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I get a lot of email. Like, more than that. A lot a lot a lot.

This is by no means a humblebrag about how ever so popular I am, or anything. I probably get a very small handful of ACTUAL emails from ACTUAL people who count. Opening the laptop in the morning usually reveals a crop like this:

ONE Mamapop distro thread about Sparklecorn 2012/gossip item/posting schedule that devolved rapidly into an animated .gif war at some point the night before and now contains 73 messages.

ONE email from a friend, or maybe my mom or sister.

ONE email from a nice friendly blog reader.

SEVENTEEN DOZEN assorted newsletters I did not sign up for, you rat bastards. 

SEVENTY-FIVE HUNDRED spammy PR pitches of the Wil Wheaton collating variety (i.e. Hello Blogger Mommy, I have been reading your blog AMALACH for several months now and love it! Your recent post about your dog/baby/houseplant really hit home and is what prompted me to write and offer you the chance to interview Dr. Martin Van Hornsplotch on the role that non-organic orange juice may have played in the TomKat divorce.). 

FIVE blog-related businessy emails that are relevant and need to be responded to, provided I am lucky enough to dredge them out of the endless waves of FIVE SUMMER COCKTAIL RECIPES INSPIRED BY A Z-LISTER WEARING NAIL POLISH garbage. 

Last December, I finally decided to take charge of my inbox and figure out how to delete all unread messages en masse. I herded them up (then of course frantically read a few that looked suspiciously personal after all, only to once again fall victim to crafty yet useless PR pitches) and the results were kind of shocking:

Inbox insanity



I vowed to never let things get that out of hand again. I created filters. I unsubscribed. I marked as spam. I requested to be removed from mailing lists. I refused to give my email address at cash registers, even though that borders on a terrifying level of rudeness for me, because it's not the cashier's fault, but holy lands, please just let me buy some socks for my kids without dooming myself to seven emails a week about KICKY FUN SOCK STYLES FOR SUMMER (AS SEEN ON KINGSTON ROSSDALE).

I set up Priority Inbox and diligently deleted line after line of junk in the "Everything Else" section every day. know...I got kind of lazy again.

So seven months later, here we are:

Screen Shot 2012-07-19 at 10.04.44 AM



(And yes, the timestamps go on like that all day. I'm basically getting another completely useless email every two or three minutes. MADNESS.)

It has been suggested to me — pointedly I might add, by friends and family members who have found their emails getting lost in the Great Unread Sea — that it's time for me to create a second email address. To abandon my beloved, first-wave-of-Gmail-invites-back-in-the-day amalah@ handle and come up with a "secret" address that I only give out to a small select group of people. To basically hand this account over to the retail wolves and the PR people and shipping confirmation emails.

(And that one person who appears to live in the L.A. area and keeps giving my address at stores and specialty boutiques, either because they can't spell, don't realize the "fake" email they're giving out is someone's "real" account, or because they hate me and hate my blog and MWA HA HA I WILL SHOW HER. I WILL SHOW HER WITH NEWSLETTERS.)

You know what? NO. No I will not. This is my email address and I like it and I am keeping it. I will fight you for it. With...more filters and more unsubscribes and the Delete Key of Doom. 

(AAAAND here's where the sponsored stuff starts. It's super-helpful though, I promise.)

I am also now using Hipiti to eliminate the retail overload problem. Because yes, there ARE stores that I shop at that I want to get offers from. I want to know when there's a flash sale or a big coupon code. I also very much want to be able to FIND that information, preferably before I'm staring at an online checkout screen wondering if I missed a promo code. Hipiti solves this problem pretty handily: Sign up, select the stores you shop at, and Hipiti monitors them for you. You can view all current offers online in a dashboard mode or get ONE email from Hipiti in place of dozens. (The email settings are fully customizable too, so you can request that you only get emailed specific kinds of offers — I want the good stuff like coupon codes, free shipping, or flash sales; I have no patience for "trend alerts" or "new arrivals.")

And then you unsubcribe from allllll those individual mailing lists and breathe a sigh of relief. 

Hipiti is still in private beta, but you are cordially invited to come try it out with the promo code AMALAH. (In honor of my poor, besieged email address! Alas and alack.)

The very cool ladies who created it — Rama and Kristen — are also sponsoring a giveaway here: leave a comment and they'll send one winner a $50 gift card to whatever store you want

(EDITED TO CLARIFY: Uh, duh, one winner! I'll select sorry for the confusion!)

( sure to leave your email address. HA. HA HAHAHAHAHA.)



That sounds like a super useful new site! Thanks for giving us a sneak peak! :)


Omg I just went through THE SAME THING last month. This is the best service ever!! Can't wait to sign up and the giveaway is just a perk!


oh! I love this idea! Yay for pruning the email inbox!


I "solved" this problem by creating a filter for stores I like so their emails go into a folder that I never, ever remember to look in. So, not superhelpful. But a $50 giftcard would be!


I love that you can specify the type, I can't stand "trend alerts."

Rebecca S.

I have three email accounts for just this reason. But maybe Hipiti would be a better solution... off to check it out. Thanks!

Katie in CA

Aaand that is why I don't sign up for stuff. But I might with something like this!


The links appear to be broken!


What a great idea. Thanks for the preview!


The clerk at the Ann Taylor Loft outlet store in Rehoboth tried to shame me into giving her my email by telling me theirs were DIFFERENT from the eleventy ones I get from the regular Loft (apparently? The mind games left me confused.) So now basically I'm going to HIPITI all of them.

I suffer with you, sister. I almost bagged my Gmail last week for the same reason. I will not. Soldiering on.

Rebecca S.

Broken link?


Ug Spam. I hate it. I have a spam yahoo account that I use purely to sign up for anything I don't care to ever read after getting my original gmail account bombarded. I will go check out this Hipiti business ... maybe Pooh can help. Thanks for the tip!


Google filters are my friend. It took me roughly an hour to set it up and now it Just Does Things. Every day I get roughly 3-5 unsolicited things, rather than 45-50. I gotta admit, my mornings are less exciting though, when I wake up to check my email and realise I have ... two...


Why didn't I think of this? ;o)


Okay, okay, you can have *this* email address...


This is such a great idea! One email instead of eleventy jillion? I like it!


Oh man, do I ever feel your pain. My first-wave-o'-Gmail username is mmorrison. Unfortunately ALL OF THE MMORRISONS, ALL OF THEM, also think it's their email address. Mimi Morrison used my email for Mel Morrison uses it for inquiries about his seemingly self-run law school. Matthew Morrison and his wife, Megan, often use it to receive invites to family parties. (Aunt Linda is confused whenever I respond to say she's reached the wrong email address. She thinks her relative Megan is a huge bitch now, when really it's just me, Stranger Megan. But yet she still keeps emailing...)


What a great idea! I'm so sick of deleting emails 10 times a day b/c I have a sickness with a clean inbox.


I love this idea ... every time I try to control the inbox ... it's always a losing battle and soooo frustrating.


Sweet! This is a fantastic idea! So glad someone finally thought of it and made it. Way to go Hipiti!


Spam is something you eat not read...I have 2 e-mails that get a TON of spam..


Nice! I have been trying to prune back my emails since I've been on maternity leave, but GAH. It's still ugly if I ignore it for too long.


That is awesome, definitely signing up!


I have a "junk" email account, sadly. But all that aside, I have some serious sale/coupon-fiend friends who would love this idea!


I love this! It feels like either my inbox, or actual mailbox is always busting at the seams with junk. Streamlining it all? AMAZEBALLS!


I am thinking this is going to be the BEST thing to happen this week. Thanks Amy


Another sponsored post I actually enjoyed reading.


Oooh I'm very interested in this. I have tried having a junk email account but I foolishly put the word "junk" in the address, which makes me embarrassed to actually give it to anyone in retail so I then have to forward the emails from my real account and on and on we go. Hopefully this helps!


Oooh I'm very interested in this. I have tried having a junk email account but I foolishly put the word "junk" in the address, which makes me embarrassed to actually give it to anyone in retail so I then have to forward the emails from my real account and on and on we go. Hopefully this helps!

Carrie P

Ughhh those spam emails are so annoying.


Ooh, that sounds kind of awesome.


I get THOUSANDS of emails a day. It would be nice to trim that number down.


And here I thought my 2,078 unread emails in gmail was bad! Thanks for the heads up - sounds like a totally awesome way to help get rid of some clutter.


What an awesome idea! My hotmail inbox looks like someone beat it with an ugly stick but that is my email address I use for billing, etc. and I'm lazy so I won't change it to my supersecret gmail address.

Though I will give that one to you in the name of organization:

Thanks for recommending this!


I agree, I'm scared to even LOOK in my Spam folder.
Thx for the offer!


I completely created the second email box to try to reduce the amount of SPAM... ugh.


I "clean" the inboxes every few months and I hate dealing with - maybe - 200 emails. The amount you receive makes me want to hyperventilate.

Good recommendation!

Dawn K.

AH! This would be perfect! I already have two email addresses, but want a better way to sift through the three skrillion emails I get from retailers because I want some of them (the coupon codes) but dear lord my 2 year old doesn't need fashion updates about how stripes are suddenly in and make her look slim.


Sounds like such a cool idea. I have like 4 email addresses and always give one of them to stores when they ask so I know I can just ignore them but it would be nice to know about sales and such so this is a cool idea.


Sounds like such a cool idea. I have like 4 email addresses and always give one of them to stores when they ask so I know I can just ignore them but it would be nice to know about sales and such so this is a cool idea.


I HATE EMAIL SPAM! And i hate that i sign myself up for things and then get bombarded with useless emails from them too :)


Best thing EVER! Thank you!


Nice! What an awesome idea. I've contemplated unsubscribing from many lists, but don't want to miss the big sales/discounts. So glad someone has finally solved this problem for me. :)

Erin Miller Tosspon

Very cool. Can't wait to try it!


I hate how every few weeks (it should really be weekly, but yeah life) I have to go back in, then I get lazy and it's all I'm your distant cousin from Uzbekistanstanbul and need to me wire $500 I am your blood. As if! I simply cannot tolerate misplaced prepositional phrases.


This sounds great! Seriously, one company sends me the same email 9 times, every time. I always wonder if they only glitch on my email addy, or if every single person in their database gets every email 9 times. Is it on purpose? Accident? AGH!!


Just signed up for this! My email is also out of control. Thanks for the tip!


This sounds amazing. I was just about to go unsubscribe crazy convincing myself that getting rid of the email junk was worth missing a sale. But this sounds even better than that. Off to sign up!


Heading there now!!


That is a great idea! I can't believe no one's thought of it before; I am delighted to sign up for it. Thanks!


This thrills me to no end!! I'm so excited!!!


So awesome! This is a great idea.


What a great idea! I need to sign my husband up for this - he gives out his email/creates account for stores like its going out of style.


Thanks for sharing! My email can feel overly filled with newsletters & marketing emails and I'm not even a famous blogger, so this can help all of us!


Genius! I have so many subscriptions that I only hang on to the for the occasional coupon. Thanks!


I missed 5 VERY IMPORTANT emails from my daughter's girl scout camp (including one that change the time her bus picked up to EARLIER). So, yes, this is a helpful service!


That sounds pretty useful - I similarly want some LIMITED offers, but not the great masses of marketing crap that ends up in my inbox and makes me regret my email providing ways.


Oh. My. God. You are my hero! This is exactly what I am looking for to help cut down on the spam!!! I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!


I signed up, but didn't see where to put in the promo code? Seems very cool though!


That sounds like a great site. I'm sooo done with the emails.


Love this idea! I have had the same AOL email address since about 1993 and it is totally ME. When I've tried to switch out of AOL, I find that my email is already taken on gmail, comcast, verizon, yahoo...everything! (Thereby making it NOT totally me...zoinks.) I've toyed with abandoning the AOL account to the retailers (especially since it was just hijacked, and everyone I know received an email from "me") but can't abandon it! So, yes, I relate. :-)


This is a genius concept! Much better than frantically googling "[retailer] promo code" every time I get to checkout.

Jessica V.

What a great idea! I'm very excited to try this out. My in-box scares me.


Sounds good! It didn't really occur to me to pull the trigger and delete all unread, but I have deleted them page by page, now and then, whenever I have 15 minutes to devote to it that couldn't be better spent in any other way (haaaaaaaaa.) I also have a "special" private address.


Pick me! Nice post -- you have a great way of doing the sponsored stuff without giving me the creeps. Can't be said for all blogs.

Kim D

Yes...YES!!! This is perfect and brilliant.


This looks promising! Thanks for sharing!


Fantastic idea!


This sounds like a great service! One question, though - the way you wrote the bit about the gift card makes it look like they're giving one to every commenter? Is that even possible? If so, sign me up! :)


What a cool idea! And a $50 gift card? Sweet!


Hooray! It seems useful. I really do want to know when my favorites stores have a bomb sale going on, but I absolutely do NOT want to know that they now have cardigans in SIX! DIFFERENT! SHADES! OF THE SAME! COLOR!


Gift card! Yay!


What a great idea. Trying it right now...


What a great idea. Trying it right now...


I will definitely be using Hipti! I avoid my email at all costs, because of the newsletters,the spam, dear god whyyyy won't they leave me alone. I know how you feel though, I've had the same email for over 8yrs, I refuse to give up on it!!

Lori McBride

What a GREAT idea! Going to check it out right now! :0) Loving the $50 gift card too...thank you!


Sounds like a real blessing!


Can we jist talk about the ridiculousness that is snail mail, too? Even though I put us on the DO NOT CONTACT list (or whatever) Geico still seems to think that by sending me at least two letters a day they're going to make me not LOATHE them for their stupid caveman ads. But hey, the email thing sucks too, trust me.


I do wish there was a way to sign-up other than through Facebook. I am so over this constant barrage of "like us on Facebook" and now here's a service I could really use and the only way is to go through Facebook? Bleh.

Tina Powell

Hell yes!


That sounds super helpful! We're just about to move, so maybe I can sign up and see what's in our area... You know how much you end up spending on this and that after moving, for like 6 months? Coupons would be helpful! I gift card would be BONUS! LIKE! ;>

Miss Shell

Oh, my, this is awesome! The majority of the e-mails I get are from retailers, and I hate spending ten min. every morning deleting them. I will definitely check this out. I also feel you on declining to give my e-mail address at check out, and hate that some stores make it feel like it isn't just an option, but something you HAVE to do if you want to complete your purchase. Hate that.

Angie D

Now this is an awesome site! I have so many retail emails everyday it is insane!


Awesome giveaway. I hope their system helps. My email gets out of control, though not quite THAT out of control. :)


whoa... a change for free money?! Ugh... yes please!


Great idea; will check it out. Thanks!


that sounds like a good service. i don't need every email (2 a day) from Gymboree, but maybe once in a while would be ok. i'm going to check it out. Also, i a feeling lucky about the $50 gift card!


Definitely. Yes please. Minimize my offers for shirtdresses, maximize the savings.


I will for sure be trying this. thanks!

Jennifer Naquin Fox

I love this and need it desperately!! Thanks so much for posting this - I will have to try it out!!

kari weber

I don't do half the online things you do... and my inbox is WAY out of control!


AWESOME idea! Can't wait to try it.


While my problem is on a much smaller scale, I need to actually go in and unsubscribe to a bunch of the junk email I somehow get... I will check out this service and see what it's about!


I always pretend that I've never even heard of this 'e-mail' thing when the cashier asks for it.


This sounds awesome! (cueing in on "coupons, not trend alerts" - please and thank you!)


Sounds like a great new website. I'll have to check it out.


Hi Amy! Thanks for the tip on Hipiti - absolutely going to look into before I, too, drown in sea of dreck emails. :)


Sounds great!!! Checking it out now. Assuming that you'll get the e-mail address as entered in the field above...thanks!


I am convinced that I'm always missing out on the good coupon codes, sales, etc because I hate giving out my email. So yes, a great idea!


Hi again, Amy... ok, wait! I HAVE to sign up using Facebook? Look, I know you're not the one whoc created Hipiti and I think it sounds like an awesome idea, but geez... to R & K did I miss an alternative to a FB sign up? Thanks - still interested... kinda...

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