To Whom It May Concern

The Subject, She Is Changed


I'm sorry, Internet, were you saying something?


Because we've got a baby in a fucking laundry basket over here.


We've got a baby in a laundry basket WEARING A COMICALLY OVERSIZED HAT, over here. 


Is there another mommyblog on earth that can give you ALL THAT, AND MORE, plus an additional four or five whole totally original sentences? There is? Which... Oh. All of them? Really? 

Well then. Nothing to see here, moving right along.


Good call, Mom, before someone else sees those jeans. 


Snarky Amber

Dear Baby Ike,



The Internet


Ah, yes, but none of those other blogs have Baby Ike.


WooHoo for Ike in a Phils cap! Abounding in cuteness!


I love your writing, your style and your baby pictures. Plus, you manage to keep it classy even in the most awkward of circumstances. Oversized hats rule!


I think I'd know your writing anywhere, whomever it was (or wasn't) attributed to. You're the best, Amy.


Keep kicking ass, taking names, and letting babies hang out in laundry baskets. Win win win.


I think I count nine or ten wholly original sentences in there! You over-achiever, you! ;)

All that PLUS an adorable baby in a basket?

And this is why you win at the bloggiest of bloggy things. (And I agree with Mom101 - I'm pretty sure I'd recognize your writing anywhere, no matter who says it's theirs. Your voice is an original, and one I've loved reading for years)


Dammit. Why didn't IIIIIII come up with a baby in a basket in a hat? I have one of a baby with the basket on his head but it's just not this cute. I have to totally put him on my blog as though he's MY baby b/c it's not right that you keep coming up with such good shit. GODDAMN MY BLACKNESS; IT GIVES ME AWAY AT THE MOST INOPPORTUNE MOMENTS OF PILFERING THE GOOD SHIT!


That level of cute is almost criminal. To make it complete, just give him a steering wheel and a bike helmet and he can be Baby Ike - Hell on Wheels.


Omg!!! He is so adorable!!

Beta Dad

I hope you copyrighted that shit!

Like Mom 101 said, your style is inimitable.

Although, I guess I did think Duran Duran's first single was a new Bowie song, so maybe there are some imitators that approximate your thing so maybe somebody might think that what they were reading that sounded like you was just the Duran Duran of mombloggers. Maybe?


We have had twins in big shopping bags, in our bookcase, wheelbarrow etc. But never in the laundry basket. But 3 is OK, no more babies for me :-)

Suzy Q

Bukkit Baby is now Basket Baby! Love it.


wait, wait...what if Ike crank calls that blogger? He can breathe heavily into the phone and totally freak her shit out. And no, I am not letting go of this idea, 'cause I likes it.


Someone is starting to look JUST like Ezra!!! Too cute!


When Ike was younger he looked soooo much like Noah but today he looks soooo much like Ezra.

I demand to see a pictorial comparison!

And I love babies in laundry basket. I have many of these pictures myself.


My laundry never comes out that cute. What detergent do you use?


I'm not sure when it was posted, so you've probably seen already, but - she posted again today to clarify that she was 24 when she originally plagiarized, not 27. So clearly that changes things.


Yo, it's Ike in a wonderfully comically oversized PHILLIES CAP! And the authentic, real color red too. The real deal.

Just like we know you are and always will be. You class act, you.


I don't know how you can hang around that doll face all day and not eat him alive!


Ike=adorable. I love babies in laundry baskets, and could look at pix all day! You rool, and cheaters drool!


I am relatively sure that you have the cutest baby ever. And I consider myself to be someone who can make this statement because I am a baby nurse and spend all my working time with babies. So more Ike, please! Also Ezra and Noah!


I totally have my own original photos of a baby named Isaac in a laundry basket. From like, seven years ago. JUST SO YOU KNOW.


He's way too cute. And now some Ezra please? And then a little Noah? kthxbye:)


There has to be a website somewhere dedicated solely to babies in oversized hats, no? If not, this is a million internet-dollar idea.


This is certainly some thing I must find more information about, many thanks for the post.


*le sigh*..that child is da yumzz.
I need to introduce him to my lil baybee girl so that they can share interracial baby loveness..(ok, that came out way more gross than I intended)but anyway..Thanks for posting such cute pictures of your boys.


oh and BTW, I will totally internet-fight that blogger chick for you..wait I just got "in trouble" for posting such foolishness..whatever


Heh. I just tried to go to the bloggerstealer's site to see who else told her what a POS she is, and got this: "WHOA! DUDE! I'm sorry you are not able to surf this website. Go shit on someone elses website. Or better yet go shit on your own. (If you feel you've reached this recording in error, please contact me)"

I've been banned, I guess. Hahahahahaha! What class! What grace! What eloquence!


He is one freakin' cute baby. Dude.


Each one of your kids is cuter than the last. . . and that's really saying something. Baby Ike's...a Burgeoning BOY!!


Couldn't get him to fit into a teacup, huh?


Aw, this reminds me of a video I have of my nephew at that age. Last summer, he spent an afternoon chilling in a laundry basket, experimenting poking his little fingers through the various holes. I pulled him around the cottage in that thing, which elicited the cutest giggles on earth.


The back of his head is NOMZ. Oh heck, his whole head is. Total NOMZ.

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