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So you probably thought that since we were en route to Aruba on Ike's first birthday proper, you were going to be spared the excruciatingly boring "Baby's First Cupcake" photo essay, aka Why Do Parents Think It Is Cute To Post Pictures Of Kids With Poop-Colored Schmutz On Their Faces.

BISH, PLZ. It's like you don't know me at all. I am a slave to tradition. Or maybe it's just reruns, given that my children are all soo eerily similar-looking that I could probably post pictures of any of them and be all, "Here! It's Baby Ike! Kinda. It's a blondish round boy baby. Gimme a break, I'm tired."

Baby Ike's first chocolate cupcake experience started out predictably enough, with great dramatic flourish:


Followed quickly with that moment of ZOMG THIS FEELS AMAZING IN MY MOUTHHOLE:


And then the aborable scrunchy-face that results when you are unable to just unhinge your entire jaw to cram more cake inside at once:


Aaaaand the dawning realization that historically, we enjoyed this ritual at home. Usually sans clothing. Why did we...oh, right. The mess. The terrible, terrible mess.


Not to be indelicate, but just BE YE WAY GRATEFUL that you can't see what's happening below his waist, because at some point Ike decided he was full. But since he didn't want to relinquish control of the cupcake (leftovers, yo!), he decided to hide it. On the high chair. Under his butt. Yeeeeah. Squish.

Applause! Hooray cupcakes! Hooray for smushed chocolate frosting in your thigh rolls! Hooray for being at the one age of your entire life when smushed chocolate frosting in your thigh rolls could possibly be considered not weird at all!


And that's when things got kind of weird:


Mmm, bib.





It is true. The bib got a much bigger and more enthusiastic reaction than the cupcake did. I'm not really surprised, though. Ike is my third baby. I'm super laidback and go-with-the-flow now, in ways I probably wasn't when Noah and Ezra were this age.

In other words: that bib was positively FILTHY. 

PS. Baby Ike, Imma let you finish, but Baby Ezra had the best "Baby's First Cupcake" reaction shots of all time. OF ALL TIME!



heheheh "Imma let you finish" --- ooh soo jaded mama, sooo jaded

Call me Jo

How do you produce such adorable childrens?!


True, the Ezra photo with the "dude. You have no idea" caption is my all-time favorite.


Keep on doing what you do, girlfriend. You gave me my belly laugh for the morning.


Love these. Baby-stuffing-baked-goods-into-their-mouth photos NEVER get old!


Om nom nom! Lol'd at the bib is filthy comment. Ezra's photos were hilllarrious!


A whole year. Shit's amazin', yo. But yeah, Ezra's reactions were priceless because no, it's all gone, screw this bib hulksmash.


Priceless pictures, this brings back lots of happy memories! Thanks


I can't get past "...Ike's first birthday..."

Lynda M O

I want to eat him, or which ever one is nearest to me since they all look so eerily similar. Great phrase that could be used to describe my two brothers and i as well.


At the end of this post I get an advert for Cake decorators in my country - sensible, right? At the end of Ezra's post? Cake strippers! I .... Kind of need to know what cake stripping might involve.

charlotte media

So cute! I am so jealous because I wanted these kinds of shots. My boy was way more interested in meatballs (ate 3) and had no interest in his cupcake. Today I saw a 1 year old walking with a chocolate cupcake smooshed in 1 hand and a pig in the blanket in the other hand (just blanket) with a little bit of hot dog (the pig from said blanket) coming out of his mouth, so cute!


Showing us 2 out of 3 was just not fair. I need another link. For full scientific comparison reasons, of course. Nomnomnomnomnommmmmm


"Squish" hehehehehehe

Ike's "squish" and Ezra's "HULK..." awwww

Happy Birthday to all of you, especially Ike :)

Korinthia Klein

Sooooooo cute!


Glad to know my kid isn't the only one that enjoys eating fabrics. Burp cloths, his clothes as they go over his head, etc. All go right in the mouth for nomming!


Happy Birthday Baby Ike! So so so cute photos but, yes, having just read Baby Ezra's I am seriously laughing so hard here. The best ever!


I see no reason to wait until my birthday to have smushed chocolate frosting in my thigh rolls; it's pretty much a daily thing with me. (Allegedly.)

Corey Feldman



Love your captions for all photos -- spending his first birthday in Aruba. Wow, guess the standard's set pretty high now. And I have to say, since you have already closed off comments on Ezra's 1st bday. So FUNNY! Laughing with watery eyes -- I actually had tears, Amy! Beautiful family!

Lynn Brooks

Happy Birthday Ike! I wanted to see that video of Ezra meticulously eating a cupcake. Remember? I've never seen anything like it! Love your blog thanks for sharing:)


You were saying who wants to see baby's first cupcake shots and my mind immediately went to the awesome pics of Ezra that are still fresh in my mind even though I'm going to go click on that link as soon as I post this comment (no disrespect Baby Ike, you win for saying your own name at 10 months or however ridiculously young you were).

Baby Clothing

So cute!They are fantastic!


I generally don't comment, but today I felt I have to say I have been reading your blog for about 4 years now and you. are. hilarious. Today reading the blog at my lunch I nearly choked on my sandwich and had tears of laughter running down my face. Then I went back and read Ezra's birthday cupcake post and laughed even harder. Thank you for making me laugh and being a bright spot in my day. Best wishes.

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