The (Belated) Obligatory
Deep Fried Sand Nugget

Putt, Putt & Away

We're away AGAIN this week. Visiting family in Ocean City. I know, right? I don't really know what we're thinking, taking all these exhaustifying vacations and creating preshus childhood memories and crap. 

Speaking of which, the following photo is quite possibly the best representation of life with three children I have ever managed to take. And quite possibly just the greatest photo ever, flat-out:


Not to oversell it, or anything. But come on. As sybdix commented (when I posted this on Instagram), this is life with three kids: Carrying one, helping another and trying not to step on the third.

Yes, exactly. And any day when you manage to not drop and/or step on anyone is a raging success. The teaching/helping step is optional.

Posting this week shall be light yet not-completely-non-existent. (But completely-over-hyphenated-as-per-usual.) I'm taking the week off from Mamapop, but don't let that stop you from reading all the other awesome stuff less-highly-overrated-than-me people are posting.


Oh, and my summer schedule at Alphamom is dropping down to one Advice Smackdown a week. Which is killing me because that column is like, the ONE PLACE ON EARTH where people occasionally seem to listen to what I am telling them to do, put that down Ezra, put that DOWN, Noah stop spinning in the living room, stop SPINNING, Ike Ike Ike no no no no no OKAY SORRY I GOTTA GO GUYS SHIT IS HAPPENING HERE. 






Oh, bummer. I love the smack down and I don't even have any kids. Please tell me what day you will be posting each week so I don't have to check it obsessively? Thanks!


Oh, bummer. I love the smack down and I don't even have any kids. Please tell me what day you will be posting each week so I don't have to check it obsessively? Thanks!


I also love the smackdown!! I will be sad to see the posting decrease :( I don't suppose we can start a riot about this..

Cute photo and Sybdix captioned it very well!

Enjoy your vacation Act II.

Korinthia Klein

That first photo completely encapsulates what it feels like to be home with my kids most days. (Except I'm trying to use a laptop instead of a putter, but still....)


Beaches. Awayness. Probably multiple good tasting, spirit filled umbrella drinks while away at beaches. I hates you and the gold clubs he'll probably hit you in the shin with if you stand too close behind him. I wouldn't even offer you one of the probably open, probably crumb covered Elmo band-aids in the bottom of my crumb covered purse.

Have fun!


NOOOOOOOOOO!! The Advice Smackdown can't go down to one post a week! Tears and woe! Where do we sign a petition to get it back?


There are days when I fantasize about having a third baby. But then I read your column and am like no no no no nononono.

Am. Tired. Just. Reading.


Jealous... of you & your vacationy vacations (and maybe your 3 beautiful kids, even though I have 2 of my own... yours are still small though, mine are big & smelly (& getting a drivers license this week, maybe! yikes!))


God bless y'all for trying to make memories with putt-putt, I have made a law, NO putt-putt on family vacation, by the end we're all irritated and yelling at each other=not fun. I despise putt-putt, actually the feelings I have towards putt-putt are probably a little disturbing considering it's putt-putt. Aaaaaanyway, have a great time at the beach!!

Sue C

When my three were that little, it was always the oldest jumping up and down on my shoe tops asking, "Mama can we, Mama can we?....", the middle one drifting along about 50 feet behind and the youngest circling around us like Pluto in its orbit. And me trying to keep track of them all! So glad those days are behind us!


Nooooo! Advice Smackdown gets me through the week (am SAHM to a 13-month-old). Every day I say, "Hm, what day is it? It's Monday/Wednesday/Friday! Yay! Amalah advice post today! I will miss it. Will you be back to more AS posts in the fall, or is this new schedule permanent?


You've got to love that photo of Jason and the boys -- adorable! He is a keeper!

Lisa Y

I thought about your photo this afternoon when I had one asking me to fix her computer game while I was reading to another and holding the toddler's foot to keep her from throwing herself off the arm of the couch. Sometimes life with three just feels like constant triage--who needs me the MOST?


Please, not the non-existent. I need the CAPS LOCK/hyphens to remind me that I'm sane. (I love Smackdown, too, but lately it's more "la,la, la, I don;t have a baby anymore" love- my littlest is potty training!)

Lynda M O

You are correct about that photo being the best in the world. Ever Taken No Question About It.

Corey Feldman

Adorable pictures


You should send that pic of Jason to Babywearing Dads!


omg, i went to ocean city one time. we are like sisters now.


You quoted me!! Huzzah (although I feel like a bit of a fraud - only two kids... doesn't make it less true). Made my day!!

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