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Little Boys All in a Row

People, this happened. This happened and I need to thoroughly document that this happened.

all three 1

Because it will probably never happen again for at least another three years.

all three 2

All three of them!

all three 3

Sitting together! 

all three 4

For multiple willing minutes! Making physical skin-to-skin contact without howling about being pinched or bothered or mortally wounded by their brother's knee because it's touching me and it burnsssss! IT BURRRNNNNSSSSS!!!!

all three 5

Sure, they are obviously deep into video-stare mode. On a school night. Fine.

(They are watching Ratatouille in speshul celebration of Noah eating pork tenderloin and mashed sweet potatoes and LIKING THEM BOTH, OMG. Because Remy taught him that it's okay to taste things together and he's suddenly been all "cheeseburgers! steak! things with sauce on them!")

(And yes, Ezra donned an apron for the occasion.) 

(Ike's all, meet me on the holodeck, ladieeeezzz.)

all three 7

WHATEVER. POINT IS, my multiple children sat together long enough for me to frantically take multiple photos of them before...

all three 8

Crap. I've been spotted.

all three 9

The hamming-it-up-for-the-cameras has begun and...

all three 10

Gotta go rescue baby before Extreme Hugging To The Exxxtreme devolves further into wrastling and screaming. 




Love it and major props for making it happen! I have yet to get my two in the same shot together unless one of them is running away...which doesn't make for a great family picture...


I have 2 boys, but once the big one sees me with the camera, he rushes over to see what I am taking a picture of!


I can't help but chuckle at the first picture. Noah is poking Ez. You have evidence.

They are so flippin' cute.


Beautiful pictures! And hooray for trying and liking food because a cartoon rat says it's really gonna be delicious!


Hmm...this makes me wonder...how will I get a Christmas photo of my little one this year when he's walking?


Awesomely cute pictures and a Hip Hip Hooray for Noah trying (and liking!) things together.
And people say kids don't learn anything from the teevee. Pshaw.

And I heartily commend Ezra's choice of celebratory accessories. Tim Gunn himself would approve I'm sure.

courtney@minnesota living

That second picture made me "awww" out loud! Your kids are too preshus!

Plano Mom

Now THAT'S family values.


Love love love this. And my son is going to watch that movie today!

Call Me Jo

Noah is so adorable in his big brotherness with not-so-baby Ike!! & You can already tell that all three of them will be turning down modeling agents left and right. You definitely passed on good genes!

Sara R.

So cute! Your boys look like the same person in 3 different stages of development :-) Can't believe how alike they look! I only have 2 kiddos and getting both of them to hold still for a picture is hard enough, I can't imagine with 3!


LOOK at your creations!

Ach. Ach, me.

They are so beautiful that it hurts. IT BURRNNNS.


Quick...photoshop some red & green bows and a tree and call it a Christmas card. It may be your last chance.


Look! Look! They like each other! Shit, grab the camera so we can prove it to them in 15 minutes before the burning starts.

Ah, the video stare. I stare the same way after All Of The Frosting. And I know you know that sometimes their touching actually does burn. The spot of my thigh where the boy pats incessantly while doing his best impersonation of Stewie calling Lois every momism imaginable BURNS.

A non-baby. A big boy. And a bigger boy. Why won't they slow down, especially that littlest one? Oh "baby" Ike. Are you trying to torture us, create a non-babyfied bit of irony? Wait, is that irony?


This gives me hope that someday I will have pictures of my two girls together without the older one having the baby in a headlock :)


They're so cute! I wish I could get my 3 boys (5.5, 4 & 21 mos) to sit together for a picture... I'll be dreaming for a while I guess!


Oh, Amy! They are just too cute. How do you not literally eat them up? How?!?!?


Oh my GAWD, that is so friggin' adorable.


Your kids are awesome. Especially Ezra, who I can never resist pointing out, is my favorite, BECAUSE I CAN.

But seriously, you're one away from a grand slam there.


Is that a hospital bracelet on Noah?

And, also...you better watch out because in 10 years or so...your phone will be ringing off the hook from all the girls calling.


Those are some beautiful boys you've got there, Amy


@Rachel No, not a hospital bracelet...it's a wristband from the children's museum we visited on Sunday. He won't let me cut it off because he wants to go back this weekend.


how cute are those pictures!! perfect way to brighten up my day today. thnks :)

Thrift Store Mama

I posted recently on how frustrated I am by my girls limited repetoire of food. Am going to check out Ratatouille right now !


Remy also taught my six year old that two different food items can go together, delightfully! What a glorious, glorious lightbulb moment! Cause for celebration indeed.


Remy also taught my six year old that two different food items can go together, delightfully! What a glorious, glorious lightbulb moment! Cause for celebration indeed.

Corey Feldman

too cute


I loved it. It was much like a comic strip. I cracked up when I saw the middle cutie look up; and, caught you! My kids do this only during a scary movie; so, I'm impressed that your's were watching Ratatouille. =)


Amy! They're so so cute, I'm hiring you to make me some baybees. Please, thanks. Bye!


oh God, I wish watching Ratatouille would have that effect on my daughter!


So. I was like you where I thought I would only have girl children because I am a girl and what would I do with a boy? Now I have my beautiful 11 week old boy and I cannot imagine life being any better. And pictures like this make me so excited to maybe end up with a house full of boys :)


Amy, I am a (very) long-time lurker and reader. Your site is actually on my home page where favorite sites are loaded! I feel like you are a friend and I've never spoken a word to you. Is that weird? Anyway, that pic of the three of them, legs all dangly and entwined. THAT is family. It is completely heartwarming. I hope you frame it.

Love you to BITS, honestly.


Oh! The sweetness of Noah! All three are so cute and I love the comment above about hiring you to make some babies. Seriously, Woman. You have some extremely cyoooote children. Which I feel SOMEONE should point out.


So danged cute!


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