Kindergarten, Day 180
The (Belated) Obligatory

Places My Children Insisted They Were Not Tired

At the airport:

Photo (7)

On the plane:

baby ike on the plan

At the dinner table, night #1:

Sleeping kiddos 11

At the lunch table, day #2:

Sleeping kiddos 12

Sleeping kiddos 13

At the beach:

Sleeping kiddos 14

At the beach:

Sleeping kiddos 31

At the beach:

Sleeping kiddos 21

On the bus back from De Palm Island (home of the water slides):

Sleeping kiddos 41

(Not pictured: Ezra, Ike and Mama similarly tanked out in the back row.)

At the dinner table, night #3:





In the crib:

Sleeping kiddos 42

In the bed:

Noah ez aruba1

(More photos at the Amalah's West blog here and here.)



I think sleeping children photos are the best, even more so when it has to be uncomfortable but they are just *that* tired.


I need to go to Aruba. My children never ever just fall asleep like that.


Love their little sleeping expressions! Ike is such a blondie - so cute. Love his "on a roll" t shirt! Hope they slept so soundly, and that they slept in :-)


I think that my favorite shot is the last one with Ezra stretched out on Noah. Them's would be fighting, uh, words, in my family. Tired kiddos = successful days!

Thanks so much for sharing these, they are so, so adorable.


I love the whole I am not sleepy, the moon is not out, I not go night, I not slzzzzzzzzzzz.


Ha, love it. Sleeping babes are the best.


I call that "faceplant tired" and consider it a sign of parenting done right. (because it happens after things like swimming, not because I have my kid in a bar after closing.)


oh. my. GOD. it's going to be yearsssss before i can even consider having kids of my own, but these three? they're making me want to start TOMORROW. good grief, are they adorable!


It looks like they had a wonderful time.


OMG too cute! Baby Ike is um...becoming not so babyish anymore. On the beach chair he looks huge!!

Leslie M.

Dude. When did Noah's feet get so big? It's like he's a teenager already!


Ok..umm, our infant children look alike..except mine is a GIRL and BLACK..nature is weird.


This warms the very cockles of my heart! I have a similar picture of my daughter on vacation with a half-eaten cracker hanging out of her mouth.


Can't lie, the photo of the towel completely covering a sleeping child on the beach is ADORABLE.


Love. The places they fall asleep is near miraculous. My 8yo son fell sleep in the car on the WAY to football practice in full pads. They are such sweet babies.


I love it when they have that "baby bird" hair, all soft and wispy and feathery like Baby Ike's. They really are so sweet at that age. (Savor it, for soon he'll be fourteen and in trouble for telling dick jokes in front of his step-grandma. Not that I'm bitter, or anything...)

Sue W.

Damn mamma, vacashuns are haaaaaaaaard, don'tcha know?!

Korinthia Klein

Good thing they weren't tired any of those place or that could have been awkward.

Corey Feldman

Adorable. I love when kids insist they aren't tired and fall asleep wherever.

Kim W.

The trifecta! Oh my god. I'd order another drink and savor that moment. (Then I'd wonder how two of us would get the three back to the hotel room. I guess that's what strollers are for.)

sister mary margaret kissmyass

You one brave soul to go to Aruba! I checked out he links (only cuz I wanted to see your pics). Aruba is the one place I swore I would never go (yeah, because of the holloway thing and how they were treated) ... oldest son just went to Guatemala for 3 months vacation and I was relieved it wasn't Aruba! lol...drug cartels, dead bodies (yup, he saw on along side the road)...I was crapping my pants and praying daily I wouldn't get a "call".

I still wish they were small like yours so that I could hold them close and keep them out of harms way. I'm pretty sure I'm living vicariously thru you via this blog. Hell, I'm a fucking grandma now! :) (yeah, I still really, really, really, like the eff-word, sigh)

red pen mama

The picures of the children asleep at the table have me cry-laughing. The fact that children hit that tipping point where sleeping is much more vital than eating still slays me.


The TRIFECTA!!! That is awesome.


Those be some tired babies! Very well done. Nothing beats those moments when all the kids are all sleeping at once.

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