The Subject, She Is Changed

To Whom It May Concern

Or, Hey Girl, I Heard You Were Blogging My Blogs On Your Blog, And Then Again On A Blog That Paid You To Blog, But You Were Blogging My Blogs And Not Your Blogs, In Other Words Stealing Stuff I Wrote Which I Am Pretty Sure Is Not Cool, Girl

Or, Choice Excerpts From The Most Fun Email I Have Ever Had The Honor Of Writing

Dear You,

Well. It's unfortunate that we had to be introduced under these circumstances. Before I go any further, allow me to tell you a little about myself. I think some of this may be relevant in a bit.

Like you, I married very young -- I was 20 years old at my wedding. Couldn't even drink the champagne! I put myself through college a course or two at a time, while working full-time, until I finally got my degree when I was 27 years old. I started my blog in 2003, when I was 26. I was hired as a columnist for AlphaMom -- my first "real" professional writing gig, when I was 28, right after having my first baby. Holy crap, was that ever a dream come true.

Like you, I have three children now: Noah, Ezra and Baby Ike, who was just born last June. When I was six months pregnant with him, my father died of cancer. I don't mention this to play the Pain Olympics or anything, but since you seem to be bringing up your pregnancy as a sympathy ploy, I do want to say that I DO sympathize with what I'm assuming is your current stress level over this mess.The universe has shitty timing sometimes, and it sucks.

The writing you stole was written about my second pregnancy. It is all very near and dear to me, and I am fiercely protective of it, as I'm sure you understand. What you did was like someone swiping your belly pics and passing them off as their own: creepy, invasive and wrong. I imagine if that happened to you, you would waste no time in leading an Internet charge against that person, no matter what excuses they offered.

So on that note, let's break yours down:

"I started writing a long time ago, when I was young and did first start under not knowing the proper rules. I have no real education in writing and never claimed I did, I just liked to share my feelings and my life with my friends and family."

You use your youth as an excuse a lot. And lack of formal education. However, plagiarism -- passing someone's work off as your own -- is something that most of us learn by the time we turn in our first book report in elementary school. My kindergartner knows that stealing is wrong and that it's important to do your own work. So...sorry. I will not accept that one.

Also, this was happening in 2009. Three years ago. While I don't know the full history of your blog, a quick glance through your pregnancy archive reveals that you were already pretty established -- established enough for your entries to garner double-digit comments and for brands to be approaching you with sponsorship deals and free nursery furniture. Free nursery furniture! That's impressive! Even I've never managed that one. Clearly, despite your youth and educational background you hit the ground running as a pretty savvy blogger who knew how to network and promote yourself.

Which is why I do not buy that you did not understand "the rules." Linking. Quotation marks. That little fancy blockquote button thingie.

And barring that, when your commenters chimed in saying stuff like "LOL YOU'RE SO FUNNY" and specifically calling out jokes and lines THAT YOU DID NOT WRITE, you could have stepped in and say, "Whoops, sorry guys! That line came from this post. I should've linked to it, because I really like it!" 

"I have been recently told that I have plagiarized your whole articles, and never intended to steal anything. I took some great lines and did not cite them, which was a big mistake. I am now just 27 and learning everyday as I grow how to avoid these mistakes in the future. I never meant to hurt anyone or steal from anyone."

Seriously? You needed to be told that you did not actually write the words you published? You did not intend to steal when you plagiarized me week after week, in a variety of different ways? You're going with "I didn't cite properly?" Sometimes you reworded my jokes. Sometimes you took just a line or two and flushed it out with your own writing. Sometimes you just copy-and-pasted the entire thing, whole paragraphs at a time. Once you found out your baby was a girl and mine was a boy, you changed the pronouns and left everything else. This is behavior you know not to do by middle school, if not earlier. The fact that it was on the Internet doesn't mean the rules were any different, and I think you knew that. I think you simply figured you weren't going to ever get caught.

And again, stop with the "I am only 27" thing. It's insulting to people younger than you who absolutely know how to not steal other people's writing.

"I have been going through my blog all day long and publishing my posts and just want to make sure I dont have any other mistakes that will come to haunt me."

I appreciate you taking my writing down. I really do. The thing that still kinda bugs me is that in the end you just took everything down because you claim that you simply can't remember what you wrote...and what I wrote. From three years ago. I am pretty sure someone could put a dozen different articles/blog posts/whatevers in front of me and I could tell you which ones were mine and which ones were not.

"I am 27 years old and have made mistakes. I now feel really bad and almost just want to give up."

Really? You are 27? Huh. Didn't know that. Why do you seem to think 27-year-old women should get a free pass through adulthood? I sense you imagine I am some ancient, over-educated old lady when I'm only a few years older than you with a freaking Bachelor's degree from an commuter/distance-ed college in Communications. At 27 I was a grown-up. And so are you. You are far, far smarter and savvier than you are letting on, or are letting yourself believe.

Read through the emails you have sent to everybody involved in this and count the number of times you bring up your age and being "young" and seriously: Figure out why you do that, and knock it off. It's. Not. An. Excuse.

"I wrote about my pregnancies and never meant to have it backfire in my face. I just wanted to share my joy and I found those lines great, just didnt quite understand the proper rules to citing."

But you didn't technically really write about your pregnancies. You wrote about MY pregnancy. MY joy.

And let's not forget when and where you were ACTUALLY caught plagiarizing: yesterday, three years later, in a paid column at Babble. (Big thanks to alert reader Catherine for the heads' up, by the way.) Presumably, by then, you DID know the rules, yet you posted my words as yours on multiple occasions.

I also write for Babble. Like AlphaMom, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about their editorial guidelines and standards, and the people I work with for who inspire me to write to the very best of my ability. And so I have read the contract you signed. It is very, very clear that you are expected to write your own words, to clearly cite and attribute and link. I'm not entirely sure why you thought it was a good idea to copy-and-paste your own archives as part of a PAYING, PROFESSIONAL JOB, but even assuming that you had cleared that with Babble ahead of time, there's still the little problem that one of the articles you posted there -- the sex & pregnancy one -- was a top to bottom copy/paste job with only a few minor word changes. And I never found that one on your personal blog, and yes, I looked very hard and very carefully. (Which is not being "obsessive-compulsive," by the way -- nice tweet! good call on deleting it, though -- it's called protecting my brand and my writing.)

That's...quite troubling, and negates a lot of your excuses and explanations that you thought you were only technically plagiarizing yourself at Babble. If I am wrong about this, I am sorry, but I still feel like we're splitting hairs here. 2009 vs. 2012. You still stole it, and I cannot honestly believe you're trying to convince me that you simply FORGOT that you didn't actually write a single word of that post.

BTW, you stole an article I wrote about my SEX LIFE. Holy SHIT.


Okay, since the rest of your email is pretty much a repetition of your age and how you never "meant" for this to happen, let's move on. I'd like to give you some PR crisis management advice here. From one old, ancient, decrepit blogger to a younger one. Come clean, publicly. Apologize -- to me, Isabel and the folks at Babble -- without any excuses or revisionist half-truths that are easily proven wrong/shady by five minutes in Google Cache or the Wayback Machine. Plagiarism is a big deal, yes, and it is -- often -- a career killer, even for older, educated, established writers/journalists who made one measly little mistake. It's not a question of maturity, but one of integrity.

Yes, I have a very large readership and Twitter following. I sense you didn't know that when you chose my articles to swipe, and I know that you're terrified now of this getting "out" -- I noticed your husband tweeting cryptic messages about sinister Internet stalkers keeping you down, as if he's hoping people will think that's why you were fired from Babble, and play this mess so anyone who dares to say anything is just trying to "ruin" a poor, hard-working 27-years-young (OMG STOPIT) woman. Even though, again, I sense you two would not be nearly so kind to anyone who stole as much as a recipe photo from your blog.

I am not a bully. I am not a mean girl. I have never even engaged in a single Twitter argument with anyone and seriously, Internet drama gives me hives and I avoid it at all costs. I HATE this stuff, really and truly. I have no desire to "ruin" you or send people after you with torches and pitchforks.

However, I am a professional blogger with a brand and a reputation to protect. I am also a person with feelings who writes about those feelings and any and all significant (and insignificant) events in my life on the Internet. You stole -- over and over and over -- MY words, and made money and sponsorships and connections using them. So I will be writing about this today on my blog -- I have every right to, as I'm sure you understand -- and I will NOT be naming you or linking to you or anything.

But this is by no means a get-out-of-Internet-drama-free card. Mostly, I just don't care to send you the traffic. I imagine some people will figure it out. So tread carefully. Don't give the Internet what it wants, which is a drawn-out childish temper tantrum about what counts as stealing and plagiarism and what the definition of "is" is. Own what you did: I stole. I was stupid. I'm embarrassed and I am sorry and hoo boy, I will never, ever do it again. Pledge to earn your readers' trust -- and the trust of the brands and advertisers you attracted using someone else's words -- by giving them nothing but the brutal truth now.

I accept your apology for being very sorry you got caught. I still sense I am owed one for being serially -- and very deliberately -- plagiarized.



PS. In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, I should note that some lines have been changed from my original response I sent directly to her, for reasons of timeline clarity or identification purposes.

PPS. And also that my "apology" email contained the following confidentially footer, that I willfully and knowingly ignored while copying-and-pasting her words: This email is intended only for the person(s) or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential, and protected. It is not to be disseminated, distributed, copied, or shared by others. On the plus side, though, I believe I clearly marked her words vs. mine with quotation marks and italics. So. There is that. 




A-fucking-MEN, Amy.

I have nothing left to say, because you said it all.


::armpit fart::


Honestly, what is wrong with people! Sorry you even had to go through with this Amy. I LOVE what you write and it makes me want to vomit that someone would plagarize. It's something my 7 year old learned this year. He's in SECOND GRADE!!!!


Honestly, if you're in your 20s and don't know the difference between plagiarism and fair use, or even just how to press the buttons on your computer to make QUOTATION MARKS, you certainly have no business trying to make a professional career out of blogging. Also, I'm pretty sure my 9 year old knows that cutting and pasting sentences/paragraphs from someone else's writing into her own is wrong. It's called *stealing.* So.


Dramaz. I guess we all get it from time to time which makes us happier that we ONLY get it from time to time, no?


Is there a "How to Internet" book out there? Because this should be on it. Properly cited, of course.



(and no way are you a bully or mean.)


Dude, WTF? I am not a writer, therefore I do not blog. It's pretty simple.

Sadly, I'm worried that the younger generation (current teens, not a 27 yr old FFS) isn't being taught the seriousness of plagiarism. My husband is a HS English teacher, and when he caught several students plagiarizing their term papers, they were let off the hook by the principle.


holy crap! they stole your entries about your babies and your sex life?! wow. that is just awful.


Wow. Just wow. That is all I can say.

Mr Lady

*Stands up an applauds*

I could say SO MANY THINGS. I think you said plenty all on your own. This is some kinda bullshit.


Wow. And in this day and age. I'm just so sorry you're having to deal with this. That stinks!


Ugh. Just ugh. I know you hate the dramz, but I'm glad you wrote this post. Hope it's the first and last time you ever have to do anything of the like!


I'm aghast. 27 is not 17. How does someone "unknowingly" plagiarize? You read something and then imagine that you wrote it yourself? Puzzling...


You're my favorite detective! I remember 6 years ago when you put your sleuthing skills to work and uncovered someone was ripping off my posts and passing them off as her own. Ah...the good old days.


How invasive and irritating and ughh. I am sorry and I hope she does publicly apologize. By the way, even my 3 year old can do that when she steals, Miss 27...

Jess F.

Ugh, this sucks. You are so fun to read, so I guess this was inevitable, but damn. I am sorry it happened to you.


I am 27...
and I've known for a very long time that plagiarizing is bullshit.


Wow. Sounds more like she's sorry she got caught, not sorry she did it. Maybe I'm wrong though. I would like to say, as a 26 year old woman with a husband and child and one whole year younger than her that I AM A GROWN UP. Anyone who dared to treat me otherwise would get their ass handed to them. I cannot imagine making the reverse argument!

kristen howerton

We did a little digging and have the screenshots here: There is just no excuse . . . and NO WAY that she can claim innocence on this one. I hope she can grow up, take responsibility, and maybe get some therapy for her entitlement issues.


Plagiarizing for PAID GIGS?! Grosser than gross.

Selfish Mom

C'mon, give her a break. Do you know how many hobos I'd murdered before I turned 28? And the carjackings! Good times. But that all changed once I wasn't 27 anymore. I miss those carefree, stupid days.


Wow... I learned that in high school. In college we have to use turnitin. com to prove our work is original. Maybe plagiarism is a big problem than I ever realized. :-(


This woman. I don't. I can't. In conjunction with her other actions? NO excuses.


Congratulations on THE most amazing "taking the high road" post I could ever imagine reading. Your words sound so poised and efficacious - even in the face of something so blatantly wrong and such a horrible violation of your being as a blogger, mom, wife, and human being.

She was WRONG. There is no excuse she can give. She was WRONG. And she needs to own up to it. I just wish all her "brands" and advertisers would realize what she's done.

Amy - so very proud of you. Proud to be a reader. Proud to share you with many many others.

Thrift Store Mama

Glad she got caught. Plagiarizing posts about someone else's sex life ?!?! Ewwww !


Holy CRAP. I'm so sorry, Amy. I don't know what else to say, as I am concentrating very hard on trying to keep my jaw from flopping open at the audacity. I am sure you are documenting/saving/screenshotting and backing the snot up out of everything related to this, so please do, just in case you need it for anything. You know you have an army of thousands ready to help you with any beatdown necessary.

Redneck Mommy

I don't buy for one hot second that this plagiarist didn't know exactly what she was doing. And since she makes it her mission to excuse herself and her actions because she is only 27, that only makes her all sorts of pathetic.


Brilliant. And much nicer than I would have been.

And as a lawyer, I sincerely doubt that anything she wrote to you is "privileged, confidential and protected" in any legal sense of those words. What a joke.


I am furious for you. Simply and unequivocally furious for you. And also so freaking GLAD that you have absolutely no problems standing up for yourself.


Oh. My. God.


Plagiarism is awful when it happens once, but having it done repeatedly and in such an embedded fashion, it verges on hijacking your personality. I'm sorry this bullshit happened to you, and I'm glad it's being outed so publicly.

Kay Bee

Ho-lee sheeeeeeyiiit.

When I was 27, I was on my second deployment. Guess I could have done whatever I wanted in a war environment without being held accountable, according to her standards.

Bravo for taking the high road. You are a Patron Saint of Awesome.


Wow. I'm 30, and I learned a long, long, long, long time ago that plagiarism is bad. Age is no excuse. I don't understand how she could not see that what she was doing was wrong.

Well said.


NO WORDS. words. Glad you were able to have the content removed and I hope you get a better apology in the very near future.


Super creepy that someone steals such personal writing and then tries (and fails horribly) at passing it off like they didn't.

Stealing is wrong and always has been. On the internet and elsewhere. Don't fucking do it.



So sorry about the unpleasantness but wow, well said, Amy.

jill (mrs chaos)

I'm sure any cop would love the "I'm only 27!" excuse when she is driving under the influence and speeding down the highway.

I'm really sorry you had to deal with this, Amy. That sucks.

Meagan @ The Happiest Mom

Seriously, there's just so much wrong about this situatio...

but the thing I am finding the MOST grating is K (and her husband's) constant reference to her age.


I don't have a college degree.

I started procreating at the age of 20.

I launched my writing career at 25.

I've not once tried to pass off another's work as my own...not now, not when I was 27, not when I was 20, NOT WHEN I WAS SIX.

Young does not = STUPID and I'm tired of the insult.


Well... She is only 27 after all. WTH?!? Is wrong with ppl, good for you to call her out!


From their website:

"(She who will not be named)has been online and consistently creating new and original content under the Ordinary Life brand since 2006"

Sorry, NO.


Wow... so, since I'm only 26 and EXTREMELY new to blogging, does that give me an even better excuse for stealing other people's work? And she got paid for this? Damn, I'm doing something wrong in my life...


What an excellent ass whooping. :)

Heather B.

I am still angered by her "oh, I'm only 27" bull shit.

I started blogging when I was 21 and you know what? I KNEW NOT TO STEAL PEOPLE'S WORDS. And now I'm 28 and guess what? I STILL DON'T STEAL PEOPLE'S SHIT.


Perfectly written and done in a classy way, too. Bravo, Amy.


The teeny issue of plagiarism aside, I do believe this is the very definition of karma, yes?


It's ridiculously insulting to all professional writers and journalists out there that this paid writer actually thinks that "I'm only 27!" is an excuse for anything. That age could possibly excuse her for knowingly doing something so gross and wrong (um, your SEX LIFE?!?). It's pathetic. But your response? Absolutely beautiful, well-written and well-argued.


That blogger's posts were terribly written and flawed in many other ways (well, the ones she actually WROTE HERSELF), so it is not exactly surprising that she was outed as a plagarist, too. I'm sorry you had to deal with this, but as usual you've handled it with class and humor. Way to go.


I'm so sorry this happened to you. Kudos to you for dealing with it in the proper, mature and professional manner that you have.


I was searching for this thief and thought I found her, but it appears to be a completely different plagerist than the one being mentioned here.
She's got the preg/sex post copied and pasted as well.


Oy, people are really dumb. Oddly I started blogging when I was 23 and OMG, I never plagiarized once! Skills!

Random aside: I think you should do a blog post with your top 10 favorite/most commented/most trafficked posts. Or maybe add a top 10 in the sidebar. Because I only started reading last year and the post you linked to about sex and pregnancy was HYSTERICAL. :)


@Selfish Mom FTW!


My stuff was plagiarized last month and though it wasn't too this extent, I'm betting you and I shared many of the same feelings. I'm so sorry you had to go through this at the hands of someone who, at 27, was clearly enough to know better.


Whoops, "to", not "too". :)


Holy shit! The girl was blatant. I can almost hear the high-pitched sound emanating from the direction of her whine hole. "No faaaaaaaair! Everyone is being so meeeeeeean!"

Adventures In Babywearing


I do hope she takes your very good and kind advice.



This is really creepy and so very wrong. Good for you Amy! But so sorry you have to deal with this. What an invasion of your work and your life!


First, well done. Good job of showing restraint and keeping it classy for the kids (both your own and the 27 year old ones).

Secondly, as a new(ish) blogger and long time reader of quality blogs, it SICKENS me that this yo yo has managed to achieve some level of success with paid gigs, sponsorships, etc. when so many other incredibly talented people have put in years of hard (and HONEST) work with very little financial rewards or recognition. Not that any of us are in this for the money.

Finally, hooray! I am always happy to see justice prevail.

D Ryan

WTF (and I do not use that lightly), I'm sorry, but 27 is not young. I would expect more from a 17 year old. Give me a break!!!

The nerve of some people! And the reason I have yet to share or blog much. :(


This shit here. I can't say I gives a fuck if you're 27 or 7 (I was humping, trying to make babies, drinking all the vodka, smoking all the weed, working full time -- TWO JOBS, BITCH!, and going to school full time at 27). Also, my 8 yr old did a paper on plagiarism. When she was 7. Kill the age crap. You knew.

Seriously, I get underarm itch when I want to say holyshitsnacks b/c I saw Jenny say it first and now it just seems like HER PHRASE. I laugh here, Amy, like you wouldn't believe. And there are times I'm laughing so hard that I'm like damn, I wish I'd said that. Why didn't I think to say that that way? But there is no way on this earth that I'm gonna just go on 'head and say I said it. Did she think your interweb was connected to a different world wide interintraputer somehow? I'm trying to understand, but...taking your sexy time words? That's just wrong.


As a 27 year old who has been blogging for a good 5 years now or so, I find it pretty insulting that she can blame it on her age. I'm 27 and a grown ass adult. Age is no excuse and she makes the rest of us who are in the 20 something blogging community look bad.

No excuse. Period.




Wow, that sucks. I'm glad she got caught, and her posts came down (and she's now fired from Babble). I'm sorry you had to go through that, Amy. You're a spectacular writer and I've loved reading your work for YEARS now. No one should try to steal that as their own.


For at least three years I've seen this same blogger accused time and again (and again...and again) of some pretty horrible behavior online(harassment, stalking, general drama), and I'm always surprised to see that she's still around, still working with brands, still getting paid gigs. So sorry that you ended up in her path.



Jesus, what is wrong with people?


Glad to see that Babble apparently fired her. They should also be putting something up on their site about why they fired her, so that no one starts feeling sorry for her.

Mama Bub

Amen and amen. How you managed to maintain your composure in the midst of all of this is a mystery to me. Well done, as always, Amy.


And her husband comes to her defense, via Twitter. Classic.

It scares me to think how often this happens. How many people are getting paid to write things they didn't write.

And how many people have nothing inside of them telling them it's wrong, and to stop.


This blows my mind, that is all. But I love how you handled it!


Oh my heck, people can be dumb. You are classy.


Looks like she posted a confession on her blog today. It's confusing but I think she is trying to make it sound like she only stole from you one time, three years ago, due to the stress of pregnancy. Mkay.

Sara Plays House

I enjoy the fact that there is a (TM) after her Twitter handle. I enjoy that very much.
Sorry you got your things stolen. Should we TP someone's house?


You rock.


Wow that is awful! I have always enjoyed your posts - and how orginal they are! Disgusting that someone would copy and paste that as their own! Her whole blog should be taken down! FYI she does have some half a** apology up now.

Canadian Dad

Brutal, I've only been blogging for a month and I know not to steal someone else's work. LOL at 27 being young...Also, it took me 3 seconds to google who it was that did it, love the internet in today's world.

Thanks for standing up for yourself, I imagine there are a lot of people who would have just let it slide for fear of being dramatic.

Sorry this happened to you.


Geez, her refusing to take any responsibility for her actions is just plain despicable. I hope she is made to admit she is fully an adult even at the young age of 27 (I'm a year younger than her and somehow fully capable of being honest), and admit and apologize for willfully stealing someone else's work.


Go Amy!
(she has an "apology" up at her site now)

and as @Valerie pointed out above, you are being plagiarized elsewhere:

The pregnancy calendar stands as some of your best work ever, so clearly the thieves want some of that glory. Ick!


I mean, REALLY.

I would also like to be as funny as you, but mostly I just stick to reading your blog out loud to my husband. Or, you know. Not taking things that aren't mine.

Then again, I just turned 28, so perhaps that's the wisdom that comes with experience.

Bailey R.

I'm 25. Her broken record statement of "I'm young, I'm 27" is just freaking insulting. She knew what she was doing, got caught, and started making shiatty excuses. Way to insult the writing profession, and 20 something's with a sense of right and wrong. I'm so glad she got caught. Kudos, Amy, for being the more mature party. Actually, kudos for just being you, because you're awesome.


Why. COWARD. She is one.
How sad and pathetic. I blogged for a long time and I couldn't take the negative comments and haters once my site started picking up. I give you a huge standing ovation for not only providing us with entertainment but for putting yourself out there the way you do. It sucks that there are such weasels out there who would steal it and say it was their own. Just pathetic.


Proofing is also important - wow...not why.


Amy, see, the problem here is that you didn't have all of us standing at the internets with our hands up saying, "Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping!"

(Those are not my words, they are copied from Dora the Explorer. But probably? You knew that.)

I teach a lot about plagiarism in fourth grade. I'm sorry that it apparently doesn't get learned before 27 (deep, heaving sigh of regret).


Hey, maybe she saw 27 somewhere as a young age and a giant loophole for those who plagarise and she stole it and wrote it in an email?


Good writing sticks with you. I still cite blog posts I read years ago and re-tell them, VERBALLY CITING the writer. Why? Because you give credit where credit is due.

Plain truth.


I'm 44, when can I start using the "I'm old and feeble and confused" excuse? Also, please email me some posts to use. It's so hard to come up with my own ideas and you should respect the elderly.


What I'm feeling really troubled about is that she was hired by Babble to write words for money. She's a terrible writer! And that makes it all the more bizarre because you're clearly an excellent writer and the difference in quality is startling.


Also: I tried to visit the offending blog, but found that it was blocked on my work computer because it had been categorized as "Nuisance Sites."

Appropriate, no?



Call me a naturally suspicious biotch, but when someone tries that hard to claim 27 I assume she is actually no less than 42.

Momo Fali

I freak out if I write a post about boogers and a week later I find someone else wrote a post about boogers. Then I'm all, "Oh NO! They're going to think I stole their booger idea!" even though I wrote mine first. Stealing ain't cool and the thought of it makes me feel skeevy. It's just wrong. Period.


Wow. That is really bad. However. This complete and utter theivery may have generated what is likely the best beat down post ever written. So there's that. ;-)


Picking up my jaw off the floor.

Thank goodness your readers figured it out! Otherwise I'm sure it would have continued.


ARGH I get so tired of this -- so many good people have had their work stolen. I'm so sorry, Amy. It sucks for a professional writer to have a slice of her livelihood stolen, but the real hurt in cases like this is not about loss of readership or revenue. I don't think the people doing the stealing have any idea how CREEPY it feels to have someone take your carefully chosen words about your family and your life and pretend that they own not just your words, but a piece of your life.

For me it's a little like having some bumbling thieves break into your house and go through your underwear drawer. Sure, maybe the thieves just wanted to steal your jewelry or an iPod or something, but they WENT THROUGH YOUR UNDERWEAR DRAWER AH GAH.


1. I love that this woman is raising children
2. I also enjoy that in her apology post, she tries to justify the theft by saying that her pregnancy was a difficult time. How 'bout she blog about THAT than steal your stuff? amirite.


All I can think is, "wow, what a creeper!" To use words you had written about your own sex life? Ew. How invasive! And I bet she thought she had gotten away with it for good, and then to get paid! Wow lady. Just wow.

Jennifer G

Way to GO! And I see she apologized, but it still doesn't make up for her terrible behavior.

BUT WAIT - So I read about a dozen blogs. Some are like yours, some are foodies, some are hippies who make their own soap, some DIYers, you get it, I am all over the place. But HOW is that in the few that I really read, two different bloggers have been affected by this woman and her crazy husband? Did you hear about the Chrysler and voting scandal with Wait in the Van chick? WTF - this so called ordinary life chick and her husband need to be SHUT DOWN! Wow, just wow. I have only been reading blogs for about a year now, and I find it crazy there are things like this going on. Way to keep it classy and cool.


I'm 26 and extremely excited to learn I have a year of fucking around and stealing before being called to account for it!!!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Unfuckingbelievable. ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE! Ew!

You are no bully. You are entirely justified. It is like someone breaking into your house and stealing your underwear. Yuck.


Sorry you had to go through that. Ugh.


The whole "I'm so young! I'm dumb because I'm young!" takes on a really horrible tinge when you think of the fact that she's a PARENT. Oh, so you're too dumb to know any better, but you are capable of RAISING A CHILD? No. Sorry, no.

Sophia Grace

Well said. And I applaud you sticking up for yourself. :)


Amy.... Perhaps also deserving of your (totally righteous) wrath...


and here:

Though, this gal obv doesn't have the reader base of the "27" year old, it's still theft.

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