Parting Shots


Sponsored post ahoy! In which I talk about my underthings for money. What? Weird? A little? Whatever, there's free stuff for you at the end, so we can all be weird together. Mmmmm, creepy.

My relationship with lingerie is...complicated.

On the one hand, I am a 34-year-old woman who has been pregnant three times. Then hacked open for childbirth three times. I have breastfed three babies and eaten more than my fair share of leftover Halloween candy. I've fallen off the exercise wagon so many times I think it's circled back around and run me over, just for kicks. I am currently at my heaviest non-pregnancy weight, which is also technically slightly more than I weighed at nine months pregnant with Ike, thanks to an extended, shameful holiday love affair with ALL THE BAKED CARB-Y THINGS.

Forget stressing about being naked and/or scantily clad -- these days, I spend enough time trying to look sufficiently non-muffin-topped and saggy while fully dressed. Stretch marks and cellulite? I can't even. I will deal with you later

(STRETCH MARKS: No worries! We'll still be here when you're ready.)

(CELLULITE: Yep, totes not going anywhere either.)

On the other hand:


I have an awful lot of lingerie. That's a good-sized drawer there, chock full of nighties and see-through naughty frippery. That's a double-decker lingerie collection, collected over the years for anniversaries and Valentine's Days and vacations. Or for extra special occasions, like Going Up Two Cup Sizes From Breastfeeding or WE'RE IN A HOTEL WITH NO CHILDREN HOLY CRAP PARTY.

That photo actually shows the drawer post-organizing-purge, since I recently sat down and went through multiple dozens of lacy silky things in order to edit it all down to a reasonable, well-fitting, non-tacky level. (I used to get the Frederick's of Hollywood catalog in my early 20s, yes. Nothing like one-size-fits-all bras that shed synthetic feathers all over the place, amirite, ladies?) 

At the very bottom of the drawer, I found the lingerie I wore on my honeymoon, almost 14 years ago. And oh, did it all ever make me laugh. Not just the small tag size, but the fact that it was all so...modest. And tame! I was 20 years old and had a butt the size of a postage stamp and a stomach so flat it was practically concave, but I spent my honeymoon more covered up than I usually am on a typical Sunday morning around the house, in front of the kids.

Compared to the plunging/push-up/see-through numbers I've since worn while pregnant, nursing or rocking extra pounds of baby weight, those first little purchases are dripping with old insecurities about how I looked. My boobs were too small, my thighs were too wide, my upper arms were too soft. I didn't really have a good grasp on what "sexy" was, but I remember I definitely thought I was not it. 

I was tempted to hold on to all that stuff, for sentimental reasons, but ultimately tossed most of it in the donate pile. I'd rather make room for things that fit me, now. 

This post was sponsored by Eberjey. Guess what they sell. Guess! Go check them out, then leave a comment here with your favorite item for a chance to win it. (I'm quite partial to the uber-flattering Ingrid chemise, though no, I will not model it for you. You'll just have to take my word for it.) I'll choose a comment at random next week, on 3/14/12. Can't wait that long? Get 15% off your order of lovely things with code AMALAH15 (expires 4/1/12).



Lady Godiva Classic Robe would be awesomeness.


The lady godiva chemise is especially pretty, and I love that it comes in burnt orange!

Jess F.

Woo hoo! 3/14 is my birthday, baby! AND I am nearly done weaning my little guy so I will actually get to wear bras again. That fit! Oh, Cleo chemise. You are my fave. I might not be able to wait. Luckily, the hubs can totally get behind a lingerie purchase.
Thanks, Amy!


So many pretties! I love the bardot 3/4 sleeve chemise!


I love the Gisele Sleepshirt!


Ooooh the Lady Godiva Cami is super pretty and something you could actually wear, as opposed to something that is on your body for 3 minutes.


I love the Nadine Chemise!


I'd have to go with the India Chemise- so pretty!


Colette Chemise. So pretty. Man, this mankes me want to take a run at my intimates drawer and disgard all the stuff I know I will never wear again. Oh wait... the drawer would be empty then. ;)


I am in love with the Lady Godiva chemise!


Ohhh I want that India chemise, not only is it pretty it looks so comfy and let's face it, that is much more important!


I love the Noelle chemise!


Love the Collette, especially in Pebble. Very pretty but looks comfy too.


The India chemise would be an incredible surprise addition to my suitcase for our upcoming trip to Antiqua to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. The baby? Is staying home!


Ohh I like the Colette Came and Colette Lace PJ Pant. Cute and comfy!


I love the Colette chemise! so girly and feminine!


Since there isn't anyone in my life right now to SEE my pretty underthings, I like the Gisele PJ Set in Pebble. Thanks!


I do love the Lady Godiva. Does it come with long, luscious locks of hair as well? I need those, too.


I'd go for the India chemise in eggplant. It's got a built-in bra so maybe I could actually wear it while nursing??


I love the Cleo chemise, but everything was really pretty!


I, too, just had my 3rd baby. I don't wear lingerie that often and it's been a long time since I did. Like you, I liked the Ingrid chemise.


Since most of this stuff would probably fit my big toe, I have to look at it vicariously, and I think the Gisele robe is perfect for my daughter. She's a good girl. She works two jobs, is a band mom, and still has time to run by my house a couple times a week and help me with things that are difficult now that I'm disabled, AND has a romantic relationship going on with a really nice guy. She needs that robe.

LIfe Sized

All of the lingerie is nice enough. However, I wish they would model it on some real life size women so I can get an idea of what it might REALLY look like on anyone larger than a size 4.


I didn't even look at what you said you liked and I picked the Ingrid chemise too!


I'm going to have to go with the Boho Beautiful Charlie One-Piece swimsuit. I've got so much underwear, but can never find a swimsuit I love!


I'm also a huge fan of the Ingrid chemise. It would be perfect for my upcoming honeymoon!


I love the Amaya bralet in eggplant! With the Emmanuelle cami coming in a close second.


How sad is it that I went directly to the closest I could find to yoga pants? Sigh. But I will stop short of claiming those as my favorite, I'm with you on the Ingrid. I can be a grown up! I think.


I love the Starlight Bralet -- very pretty!


The Lady Godiva or Noelle chemises! Purty colors! I'd like a new bra so that I'm not wearing the same one EVERY DAY that I got last year from Target, but um, Eberjey no likey the padding. I needs me some padding.


oooooh! i like the nadine chemise! :)


Sweet, the Boho Beautiful Charlie One Piece....technically its swimwear. What?! I'm going to Hawaii for the first time in April.


At 26 weeks pregnant, I can't quite wear any lingerie that goes over my stomach, so while I like the Lady Godiva Chemise, I think the Collete Racerback Bralet would be very fun in some racy, preggo photos!


The Ingrid Eggplant...beautiful!


Oh, I am so totally there. My jeans don't fit and you want me to wear what? What what? The honeymon lingerie is buried...somewhere...

Lady Godiva brief & cami look like they super cute and comfy, but I'm pretty sure my husband would vote for the india shortie.


Ingrid for moi!


I love the Delirious Chemise and 3/14 is my birthday tooo!!


I like the India Chemise. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anna S.

I like the Noelle chemise


Though I dislike the model wearing it (that B doesn't need anything to hold her boobs up) I Love the retro bralet. I've always loved bralets but they can be hard to find. This one is sexy. And would make my larger, saggy after 13 months of breastfeeding boobs look appetizing... Maybe.


I love the cleo chemise!


Everything looks so pretty and soft, but I love the Noelle cami.


I love the lady godiva chemise. It looks sexy AND comfortable, like I could actually sleep in it!


I like the gisele cami. Modest enough for me and my bod!


The Collete Chemise in pebble is gorgeous... and it looks comfortable too.

Wait, that wasn't the point? Sexy-FAIL.

Kim W.

I'm a wee bit pregnant with my fourth, and before this pregnancy, was at my highest non-pregnant weight, and I have a cold at this moment, and all I want to do is put on any one of those pajama pants and crawl into bed.

But that Starlight Chemise is gorgeous. They all are.


Giselle PJ Pant.


Everything looks so soft and lovely! I don't have any idea what the front looks like, but I think I love the Colette Racerback Bralette. Either that or the India Retro Bralette. So pretty!


Oh my that Nadine Teddy is adorable!


I am feeling so very very cheap right now. $70 for a swimsuit for my five-year-old. Noooope.

That said, I'd love that Alpine Chic Classic Robe. And it'd probably be nice to the whole household to replace my very worn ancient terry man-robe. In blue and bleach stains!


I love the Colette Chemise! So pretty! This would be perfect for my wedding in May :)


Love the peek a Boo panty. I'm a sucker for panties. I'd love to have a gorgeous new pair to rock out for my BF. :)


The India Chemise looks sooo soft and comfy! Actually all of it does!


Love the Gisele Tunic! In Navy.


I'm getting married in May, and this site is just what I needed to plan for the honeymoon! :) Love the Ingrid chemise you picked cute! :)


I second the love for the Lady Godiva Chemise (I can't remember the last time I wore sleepware that was both functional and beautiful - I've devolved into sleeping in t-shirts and yoga pants. Thanks for the inspiring me to finally remedy that sad state of affairs).


I love so many...
The Lady Godiva Cami, the Ingrid Chamise, the Lady Godiva line....all so lovely.

I am just now starting to lose weight after hitting my highest weight since both boys! I am down about 10 but have 40 more to go.


Great minds think alike or what? I do think that the Ingrid rocks!


I love the gisele robe (I love all of it, actually :-)

Kelly Todd

The Cleo Chemise is totally my style.. and I think the hubbs might agree. :)


Collette Chemise please :)


All the Eberjay stuff is beautiful. I need a lingerie overhaul.

Becca Lynn

I went there knowing exactly what I was looking for. At first, while perusing, I wasn't sure they'd have it. It all seems so tameish. I'm use to the more risque lingerie, though I own exactly ZERO of either category.

My favorite was the Annie Chemise. Slightly see-through, mostly sexy. Nice covering of the nastiness that is my stomach post-pardum.

Also, me? Also at the heaviest I've ever been non-pregnant.


I love the Lady Godiva Chemise!


the ingrid chemise would be awesome!


I liked the Ingrid Chemise in eggplant. Many of them were very pretty though.


Does anyone else find the funny in donating lingerie? The visual of some poor lady trying to clothe her 6 children come across Amalah's lingerie and thinks "YES! I MUST HAVE! SCORE" and I laugh. :)

I'm a fan of the Colette Lace PJ Pant.


I'm lovin the Lady Godiva Chemise! Would make me feel puuuurdy!


I love the delirious french brief, not the least of which for its name!


Nice! I'm looking for something to replace my much beloved floppy pants. The Colette Lace Pants could be really good. (And lace!)

E's Mommy

The Gisele chemise in navy is so pretty!


The India Chemise and shorties are so pretty!


Ooh, I too love the Ingrid chemise! Or really anything!


I'm more of a cover-up kind of girl. The Lady Godiva Classic Robe is the way to go for me! What color do you like?

Amy R

India retro bralet pleeeease!


I had to force myself not to say "any of the pajama pants", so I'm going with the Gisele Tunic.


I love the Tigerlily Chemise. So cute!

Sarah M

Wow, that lingerie is so beautiful!


Oh! OH! OH! Pick me! I have post baby muffin top too!

I love the delrious french breif and the matching bra... although that cami you like is very cute too!


I love the India chemise - gorgeous


Love the Nadine Chemise.


Love Eberjey! I was just thinking I want an Ingrid Chemise....


I think it's safe to say I've moved on from the thongs and into something more along the lines of what they're calling the "shortie." My poor husband.

Julie Williams

Very timely post for me, as all my current bras are left-over nursing bras -- which have been thru two kids and whole lotta wear! So I think I'd have to go with the Anouk bra (although the Godiva chemise is beautiful, too). :)

Katie B

Another commenter who is just out of nursing bras...they don't fit, and neither does the "before" lingerie, so I'd love something plush and new, especially from the India collection!


Starlight Chemise! And this post inspires me to actually wear it.

Jenn S

I love the Gisele robe! I am kind of embarrassed to admit it, but because I'm overweight, I own NO lingerie. none. I'm sure my husband would love it if I did but I've never been comfortable enough wearing it yet.


hmmmmmmmmmm i'm gonna go with the Delirious Chemise.....or, actually, everything really.


GISELE CHEMISE! Gorgeous. :)

the ambitious mrs

I'm liking the Nadine Teddy. I think I wear more lingerie now then before having children, mostly because I have a lot of extra skin in my tummy and I prefer it keep it covered always (sexy style.)


Nadine chemise. Am I the only one who thinks donating lingerie is a bit...ick? I mean, I get where you're going not wanting to just throw it out, but can you imagine wearing someone else's lingerie?


yeah our hubbies don't care how big our asses are as long as they get to touch them (according to Rants from Mommyland). I would bet that Peek a Boo collection would not last too long once I modeled it for mine, and my bod is nothing to write home about. Seriously though, this was a really awesome post--thanks for writing.


I like the Bardot chemise. Very pretty.


The Annie chemise.

I am posting this while pumping. None of my old sexy things fit anymore. I could really stand this.


Liking the Warm at Heart Chemise!


I love the Sabrina Shelf Bra Chemise. Because, let's face it, after 3 kids and a lot of cheesburgers, anytime I can rest the girls on a shelf and have them look not quite so.... sad... I'm satisfied

Hannah Hawley

The Bardot 3/4 Sleeve Chemise be still my heart!


I really love the Tigerlily chemise. My husband would be thrilled to come home and find me wearing a new piece of lingerie. I haven't bought new lingerie, to add to my collection of two, in well over a year. I didn't even buy new lingerie for our wedding a month and a half ago. Gasp!

April F

As my husband would say, "Boobies!!"


I love the 3/4 sleeve Bardot too - although I wish the model would stand up so I can see how it hangs.

And what the heck is a bralet? Anyone?

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