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What's Your (Kid's) Style

This post is sponsored by Wittlebee.

So these "online style profiles" are quite a Thing now, aren't they? The days of just going to a website and typing "black t-shirt" into a search bar are over, like what are you, some kind of e-caveman or something? Now it's all about personalized profiles and recommendations and letting fashion algorithms pick out your outfit because GOD KNOWS what you'd pick out if left to your own unstylish devices. 

(Pajamajeans, probably.)

The only problem with those personalized style profile things is...well, me. The personalized part. Because I managed to thoroughly overthink the process and second-guess myself.

"Do I reach for Vogue or InStyle at the hair salon? I don't know! Which one has Adele on the cover? And is US Weekly an option? Perferably something in a TomKat divorce edition? Because I would read the hell out of that right now."

And then I invariably try to impress the stupid thing and make it think I'm trendier than I actually am, and then my results are all, "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE LADY GAGA."

In other words, I still really need a nice plain black t-shirt. 

So it was with a small amount of trepidation that I agreed to create a personalized online style profile on behalf of my children with Wittlebee (which is a kids' clothing club that sends you monthly boxes of fun and mystery), because what if I answered wrong? Is Ezra's favorite color blue or red these days? What's the difference between "sporty" and "casual" and if I say Ike is a "hipster" am I being too aspirational by suggesting that I actually put thought into his clothing beyond "OH HEY LOOK THIS HAND-ME-DOWN IS NOT TOO STAINED"? 

I mean, let's be honest here. This...


...is not a photo of two children tearing up a Fashion Week runway. 

See, if I was asked to write a style/personality quiz for my kids, it would probably be something like this:



a) Made of ham and eyelashes.


b) Loves dogs, hates pants.


c) Is Lady Gaga.

I feel like those are straightforward questions with straightforward answers.

Wittlebee sticks to asking if your kid likes plaid or race cars. How do they feel about green? And do you need some socks?

I guess that works too. And I guess I did pretty okay on the quiz because they sent Ezra a monkey shirt. And I don't think you can do any better than a monkey shirt for that one.



Leave a comment on this post and I'll pick someone at random to win a free Wittlebee box of kids' clothes, all picked out nice and personal for you (sizes are newborn to 5T). Comments will stay open for seven days and then I'll contact the winner so please leave a valid email address.

Can't wait that long? Already convinced you are doomed to never win anything (PS I NEVER WIN ANYTHING.) Just totally addicted to taking personalized online style profile quizzes? Visit Wittlebee and use coupon code am15 for $15 off your first purchase between now and August 1st, 2012.


Jen Duffy

I NEVER WIN ANYTHING! (So I'd like to win this.) :)


Oh! I'd love to win this! My 2 year old grows WAY too fast and always needs more clothes.


I'm in. Sounds like a good way to find clothes for the kid without actually having to go to a store. Also - ham and eyelashes? Love.


Great giveaway! My kids are growing like weeds right now!


I totally don't go in for those personalized sites. Just show me everything! Let me pick! But I would be interested to try this out, esp if they have monkey shirts. My two-year-old is obsessed with monkeys.

Jen K.

I never win either!


Oh yes, I will attempt to win some delicious non-stained kid clothing. Not so sure I would ever get into online personalized styles for the children, since they pick out their own clothing these days and usually put them on backwards anyway. I'm still dressing the tiny one, since she is only 5 months old, but most of the time her clothing is on correctly.

Love the monkey shirt and the Gaga.


I may need this soon because I've realized that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find boys clothes on consignment as he gets older.


OMG I want to *nom* on Ike's little legs! You'd better put pants on him before everyone else gets that idea, too ;-)


Had to follow the pajamajeans link--hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Emily Fry



"OH HEY LOOK THIS HAND-ME-DOWN IS NOT TOO STAINED"? could describe my son's entire wardrobe. New stuff would be great!

julie w

To be truly personalized it would need to be a box of train tshirts. No need for pants. What is it about little boys and their hatred of pants?


There's nothing wrong with Lady Gaga as a fashion icon. That look is TOTALLY big with the 12-month and under set.

Tracy D

Do they have a category for nerd in training? Maybe plaid with argyle sweater and black knee socks? Cause that would probably be my son. And the other one? Naked. Ha.


Yay! Free stuff!


I think I'd feel the same way, everyone that's written about this program has mentioned you need to be very specific about what your kid likes. Well my kid likes to be naked so that doesn't help much. :) But it'd sure be fun to try!


Oh, I would LOVE to win this.


I would probably freak out and randomly pick answers to the questions. The box of clothes would sure be exciting to open!


I'd love to win some cute baby clothes. My baby girl suffers from a mommy who has no idea what to dress her in, and she really needs some new clothes!


OK, I technically don't have a child yet, because I'm technically 9 days overdue, but in 7 days when you choose a winner I will have a baby girl! Plus, my luck has got to be somewhere right, because it isn't with the whole going into labor thing, so maybe my luck is going to let me win things online. I can only hope!


I wish I had this for my work mornings!


I'd probably try to "impress" the personalized style quiz thingy, too ... Since, my lack of style is epic. It would be nice, then, to win so my kid doesn't have to suffer the same fate as me!! ;)


And what a cute little monkey!

Sonja Lange

I have three boys and the youngest has never had new stuff, this would be great.


looks so fun!


If I win can I gift it to my sister-in-law due any day now with a baby girl? Not that I'll win, since I win nothing. I agree about the profiles, I obsess about my answers and eventually end up with a profile that suggests every thing I'd never wear and I give up. It's too limiting, the profiles, if I can't have ALL the choices, do not limit me.


So cute! I would love a box for my little dude!


This is my first comment. The idea of style profiles for my children intrigued me just that much. Also, I am impressed by the fact that your boys are wearing hats. Mine refuse to keep them on, and also go nuts when I sunscreen their faces and heads to no end as a result.


Pick me! I would love to win some new clothes for my boys. They grow out of everything way too fast these days.


Thanks for the chance to win!

amyeaustin at gmail dot com


Ooh, I'd love to try out a Wittlebee box! Pick me!


"Made of ham and eyelashes" might be my favorite ever description of Ezra. He is too much!

Anyway, I'm always looking for ways to spoil nieces and nephews, so a box of surprise clothes could be so fun!

Kauli Whitmire

Fun giveaway!


Fun! Pick me :)


I am so obsessed with clothing for my little one, seriously. I would love to be picked so very much. :D!



Free stuff would be awesome!


So FUN!! I hope I win. Maybe if I go all "The Secret" here I WILL win. :)

Melissa Muro LaMere

If I win I promise to Instagram the hell out of my two month old in his cool new clothes.

Jen V

I never win anything and I have 3 adorable little girls to dress!


This concept is pretty cool, though with a boy, clothes are kind of whatever. Maybe I'm just not shopping in the right places... dunno.


I like free stuff. My daughter wears clothes. This could all work out so nicely.


Free? Count me in!


Freebies? Whee!

Susan - I agree.


I would really like to give this a try!


Free stuff is cool and I never win anything.


I have five nieces, but only two fit into the specified size range. The 14 month old has no opinion yet on clothing, but the five year old is gypsy chic all the way. If you put her in something sweet, she's all "can I wear my leopard leggins under this?" or "can I wear my Halloween wig, too?" She inherited the gypsy instinct from my sister. I'm sure she'd love a new box of clothes to mix and match :-)


I want to try this (for free).


Convenient for Bigger Boy, as I have ceased getting hand-me-downs from cousins and friends.

(Littlest Boy can make do with hand me downs forever, as far as I'm concerned!)


I would love to win :)


my kid doesn't have a style ... shes' 17 mo old and stays in footie jammies most days since we rarely leave the house!


my child is also made of ham and eyelashes :)


Hooray for free clothes! I hope I win something that FITS my very tall, very skinny two year old. Seriously, I need a 9 month waist with 3T length. I should probably learn to sew instead of reading blogs...

Cindy G

Great giveaway!!! Would Love to win this!!!


My grand daughter is going through a growth spurt now you would not believe...oh, wait, you have 3 boys of course you would believe me...

Never mind..she would love some new clothes!!!


Do they have a section for LEGO? If so, DO NOT CHECK THAT, PLEASE!?!


Monkey Shirt -- too cute! OK, truth be told, I don't have any munchkins of my own but a bestest friend is now gramma to TWO (2!) little ones and they go through clothes like the Kardashians. . .but, you know, with less vapidity


Never win at anything here either but what the heck, the child is a giant and seems to love dinosaurs, trains and socks to bed even when it's 100 bazillion degrees out and DON'T ARGUE WITH ME WOMAN, PUTS THE SOCKS ON THE FEETS!
And love the description of Ezra; seems to be most toddler boys!


I want to win this! :)


My five-year-old-sized three-year-old always needs clothes. Pick me, pick me!


My kid is only 3 months old, but I am working hard to develop a personal style for him - one that involves being clothed most of the time.


All the hand-me-downs are stained in this house... that's what happens with little boys who love bananas, I suppose.


I never win anything. But we are entering the dreaded potty training stage and I needs me some clothes to put on my wildly peeing and pooping boy!

p.s. How many clothes did you actually get in the box? For $40 - $15, what could I expect?


I'd be down with some monkey shirts!


Non-stained clothing for the second-born would be nice.

(And when I first saw that picture of Ezra over on Twitter, I noticed the shirt immediately!)


I have a 19 month old grandson who's currently into dinosaurs and dirt. OK, and boats and water and cars and "Yo Gabba Gabba" (last time I knew, anyway). No real preferences wrt clothes yet, but he looks cute in everything.


Where can I get pants that won't rip in the knees 5 seconds after my son puts them on? Can I win just to get another supply of pants for him to demolish?


My daughter is more fashionable then I will ever hope to be (because her grandma buys all of her clothes!).


Those personalized style quizzes are more like "Which Kardashian are you?" To which I wonder, "There's a difference?" For this t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops wearing girl, none of the results are ever appropriate. Also, why can't you just browse their stock? It's like they don't want to sell the things. Though, I'm encouraged to hear this one has so far worked out for Ezra.

Rashelle Dubrule

Ooh me pick me! My 3 month old girl definitely needs some peronalised clothing cause you know she cares! Whatever, mommy cares!


I've been wanting to try this!


I believe you described Ike's "constant embiggening" at one point and wow, are we there. So, yeah, this would be great to win!

Rebekah Y

I never win anything either! Oh, except once when I won a "second place" prize and got a $15 gift certificate for a website that I would never order anything from (their lowest priced item was $50). It was very very sad.

Rebekah Y

I never win anything either! Oh, except once when I won a "second place" prize and got a $15 gift certificate for a website that I would never order anything from (their lowest priced item was $50). It was very very sad.


Sounds interesting. I would love to win.


Pick me, pick me! My son is growing out of all his 12-16 month clothes (possibly because he's now 17 months) and apparently that was the cut off age for all the non-newborn stuff we got as baby shower gifts so, so, so, he needs more clothes! Thaank you!


Oh I love contests, although I never win either... I do, however, have 3 children made of ham and eyelashes, so there is that.


Ooh!! Free clothes!! I have no experience whatsoever with picking out clothes for a baby girl, yet I'm faced with exactly that situation as we speak. I'd love to get a chance to do this for her, since she's otherwise getting a TON of hand-me-downs and not much new.


This is such a cool idea. Heading over to the Wittlebee website now! PS-I love the monkey shirt!


Oh man this rocks. My kid needs clothes like WOAH!


I think every kid needs a monkey shirt!


I actually did when a Babble giveaway once, and I'd love more free baby stuff. I would also love to see my husband do one of these quizzes.


I have a 5 year old boy. I think any other explanation as to why I'd love to win this would be superfluous...5. Year. Old. Boy. :)

PS "ham with eyelashes" would have been my answer


Please let me win, I am toilet training 3 year old twins and need more shorts to avoid doing 90 million loads of laundry a day!


I need to win some wittlebee clothes for my wittlebaby coming in September. Wow that wasn't as cute as I imagined in my head.


Seems like a dream come true since my unborn child doesn't have any clothes because A) there are no gender neutral outfits out there and B) the baby stores give me Hive-y anxiety when I walk into them.


Pick me pick me random number generator thingy!!!!

Amy P

I always try to impress the quiz -and then I end up with recommendations I would never actually wear...


Kids are very expensive, so I especially love free clothes. :)

Amy K

I was just grumbling about the fact that my daughter is outgrowing all of her 4T clothes, so c'mon lucky dice! Mama needs some 5T!


new clothes? what a novelty. i just "shopped" from the "attic store" for summer clothes for my 3yr old. so glad we saved everything from the elder child, but it's nice to have some new things too.


Wait you mean leggings with mismatched socks AND shoes isn't a style trend? Both of my daughters are totally screwed then.


Free clothes? Sweet, sign me up. It seems like my 3 yr old destroys a piece of clothing daily.


For one of my kids, all of the answers will be "whatever is on top of the pile of clothes." The other one spends a good 20 minutes picking out his shirt each day, though, so this could be intriguing for him.


For one of my kids, all of the answers will be "whatever is on top of the pile of clothes." The other one spends a good 20 minutes picking out his shirt each day, though, so this could be intriguing for him.


I am so sad about the PajamaJeans failure. I have a pair of PajamaJeans-esque pants that I bought from Athleta a few years ago that I love (they look like jeans, but on the inside, they feel like the softest-ever sweatpants!!!). However, they certainly don't fit me now that I'm pregnant, and I'm anticipating an explosion of hormone-fueled tears this fall when the weather cools down and I optimistically try them on postpartum!


Oh. I hope I win. Then when the box o mystery arrives, I can shout to my kids, "what's in the booooox" a la Brad Pitt and then cackle while they just stare at me. I'm not weird, I promise.


Hey! I could always use a box of kid clothes.

Mandi Bone

I want to win this!


This could be fun!

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