lady, I am highly encouraged by this! I never nursed over the top of my shirt, always under, though. I may have to switch it up next time.

De in D.C.

Is the old lady floral pattern supposed to be ironic, or is floral actually young and hip now? I really am clueless (and that's the reason that 99% of my shirts are solids).


Oooo...me likey some free clothes...

(Just leave out the leaning tower of sentient diapers, please.)


Oh, yes please. I wouldn't know what to do if I had clothing from a mindset other than "This is 90% off and out of season, and it doesn't really look good but SO CHEAP."


Things That Look Good With Jeans provide further proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Count me in!

Sarah Huckablog

I have a hard time thinking your would be a hulking behemoth next to an Olsen. :) Also? FREE? YES PLEASE!


I actually signed up for jewel mint after your post and scored my fav. pair of earrings. Going to check out stylemint now....


AM so tempted by StyleMint and all the other Mints, but haven't joined yet. I'd love a free t-shirt :)


I need a yoga pants intervention.


I could so use another shirt that lets me breastfeed and looks good with jeans... so, yeah, throw your suggestions over this way! ;)


I like the broklyn floral shirt. thanks for the giveaway.


will work for Style Tips and Free Clothes!


Pick me pick me!


help help....i need stylemint


Goddammit I would have to buy jeans! I mean, I have jeans but the jeans I have suck sugarless, tasteless lollipops. I saw a few of the Olsen twins' shirts and was pleasantly surprised. And goddammit now I've gotta buy more shirts.


That shirt was SUPER cute!

Amy M.

So, having clothes in my closet made in the past 6 years would be great! With the birth of my first, my fashion knowledge/style, while not stellar to begin with, have diminished tremendously! Free shirt? Yes, please!


I seriously need something to replace the Liz Lange Target t-shirts I continue to wear. The boy is 10 months old for petes sake!!


That stack of diapers means BUSINESS.


So, um, I went to stylemint and apparently my style is 'what the hell is SHE smoking' because that's all I could think when I saw the outfits they 'assembled' for me. Seriously. It reminds me of those flip books kids have where you can 'create your own monster' with different head, body & legs...


We must have the same stylist... I too am looking for Can I Nurse In It tops that go with jeans.


Free clothes? Even better than free jewelry.

Shelly T.

I'm a big fan of free shirts! Plus I need some styling help, seriously.


I like free clothes! Can you check out the styles before signing up for the program? Let's see some pictures of this Olsen shirt please.


I could definitely use a new shirt, especially a cute one!


I'll just stick to reading your stories, much more satisfying to me :-)


Love shirts that go with jeans...*crosses fingers*


I've heard good things, and after nursing two kids, I could use a couple less stretched out shirts!


Post delivery by 12 days and I hate every piece of clothing I own. Please send some free shirt my way and I will cry about how awesome life is, or maybe I will just cry about nothing at all!


I am in - free is good!


Anything cute to go over a cute pair of skinny's? That and free is always always good to a college student! SWING! :)


I can't quit laughing at the drawings. Oh, and free shirts are good too.


I will very soon have that whole "need shirts to breastfeed in" issue, and since everything I did own had to do with "tshirt" and "spandex" I'm thinking a new wardrobe will be a necessity.

Laura S

I've looked at Stylemint but haven't yet taken the plunge. Thanks for having this contest to try it out!


I love wearing free shirts with jeans!


Oooooh. I love looking at the Stylemint website, but have yet to order anything. I'm 8 months pregnant, so all regular clothing purchases have to wait till baby comes!


I so need some help with clothes! Also, I have a similar looming stack of diapers and crazy baby related bangs-ish hairs, so I totally should win :)

Allyson S.

I'm wearing pajamas. Again.


Am so very appreciative of the laughs provided by you and Photoshop today, just when I needed them! And just like I need some style tips...


Fun site & giveaway. They have some cute stuff! Thanks for the review. :)


I wear pants! And shirts! This would be perfect for me!


I definitely just snickered a bit at your drawings. I love how you are mastering the fun of "Paint" on your computer. hee hee hee. I am not a Mom so I probably do not deserve the free top like many others on here do!!


I'm ready for some grown up clothes.


It looks like a cool site. Thanks!


I want free clothes!!


I love your drawings, the diaper stack is probably the most realistic thing I've ever seen. Thanks.


Free shirts for me! And they pick them out! Perfect for sad overworked tax accountant who has to run to the store mid season and buy things without trying them on because THERE IS NO TIME DO LAUNDRY.


They make breastfeeding tops? I don't own any and have stretched out all of my regular shirts, how come no one told me they have breastfeeding shirts!?


please, please, please..... with sugar and rum on top?


Maybe today is my lucky day!


I'm in a MAJOR style frump. I'm constantly complaining about it to my husband but don't have a lot of money to do anything about it. I recently had my 3rd baby and now stay at home, so if when I do get dressed, its jeans and a t-shirt. Come shopping with me, Amalah!


This is a comment! :D


I'd recommend the charlton or the wilshire tops to anyone browsing. Love them both.


Sorry, just can't get past the Olsen twins on the sign up page...even for 20% off.


"Can I wear it with jeans?" is often the litmus test of whether or not I will buy something. This includes but is not limited to tops.


Hmmmm. i like free, but probably wouldn't by a $30 T-Shirt. But hey, i love giveaways. God-o-randomness-pick-me


You had me at problem areas. Checking it out now!

Jackie cooper

Can't remember the last time I bought myself an article of clothing....probably time for a wardrobe refresh!


Free things are the prettiest!


I think the only way I'd buy anything from jewel or style mint is if it were free or super sale. I don't like any of the choices in their quiz, so I end up just choosing a default, lesser evil. And nothing it recommends for me based on those fake choices are doing it for me. Maybe something free would.


You can keep the scary tower of cloth diapers...I will take the clothes!


I definitely think you should draw on more posts!


Intrigued by the male model!


Intrigued! Need to get out of a fashion rut that's been going on for far too long.


What a cool site. I'll check it out, but free is better.


I checked out the JewelMint website after your post about it. I felt very uneducated about style. I couldn't even choose a designer without having to google each of them and look at their current seasons. Maybe this website will help get my style back on track? No? Well, it can't hurt!


I am (a) very interested in this and (b) really wanting to know how to select clothes with stretchy necklines in which I can easily breastfeed, so that my whole wardrobe doesn't involve plastic snaps on a tank top or awkward cutouts.


As of April 1st, for the first time in 5 and 1/2 years I won't be pregnant or breast feeding. I would like to celebrate with some new clothes!


I had no idea they had a sister site. Yay for discounts and potentially free clothes!


It would probably be good to be seen in tops and not just a nursing bra... I just got new shoes! So the feet are now covered... Pants... well, we're working on that too.


I wish I could buy one but they only go up to size 14. I will have to keep busting it at the gym and maybe buy one then. OR, you could send me one and I will hang it on the closet door and state at it whenever I want a potato chip. Yes, that. Plz!

Jenn S

sweet! but how long will it stay baby spit up free, i wonder :)


Sounds like something fun to play around with at least! Fun!


Yes please! Thanks for sharing the AWESOME drawings...I guess the clothes are a bonus too :)


I just found your blog and it makes me laugh so hard. I am not even a mom or a valid member of society or anything and I still relate and laugh every time I read. That is a win in and of itself. But winning a shirt? Yeah, that would be a pretty sweet bonus.


Well I'm in. I can use all the help I can get.


Free is good but so is "doesn't cling to my midsection"




Are there pants other than jeans and yoga?


Style what is that.. i think i need some help..


I always feel like I wouldn't be able to answer any questions about what I like, because I don't know what I like, but maybe that is ridiculous and I should just try it.


Yay free shirt!


I am totally down for free things! ^_^


I love this blog, and I love FREE even more. :)


I LOVE your blog! (also free things)


Always up for a chance at free stuff. Clothes especially.


Goes with jeans is how I roll. Sign me up!


Free, yay! Here's hoping they both 1) go with jeans and 2) hide fat upper arms. :)

Cheryl S.

Free is good! Off to see what they recommend for me!


I'm commenting!!


I am all over the free.

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