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Okay, so this is random and possibly a little creepy, but are any local readers out there currently expecting a baby boy?


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I have somehow mysteriously managed to acquire a metric buttload of baby boy clothing over the years. 

The plan was to pass most of it along to a friend of mine who was pregnant, but she had a girl. Then another friend got pregnant but SHE'S having a girl. Everybody everywhere, with the girls. I guess it's because I HOGGED ALL THE BOYS. THE UNIVERSE IS TAPPED OUT OF PENISES. Sorry, ladies.

(Okay, that's kind of a lie. I did have one friend who had a boy last winter. And I was all, "I SHALL GIVE YOU ALL THE CLOTHES!" But that was before everything was sorted and boxed up all neatly-like and it turned out I was way, WAY too disorganized to make that promise.)

(And also emotionally unprepared, as I got predictably sentimental and hoard-y about the newborn clothing. The pile of "special" and "meaningful" outfits kept growing and growing, as I suddenly couldn't bear the thought of parting with a single itty-bitty Circo-brand onesie or factory-outlet footie sleeper. I feel more ready now. Kind of. Mostly because I keep tripping over the goddamn boxes.)

(Also because Jason won't let me put them up in the attic "just in case." JUST IN CASE HIS ASS, AMY. WE'RE DONE.)

(Just don't tell him about the box of newborn cloth diaper supplies I've hidden in the back of the closet. NOBODY IS GETTING THEIR MITTS ON MAH ABSURDLY TINY DIAPERZ.)

Anyway, before I just donate the whole lot of it, I figured I'd float the offer out: I literally have mountains of hand-me-downs here, covering most sizes and seasons. (Noah and Ezra were early-fall babies, so June-born Ike basically got an entirely new wardrobe his first year. The photo is everything from newborn to 12 months, but I expect to also have a stash of 12-18 month stuff available VERY SOON, FOR MY 15 MONTH OLD IS GIGANTIC.) It's all clean and in very good condition, though our local consignment shops would surely turn their noses up at the non-fancy-pants brands, WHATEVER. I'd just kind of like to know someone is USING it, you know? Need a snowsuit? Carseat bunting? Onesies? Jammies? Overalls and dress shirts and some stupid-tiny bathing suits? A full collection of every Trumpette sock ever made?

If you can arrange to meet me somewhere in the near-ish vicinity (and promise not to murder me and stuff), shoot me an email (amy @ and we'll talk. Tawk, even. 

(Likewise, if anyone in the area is looking to unload winter boys' clothing in the size 6/7 range, ME! ME! RAISES HAND! PICK ME!)


(Metric buttloads of hand-me-downs and yet he's almost always naked and baby-beefcake. That's some good Alanis-Morissette-definition irony right there.)

UPDATE: Aaaaaand done. I think. For the most part. Assuming everybody actually takes everything they've requested, I'm fresh outta baby clothes. Absolutely thrilled everything will get put to good, loving use, and especially all touched and mushy that the majority of the clothes are going to families who REALLY EXTRA MEGA NEED THEM. You guys are good friends and good people.

If you have baby clothes of your own to give away, I highly recommend scanning the comments section for some excellent charity/donation ideas. (Which have made me realize it's ALSO time to stop hoarding my maternity stuff and pass that along as well.)


Dawn K

Damn, I wish I didn't live in Kansas or I'd be all over this. Our first was a girl, and we have no older boys, so I'm dreading shopping for an entire new wardrobe. My due date is in Jan. so the thought of dragging a toddler and newborn around in ice and snow is horrifying.


I was like that for the first 6m of girl clothes. No one was having girl babies. As soon as I dumped the 0-6M stuff at goodwill, everyone decided that penises were out, hoohas were in!


Quite done (my youngest is nearly 5 - huzzah!) but I think this is incredibly thoughtful of you. That is all.


I'm sure you'll get a million takers. But if you're still looking to offload some of the stuff, I love the organization A Wider Circle. They're in Bethesda and Silver Spring and they host baby showers for low income mothers in Mont Co.


If you don't find any takers, you might donate them to a local battered women's (or homeless) shelter. A lot of women come in with their kids and shelters always need stuff like this.


I was about to recommend Wider Circle too.


I am local and expecting not just one boy but TWO boys! :) Let me know if this stuff is still available. You're awesome.


UM. Doesn't Jason know that the best way to get knocked up is by giving away all of your baby clothes?


UPDATE: Winter 0-3 and spring/summer 3-6/6-9 are taken.

@maura Thank you for the suggestion! I didn't even know that organization existed. What a beautiful thing. I will definitely be making a donation.


I am local and am expecting a boy in the whereabouts of New Year's....but I would suggest the Healthy Babies Project at the DC Family Health and Birth Center. They are always looking for baby clothing and maternity clothing donations.


I am local ... And just had a baby boy (just under 6 weeks and so cute and nomable!)....and am woefully under supplied on the clothing front....(amazing when you don't know the sex, you get lots less clothes....).

I am having trouble packing up the couple of newborn size clothes, so u can imagine this is rough!!!


By the way...thanks for all of the cloth diapering posts....I'm sure you can't believe how much you had to write about them....but I've found them so useful...and the boy is well diapered! :)


I'm not local and don't need the clothes, but I'm just popping in to say that you're doing a great thing. :)


I second (tenth?) the idea of donating to a women's shelter. They are grateful for the clothes and are so deserving.


I am a Baltimore local and if you still have the older boy clothes that I would gladly take them off your hands. I have a 3 year old who is like a weed and can wear anything from 3T to 5T. I still haven't figured out how I am going to feed that child when he becomes a teenager.


I am no longer local AND I'm having a girl, so I can't help you out with this, BUT I just had to say I just the other day used "Alanis-Morrisette-style irony" to describe something to my husband. Who, being brilliant and ultra-edumacated (as Homer Simpson might say), was all, "How is that ironic?" ... So, yeah. I was compelled to share that information.


I'm not local, but I have been reading your Noah and Ezra pregnancy updates because I am due in October and I want to reassure myself that I am "normal" for the season. I am one of the last of my friends to have children (and I'm not even 30 yet...sheesh), so I am loving the hand-me-downs from all of them.


Ha- my husband rolls his eyes when I keep the clothes "just in case"- Mom of 3 boys who secretly wishes for just one more boy...

PS- this is quite awesome of you to share


Call the shelter first to make sure they accept used clothing. Seems silly I know, I would have thought they would accept anything and everything. Not so here in Aurora, Canada. I called a couple of local shelters and they only want new stuff. Really?

Just a heads up to call first.



mom of two boys... one is expecting first grandbaby boy in early oct. Was planning a trip down that way in Oct, then was thinking, no, wait "there's a baby coming!!!!" will pay for shipping if you fedex it.


oh darn, I'm too late! Because even though my son is somehow about to turn 8 months next week, he's still in 3-6 month clothes. Plus we don't have much in the way of 9 month clothes yet. And it would have been fun to see you.

I still hope to have another, but even if I wasn't, I think I'd keep the little tiny newborn diapers :)


That happened to me with my girl baby handmedowns. And then, the following year, 2 of my best mom friends got pregs with the girlies. Oh darn.

Tessa Bajema

Help me! I'm new to DC and am expecting my first baby - a boy we just found out this week! I could use any help at all, as any hand-me-downs I can get from freinds and family have to be shipped in from Arizona where I lived until this spring. I'm a new reader and came across the pregnancy calendar - which has serioulsy kept me sane and fully entertained!


Hi Amy. This post is pretty timely. I'm in the process of sorting out my 18 month old's wardrobe and get him ready for Fall. But I'm kind of stuck - this is my first kiddo, and during his babyhood, I had piles and piles and piles of hand-me-downs and gifts. I have no idea what kind of clothes he needs for the cooler weather and how much of each. Any thoughts? Want to make a list? You like lists, right?


yes local and I don't need items but have the 6/7 boys clothes if you still need them. He just turned 8 and his younger brother (4 yrs old) is not the exact right season to get the hand me downs.


You know how Andy's mom tells Al of Al's Toy Barn "sorry" Woody's not for sale? Yeah. I gave away boy clothes to a friend in need a few weeks ago and as she was going through the bags and pulled out the boy's first, tiniest onesie. I was all, "Wait, how'd that get in there" and she's all "Oh, this is so cute" and I'm all "sorry" and she's all "Please?" and I'm all Bitch, get out this instant; I just can't." Because maybe we know...someday...we could... (husband says no. I say I CAN GET IT IN THERE WITHOUT YOU EVEN KNOWING THERE'S NO LONGER AN IUD BARRIER!)

This is wonderful of you, though, Amy, to offer (and find folks in need so quickly!) Just think, now you can put other random boxes of crap that should be elsewhere in the same spot those boxes were in.


Just a note that A Wider Circle also distributes furniture and household goods. Recipients are referred by social service groups and churches (prevents taking things for resale) and can come to "shop" from the household things your family can no longer use. There's a Web site telling what they need. Some of a late relative's furniture went to new homes through this charity.


I love that you put the 12 mo clothes in a wine box instead of a boring old empty diaper box!

Tina C.

i donate my stuff to the refugee resettlement center (in baltimore). there may be a similar thing in DC.


you're absolutely brilliant.
and i love ezra's facial expression from yesterday's post.


I need to know where you got Ike's diaper, because it's adorable. That's my favorite outfit for my 13-month-son but right now I pretty much only have Thirsties. Please share your source! Thanks :-)


No interest in the clothes, I would only like to commend you for "metric buttload." That's good stuff.


Fellow 3-boy-mom here. I unload all my handmedowns to a fellow momma who has 4 boys (with 1 set of twins)- so 3 of them happen to be smaller than my youngest - I give her ev.ery.thing. I love knowing that everything my guys have worn (and not completely ruined) is being worn again and again!


Oh, diaper-clad Ike! How adorable you are!

My 15 month old daughter has enough hand-me-downs to clothe quintuplets and yet, she generally sees her clothes as things to remove and rub against her face as lovies. Irony, indeed.


Glad your clothes found homes. I am the mom of an only, and I always told the neighbors I was a really good patron because I bought good stuff and also, due to limited storage space, promptly gave most of it away - crib, clothes, everything,

I loved seeing the neighborhood kids wearing my son's hand me downs twice, sometimes three times, over.

And what about the just-in-case? I always said "I know where to find you." And they would know where to find me. Meaning if that surprise baby showed up, they would be equally generous.


This post came at the perfect time. I have spent all week (with the help of my Mom) washing, sorting and tagging all my baby -5T clothes. There is a church sale coming up and I am going to try and sell them. The bins are endless and we have tagged 475 pieces as of now and I still have 5 or 6 bins to go. I never knew my boys had so damn many clothes. It's INSANE.


No babies here... and left wondering where did my baby clothing go, my mother has maybe three, four items for each kid.

Also, love, love, love that one of the boxes says "Wine". So you :)


Don't be done! You make the cutest babies! I have boy stuff in 6/7 - email me and let me know what you need, and I will ship. I even have absurdly expensive Janie & Jack holiday card material that Grandma bought (unless my boys destroyed it!)

Jessica C

Well, I live in DC and cloth diaper and have one toddler boy and one on the way (another boy). So pretty much any time you feel like tossing something out, you just feel free to let me know and I'm all over that naz.


Um....that first picture is a bit suspect. Just saying' - don't hit me.

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