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Man. Did I really only post two times this week? Did I really have that little say about the ENDLESSLY FASCINATING SUBJECT that is myself? Damn, I am losing my narcissistic grip, or something.

It's the week before BlogHer (and even more importantly, one week before SPARKLECORN 2012 OH HELL YEAH), and I'm doing my yearly routine of running around like a newly headless chicken trying to get everything done. It's REALLY HARD to get everything done when you have no head, guys. I really don't recommend it. 

I have so much to do! So many feelings about things that I feel!

Like: My Other Job is consuming my life, but in a good way. (And I'm not trying to be all secretive about it, for the record. I mean, find me on LinkedIn and it's all right there. It's more that it would probably bore y'all to tears, unless maybe you're in the IT field and super geeked about Azure and SharePoint development and hybrid cloud scenarios. Not that there's anything wrong with being geeked about those things. Those things are awesome, frankly. Fuck yeah hybrid cloud! Somebody start me a Tumblr!) So it's weird to suddenly ditch all that for a few days, to go from being some Sooper Professhunal Blog & Social Media Person to...well. That girl who climbed on a table and took bites of a giant unicorn cake's ass last year. 

Also like: I'm pretty sure the baby will wean while I'm gone and on the one hand, okay, he's gotten really extra bite-y this week and is losing interest anyway and my crap supply is crap with a side of double crap, but on the other hand, nooooooooooo. Wah. Etc. 

Anyway. He's still delicious. 


I chew on his face a lot, yes. His whole head is like a baked potato topped with downy spun sugar.


PS. Chalkboard wall protip, coming from someone who has been a chalkboard wall professional for all of five days now: You can completely and easily erase the chalk residue with Endust sprayed on a dry towel. Works like a charm, and also quickly, which is good for when you realize you left up a vaguely obscene doodle from the night before, right as your children are coming downstairs for breakfast. 



checked out linkedin. fancy. are you done with babble? linkedin looks like you are done there- please no- have enjoyed amalah's west...Also type of chalkboard pain used? Have heard bad things- yet yours seems to be lovely. thanks!


Now I see why we need a magnetic chalk-board wall. Because nobody can push the magnetic letters under the wall.


Excellent point Christine! I wish I had thought of that prior to spending hours of my life I'll never get back fishing animals and letter out from under the stove....


@sharon: Benjamin Moore! We did one coat with some other (cheaper) brand and it was crap. All bumpy and weird. The Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint is the bomb.


Disappointed there were no pictures of the slightly obscene doodles!


Aw shit, it's on! I know I gots some circa '98 Endust in that house! (Does Endust have an expiration date?)

Big Gay Sam

You drew a penis, didn't you?


You might want to let your employer know that they spelled the word "committed" wrong on their first graphic; it says "commited to results, not hours billed" - oops.

Also I totally stalked you on LinkedIn.

Katie in CA

We have a chalkboard wall and two smaller chalkboards made with leftover paint. Thanks for the linky tips. I use water and it never comes clean. Our chalkboards are purple!


Obscene pics from the chalkboard wall or it didn't happen! :) J/K...unless you'll really show us! ;)


Endust? People really buy that, huh? It is a great name. Explains everything. I wish my dust would end.

Chaton's World

Love your blog, so funny and wonderful! Can't wait for Blogher 2012 either! Hope to see you there. Meanwhile, check me out at : http://chatonsworld.blogspot.com/


Do you think it was worth the magnetic paint? I am about to redo my kitchen and am considering this.. totally doing chalkboard but maybe also doing magnets!


You might be surprised on the weaning thing. We did a childless vacation for a week (Aruba FTMFW!) when my toddler had just turned 2yrs, and I had completely resigned myself to the fact he would wean while I was gone. Well, we got back and he didn't nurse the first day and I thought that was it. But then the next day it was all "oh yeah, these things are awesome!" and we went for another 6mos until I finally, permanently kicked him off my chest.

This will be my first BlogHer when I wasn't either pregnant or nursing, so I'm all kinds of stoked about not having to stress about balancing drinking and milk supply.


@Delora Two weeks! That's amazing. I totally would have assumed that was the end.

Question: Did you bring your pump and stuff? My supply is so meager at this point that the pump produces NOTHING and I'm not sure it's worth lugging with me. So I guess maybe I'm more thinking "I'm going to dry completely up" and less "Baby will reject me afterwards forever."


What, obscene drawings on your couch weren't enough?? ;)

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