Naps Are Wasted On The Young
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Naps Are Wasted On The Young, Part Two

Meanwhile, not long after I wrote yesterday's post and tried (again) (and failed) (again) to coax Baby Ike into a nap, I realized Ezra was being AWFULLY nice and quiet downstairs. Suspiciously quiet. Like, now-is-the-time-I-realize-he's-decided-to-dump-a-bag-of-flour-down-the-toilet-for-fun quiet.

Nope. He was just really very tired.

Ezra may 16 20121

Even Ceiba was like, uh, is you dead? 

Ezra may 16 20122

Nah, he's fine. Just drunk, probably.

Ike also eventually, finally caved to utter exhaustion. 

Ike may 16 2012 1

Also in a slightly unorthodox location. My children do have beds, I swear. Horrible, hateful beds, apparently. Whatever, I'm not here to reason with any of you crazy people. You stay there and dent your face up all you want. 

Ike may 16 2012

(Awwwww. I want to stroke that fluffy head, but I won't, because SHHHHH NOBODY BREATHE WHOEVER WAKES HIM UP GETS THE HOSE, I MEAN IT.)



This is laugh out loud adorable.

Amelia Sprout

With a backpack on? Kill me dead, horribly cute. Its like he tried to pack up and run away but fell asleep first.


Kids sleeping in strange places is adorable, although mine has fallen asleep on the floor ONCE. My nephew prefers the floor to his bed, and my kid has to be comfortable and held, preferably.


Wearing his backpack, no less. That never ever happens at my house.

Cheryl S.

Ezra looks like he just fell down right where he was, backpack, sneakers and all.

And the hose is right! My daughter is nearly 7 and I still yell at the husband if he talks too loud after she goes to sleep at night!

I've woken up on my floor with my cats sniffing me for signs of life. Sadly, I was much older than Ezra!

Jessica V.

I just snorted out loud at this post. Ezra's collapse while wearing his backpack kills me dead.


I love first-time moms are all "awww sweet baby fell asleep in an awkward position. let me move the baby to a comfy bed." With the last, moms switch to "woo hoo! naps! Do Not Touch that baby!"


That is just dear. What little sweethearts.


LOVE!!! This. I can't seem to ever get pictures of my kids like this, because damn, they seem to get put into bed before this happens. I will totally embarrass each baby with the one picture of each sleeping in a weird place, which is usually just the highchair.


PS. we have the same doorway jumper! It doesn't induce sleep in our house, just poop.


Oh my...just love how baby Ike has his arms boys did the it!!


I am going to leave this place with its crazy non-sleeping baby, gonna get my shoes, my bag, sit down a minute and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I passed out at the bottom of the stairs before. There was tequila involved. I believe you gave the liquor to the wrong boy.

the bee

Just when I think it cannot get cuter ... it does! We have never had kids that nap in our family and have used puzzles and tv to at least get some quiet. Yes, tv as a babysitter. Let the mocking begin.


omg. the cute. I can't stand it.


Fresh spring-time air. I think that's what is doing it to these boys.
Mine are turning in about the same time at night and sleeping a bit later. I just make sure to exhaust them/get them to sweat/run them around like crazy-people every afternoon.


That is absolutely the most precious baby sleeping photo I have ever seen. With his arms crossed and all. SWEET!


omg you birth the most adorable babies. i want to eat them.




Poor little Ezra, walked in the house after school and couldn't make it up the steps. He is the cutest thing, I don't know how you could ever accuse such an angelic child of doing something like putting a bag of flour down the toilet.

Erika Mitchell

Awwwwwww seeing that sweet baby asleep in his swing melts my heart!


Ceiba: Uh, is you dead?

Made me LMAO, out loud for reals.


So, the blog-about-it cure worked yet again. :) I need a mommyblog to see if describing how baby WILL NOT sleep i'm his crib would suddenly fix it.


Why do I feel like there will be other pictures like this of Ezra in his college years?

Korinthia Klein

That's adorable.



I've also got a sleep-where-you-fall type. I'm about to move him upstairs right now, actually.


I love these. My daughter never ever fell asleep any where adorable like that. Apparently she once fell asleep at the counter at daycare while eating french fries, but there is no photo evidence so it didn't happen. Also, my husband and I's mantra when she was a baby: You wake her, you take her.


I would totally take these pics, and others similar that also include Noah doing the same, and put them in a collage photo frame and hang it in your bedroom or hallway or something. These are ADORABLE and not to be seen by just interweb stranger people but real live friend/family people. I cannot stand the cuteness of him still wearing his backpack and Ikea's perfectly adult-like folded arms. Insanely cute. Srsly.


I love that Ezra still has his backpack on. So adorable!


That's basically the cutest thing I've ever seen. It amazes me how kids don't realize how awesome sleep can be. They fight it and end up crashing mid-step while wearing a backpack while the dog looks on with judgment. See, dogs totally 'get' it when it comes to naps. Kids should be more like dogs.


Ha - brilliant!!

Courtney Tucker

That first picture is perhaps the funniest child sleeping picture I have ever seen. Your kids are awesome!


Wook at widdle Ezwa with his backpack on!! Must eat him all up!

Nancy R

How did you resist re-arranging the furniture, drawing a tattoo on your face, and napping in the conversation pit...and when they woke asking, "Dude, WHAT HAPPENED?" You may have missed an opportunity to re-enact The Hangover preschool-style.


This looks like an episode of The Twilight Zone, where some kind of sleep gas was released into the air, stopping anything adorable in its tracks... Hilarious. (Also: Hooray, naps!)


This is totally better than my son, who, as a way of expressing his displeasure at the very idea of a nap, decided to take his shorts and diaper off and then point at me using his baby junk through the slats of his crib!

Corey Feldman



"Whoever wakes him up and gets the hose" is AWESOME. And so true. I'm a first-time mom and I swear, I've turned into the Noise Nazi: "What's that sound? WHY ARE YOU BREATHING SO LOUD?!?"


Waking up a sleeping child is a HANGING OFFENCE in my house.

Just so you know.

Big Gay Sam

awww... so cute. :)


That's beyond adorable. I have threatened many a soul for disrupting the nappage. One of my kids fell asleep in the bottom of a grocery shopping cart face down, with her butt sticking up in the air.


I have that EXACT SAME napping-in-the-bouncer photo of one of my sons! Sadly, the last baby who didn't absolutely hate the bouncer was, like, three kids ago. : (

Pansy Lane

This is way too adorbs.


When my daughter was a baby, she never went to sleep in a bed (unless she had a boob in her mouth). Swing, car seat, stroller, floor, lap, couch, yes.
I have so much sympathy for the no nap situation. There is nothing worse than walking into walls due to sleep deprivation, plus not having a minute to yourself all day long.


I thought my child was the only one who could fall asleep backwards over a rock! His favorite napping place is the living room floor and you know what - have at it kid! I'm not going to fight you for hours to nap in bed for us to spend the rest of the day cranky and tired. Besides, you obviously have Mother of the Year all sewn up... ;)


Oh wow... that sleeping Ike picture is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.

die Frau

Absolutely have that picture of Little Bear asleep in his Jumperoo. I kind of wish he'd still do that.

They're such angels when they're sleeping....

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